Offerings & Services


      • Land and Home Blessings   • Mandalas and Mother Earth Altars   

•Ceremonies, Prayer & goddess circles

• Priestess Initiations and Ordaining   • Activations and Light Code Transmissions 

Please email me at: or cell: (808) 214-7079

Annalisa is a Quantum Energy Healer and a Priestess of Mother Earth. She is currently on Maui and The Big island of Hawaii working with the Energy Vortex Centers, & Sacred Sites.  She offers Healing Sessions & Blessings, Prayer Ceremonies, & Guided Meditations connecting with the Sacred healing Energy that flows freely from our mother earth vortex centers.   
Contact Annalisa with any questions:  or Cell (808)214-7079

Home and Land Blessings

 Currently I am on a Barefoot Walk with the Mother Earth Goddesses on Maui and The Big Island of Hawaii.  I serve as a Channel for the Goddess and Great Spirit to work through me.   The send me to areas that are in need of Healing from blood shed, bombings, and traumas.  My personal Vision Quest or “goddess walk” awakened my Ancient Knowledge and Soul Purpose of working with Sacred Energy Centers and Sacred Sites.  I open up, clear, realign and activate mother earth’s electromagnetic crystalline grids (Ley Lines), Vortexes, Stargates and Womb Chakras.   Being Guided every step by the Nature Goddesses, Mother Gaia and The Great Spirit I am led to areas to Walk and Serve as A Channel brining in Divine Light Codes.

The Following I offer with my New Team!!  In Ceremony We:

• Working with the Geomancy or divination of land and earth to restore balance.   Restoring balance could be moving, shifting energy from old traumas, arguments, death, pollution etc. that can leave a mark on the land or in the home that causes a block in the energy field.  Blocks in the energy flow can leave a home or the land unbalanced and feeling incomplete. It can hinder the sale of a house or land and block healing energy from the elements and land that surround you and your home.  This can also block your personal manifestations, creative power and healing.

Portals and vortexes are reinforced, balance & reactivated if needed. If there is a womb chakra present we make sure it is flowing with optimum source energy so Gaia/Terra transmissions are not disrupted. Portals, womb chakras & male/female vortexes have different functions so the clearing & balancing will be different each time. They need unique frequencies.  For this I have a team now and together we call in the Ancestors of the Land, our Soul Families and Spirit Guides of healing to assist.
Old Souls are also apart of the land healing process.  This includes clearing deceased spirits… spiritual beings who have not yet left the mortal/material plane of existence.  In a ceremony with the ancestors we honor the old souls that are ready to return home.  A portal is opened and the souls are met by their Angles and Guides and lovingly escorted back to their Soul Family for healing and peace.
Elementals or nature spirits are brought in to watch over the land & bring new life to it. We gather in gratitude to balance & reinforce the ley lines of the property. If they are blocked we create new pathways along side with our ancestors. We make an alter & offering to keep the elemental energies active. This brings balanced lifeforce/source energy to the area.
Sacred Geometry, Mandalas:  We can open up an new energy center and Create a Flowing, Working Thriving Land with Sacred Life Force CHI energy.  ( more to come )

This is our sacred way of walking with mother in balance & gratitude. This is our purpose & ceremony. This is our responsibility to the oneness of all that there is.

