Mandala Blessings

Why Mandalas 


a bit of history and Background 

We can find Mandalas and Sacred Geometry in Snow flakes, in Nature, with the Fibonacci sequence and in our Cells of Creation and in our blood.

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Mandala- meaning Circle in Sanskrit are a Microcosm creation of the Universe.

For Thousands of Years Mandalas have been taught and created as Temporary and Permanent Creations of Art.

Sound creates Harmonic Vibrations which in return create Mandalas.

Mandalas collapse Time and Space and are used for Ceremony and Personal Healing drawing the light from within.

Created in the Hindu, Tibetan, and Native American Cultures for Ceremonial purposes for Healing, rituals and peace work.


These cultures know that the Mandalas can be Imbued with Spiritual Powers!!

They connect Ego with Self.

They are a Symbol of Light, Sound and they Vibrate!


To read how I was guided to start creating my Soul Purpose work and to see

my Works of Art Offerings please visit: My Living Art offerings 

or To read about Creating a Sacred Living Earth Mandala 
















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  1. Dearest One ~ I feel so blessed to reconnect with you in this sacred time and space. I welcome you as a co-creatrix and sister as we unfold and join our priestess gifts together to open the portals and vortexes that will allow new energies to enter and bless our present moment. XOXOX

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