Finding Earth Mother, Saying goodbye to Mother Maui: A walk with mother 16

My Maui adventures end here (for now) as I share Some Deep Realizations looking back on how to connect with the Earth Mother herself and why taking a spiritual journey is so important.  

My last Trip to Maui

After Pele had swept me up and “moved’ me to the Big Island of Hawaii, I still needed to return to Maui to retrieve my car and things. The week before as I planned my return I went through a HUGE grieving process. Mother Maui filled my heart and spirit, my lungs and fingers with HER essence. Her Beaches, and Winds, Her Lush Trees and….. and something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The thought of packing, shipping my car and making the official move shook me to my core. I wailed and cried. Wondering too how I could be in SO Much Turmoil…..over an Island? For weeks this went on, even my Visit to Maui was spent half in tears.

Getting a Heart healing at Big Beach

Between packing and preparing to ship my car, I was running around making offerings to different sacred sites and attempting to see friends all while being an emotional basket case. I got a vision to go to a Beach in Makena near a sacred site that I often visit. I found it interesting that I was asked to visit a Beach that never gave out a signal before.  Meaning It never asked for an energy clearing, or blessing of any kind. I realized at some point this was for MY HEALING. I could see Mother Maui in that Big Beach as I looked further into the vision. I saw the image of me Laying on Her Hot Honey Colored Sand under the Sun (something that I never do) and just resting surrounded in her love. So, I took a break and went to Makena State Beach, known as BIG BEACH. For the next 3 days I was asked to lay on the Earth and do nothing else. As I laid I felt a DEEP sense of Relief (Much like how you feel when you finally sit after having a marathon day and your body thanks you).  My body and heart took in a tremendous amount of LOVE and Healing.  For the next 3 days on that beach, and under the stars at night, I laid, allowed and received her LOVE.

Who is Mother Maui?

Most people on Maui after living there talk about an energy and come up with the term Mother Maui all on their own, She is a very True force.

But is she a goddess?  An old Hawaiian Aunty? Maybe the goddess Pele?  Well, I do know there is a goddess of Haleakala who has shown herself to me a few times. Haleakala is a dancer and passionate and full of love. Pele is fiery and can be impatient.  She expects top notch work with 120% effort. Hi’iaka (Pele’s little sister) is also a dancer and healer and very joyful and upliftings. But Mother Maui feeling is WAY Larger than all that….. and SWEET.  Kinda like Alma. I also know that goddesses are all extensions or you can say are daughters of the one true Earth Mother Goddess. So who is Mother Maui? Well looking back at my 1st few steps on Maui, to when she 1st spoke to me I’d like to share the Full Extent of what I truly understand now!!

  • Mother Maui is not just the loving energy of Maui.  
  • Mother Maui is not just the Heart Chakra of our Earth.
  • Mother Maui is not just the last remaining continent of Lemuria!
  • Mother Maui IS Mother Earth herself!!!!

Yes, Mother Earth!!!!!!  Yes this is HUGE!  This essence that everyone is connecting too is THE Earth Mother, THE Earth Goddess that is our Planet that sustains ALL of LIFE! You may be thinking “why just Maui?”  “The Earth is Everywhere …right”? Yes! Very True! “Can everyone have this connection anywhere on Earth”? Yes! However, there are certain places on earth that contain Light Cities that are awakening and contain Chakras, Power Vortexes and Powerful Mother Earth Energy!! (otherwise known as negative Ions for more on mother earth energy read Gaia’s energy systems) Which IS NATURE!! She IS Felt more around her Chakras, Vortex/Energy Centers, Volcanos, & Waterfalls. These are the best places to Connect with Her, With the True Essence of Mother!! This is what is occurring in the Islands and other Places of Power. I realized NOW WHY I was Greiving so Much.  I thought I was going to Loose this connection, but now I am excited to find it again over and over as I travel the earth.

All Of Earth Mother is AWAKENING with the help of Her Children

How do I know I have connected with Earth Mother?

I am not sure how to explain it other than the word “activation”.  There’s a moment where there is no going back.  You have breathed with her, felt each others heart beat, and become one. You will know when you see her in the breezes, feel her energy under your feet and make the sweet connection in your core. The clouds, winds, animals and oceans will communicate with you. This can be done by just spending time mostly alone in Nature! by find YOUR connection with the Earth Mother, Elements and Nature and be able to communicate and receive messages from them.

A Spiritual Walk with the Mother Earth Goddess is the Number 1 way to Stay Grounded, Be Cleansed and Rejuvenated, Have pain and Trauma removed and healed… and Awaken your Spiritual Gifts!!!

Here is more if you are interested in finding more about starting a goddess walk or god walk.

As an attempt for a quick recap and thanks

Mother Earth/Mother Maui has shown me visions of the Heart Chakra in Haleakala and the ley lines like arteries going out to every energy center. She has shown me how to activate the energy centers and connect her energy to them so they would again flow. She has taught me sacred geometry, shown me to create Vortex energy fields and Mandala offerings. She has brought me to churches and hospitals and areas that needed psychic clearing and new energies. She has wrapped her love around me and given me the courage to be different and to find my path. She showed me land areas that needed energetic clearing from massacres. She has brought me to the goddess of Haleakala, Hi’iaka and the gods Lono, Maui, Kane and Kanaloa and of course Madam Pele to be my teachers as well. She asked me to work with the flowers and elementals and fairy kingdoms to create and build energy centers from nature elements. She has brought me into my Own, into my Powers and Gifts and Duties as a Priestess of Mother earth. For this I am eternally grateful and looking forward with less pain in my heart to finding the same connection here on the Big Island, as my Walk with Pele has just begun. On the Big Island my connection here is growing day by day, yet there is no Mother Earth feeling of total Love and Hypnotic connection…… Yet!

Pictures and Closing

Here are a few photos of the Offerings, Good Byes and places I visited on Maui. I now have 2 Large Crystals with my codings in them on Maui. One at the Sacred MU rock in Twin Falls, and the Other on Haleakala, Maui’s Volcanic Crater and Heart Chakra. Both of these will be 2 of the Crystals that will eventually connect with the 3rd I will place (when asked) on the top of Mauna Kea (Big Islands Volcano) to form a Crystal Grid of 3.

This is the Mother Crystal I placed in the Earth on top of Haleakala

This is the Mother Crystal I placed in the Earth on top of Haleakala





Mandala Crystal Offering on Haleakala

Mandala Crystal Offering on Haleakala

Ti, Salt and Lava Rock for the Offering/Protection

Ti, Salt and Lava Rock for the Offering/Protection

Kapalua Labyrinth

Kapalua Labyrinth, Maui

Kapalua Labyrinth, Maui

Kapalua Labyrinth, Maui

Love Storm the night before Valentines Day

Love Storm the night before Valentines Day, North Shore Maui

Malena Big Beach, Maui

Malena Big Beach, Maui

Trees at Makena, Big Beach

Trees at Makena, Big Beach

MU Rock, Crystal #2

MU Rock, Crystal #2

My Quarts Crystal Center in Mandala Connected to Crystal Grid

My Quarts Crystal Center in Mandala Connected to Crystal Grid

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Iao Valley

Iao Valley

Car packed Ready to be Shipped

Car packed Ready to be Shipped

Resting with Mother at the Airport

Resting with Mother at the Airport

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Much Love and thanks for Reading! Sending you blessings of Aloha ❤ Annalisa


When the Goddess Pele Calls you into Service: A walk with Mother 15

When the Goddess of Fire, Birth and Death Calls for Your Service ❤ 

When an honoring of the Divine and taking Vows of Service opens the Portals! 

Receiving Pele’s Call

After the Holidays Madam Pele had made herself VERY known in my life………again.

Within a week I had quit my job on Maui and hopped a plane back to the Big Island of Hawaii.

You Do NOT Question when THIS Goddess calls!

I knew this feeling very well!!  The 1st time she came to me was 3 years ago with a call to move to the Islands.  There is NO mistaking when she calls, yet it is hard to explain to others.  There is always an aching in the heart and an immediate action that takes place. This is a grab a bag and catch the next flight kinda feeling.

Others have confirmed my experience too with the same Feeling of the plane lifting off when you leave your home to head to the islands.  The Plane lifts off stronger, with more force!!!  You are not going this time for a vacation or holiday.  You didn’t buy a round trip ticket.  You don’t even know where you are going or staying, but you have Been Summons by none other than the Goddess of Fire, there are no time for questions.  You know in your heart you are meant to do something special.  You also know that you are in for the ride of your life and although it may not be all roses and smooth, you know that the risk will pay off beyond your wildest dreams.

But this Time she was a physical force in my energy field.  She was All Tough Love and Is not Like the Nurturing Loving energy of Mother Maui.  She gave a VERY Clear message to Get My Things and Move to the big island, you have graduated it’s time to take off your training wheels!