Land Blessing and Old Soul Removal Ceremony Testimonial:
“I was called to have a land and house blessing after one night while I was sleeping I woke to a man standing in my doorway staring down at me. I heard to steps and knew that it wasn’t my children going to the bathroom. I felt heavy I my home like I was constantly being watched as if there was a weight pushing on my neck and shoulders the moment I walked into my home.  Many nights while I would be sitting I would hear things like someone walking in the house or around the house.  I would play it off as birds on the roof.  Then when my friend was visiting we both heard walking on the roof, and someone walking outside and there were no birds. It was someone making themselves known to us. The energy in the house was heavy always. I cried a lot  and couldn’t explain why.  I felt like I was going crazy hearing things and not wanting to scare my children. At times, I was fearful because I acknowledged their presence and asked them to leave me and my home but they just wouldn’t.
   David, Annalisa, Sandra, and Jessie were so beautiful. They showed up to my house just before sunset and I was feeling energized yet uneasy because I didn’t want to upset spirits and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I didn’t want the four of them to end up with this bad energy. They made me feel at peace and reassured me I wasn’t “crazy” and that everything was going to be beautiful. They all kept talking with my throughout. Telling me what they were doing and allowed me to just be and sit and meditate.  I wasn’t sure what to expect for the land/house blessing. I just wanted peace and love to flow again through me and my home.  The blessing felt very primal.  Jessie smudged my entire house, Annalisa and Sandra were outside drumming,  David was inside drumming and chanting. I sat on the floor with my eyes closed meditating for the negativity to be gone, and to allow only love and beauty into my home and land. While in meditation during the ceremony, I saw the most amazing purple spiral, it was as if it was a purple tornado.   As I listened to the drumming and chanting, I could hear the women outside drumming.  Then there was a flash of pure white and I knew the spirits I no longer wanted were gone.  After the blessing I didn’t want the four of them to leave, I was so full of questions- why, who, are they ever coming back? I was wanting reassurance that the bad negative energy wouldn’t find its way back to this realm, the stayed and calmed my fears and where very knowledgeable.  I slept that night so soundly- a first in over a month and every night since. I feel at peace in my home where as before I didn’t. I feel as though I can finally relax and be at home and be me.  There is a lightness around my house and I my home. It’s my energy, my love has filled the space!  Happiness is what I feel the most. I don’t sit up at night looking and watching for that energy to come. I don’t feel their presence any longer. I feel safe in my home now.
I have recommended Annalisa, David, Sandra and Jessie to the ladies I work with. They too see ghosts in their homes and at the resort we work at. I would recommend to anyone who feels a presence and knows that it’s not right. There are many of us out here that see and feel so much and are afraid to speak openly about it because of the fear of being called “crazy”. We aren’t, we have a gift and we need to accept it. Annalisa, David, Sandra, and Jessie are amazing souls who embody what they preach. Let them bring light to you.”
Also we offer:
  • Mandala Blessings 
  • Home Blessings & Creating Sacred Space
  • Creating Mandalas, Medicine Wheels to return the balance of the Elements & Life Force Energy 

Contact Annalisa with any questions:  or Cell (808)214-7079

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Sacred Site Visits ❤ Sacred Walks & Ceremonies

I have been Guided to Visit Sacred Sites and Vortex Energy Centers most of my Life.  I have travelled to 29 Countries and Visited the Hawaiian Islands for 23 years before permanently making the Islands my Home.  I have lived on Maui for over 2 years and have been working with the Sacred Sites since day 1.  They have been teaching me how to reconnect, heal misused energy and restore balance and in return awakening me to my “duties” here on Maui as a Priestess of Mother Earth.

Sacred Sites hold Mother Earth Source Healing Energy (Negative ions) and some of these Vortex centers have had their flow blocked.

The Sites and Energy Centers here on Maui are all Connected to Haleakala (house of the Son) our Volcano.  Mother Maui has shown me the Source energy in the Center of Haleakala as being Lemurian Healing energy and Very Very Ancient and Sacred.  She has also shown me That Our Sacred Volcano contains the Heart Chakra of the Earth.

The Following I offer at Sacred Sites:

  • Sacred Walks, Connecting to the Earth, land, Site, Elements and Asking for Permission 
  • Energy Vortex Healing Sessions (Healing sessions within a Vortex Energy Center)
  • Giving Offerings, Grounding, Centering, Connecting with Hawaiian Gods/Goddesses
  • Guided Meditation to connect to the Life Source Energy for Personal Healing
  • Creating a Sacred Space for Ceremonies
  • Ceremonies for and Personal Healing, World Healing, Water Healing, Land Blessings


Divine Light Healing Sessions

As an Open Channel for Divine Light I offer Healing/Blessing sessions for humans and animals too.  I work with the Divine Light and Teach your Energetic Self how to Heal and Bring In Light for your Own Healing as well. Every Healing session is very different and personal.  Many people open up emotionally and share information and I will see a past life or emotional trauma attached to that situation that has now stored itself in the physical body and needs to be healed, blessed, loved, addressed, cleansed, or just noticed and it lifts.

I am Trained in Reiki as a level 4 Master Practitioner.  I am also trained in Avesa Quantum Healing under St. Germain and the Violet Flame.    I tend to not use either of these healing modalities for these both served as reminders and initiation into the doorway of DIVINE HEALING.  I am a Pure and Clear Channel with a Pure Heart for Divine Light to Flow Through Me.  What is needed for your Highest Good will Be Done.

