There are 2 invocations here….  One is for Protection, and the other to raise our DNA and the worlds in support of our ascension.  Creating sacred space before is helpful.  Saying out loud is also powerful.

Protection Invocation  by:

Rev. AliceAnn / High Priestess to the Order of Melchizedek

Visit her at 

Beloved Mighty I-Am Presence, Beloved Mother-Father God; Beloved Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Tzadkeil and all the Beloved Archeon* in my spiritual company and in the company of Heaven; , Beloved Lord Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kathumi and all the high Lords of Heaven (The Mighty Elohim, the Co-Creator Gods, The Paradise Sons, the Councils of Light, the Trinity Lords of Light*, the Avatar and Logoi of this Universe, the Son Universe), and as God would have it be, the Father, Son and Shekinah Universes; the Beloved Ascended Masters, (Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Master Serapis Bey, Master Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Master Sananda, Master Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Lady Magdalene, Lady quan Yin, Lord Sanat Kumara*, Lord Gautama*); Helios & Vesta,* the Pleiadian emissaries of Light,* the Archangelic League of the Light of Etheric Sirius,* the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light,* the Orion Council of Elders* (the Brotherhood of the Light, Order of melchizedek), the Arcturian Emissaries of Light,* Lord Melchior,* Lord Adama,* The Trinity Lords of Light* (Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek,*) Lord Tzadkiel, The Mahatma*, the Shekinah,* Mother-Father (El elyon*); the Great Angelic Hosts, the Cosmic Beings of Light, the forces of the Elements — Nature Intelligence, Mother Gaia, and the entire Spirit of the Great Brotherhood of Light:

I invoke the sphere of Christed Light surrounding me. Beyond this sphere of Christed Light, a triple Ring- Passeth-Not of Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame. to be an invincible cosmic atmosphere over, around and in me (and through me into the Unity Grid of Christ Light, the Crystalline Grid of Christ Light, and through Shamballa into the Solar Grid of Christ Light); around me for nine feet, around all my dimensional spheres, around my home in all directions from highest beam to lowest stone, around the outer circumference of my home in all directions as far as it is needful to go from zero-point to infinity. To be an invincible, invulnerable, indestructible, protection from any and all misqualified energies and opposition to the fulfillment of my Divine Plan and, my Covenant with the Father – coming from any and all sources, known or unknown, past, present, or future, or from any realm or dimension of space-time– . So mote it be! And so it is! Amen.


* Archeon are female and male aspects of the Archangels, such as Michael and Faith; Gabriel and Hope, Tzadkiel and Amethyst

* Trinity Lords of Light: AA Michael, AA Metatron, Lord Melchizedek-Universal

* Lord Sanat Kumara: Formerly the Planetary Logos or Regent of the World; now the “Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness”

* Lord Gautama: the current Planetary Logos, Regent of the World, Father-Regent to us all.

* Helios & Vesta: the Solar Logoi for this solar system; They have a healing chamber of Light in the core of our sun; represent our 4th dimensional Christ Consciousness (Our Higher Light of the Christ).

* The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light: Fifth Dimensional Master-Guides.

* Archangelic League of the Light Etheric Sirius: 6th Dimensional Master-Guides; Represent our 6th Dimensional Higher Light; (our Galactic Self of the Christ).

* Andromedan Inter-galactic Beings of the Light: 7th Dimensional Master-Guides.

* Orion Elders of the Brotherhood of the Light: 8th dimensional Master-Guides; represent the Highest level of Christ Consciousness available to us in earthly embodiment, (our OverSelf of the Christ within the Cosmic Heart of God); this is the mergence we are seeking through ascension.

* Arcteurian Emissaries of Light: The Highest Beings of Light within our Universe; known for healing, guidance and the great Love they have for all life.

* Lord Melchior: the Galactic Logos

* Lord Adama: The Agarthan High Lord to the Order of Melchizedek

* Trinity Lords of Light: they are placed here again, because they are at the highest levels of the Company of Heaven, and because they all three help us increase our Christ Light, especially Metatron who is the Lord of Light and Master/Keeper of the Superelectron.

* Lord Melchizedek: The Universal Logos

* The Mahatma: The Avatar of Synthesis for our Universe; 351 levels of God Consciousness for this multi Universe. (Source/Mother-Father God is at 352: there is none higher).