The presence of Red and Needing Red and Wearing read was All over me.  I was seeing her wanting my hair dark and I even darkened my hair and dyed it Red to connect more with her.  Actually she hates blondes, and is a bit short tempered.  But we have a huge mutual respect for each other.  She helped me see how important my Priestess Clothing, Head dresses and Talismans are as I have graduated and this IS MY JOB. (more later)

Mother Maui served as my re-Awakening to my gifts and job here on Earth…..My divine soul purpose.

Pele is like my Boss!!  Oh boy!

Offering to the Goddess Pele

The 2nd Time I had an experience with Madame Pele was a month or so after I 1st moved here.  I was called to give an offering at the Volcano of Her Closes Source Energy and Her Home.  At Caldera on the Volcano Kilauea (which means constantly spewing) on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It was My 1st real ceremony and offering to the Goddess and the Islands.  I planned a day of it and brought a chair, blanket, and water.  It can be quite cold up there at 4,000 feet in the clouds at times.

I sat and connected, mediated and read some Hawaiian chats that helped to connect to the Goddess herself.

I sat and not much happened until I realized I forgot an Offering!!!  Shocked I sat and Prayed.

I talked directly to Madame Pele and shared my heart, my offerings to help and then

Offered MY BODY to Be a Channel for Service for all of Humanity and Earth.

I opened my EYES to SEE the Largest Rainbow STRETCHED across the entire Caldron.

Peles Answer at the Caldera of Kilauea

Peles Answer at the Caldera of Kilauea

and then I cried.

This was The 1st Time Nature had Spoken to me That I HEARD! (or saw)

The 2nd Time Pele’s Rainbow Blessed Me/Priestess Party/Openings Portals to the Divine

The Priestess is Born

The Priestess is Born

Another call I received in this past year was to become Ordained.  I had many mixed feelings being that I don’t connect with the churches perspectives on many things and I also didn’t feel comfortable just taking a Vow online.

I knew in my heart that I AM a Warrior and Protector of Mother Earth and Her Children.

I knew that I live by the golden rule and have a Very Higher integrity System and care for all Life.

I knew that I have a Very Strong relationship with the Divine and Great Spirit

and I knew I was here to Serve and Do Something!!

I Knew that I didn’t need a church to make this agreement for me, or complicate it.

and I knew that just taking a vow online wasn’t enough.

So I took the online vow….. and threw a party!!  just kidding, well kind of.

I got an Intuitive knowing to asked another Girl friend/Goddess/Priestess that was Ordained Herself.  (online;)

and I said “Would you Ordain Me?”.  She was in.  I knew right where to go on the beach a few miles down.

It felt Perfect!!  To have another Priestess Ordain me!

and Really all I needed was

to take my OWN Vows 

Under Oath

in my own Ceremony 

under God/Goddess!!!

We saged, grounded and set up a Heart Shaped Circle surrounded with White Coral.

Stepping into the Circle

Stepping into the Circle

I stepped inside the sacred space and said in Front Of Mother, The Great Spirit and the Divine Beings 

that I am HRE and I am Ready!

I Agreed to Honor the Mother Earth and All her Children.

To Walk With You to Walk For You and To Work for You.  

I Give myself unto you!

I am here to Serve! 

(and much more I can not remember plus I was pretty teared up, but you get the point)

As soon as we finished I wiped away my tears to see a Giant Rainbow right over me, again!!!

I knew it was Pele, Mother and the Great Spirit.

I knew this was a huge confirmation!!!

The Rainbow stayed with us for the next few hours and seamed to be following us even to the crystal store!


The 2 Most amazing things I want to say about this Divine Sign From Above

was that this Rainbow Occurred With NO RAIN

& stayed until After we Went to Bed!!!!!

It was my 1st Official MOONBOW!!

The Rainbow after the Ordination Ceremony that stayed the Night;) and became a MoonBow

The Rainbow after the Ordination Ceremony that stayed the Night;) and became a MoonBow

Tons of Pictures all over Maui where Taken and posted all over the internet that evening;-)

Ending todays post with this thought

I want to share that taking my Vows was actually the Moment when My Official Walk With Mother Began.  

When I Offered Myself to the Divine Mother and Father under the Sun, The Mother Earth, god/goddesses, devas and Elementals, Guides, Masters and Humanity & Nature the call to walk began.  

This is when they started Communicating and Calling me to Start my spiritual walk in Nature to relearn my tools to work with the energy centers of this beautiful earth

please see a Walk with Mother.

THIS is when I started to have a communication, sharing, learning and magic on a daily basis in nature with all the nature spirits and gods

This IS the Ultimate Offering.

❤ Your Service ❤ 

Pele's Fire

Pele’s Fire

Until next time 

thanks again for reading 

much love and starlight 



The 1st Living Altar, Mandala Activations: A Walk with Mother 14

Living Earth Altars

Living Earth Altars

Creating the First Living Earth Altar and Living Mandala Altar

For the holidays I planned a much needed family/friend visit to San Diego, California.  It had been over a year and I was excited to be home for an entire 2 weeks with my Dad, family and Friends.  Months before I had a vision with at least 2 other woman of making a mandala together on the Beach.

As the trip became closer I got a strong vision in my heart for making a Living Mandalas and Living Altars!! that are not just Temporary but are grounded, rooted and planted outside, and are a sacred and private place to visit the Divine.

Then the vision became more clear….

I saw hundreds and hundreds of woman around our Precious Earth going into their gardens barefoot and connecting to the Sacred.   Woman daily getting out of the energy and confinement of their boxed houses, away from wifi, family, stress, bills etc. and step into their sacred place.  Barefoot into her sanctuary she retreats for healing, cleansing and connecting.  She Connects with her inner Goddess/Higher-Self.

Many of us live in towns where fear and war is a daily reminder.  I saw these woman quietly retreating to their “gardens” yet what they are Really doing is stepping into their power!  The Power of their Love, Connected with Mother Earths Energy and Source Energy (and elementals) and Send that Healing Power Radiating out……touching, softy, subtly everyone and lifting conscious in their towns.

Living Sacred Altar Energy Centers in Woman’s gardens!!

The dream/vision was So Strong and Heart Fulfilling!!

The Concept:  Have a Sacred Place where Woman can Go, Pray, Meditate and Connect to the Devas and Elementals!! A place to connect to Mother, their higher selves and the Divine 

Looking More in-depth at the Science as well this would be a Vortex/portal of THE DIVINE FEMININE!! 

This does not mean Men, children or families are not encouraged to dive in it.  It’s just the vision I received having to do with woman restoring the balance of the Divine Feminine on the Planet.  

AND it will be Radiating like a Radio Frequency To Their Entire Towns!!!


So what makes it Living? By adding living organisms that can stay alive in the mandala rather than not go through the dying process, or be destroyed by wind or rain.  Built in Soil you can use Crystals, Stones, Rocks, Sand, Live plants, herbs, shrubs & flowers that are rooted.  This makes it a more permanent Vortex Energy Center.


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Why Living and why Planted?

  • Well maybe the obvious all Mandalas are a Circle and a Microcosm of the Universe and create movement…. Create one that is Living, Growing and Uses Stones/Crystals that carry information and are more Permanent the Vortex is Stronger and Lasts Longer
  • Also!!!! A FLOWER is an Actual Vortex in itself!!  Think about it.  It has sacred geometry 3,4, 5 petals connected to mother earth’s ions and shooting up into the sky.  All Flowers are Vortex Energy Centers!!  

A Permanent Medicine Wheel/LIVING MANDALA where the FLOWERS are PLANTED and always radiating Energy increases the Power.

I researched to see if there is already such a thing as a Living Altar or a Living Mandala Altar.  To my surprise there was none!  At Least In the History of Our Internet!! haha.  There are what seems to Be Altars in Nature for Sacrifice and Communing with the GODS.

The Closest Thing I found was called an APACHETE 

“…..The Huichol Indians that are native to much of Mexico as well as some indigenous tribes of South America believed that by creating apachetes (earth altars) they could communicate with each other and with the earth across many miles. They would feel out what we would know as ley lines and pile up stones that could be as tall as five feet or as small as what might first look like simply a small pile of rocks. They would then activate the portal using ceremonies designed to “open” the apachete. Periodically, they would attend to the apachete by adding more rocks or by pouring water over the rocks or adding feathers and other sacred stones and objects.”  For more on how to build an Apachete 

Did they just say Ley Lines??? And Activate the Portal???!!!!  

Holy Cow (see I am not crazy;)

So YES!!!  There IS Something to Building An Earth Vortex of Feminine Divine Nature God/Goddess Sacred Space in our Own BACKYARDS!!!!

