Building an Earth Mandala

Sacred Land Blessing, Maui

4/4/4/4 Sacred Land Blessing, Maui

Preparation and Set up

Asking Permission: Before Starting any Ceremony you always need to ask permission.   You will get better and faster at this as you do it.  There are many way to do every one thing in life.   But if you do not have method you can try mine until you find your own.  I say  ” I, full birth name am connected to My Higher Self, My I AM presence, My Over Soul, My Spirit Guides and The Angels of my Highest Self”.  Feel and see this happening.  ” I ask for the Guardians of this land on which I stand to come forth”.  ” Dear Guides please share with them my intentions for the Ceremony and to bring blessings upon this land according to the highest will of God“.   You can see a Yes from your guides, feel a breeze of wind on your skin, or feel the “Yes of Course, this is why we brought you” in your gut.


Baskets to Lay supplies in

Set up: Bring drinking Water, Baskets or Bags for your supplies, towels, cushions, hat, sunscreen, powerful snacks like nuts, water to rinse hands and stones if needed, Sage, Sea Salt.

Connecting to Nature Spirits/Collecting the Supplies/Meditation Walk: To keep it simple and within the same energetic field I choose flowers and supplies that are within walking distance of where my spot is.  I use a variety of baskets and bags, zip locks for small pieces is always helpful too.  Before I choose anything I ask Permission (again) and ask my higher self to connect me with the Nature spirits and to communicate to me which pieces of nature would like to participate in a Mandala Ceremony.  You will be amazed at how nature will speak to you literally jumping out saying ” pick me, pick me”.  You will also be shown parts of nature that others just walk by without noticing.  Your future nature walks will never be the same.  I use this time to walk the Perimeter and within the park area I am doing the Mandala ceremony to connect with the entire area, the Stewards of the Land and Elementals.

Bonus Points: Try to avoid using scissors.  Nature will come willingly and this way you are connecting with both hands. Go Barefoot and Ground and Bless the Land with Your LOVE as you Walk.  Cleansing your Body and The Area you are going to create the mandala at.  You can use Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, Salt bath before or sink your Toes in the Ocean.  When stepping into the Ocean I add a sprinkle of the salt water on my crown, 3rd eye, throat and heart.

How much to Collect:  Gather More than you think, and yes numbers are important!  4, 8, 12 of each item plus a few extras since we are dealing with nature, leaves and flowers can wilt or not be a right size and you wished you had picked a few more.  This is living art and very spontaneous. Extra  supplies are always a good thing.  If you are going to use seeds or something small you might need 30-100.   Extra items can be used for completing the circle or as an offering back to the land.



Clearing the Space/Connecting with the Earth: I always get down on my hands and knees and feel the soil, sand, earth and comb the area clearing away debris and connecting.


Smoothing out the Center and Creating a vortex with your Feet.  You can Sage, or burn incense and Connect with the land.


Priestesses Tawni and Dawn

Priestesses Tawni and Dawn

Organize and Lay your supplies next to you within reach and grab a towel to sit on or kneel

Have water and snacks handy too


Set up with my Baby

Set up with my Baby


Find the Center and Draw a circle with a string and a stick, or just wing it 


Two sticks and a String can help you create a circle

Two sticks and a String can help you create a circle


How I create a Mandala  

Center and 1st Tier: I move from center out.  I choose a heart shaped stone, crystal or beautiful flower for my center piece.  As I am building around the center I am connecting to my nature supplies, and the land beneath me and I start playing and creating geometrical patterns from the inside out. 

Center and 1st Tier

Center and 1st Tier

2nd Tier:  from there look at your supplies and always check in with the land.  See if a pattern or visions comes to you.  Also TALK to your Nature Supplies and Flowers!!  They will Show you the Best way to Bring Out Their Beauty and Energy!!  You are creating a Vortex energy Generator of Mother Earth Love, let the Supplies and Elements show you the way.

4 tier dancing star pattern

4 armed dancing star pattern

Add in More Movement:

Adding another 4 of movement

Adding another 4 of movement


Added Tea leaf, Greens and Red Hibiscus to the Ends

Added Tea leaf, Greens and Red Hibiscus to the Ends


Completing the Circle/Adding in the 4 Directions:  When I get to the outside circle I finish using stones, crystals or rocks for the 4 Sacred directions/4 Elements placed at east, south, west, & north and then I complete the Circle (fill it in).   Basically creating a Medicine Wheel/Mandala.  As a Priestess of Mother Earth and a quantum Earth Energy Healer one of my passions is to create a Portal of Earth Energy to funnel up through the Mandala.

Completed the circle with extra supplies

Completed the circle with extra supplies

Add in the 4 Directions with Intent regardless if it goes with your design.  See picture right below the pyramids are the 4 directions/4 elements and does not hurt the integrity of the design.  You can also place them a bit hidden in your outer circle.

See pyramid in lower center is one if the 4 directions

See pyramid in lower center is one if the 4 directions

East: Guardians of the East/Air: Inspiration symbolizes the realm of thought, learning, knowledge, harmony, communication, all things mental, and breath. It is associated with Spring.

South: Guardians of the South/Fire: is the creative spark, it represents our passions, the fire within. It is the element of change and symbolizes will, heat, freedom, vision, love, and power. It is associated with Summer, and the full Moon.

West: Water, Gardians of the West: is the emotional realm, it symbolizes healing, dreaming, flowing, the subconscious, all things internal, and cleansing. It is associated with Autumn.

I then connect with the Elements in each of the directions and connect the 4 directions making it now a powerful Vortex swirling energy.  Then if guided I am able to pull the New Light Energies from the Galactic Center Down to create a Portal of Powerful Frequencies Raising Consciousness .   I work in body and out of body the entire time with my Higher Self and Team of guides.  


Finishing the Mandala/Players/Protection:  When I was working on my 2nd Mandala (my 1st Mandala alone) I picked up a Tiki looking piece of Coral that seamed to have a personality of “his” own.  When I finished the Mandala I knew inside that he had elected himself to be the guardian of the Mandala.  I now refer to these guys as “Players”.  They represent an Element and have asked to be in the Mandala Ceremony Creation, but are not in the Middle.  These are My Mandala Protectors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sea Salt:  Can also be added around the outer circle for Protection 

After the Ceremony: Rest and Enjoy your Mandala.  Eat, Drink and Be Still. Take in the beauty of your Creation and Merging with the Elements and Mother.  This process is Very Transformational!!  You will not know it until after or even until the next day but you may need many hours to Rest, even days to ingrate the Light energies, & go through the Purging process as Nature has opened you up to a Higher Dimension on during this entire meditative process.  

Creating Mandalas alone are a Very Healing Process aligning the 2 hemisphere in the brain and bringing out healing light within.  

This is also an initiation and Blessing as a Return to the GODDESS.  A return to the Mother.  A return to the Goddess within and to your Very Sacred Roots.  



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