Divine Light Healing Sessions can include:

  • Grounding, Cleansing and Balance your Chakra Energy Channels
  • Connect with your Higher Self and Heart Space
  • Release & Heal emotional & physical energy blocks that can lead to illness and dis-ease in the body
  • Reduce stress & blood pressure
  • Increase Immune
  • Feel more Grounded, Centered, & Clear-minded
  • Receive guidance and direction
  • Gain tools on your path for awakening, protection, manifesting & living a sacred life

Annalisa balanced my chakras on 11/17/2013.
I don’t usually allow others to work on me. I don’t like being touched and I don’t like others entering my space. Annalisa’s gentle nonintrusive spirit drew me in. Annalisa took great care to inform me whenever she touched me, which was not much. This approach calmed and relaxed me enabling me to go deeper than I could have imagined. Right away I could see colors, and as Annalisa breathed out and worked on me the colors intensified, and became clearer and brighter and even changed a couple of times. Annalisa’s hands were cold to the touch yet when working on me heat radiated out of them. I actually stopped her to look at her hands, because I could not understand how they could be so hot. Twice while Annalisa worked on me I remembered some difficult experiences that brought tears to my eyes. I felt tremendous relief as Annalisa continued working on me. It was during these times the colors changed. I felt so peaceful when Annalisa finished. It was as if I’d been completely loved and this feeling stayed with me. I feel stronger due to my experience with Annalisa and I will not forget it. I definitely plan on seeing Annalisa again and highly recommend her. Karen

Places of Business Cleansings & Blessings

There are more than 2.2 million visitors to Maui a year.  With only 144,000 living here that is a lot of excess and sometimes chaotic energy.  People emit vibration and energy and leave their mark inside Stores, Hotel Rooms and Restaurants etc.

Places that do not have regular energy clearing can have an excess of old stuck energy which can block the flow of costumers.  I work like a Transmuting Energy Sponge (to transform or alter form).  I can walk through a shop and pick up on old stuck energies that need to be removed.  If I spend an hour or more the store has been cleared of old energies and restored with Divine light and many have had their best Sales Day ever.  When I walk into a restaurants that is dead, within 10 min the place is packed.  It’s just something that I have always done.

This will explain to some of you why I am constantly showering, putting my feet in water, and onto nature.  Being a Transmuter/Sponge means I am always needing to cleanse my own energy as well.

I also can work one on one with the owners wanting to bring in a certain type of clientele or to bring in more business.  This is a combination of creating the right atmosphere spiritually and physically for your clients as well as setting bread crumbs for them to find you.

The Following I offer for business owners and their place of business:

  • Store, Hotel, Restaurant Energy Cleansing 
  • Store, Hotel, Restaurant Blessing 
  • Elixirs (Sprays) filled with Divine Light that can be used to Cleanse your business regularly 
  • Manifestation Meetings to bring in Clientele 
  • Create Altars and Sacred Space to bring in the balance of the elements and Divine Union 

Mini Classes ❤ Workshops ❤ Individual sessions

  • Chakra Healing and education
  • Dance Movement
  • Guided Meditations and Intuition practice
  • Chanting, Singing, & Breath work
  • Grounding, Energy clearing, and Protection
  • How to Make Aura & Room Cleansing Sprays and Elixirs
  • How to create Sacred Space
  • Manifesting and Intention/Goal Setting
  • How to Raise your Frequency/Energy
  • How to bring Passion and Fun into your life
  • Stepping into Bliss (the highest frequency)
  • Creating Rituals for your Routines
  • How to connect and heal with food, eating as a ritual
  • Honoring and Connecting to the elements and Nature
  • Mermaid Play, Breath of Fire, Nature Walks with Roots
  • Offerings, Earth Healings and Land Clearing
  • Power of Prayer


My Services & Offerings are for a Donation or Trade

If you would like to contact me please email me at or Cell (808)214-7079 

Mahalo and Warmest Aloha



Other Services I will offer again in the Future

•Anusara 200 hour RYT Yoga Instructor

With the Intention of performing Yoga as a Ritual and an Offering within a Sacred Space I offer heart-opening theme based Classes that have a bases in universal connectedness throughout the entire class.

Highlights of most classes:  Opening Invocation/Meditation, Theme/Inspiration/Empowerment, Chakra opening movement classes combined with proper principals of alignment, play, toning and Pilates, and guided closing meditation.

All classes work with tapping into our energy centers, and shining from the inside out while rooting and grounding.

Classes also include some of the following:

Journal/Meditation and Healing Classes

  • Forgiveness, empowerment, calling your power back
  • Hearing your guidance
  • Awareness and healing of your subtle bodies
  • Tapping into your own medical doctor
  • Healing addictions, and habits

Goddess Circles

Are a divine blessing when Woman getting together to create a sacred space for manifesting and healing.  Many of the mini workshops and classes above are put together here. I offer Goddess Circles mostly during high energy waves to aid in the manifestation for our healing and the earths.  Full moons, equinoxes are examples of powerful times

Reiki Master Healer and Instructor for Self Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing art. Reiki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy that animates us all, and is found all around us. 
Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. 
Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help.

I offer individual Healing sessions, and attune students to the Reiki Life Force energy for them perform their own self healings


I am a dedicated professional

and offer my services

with Passion,

& the Spirit of Aloha


Mahalo Annalisa


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