And even more so it’s a LIVING Activated Portal!!  

with SACRED GEOMETRY!!! to bring Out EARTH/SOURCE Energy for healing and communing with the DIVINE!  

(Yes I am EXCITED!!!)

For MORE info and How to Prepare to Build a Living Altar click here: 

Preparing to build a Sacred Living Altar 

More on Us building the Living Altar is Below, but 1st we needed build a temporary mandala 1st

Winter Solstice Mandala/Activations and Blessings 

But to back up a bit I landed in San Diego and knew by that evening who the Two woman would be.  My girlfriends Tawni and Dawn.  I got a strong intuition that building a regular mandala would be the 1st step and then after to build the 1st living mandala Altar in History in Tawni’s backyard, in Oceanside California haha.

We set the date for the Winter Solstice for Dawn’s Beach Pad.  (I knew it was going to be somewhere on the beach:).  I instructed the ladies to only grab a few amply clippings from their own yards (not to overwhelm them) and to bring water, hat and snacks.  We had so much to catch up on that we spend a few hours just talking and eating!!

As we started to create our sacred space and lay out our supplies, the ladies started to separate the flowers and leaves.  The 1st thing I remember Tawni saying was that she was late today only because she couldn’t stop picking nature supplies and was mesmerized by what she found in her very own yard.  She said as we all sat there that she feels like this is what we should be doing every day!!  The choosing and communing with Nature before you build a mandala is a very powerful meditative experience.  Nature will show you parts that you didn’t even know existed.  Plus Steppng into a meditation with Mother IS connecting you to your heart, Higher-self and Gaia.  It is the walk with the goddess.

The 3 of us Had an amazing time clearing, picking and designing the space.

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The ladies Both Said that they felt like this is what they were MEANT to do!  That they wish they could always Play and Create with Nature!!  This was a hat a WOW moment for me.

Activating the Mandala/Talking to Flowers

As we finished the Mandala the Ladies where Jumping For Joy.   They Were Ecstatic at beautiful creation we had created together.

For some reason I noticed that something was missing.  Looking back now it was a feeling in my heart that something about the mandala was off.  This was my 2nd time teaching to others, I am normally alone for the process.

Well as the Ladies Ooooo’d and Ahhh’d saying how beautiful he Mandala was it Activated and Started GLOWING!!  We all Noticed it and Started Screaming even more like Little School Girls!!!

This Was a BIG AHH ha Moment as well for me!  I was told to talk to the Flowers more!  I also now understand that They are Vortex Centers themselves.  Well Honoring, Loving, Adoring Activated the Mandala!!!  who knew;-)?

Mother Earth/Father Sky Vortex Activations

Towards the end of building the mandala I Asked if they would like to receive a Blessing/Activation from the Mandala of Earth Energy (below/magnetic) and Source Energy (above/electric).

This was a vision that I would be giving activations inside the mandala vortex energy field after I was activated by the White Rainbow during the Eagle Dance.

Each goddess received a different energy download frequency transmission, based on their needs.

To this Day Dawn has no words for what transpired, but said it was one of the Most Powerful Energy Exchanges she’s ever felt.  Something very POWERFUL (and that she probably shouldn’t have gone to work that night;)

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Thanks and Appreciation

I want to give a Giant Love Hug of Appreciation to these beautiful souls!!  I love you both so much for your genuine Sweetness and Love for all of Life, Mother Earth and her Children.  Thank you for being my friend and for supporting me on my journey as I will always support yours no matter how far apart we are.  Sistars for Lifetimes xoxox


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Living Mandala Altar

The next week we all Met up again this time at Tawni’s home to make the Living Earth Altar.

She had many crystals to choose from, 2 wooded crates, a ton of soil and a few planted flowers.

We choose a location that she would feel comfortable visiting, that was away from the Dog areas, and that would get the morning sun.

We used a wooden crate to raise the bed and used soil underneath, on top and all around, and used Stones and Rocks to support the sides of the Altar.

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We put our hands on the soil and did a ceremony to open up the Vortex to the Ley Line.

The center was a very Large Double pointed Quarts Crystal for a connection to Earth and Source.

Center double edge quarts

Center double edge quarts

We planted Small White Flower Shrubs IN their individual containers so they wouldn’t grow any larger.

great pic of Dawn cutting flowers to remain in their holders

great pic of Dawn cutting flowers to remain in their holders

Small Pyramids are in the outer circle on the exact 4 directions.  And aquamarine filled in the outer circle.

4 pyramids served as the 4 elements in the outer circle

4 pyramids served as the 4 elements in the outer circle

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After we finished we Lighted candles and planted the rest of the flowers along side it.  I performed the closing ceremony bringing Source Energy from Above down to the Altar and sprinkled the outside with Salt for protection.


Afterwards I meditated and connected to source to see what else could be done or if we “passed”.

Since it was getting dark we didn’t get to add all the Elemental Sources to Make this a 100% an “Enchanted Altar”.

We had Candles for Fire, Flowers and Crystals for Earth, But needed the Water and Wind Pieces.

which I have more on here:  Creating a living Mandala and Altar

The notes I received in addition to adding a “player power piece” for each of the Elements

  • at night to make elixirs under the stars with her favorite crystals and a flower or essential oil or all of the above.  Set it under the stars on the earth, covered and protected.
  • light the candles
  • In the Morning Bless the Water and use the water for her own blessing on her 3rd eye, crown and where ever else she feels called
  • use 1/2 the water to pour over the Altar Flowers and Crystals
  • add the remaning blessed water to fill the Cup/Bowl/Shell to make it a offering to the Water Elements.
  • Light an Incense which attracts the wind Elementals and cleanses the Air.

I would like to add a Testimony from Tawni and a Breath taking Mandala created by Dawn for her Father’s Birthday!!

Dawn's !st Mandala Blessing

Dawn’s !st Mandala Blessing

Here is a beautiful testimony from Tawni: Beach Mandala/Oceanside 12/21/14
Creating my 1st mother earth mandala on the beach in December was truly an amazing experience! Taking the time to connect with with the earth helped my eyes open to her ways, so I could begin the journey of seeing and feeling the vibrations through my heart. Planning and preparing for our ritual and picking gifts from nature before we met was very exciting and was a gift in itself. As I chose native elements from my environment for our earth mandala, I could feel the energy swirling inside me. Colors became more vibrant. The process of choosing the elements arose and awakened my senses. I became more aware in my body, mind and space. Once we began to create our earth mandala in the sand, I instantly felt connected and at one with the land. There are many steps in creating a mandala which requires one to be grounded, centered and focused during the process. I learned that the elements and earth players each carry out a symbolic meaning  which hold important messages. Each element is placed around the center of an offering with love and intention. I could feel the vibrations of love and peace resonate from the center and all around me. We received the message from our mother that our mandala offering was complete when our sacred space illuminated with light and love. Creating my 1st mandala with Annalisa and Dawn was truly a magical experience which I will remember forever.
The 3 of us were all meant to be at that sacred space at that special time to set our intentions and send love, energy and light back to our mother earth. At this time, I am unable to put into words the gifts I received that day. It was an amazing feeling of feeling connected to the earth, spirit and the universe. A month later, I am still able to feel the love and light that surrounds me from my mandala experience Annalisa was able to teach and share with me. Now that I understand the meaning and importance of creating a mother earth mandala, I am looking forward to sharing this experience with other women. On 12/29, we created a living earth mandala in my backyard. A month later, it looks exactly the same as the day we created it! I visit is on a daily basis.
Love you,

Thank you again from Reading,

I am almost caught up and trying to enjoy this downtime before spirit sends me on my next journey.


Much Love and Starlight,



Meeting My Twin Flame? A walk with Mother 13

twin-flames1 On Dec 3rd, Madam Pele brought me to the Big Island of Hawaii to do a blessing on the land and create a Mandala for a wedding.  The bride and groom where very laid back and before I came had not decided yet which side of the island to have the ceremony.  To my delight they chose to stay in the Puna/Pahoa side.  The wedding of all places ended up being in Uncle Roberts/Kahena (my favorite place) where Pele had taken out one of the top 10 best beaches on the islands just before a giant resort was about to be built and ruin the integrity of this area.  Uncle Roberts a small Kava bar that has Hawaiian Jurisdiction avoided the massive lava flow that took out the entire beach.  Uncles Roberts is a local favorite to share local produce, food and music. As I mentioned in my last post, Pele’s Lava Flow from the Kilauea Volcano had changed directions and was heading towards the town and many communities.