* The Shekinah: That whom we name “The Holy Spirit”, but is actually the Mother Divine Energies of God. * El Elyon: The oldest Name for Godhead on Earth; “Mother-Father God, Most High, Father”; Prime Source.

The Ascension Mantra is POWERFUL!  


I invoke and dream awake the full cellular extension of my being;∗

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual in this now.∗

With the full support of God, Goddess, the Ascended Master realm, to


our Ascended Master self, all the St. Germains, Sananda, ∗

the holy mother Mary, Quan Yin, goddess of mercy,∗

Archangel Michael, and the legions. ∗

Ashtar and the entire command, ∗

Babaji, Rafael, Gabriel, clan of the trumpet angels, ∗

Aboriginal and tribal shaman, ∗

Goddesses of fortune, angels of light, Elohim, clan of serpents, ∗

Shiva ∗

all Christ frequencies,∗

all animal totems,∗

Elementals of fire, air, water, and earth. ∗

All divine beings of light, love, and ascension, ∗

named and unnamed∗

To activate the cells within my being who are your counterparts∗

with the unified power of the one.∗

I decree my highest good always operating in this now.∗

I decree grace and mercy always operating in this now.∗

I invoke, decree, and dream awake the full truth and reality of

ascension in this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake with every breath that I breathe the violet fire

transmuting my whole being.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full current of ascension in every cell of

my being.∗

I am ascended.∗

I invoke and dream awake expanded god consciousness, ∗

fully realized in me∗

as unlimited abundance, fulfilling my every need and desire.∗

I invoke and dream awake the ending of procrastination, tiredness,

blockages, obstacles, and unhealthy belief systems.∗

I decree immediate abundance in my life.∗

I invoke and dream awake my liberation from all karmic debt.∗

I am infinite opulence. ∗

I invoke and dream awake my personal empowerment, and in every

instance that any one is impacted by my being and creations.∗

I invoke and dream awake the infinite empowerment of my sexual,

spiritual, ∗

mental, emotional, physical, and financial relationship

with life.∗

I invoke and dream awake sacred sexuality, ∗

erotic innocence, and always express the sacredness of sexual force∗

for pleasure, creativity, and healing. ∗

I invoke and dream awake world universal healing from all sexual

woundedness and shame.∗

I invoke and dream awake worldwide release of all manipulating forces∗

and beings who would control humanity: past, present, and future.∗

I invoke the angels and ascended masters to realign ∗

and heal all misused energy; ∗

to include the full re-structuring of our DNA.∗

I invoke and dream awake the transmutation of all negative and

judgmental projections. ∗

I invoke and dream awake my constant ability to be centered and

balanced in my psychic perceptions and empathic nature. ∗

All overwhelming psychic energies are released by me automatically,∗

easily, effortlessly.∗

I am empowered by everything.∗

I invoke and dream awake my lucid dreaming each night I sleep and

total remembering when I awake.∗

I invoke and dream awake my infinite harmony with God, Goddess, I


I invoke and dream awake the full expression of my miraculous healing

power. ∗

My life is a continuous stream of miracles.∗

I invoke and dream awake my infinite ability and willingness to receive

all life’s blessings.∗

I invoke and dream awake a constant attitude of gratitude for my whole

life, ∗

all my accomplishments and blessings, including the same for the

universe at large.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full blessings of God, Goddess, ∗

the ascended masters, angels, guides, and beings of light ∗

to bless this earth.∗

I invoke and dream awake all my decrees, invocations, and prayers ∗

I have released to the universe ∗

and opened myself to God’s response, support, and love in my highest


I invoke and dream awake the release of all past, present, and future

life times of decrees and vows, ∗

which would bind me to limitation, lack, density, ∗

and anything not of ascension in this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full reclaiming of my eternal self ∗

as powerful, loving, and fully aligned in abundant god consciousness.∗

I invoke and dream awake the total dissolving of all manipulating forces∗

which would bind this earth plane in fear.∗

I invoke and dream awake the influence of the ascended master realm∗

and angels to intercede and raise the vibrations higher, ∗

to bring darkness into the light, ∗

raising the frequency of love and god-consciousness on planet earth, in

this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake the ascension of planet earth ∗

in this now.

∗ = breath


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