I thought I was to create a mandala blessing on my birthday trip, but Pele and Mother Earth had other magical plans and gifts for me to receive.  Now Magically this trip (which was paid for), I was flown out, given food and shelter and driven to the black lava covered desolate lonely yet gorgeous beach to create a sacred space and mandala for a wedding!!! A few hours before I was taken to the site to visit and see how much work was needing to be done.  I asked the Many Kahuna spirits and Keepers of the land if I had permission to build a mandala.  I was told ” of course, this is why we brought you;-)”.   As I cleared the land of debre I was also told that I needed to do a Blessing on every person coming to the wedding (all 7 of them;) before they entered the sacred space. Here are a few pictures, I felt like a true priestess and gave each person a huge hug and planted the biggest kiss and let spirit cleanse, ground and bless each person as we connected.  I get So much Love!  I did run out of flowers and with little of my own supplies it was a bit harder to create in a 2 hour time span.  I spent a good amount of time cleaning weeds and cleansing and manicuring the land. I Also created a walk way as well and Charged the wedding Rings in The Center Mandala.

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After the Wedding my friend David from the west Kona side of the island came to join in the festivities and drive me back to the kona side.  We have been chatting a lot since finally meeting in person on my birthday a few weeks back. On the way back we stopped off at Madame Peles Constant birth place of creation, the Caldera on Kileuea and made on offering.  We felt the presence of ancestors ALL Around us!  We stepped into a  meditation and was told that David and I would be working together around the WORLD with the ancestors to help mother earth!  WOW!

Kilauea caldera

Kilauea caldera

Building a Mandala in Trance Form The next morning we were guided to the The City of Refuge called Puuhonua_o_Honaunau  which is now a National Park.  I just refer to it as the Sacred City (where I received my bday blessing a few weeks back) in Honaunau for a visit.  There was an area of Large Rocks that called to us both. As soon as we step foot inside the area I could immediate see which Rocks were out of place and which rocks should stay.  I could see an Image of how they “wanted” to be.  We both jumped in, not noticing what the other was doing for about 45 min.  Finishing at the same time we looked up to see each of us standing in our OWN CIRCLES next to each other!!!  His circle was all black and mine a mixture of white and back stones.  It looked like an Infinity/figure 8 but also a Torus energy field.   Definitely had a Yin/Yang Black/White Masculine/Feminine Energy about it.

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In the center was a Yang or Outie Male part and next to him an Innie/Yin Female part.  We decorated them.

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I looked up to the Gods and Asked if this was some kind of a marriage???  What on Earth was going On? We are just friends! Next We both meditated and sent our energy into the Ley Lines opening up the VORTEX PORTAL at the Sacred City!!  Which In return OPENED up the Triangle in that Area all the Way up to Honlualoa.  About 8 miles away.  This TRANGLE Holds the Sacred Bay of Kalekeakua, the ancient Heiau and the Sacred City!! I left refreshed and full of life not Noticing that Normally I can barley walk after I build a Mandala and Open up a Vortex!!

Pyramids of Iao Valley/Ancient Drum/Going Out of Body I retuned to Maui excited about my visit to the Big Island and receiving such a gifts of new friends, creating a mandala for a Wedding and the Sacred City in Honaunau!! One of my requests still on Maui was to clear/clean up the Town Of Wailuku.  Wailuku is the city in front of the VERY VERY sacred Iao Valley (that I talk about all the time).  I have been working on the Ley lines there but the ones in front of the River were not connecting energetically.  My friend Rich goes there every few weeks to clear old souls and return them (0n their free will) to their soul groups.  There is a Pyramid (natural) full of energy and life that speaks to me once in a while. Before I left for the Big Island It called to me.  I sat down and meditated and went went into (what many call) a Shaman Dream Walking state.  I went out of body and connected to the Pyramid and laid inside it’s energy field.  I heard Very Clearly…..” When the Town of Wailuku is Clear, The Waters Will Again Flow and THE ANCIENT DRUM WILL SOUND”!!!  whoooo hoo I didn’t know exactly what that meant but it sounded Amazing!!  I knew that there USE to be FOUR water sources that flowed through the Valley into Wailuku, that do not anymore.  I also knew that the masacue of 1780 was right at the base blocking the flow.

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So I was determined on my return to get right back to work on Maui in Wailuku to do what I could.  I decided to get ahead of myself and just clear the ENTIRE TOWN at ONCE (oh boy!). I created a Vortex Goddess Circle over the Entire Town, it took me 2 Days!!  But I set my Intention for it to activate once I created a Mandala at the Base of Iao Valley.  This vortex was set to clear all energies and entities not of the Light. I went on a small nature walk did a land blessing with my Littleman (pup) and picked our supplies for the mandala.   We sat and I proceeded to build a mini mandala blessing to activate the Vortex around the town of Wailuku.  As I set my center the Wind picked UP and swept it AWAY!  Hey!  My job is always to check in with Nature so I took that as a sign that i was Not to use those flowers.  So I started again, and the wind swept in and again swept away my flowers!!  WT? Hmmmm.  Now I am starting to wonder If I am not in the right spot, do I not have permission?  I checked in, all good so I kept going.  The wind got stronger and stronger!  It was now Up to My own Pride to throw in the Towel and Ruin my entire Goddess Circle Blessing around the Town!!  WTF is going on?  I finally blew a head gasket, had a mini temper tantrum and collected my things, offered my supplies back to the earth, grabbed the baby and left! On a Scale of 1-10 I was about a 9 in exhaustion.  I made it to the house and crashed on my bed feeling more like a 15 now!!  WTF again???  Why on Earth would I be soooo tired when I did nothing? Well I was about to find out.  As I laid there I slipped into a dazed state of exhaustion and bliss.  I saw an Image of me FLOATING UPRIGHT ABOVE the town of Wailuku holding my palms out holding a circle Vortex energy field.  There were 2 others with me doing the same.  (still not sure who they are) So Many Realizations Came To me!!

  • 1.)  (Maybe the obvious) I Go Out of Body to actually create and bring in the MAGIC for the Mandalas.
  • 2.) No Wonder I am exhausted!!!
  • 3.)  I need to REST after Building them to allow this process
  • 4.)  I need to make a Point to get back fully grounded in my Body afterwards
  • 5.) No WONDER there was Wind!!! and that I could not complete the Mandala!  I activated the Vortex for an entire city as soon as I started!  What on earth was I thinking;)

Work more “Efficiently” my Blessing of a MU rock and Sacred Land A few days later I woke up with feeling like I had spent all night on my friends sacred property near Twin Falls area off the Hana Highway.  The feeling stayed with me All day as the sleepiness I often feel did too.  It felt like the Love Calls I get when the Land Calls to me.  But today it felt different like I WAS ALREADY THERE! It HIT me LIKE A LIGHTING!!!! Seriously to just say for a Moment that Spirit has Been Asking me to Do My “Work” MORE EFFIIECIENTLY FOR 6 Months!!!  I finally got sick of asking for clarity and what they meant. NOW I finally got it!!  Do MY WORK…. Out of Body…… When Possible!!!! It wasn’t until I Activated a Vortex Large Enough that I was Able to See myself Out Of Body to Now Understand that when LAND calls to Me, I AM ALREADY THERE!!!  WOWOOWOWOWOWO This is Huge, sorry for the Dramatic large letters, but this is my EMOTIONS AND STORY;) When Possible go to the Land (ahead of time) and do what blessings need to be done. I decided to lay down and succumb to the Sacred Land where the ancient MU rock was.  This is Also the Land and Rock where I did a blessing and Offered one of My Larger Crystals to activate the Portal.  ( MU Rock is from the ancient civilization of LeMUria under the Islands)

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I went into meditation connecting to the land.  I saw myself with blonde ringlets about the age of 8.  I was being escorted by my Larger than normal LION Spirit Guide, riding on His back.  Instantly tears rolled down my eyes.   I went over and connected to the MU rock, the land, trees and stream.  I asked for the stewarts of the land to come out and show me why i was here.  They weren’t much help but just came out and danced ( hahha this is new to me).  So next thing I know I am holding a staff.  I dug a whole that went under the MU rock (deeper than I could in real life) and I put the staff into it and sifiend out what was dark/old/icky energies.  Actually, I watched myself do this.  Well, I actually watched an aspect of myself do this;) From there I was guided to create a vortex and clear old energies into the center of Gaia, then Bring in Galactic Light to bless every inch of this precious sacred land.  I then sent the energies into the House where my friend whom is the stewart of this land.  I did a blessing on her house and her as well.  All from my bed! From there It felt complete and I did an exercise to visualize my return into my body. ahhhhhh better!

Found on Closest [ic to describe

Found on Closest [ic to describe

Twin Flame/Divine Complement That night I was guided to watch a Video/Channeling by Anna Merkabah on Twin Flame reunions.  Since my Walk with Mother started I have Not allowed ANY outside INPUT or Channelings to enter.  My path has become to specialized to me to remember exactly what I need For MY path, that others will just convolute and block my flow.  But for some reason I was guided to “press play”.   Also, to add that years ago I gave up on the thought of having or finding my twin flame.  I was over it and no longer cared.  So….. as I watch and look at the pretty pictures of the Twin Soul Reunion  my Jaw hit the ground when I saw the Two Circles Of Creation That David and I created together in the Sacred City!!!  It’s not really a torus/infinity/or figure 8, but the 1st TWO circles of Creation that Create the Vesica piscis!!  This is Also the TWIN FLAME symbol

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Looking at these I can See the Yin and Yang.  The Electric and Magnetic.  The Feminine and Masculine!!  Looking up More Twin Flame Symbols I found

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Now looking to the Center of the Mandala we formed we had an “Innie” and a “Outtie”, Male and Female parts.  Looking at a few Definitions of the Vesica Picsis we have:

  1. Vesica Piscis takes us to creation and sacred geometry. The circles represent the female (ovum) and the oval the male (opening of the penis, sperm, shape of the eye … of creation, god, etc.) Via: Crystal Links
  2. The Vesica Pisces is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times.  Source:
    • It is, for example, considered to be an integral part of the Ark of the Covenant, as described and shown figuratively by ka-gold’s version of the Vesica Pisces.
    • The joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring
    • A symbol for Jesus Christ
    • In art a pointed oval used as an aureole in medieval sculpture and paintings
    • The vagina of the female goddess
    • The basic motif in the Flower of Life
    • An overlay of the Tree of Life
    • A source of immense power and energy
  3. It’s Present in the Flower of Life

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  4. It is an ancient symbol of knowledge, wisdom and love ❤

The two winged images are called the Cherubim and represent the male and female and the perfect balance between the two forces composing reality. The Cherubim were found upon sacred artifacts in ancient Egypt. Ka-gold I also found it all over the Chalice Well in Glastonbury in a pool there, ground and on the Lid covering to the Well itself.  Which was donated by a famous Glastonbury archaeologist, Frederick Bligh Bond in 1919, features a wrought iron vesica piscis, with a lance passing through it and is based on a mediaeval design.  info and photos from

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They describe the Vesica Piscis is an ancient sacred symbol of two interlocking circles where the circumference of one circle goes through the center of another identical circle. Its geometry symbolises a union, of heaven and earth or spirit and matter and appears throughout the gardens.

In this picture it describes the sword through the center as the symbol of excalibur. It also used on LEY LINES!!!  This symbol when placed at Power Spots can INCREASE energy.   Makes me wonder why they have it here ( to share at another time) washnton DC

To Sum Up

The Vesica Picsis is Known for Being the Womb of The Universe!!! And David is My Electrician!!  My Electric to my Magnetic!! And Together we are ELECTRO-MAGNETIC Creation (remember my favorite word from when I 1st started my walk;) So I believe that this means I will NOT have to go Out of Body when I am with Him, and I won’t Be EXHAUSTED when he is there to Do Male/Electric Part the Vortex process!!! YAY!!! Sooooo since the video I spent many days in Shock that I have another part of my Soul and he is Attracted to me.  taking it slooooow till next time 10408110_10205251496757028_1849761542803031664_n

Peace Love and More Aloha coming your way



Receiving Gifts from Mother: A walk with Mother 12

The  talented Josephine Wall

The talented Josephine Wall

This is adapted from my post: Are you truly open to receive all the abundance coming to you? A note to lightworkers

Right before my 41st birthday I had an energy Reading from Lisa Gawals.  I was about to head over the Big Island of Hawaii for my birthday, alone…. solely to give a blessing to the land beneath the lava flow.  The Constant Flow that comes from Madam Pele out of the Volcano Kilauea had shifted and was heading towards the beautiful town of Pahoa which is very special to me.   I didn’t know if my prayers, healing light or Mandala offerings where enough to stop the lava, or shift the direction.  I knew in my Heart that I had to at least try.

Lisa told me that Mother Earth has a Deep appreciation for the Mandalas and work I have been doing here on Maui (MU).  She said that it is known that I serve so Deeply and that the Earth is Going to be Releasing Gifts Back to Me!

I cried, tears of Love.  The Earth Knows?? and she wants me to Receive??  Of course she knows, but WOW!  Talk about Sweet Recognition filling my Body with Love.  I danced though the House and continued to “Plan” my Trip.

I forgot completely about the Receiving Part of the Reading and continued on my trip which was centered on Heading straight down to the town of Pahoa to give an Offering on my Birthday, the 19th of Nov, 2014.  I was so set on Giving, even on my birthday!  I had also added in 4 more areas on my “working trip” to give blessings too.  I didn’t once think about this trip just being a vacation.

Before I left I worked eight 24 hour shifts straight.  On my days off I would give energy healings and land blessings, build mandalas and pray over the land.   Basically I am never receiving!!  I do my “paid” job as a caregiver then go straight into my “field work” job of blessing the land.

Noticing this I started a 40 day Self Love Program about 2 weeks earlier to try to remember how to give to myself.  Adding Flowers all around my room, music, yoga, and getting my nails done.   hmmmm It worked for a bit.  I added in things that bought me joy, while making sure I gave and ask for things I needed.

I still found myself on my off days waking up and asking ” how can I help” in one form or another.

I felt lost if spirit was Quiet.  I didn’t even know what “to do” of I wasn’t told what “to do”.

I had forgotten entirely how to hear my own needs.

I see now how unbalanced I was!

I also I know that getting my nails or hair done is Self Care not Receiving!!!

Gifts from the Dolphins, the Aunties and An Island…. Big Island Love ❤

My Trip Was completely Blown Out of the Water, Rearranged and Brought back to a New Time Line.  I was asked to Choose. One timeline of Giving and One of Receiving.   Reluctantly I choose to give up my ego and thoughts and visions of healing the land and allowed a magical trip of  abundance from the Island, Aunties in the Spirit Realm, and new Friends.  It started from the Moment I landed.  2 gentlemen from the airport asked if I need a Ride!!  Then a Lady asked if I needed to borrow her phone to make a call.  Wow the nicest place on earth.  I was just chillin waiting from my friend to pick me up and was overwhelmed by the friendliness.

However, that Morning I had received some very disturbing news.  My anxiety was Off the richter scale so I grabbed my Hawaiian Mana Tarot Cards.  The message was one of Danger and Lessons.  My anxiety soared.  I connected to my higher self and guides through meditation and asked for clarity and guidance.  I was met by a Raven that took me to the Beach.  There I was met by a Giant Lion ( I should name him since he visits often).  I jumped on his back and to my surprise he jumped into the Ocean and we were transported to Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, in South Kona (which is the exact opposite side of the island I was intending to go).  My anxiety was instantly relieved!!!

Somehow connecting with this side of the island was the KEY.

I decided I would “add” south Kona to my trip!  My guides must have let out a big Grunt or Sigh because my anxiety crept back up since I was not “getting it” at least totally yet.  I asked my good friend Debbie Dehm that I get readings from now and then if she wouldn’t mine looking into it for me. She said there is a Very Large Male God that I was going to encounter and He would wonder what I was doing.  She said that I would be challenged but ok.  Sounding possibly like an initiation of some sort.  Oh and with the Danger card, my anxiety was on the loose, no controlling it now!  Thoughts of WTF are my visions wrong?  Is my intuition Off?  What’s Up???

All I could go on was the wonderful feeling of South Kona and my Beloved Dolphins in Kealakekua Bay.  I then knew instantly and Saw that the Dolphins had a Gift for Me!!  I let go of my “plans” a bit and decided to go to Kona now 1st thing and visit the Dolphins and Kealakekua Bay, The Sacred City, and my friends in the area.

A friend of mine that found me years ago from my blog asked me to look him up if I was ever in Kona.  Not planing to Be in Kona, especially on my birthday.  There I was in South Kona at my Favorite Coffee shop 1500 feet over my favorite Bay.  So he joined me and treated me too breakfast. nice;-)

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I figured after breakfast I would visit the Dolphins and Say hi and then head to the Hilo side of the island.  Driving down to Kealakekua Bay I picked up some fruit for an offering and visited the Sacred Heiau (Hawaiian Temple, and Energy Center) that over looks Bay.  I walked all around the park, the shore, and the Heiau connecting with the stewards of the land and asking if there is anything I can do.  “Do I build a mandala here or here?”,  “DO I GIVE a blessing Here or Here?”  ahha haha it’s so funny in hindsight.  The Aunties must have been giggling too.

I finally was told (;-) to go pick the White Flowers in front of the Heiau and to make a head lei.  I sat in front the Heiau on the shore of the Bay and connected to the area, the flowers and dolphins and made my lei.  Afterwards I was told to drive 4 miles to the ancient city of Pu ‘uhonua O Honaunau, or just Honaunau.  I thought cool ok I will build a Mandala there.  I have had many ceremonies there and this felt right.  Again the laughter, I really had to Let GO of the Constant Giving.  I think receiving breakfast, making the lei and getting free park entrance was starting to unclog my flow to receiving.

In the parking lot I got it!  This is a Time to Receive My Birthday gift!!  How Sweet! I got dressed up and prepared for a mini bday ceremony with myself, the dolphins and the aunties.  I walked barefoot through the park and found a spot on the lava rocks overlooking the Ocean.  I placed the Lei with the White Flowers on top of my head and grounded and opened myself up to Receive.

For the 1st time I Heard Singing, and Chanting from the Aunties in the Spirit Realm.  Then for the 1st Time I SAW a Hawaiian Woman Place a Flower Lei over my Head and I could SMELL the Flowers!!  Tears of Receiving Unconditional LOVE poured out from my eyes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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It was around this moment that I was also Shown the Gift I received from the Dolphins.  While I sat and made the Head Lei at the Heiau they gifted me with a Beautiful Blue Pyramid in my 3rd eye!  This is why my Hearing, and Seeing had Tripled!!  The Pyramid was rotating and was shining a White Light like a light house.  After the Blessing from the Aunties it turned into a Flashing Rainbow.  I Blue Dolphin Rainbow Pyramid Prism!! In my 3rd eye!  Unbelievable ❤

Gift from the Dolphins

Gift from the Dolphins

I also “GOT IT”.  I was here to RECEIVE!!  I mean on this TRIP!  No giving! hahhahhaha OMGoddess!!!

Big Laughter, Big Ah Ha, Big Relief!  I was not to Give on this TRIP at all!!! No mandalas, no blessings period. Only a trip to Accept All gifts of All kinds!  That was an order from the Universe, the Aunties, the Dolphins, Lisa Gawals, The BIG Island of Hawaii and of course Madam Pele Herself oh and Mother Earth!!

Also, I never did encounter the Large God that Debbie was talking about, so I did jump time lines and made the right decision and was safe away from danger.  Thanks Debbie!!!

As I left the sacred city I turned on my phone.  My friend David was making homemade soup and invited me to dinner.

I said “I was just told I am not allowed to say no”, he said “great I’ll see you soon”.

Homemade Bday Stew!!  Receiving…… Check! 😉

The Moment I Stopped Giving I Received.  It was a Conscious Decision at first to Allow!!  The Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤

The Healing from the Aunties at Malomama Massage

So I stayed In South Kona getting a place at the Manago Hotel in Captain Cook.  The next morning I was awakened by the sounds of the jungle and a view of the Pacific.  I was happy in my heart but felt like I was run over by a dump truck.  Upgrades often come with a price.  Plus my bday was a 13 hour day, plus travel and non stop work the weeks before!  I decided to stay another day and get a Massage and Mineral Bath Soak at Mamalahoa.  I called to see if they had any openings that day (which was kinda a gamble).  I scribbled 3 pm down 20 sec before the receptionist said it and jumped for joy! It was a date!

After 30 min of Soaking in my Own Mineral Bath Hot Tub in the Jungle surroundings I was greeted by Christina.  Instantly I felt she was a Sister with her exotic looks and curly unruly hair.  During the massage I thought to myself  “hmmm I wonder what I can give her”.  I scanned her energy and asked if there was anything I could gift her with.

My Higher Self: “Seriously???”  Me: “oh boy! ok I promise to receive.”

Me: “Hmmmm receive, receive, receive…….”  I was enjoying the massage, and Now I was NOT giving…that’s a step in the right direction…right?

But then Christina Said, ” Your hands are Hot.”, ” You are Giving.”

Huh? was she listening to my Conversation with myself??

I said “well I channel Light,…. I guess that’s just how they are.”

Oh boy again!  Ok I am starting to get it (slow learner).  If my energy is Flowing OUT, can it Be Flowing IN?

The Answer: NO!

So what is Receiving???

RECEIVING = Energy Flow to Your Heart ❤

WE have the ability to flow energy IN and OUT.  We have Input/Output Switches.

We give and flow Light and Divine Love Out, when we receive are we flowing In to our Hearts?

Many of Us are Without A Divine Counterpart.

We have been restoring out Earth and Raising Consciousness.

We are Portals OF Divine Light Giving, Giving, Giving.

Well we Must Open Our Channels to Receive, To Flow In…..  in order to Receive the Abundance that is on the Way.

Oh Boy Again!  So I consciously Opened my Channels to Receive and the next Thing I see is The Same Aunty that gave me a blessing at the Sacred City there with us!  She was standing next to us and placed Flower Lei over Christina’s Head.  I told Christina what I saw (not worrying about sounding crazy) and that she was just given a blessing from the Auntie from Honauanu.  Then I saw Christina Change Into another Woman!!  I thought I was seeing a Hawaiian Past Life time of hers as an Energy Healer.  Christina’s Hands even changed as she stood above my head and massaged me!  I saw a felt her as this Very Large Hawaiian woman.  She had a flower in her hair, her hair was pulled back and he was wearing a flower muumuu (dress).   Her hands where big, hot and a heavier density.  I told Christina about this and for the rest of the massage (that went over schedule, thanks Christina;)  we never spoke a word.  It was towards the end that I understood that this woman was not Christina in a past life but was in fact a Woman healer that was now Working through her!

After I got dressed and came outside, Christina approached me.  Despite trying to be quiet in the “quiet zone” of the massage area we couldn’t help but share about what had just happened. (We did continue the conversation outside later)

Christina started discribing what the woman looked like to me exactly….. chicken skin!  She said that this woman was a Healer, energy worker and had just passed away not to long ago.  And to add to the Amazingness this Powerful Auntie use to Dance in front of the Heiau at Kealakekua Bay!!  Christina had shared in a ceremony honoring Her at that Exact Spot!  The spot where I was told to go and pick the Flowers!  The spot where the Dolphins blessed me!  WOOOW

Life is SOOoooo Magical!

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Again the Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤  You Must Allow

The rest of my trip was a lot of resting, breathing and receiving.  I stayed my entire trip in Kona.  Also, finally noticing that I am returning to the Pahoa/Hilo side to build a Mandala for a Wedding the 1st week of December.  Haha why was I in such a rush to drive 6 hours to the other side when I would be back on a paid trip (yes another HUGE blessing) in less than 2 weeks???  like I said sometimes Im a Slow learner.
I truly feel that the Big Island of Hawaii brought me hOMe to remember that my time of Maui is “on Assignment” and that I will be hOMe again very soon;-)

The following are a few techniques to add to your Daily Ritual To Open and Check in with your INPUT/Receiving Channels

Opening your Channels to Receive

Nature, the Elements, Earth and Animals are always giving.  If you have a loving partner that likes to play you can try with them too.

Basically start with any body part you’d like and check to see if you can flow inward.  Feel the Love flowing all the way into your heart.  Then move onto the next body part.

  • Feet on the Earth: Receive Love from the Mother Earth
  • Hands on Nature, Tree, Flowers: Receive Love
  • Hold flowers, leaves, Bark: Smell and Receive Love
  • Feel the Sun on your Skin: Receive Love
  • Feel the Wind on your Skin: Receive Love
  • See the colors of the grass, hills, sky, ocean, rainbows : Receive Love

Then practice Giving and Receiving.  Feel the Love flow into your Heart, then send Love back to the Object.  Breath Deeply, feel Love and Gratitude fill your entire body!!!  Then send out your wish, love to loved ones, love to the Earth etc.  But keep receiving , replenish and know you are LOVED!!

It’s like Allowing the Inhale after the exhale.  A natural Flow of Give and Recieve

I love you so much!!

Thank you for reading.  have a Blessed day wherever you are!!!

Love love LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤


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Mamalahoa Hot Tubs in South Kona, Big Island of Hawaii



Creating Earth Mandalas for Mother: A Walk with Mother 11

After I was Activated by the White Rainbow of the Great Spirit during the Ancient Native American Eagle Dance, I was given many Visions of Earth Mandalas that I would be creating for Healing the Ley Lines, Reactivating Sacred Sites, and Creating new Energy Centers, and for Blessings and Initiations with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  For more info on Activating Sacred Sites and the Initiation and Activation during the Eagle Dance See a walk with Mother 10.

Not knowing it at the time but during the dance I was Bringing down Source Energy while being Activated with the creation powers to create a Portal that has Mother Earth Energy (from below) + 4 Directions/4Elements and God Source Energy from above.

What I now understand is that Movement in a Circle creates a Portal for Source Energy.  So dancing, Creating Circles or Mandalas that have Sacred Geometry creates movement that allows source energy to enter the earth.

1st Earth Mandala



The next day I messaged my girlfriend Zsuzsánna Balogh that lives up the Volcano from me and creates Mandala Healing Art Activation Paintings and asked if she’d be down to create one with me for the Solstice Portal that was a few days away.  It was an absolute yes!

That morning I collected supplies and headed up the Volcano to Zsuzsánna’s house.  She greeted me with a basket of goodies, water and a beautiful homemade lunch!  We both got the message (separately) to head up the Volcano a bit further to Poli Poli State park.

On the way up we where Approached By 2 LARGE WHITE OWLS!

They Both Individually came out from their Tree/home area (off the road and down a hill a bit) and circled in front of and over the car and then Gracefully/Powerfully soared back to their Tree Area.

We were blow away at the Blessing and Greeting and Continued up the Road another mile only to find that the park was closed because of the recents storms.  We wondered and asked ” Well where do we go now”?  Eventually we finally “GOT IT” that we were already being guided by the Beautiful White Owls where to go.

We returned to the Owl’s Spot, asked and received permission and Found an Area that was already in a circle where someone had a camp fire recently.  It was Perfect and Obviously our Mandala Spot Calling out to us.  We did a Nature Walk, Connected with the Nature spirits in the Area, pulled out our Supplies and Started Connecting, Weeding and Purifying the Earth Spot with Our Hands and Bare feet.  We smoothed and Cleaned out most of the Burnt word and Soot and found the earth.  We set up our Sage, Candles and Incense around the circle, did a prayer and land blessing.

As the Smoke purified the circle we lined up our simples around the circle and sat for some yummy lunch and watched and rested.

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I started with the Center Choosing a Heart Shaped piece of white coral on top of a bit of sand.

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Setting the Flowers

Setting the Flowers

Finished Mandala

Finished Mandala

This Mandala was Huge and Took many hours before hand with the collecting and then with the Two of us Weeding, clearing and cleansing the land and then building.

I decided the next day that I wanted to try to make one a bit smaller and quicker.  I was guided down the street to Makena Black sand Beach, one of my local blessing areas.   This time I only Collected flowers the mile before.  I decided to kept the mandala small and within my reach sitting on my knees and enjoyed my time connecting with the land and just loosing myself.

It is during the creation of this Mandala that I got the confirmation to “complete the circle”.  and I added an Elemental Guardian which asked to be apart of the Mandala Blessing Ceremony.

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Offerings and Makahiki 

a few weeks before I started creating the Earth Mandalas, I was told to leave an offering everywhere I went.  Even at the DMV! This was at the Beginning of Makahiki, a Hawaiian tradition of leaving offerings for the Gods to bless your land.  I knew this was my offering to the Gods and to the Earth Stewards/Elementals/Devics to come and Heal the Land.

I also had just met a gentleman named Rich Ralston that Helps Old Souls and Their Soul groups Move on.  We started working together and sure enough the areas that I was already being guided too had many old souls left confused from battle.  Not only where there many massacres in the islands but any blood shed and pain leaves and imprint on the land.  The old souls also feed off of the land and can cause droughts and areas of trees to be drained, dead and fried looking.

so Rich would clear away and help the souls cross over, and I would bring in the land blessing.

2 weeks later After we Cleansed and Brought in the New Light for the Land I returned to Makena Beach. I was Absolutely Floored!!! Amazed at how the park felt and looked!!!  The Park was Thriving with Life, Butterflies and Energy of Creation >3  That area year round does get some rain.  However, rain often does not penetrate areas with Mass Energy Issues.  Plus with the Souls feeding off of the trees how are they to Thrive?

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The following is a blessing I did at Haycraft Park where Many Tongans where killed while participating in what they thought was suppose to be a friendly trade.  The park is Odd and has Energetically Dead and Lonely Feeling.  After Rich cleared out all the Old Souls I did a Blessings and received Sparkles of Light like Rain as confirmation.  A few weeks later I returned and created this Dancing Star pattern mandala.

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This is the blessing I created at Barbs (where I caregiver).  The Flower In the Center is a Vortex swirl, surrounded by a universe, inside a Double heart.  I call it Infinite Love ❤ 

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Ghost Hunts and the Return of the White Owls

About once a week I would head out with Rich and the gang on ghosts hunts. Again Rich would connect and help Old Souls and Soul Groups cross over and I would do a Land healing and Offering.  One night we headed Up the Volcano to Poli Poli state park around Sunset.  I mentioned that the park might still be closed but we could still get pretty close.  We drove past the place where our 1st mandala was created and continued up the volcano.  Rich was guided to stop about 30 feet above the Mandala and connected with the Spirits. He pointed to the Trees Blow and said about 2500 Souls are buried of Higher Class Hawaiians being that they where the only ones allowed this high on the Volcano back then.  He pointed right to the trees where we did the Mandala a few weeks before and where the Owls Live!!!  This is now the 5th or 6th time that I have been guided to do a blessing in an area where old souls have been buried or killed.

As we headed down the Very STEEP WINDING One lane road in the dark, Theresa our driver for the night (in her 80’s) was having a ton of trouble seeing, scaring the living crap out of all of us!!  Out of the Trees the White Owl came down onto the Road at exactly the point where she should turn the car (and not drive off of the Volcano) and did so too not hit the Owl.  The Owl Flew Up and Came Down again on the Next Turn!!!  His Glowing White Feathers Lit Up By the Head Lights On the Car was a Site I will never forget!!

I’ll stop there for now ❤

To visit Zsuzsánna’s page please go to also see our  see our Adventure finding and activating Labyrinths upcountry)

Thanks for Reading

Much Love and Starlight



Creating New Sacred Site Energy Centers: A Walk with Mother 10

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

I am only 3 months behind writing about my Magical experiences which are almost a daily occurrence now!  I decided the only way to catch up is to do a a few recaps and then start fresh from there, hopefully.

Remembering my Ancient Abilities/Psychic Attacks

When I was at Oluwalu Sacred Site I was starting to remember my ancient roots and abilities to create and harness sacred site energy centers.

I knew in my being that Sacred Sites designed by our ancestors where in fact on Ley Line energy centers and on the Meridians or Power Spots where multiple Ley Lines cross our Earth.

I also knew that I was able (as one of my gifts and why I am here at this time), to reactivate older Sacred Site Energy Centers by realigning the Ley line energy, repair it, purify it, and reactivate the Neg Ions that Mother gives off.

It was this day that I Knew that if I created a Medicine Wheel of Sacred Geometry that I would in fact be Creating a Vortex Energy field!!!!

and if I created this Sacred Geometry/Medicine Wheel on a Ley Line I would be harnessing and multiplying the Power!!!

Then the Word STARGATE was whispered to me.

This is the Night the psychic Attacks started and I stopped writing.  I stopped writing because suddenly I thought, maybe I shouldn’t be so open with my knowledge, awakenings and findings as they might get me in some serious trouble.

I won’t get into much detail, at least for now about the psychic attacks.  I will share that I have a NEW understanding of Depression and Suicide.  They also hit me when I was down.  The week after my mooning cycle, 1 glass of wine (which is rare these days) and they got in.  They (demons, dark entities, those that attack light workers, and the Machines set up to emit dark frequency that look like cell towers) sound just like your voice and must attack your own Ego/Fear Voice.  Because if my voice said something that wasn’t one of my Biggest Fears I would have Laughed.  If my voice said ” Your not funny and no one likes you”, it wouldn’t have bothered me.  But no, the are able to feed and bring out your deepest fears.  I finally woke up, said ” This isn’t Me”!!!  and Prayed for protection and grabbed my tool box and walked out of the Darkness.  They can not affect me now.  So now I can talk about whatever the Fack I want;-)

This doesn’t mean I haven’t also uncovered multiple psychic cords, my ex’s lower soul trying to control my sacral area, and his higher soul controlling my brain.   If that wasn’t creepy enough I have had many implants controlling my spine, seeing through my eyes and covering my 3rd eye.  This past two weeks I have been protecting my self and my dog from two snake reptilians that were attached to my ex that corded my Solar Plexus, Then Heart, then my Dog to get to Me!!!  Littleman had 3 cords when I returned home from my holiday trip to San Diego.  As soon as I picked up Little sick man, his cords went into me!!!  I am telling you, I have been poked, prodded, manipulated and violated in so many ways!!

Yet I am still here.

I am also going through Many recalibrations at this time that feels like a cold.  I am being stretched so I can hold more frequencies from other worlds to give to Mother at this time.

So back to the Sacred Geometry.

Leaving Offerings for Makahiki

I was strongly told many times to leave an Offering everywhere I went.  If I didn’t leave an offering something of mine started magically disappearing only to reappear after I went back and left an offering.  My passport, journal, earphones and beach chair disappeared and reappeared!!!!

I finally GOT IT and started traveling with a basket filled with apples charged up with my crystals and blessings.

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This realization also came to me on the Night before Makahiki.  A Hawaiian holiday where it is customary to leave offerings at every village and city line as on offering to the Gods.  Just another huge confirmation that I was on the right path and being guided.

The Dance of The Eagle/Initiation/The White Rainbow


The next week I was shown a hill to climb on the South Dry HOTT side of Maui.  I said to my guides “you gotta be kidding me”, ” it better be shady and raining if you want me to climb that thing”!!   It was seriously the driest side most exposed to the elements and SUN of the island and the passageway before Oluwalu and Lahaina above Maalaea Harbor.    I got up the nerve the next morning, backed a bag, snacks and water and made the trip in a dress, hat and sandals that can be easily removed for barefoot walking.  I headed over to that side of the island and to my pleasant surprise there was a Giant Dark Beautiful Blue Cloud Covering the Mountain top and Path!!  I started on the Vertical Path looking only 3 feet in front at all times and inside I knew and even said out loud ” is this some kind of an initiation”? ?? I got about 2/3rd of the way and saw a platform to stop and rest.  Haleakala (10,ooo feet up across the center of the island from there) looked small from there now, and the city and ocean so far away.  I was alone!!  it was quiet, nice, shady and dark…. yay… thank you, thank you, thank you.

I laid on the earth and let go and really rested from that giant vertical climb.  I placed my feet on the earth and connected.  I asked for my angles and guides to speak with the steward of that land area and ask if there was anything I could do.  The vision I saw was of an Native American Indian Man Dancing in a circle, lifting his knees high up into the air.  He was wearing giant white wings on his arm and he was flapping them up and down as he danced.  Me: “really you want me to dance like that …. here”?  I knew the answer was YES.

So I stood up and stepped into the vision.  I realized that I needed jingles of some sort and knew that’s why I was guided to buy a anklet that jingled 2 months ago.  Darn!  where was that thing now??  So I grabbed my Car Keys and looped them on my Big Toe.  This is a time when I wish I had another person to film…. hahaha but would I have gone through with it? ? I proceed to connect again with the vision, flapping my large white wings and dance hitting the earth with my bare feet adding a chime down into her.  I heard “Create the White Rainbow” during this dance, and again later that week.  This meaning I am still uncovering accept that White Rainbow is also called a Moonbow which is a Rainbow created at night with the Moon’s light instead of the Sun’s light.

Special note:  I have never studied Native American Culture so researching this for a photo I found hundreds of photos like this, giving me chills.  This is the Vision I had.  I also found an amazing video on u-tube and the man is wearing large bells on each ankle. Not sure it will link but trying it here… Mesmerizing!!!! please watch 

Special note Revision:  My friend from the Big Island of Hawaii who is apart of the Native American Nez Perce Tribe added a comment below after reading.  In the Eagle Dance Men Actually Dance in a Circle kicking up so much dust that You can See a WHITE RAINBOW!!  It signifies/shows the Source Energy of Our Prime Creator of the Universe coming to EARTH!!!!  Holy Cow!  Magic

After this (activation) I laid down again and I was shown visions of me Creating Vortex Energy Centers/Mandalas of Sacred Geometry, doing Priestess Initiations, and Vortex Healing Sessions.  I took out my phone note section and wrote for about an hour in meditation getting these visions.  Then I carefully walked back down, satisfied that 2/3rds up that dry mountain was just prefect!

3rd Note Revision:  I am seeing now the White Rainbow of Creator/Source Energy that came down into the Circle was My Activation!!  Wow.  The Father Sky Energies that I am now bringing into my Mandalas and for the Priestess Activations are THE WHITE RAINBOW of Source Energy containing ALL the Frequencies of the RAINBOW!  wow

My AppleFlower Offerings Became Mandalas of Sacred Geometry/Medicine Wheels since October 2014

This has changed my life forever and I am now Fully Walking my Path with The GODDESS.

Dancing Star pattern/cosmos blessing, Maui

Dancing Star pattern/cosmos blessing, Maui

I will stop there for now.  That’s about 2 months caught up I believe.

On the front page of my web site I have more info on the Mandalas and pictures of the creations.

Thanks for Reading

with all my Love and Starlight,


Mother is Calling: Come dance with me

Dearest Beautiful Souls

I write to you today to give you a Brief message from our Mother Earth.  This comes in the Last Day of Nov 2014 as a request before we dive into our new year of 2015.  December might be chaotic for some, as many are choosing New Paths.

It is time to Step into your higher calling and connect with your Souls True Purpose.


Dear Child

Come Take a Walk with Me

I am here…..

I am always here……

Surrounding you in my arms, don’t you see?

Take off your Shoes and come dance with me


Don’t worry about the Time…..or getting muddy 

come sink your toes, dance and be

Let your Roots Grow deep into my Core

Feel my Love pulsing through you even more

Take off your Shoes and come dance with me


Decorate your body with my Gifts

Take in their Colors and Hypnotic Scents

Lay your Head on your Mother Earth 

Let go and be Free

Take off your Shoes and come dance with me


Hear the ancient drumming sounds of our combined Heart ❤

Let it Pulse the Truth through You my Beloved Sweetheart

Let your Wild Side Come Forth and be

Take off your Shoes and come dance with me


I have Much to Share with you 

My dear Beautiful Child 

My love for you stretches Beyond all Dimensions or Time

won’t you take off Your Shoes and Be Mine ❤


With All Our Love Sprinkled with Starlight & Kisses,

Mother Earth & Annalisa

My Walk with Mother

My Walk with Mother



Labyrinth Hunts: A walk with mother 9

Hello beautiful souls!!    It’s been awhile since my last Walk with Mother post.

Much has been going on in the Cosmos and also Within Us.

In the past month or so I have been led Magically to Labyrinths, Churches and to Start making my own Mandalas in nature.

My interest in Sacred Geometry led me to my girlfriend Zsuzsánna Balogh who lives upcountry on the slopes of the dormant volcano in search of a church, to catch up and check out her Art.

To my surprise we were talking the same language, Color, the language of light, activations, mathematics, and connecting it to her Art and my spiritual work.

She paints Unbelievable Mandalas on Silk!!!

She only starts the project after she meets her clients and paints them intuitively for them based on the healing, or upgrades that they need/are ready for.

I believe whole heartily that her Art heals, activates and Brings forth a the next level of spiritual growth for the individual.  Zsuzsánna although shares none of this to her customers she says that it’s all perfect and the people that are ready come to her at the right time.

She as well receives the activations/healing too herself too….. at exactly at the right time for herself.

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This talk about sacred geometry, colors, vibrations, and the language of light was running off of our tongues as we finishing each others sentences.

It was such a refreshing morning to have someone “get me” and be also so happy about our Magical “jobs”.

I shared that I was on a mission too to find a church somewhere up here, and I was’t exactly sure why.

Zsuzsánna mentioned that her roommates keep telling for her to go to St. Joseph’s church, but she had no interest.

We decided to take a walk to a park and use the restroom.  We came across a Feather, a Pen, and then a a Mug with a Picture of St. Joseph’s Church on it.

We jumped at the synchronicities of writing for both of us and decided before our time ended today we would swing by this church.

a few hours later on our way back to her place she directed me to the church.

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As we pulled in my Jaw dropped to the floor of my car as we witnessed together a giant Labyrinth (sacred geometry) painted in the parking lot.

we immediately parked and jumped out of the car.

She ran into the center of the Labyrinth and immediately made what I would call her Signature move with her arms down and out forming a triangle.

Then I jumped in (as we switched the camera;-) and made my signature move…. my arms stretched up and out a bit forming and upside down triangle.

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Significance of the Spiritual, mathematical Number of 108

After we “Activated” or did whatever spirit had us do, Zsuzsánna intuitively said “quick check the time” and it was exactly 1:08.

This was a huge sign for me with there being 108 meridians in the body, 108 Sacred Temples, 108 Mala Beads!!

108 is a very significant number making me wonder if there are also 108 sacred points on Maui, as well as in our bodies and on our Earth.

The one fact about 108 that has alway stood out to me leaving me in awe is the connection with 108 and our moon and sun.

Did you Know that the distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times the sun’s diameter!!

And the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter!!

unreal!  amazing that anyone would ever thing that we all happen by “chance”.

After I dropped off Zsuzsánna I went to get gas.  When I reset my Odometer it magically reset to 108!!!!  This is not a coincidence!

When I left my car reset to 108

When I left my car reset to 108

I have to notice that I am being led to Labyrinths, Sacred Sites, Energy Centers, Burial grounds and Churches…. as well as making medicine wheels and learning about mandals.


  • There are so many churches on Maui… am I being led to them or the Earth/Land beneath the church?
  • Do these Labyrinths/sacred circle symbols create energy Vortex fields that work like a sacred site/energy centers??
  • That means that when activated they spiral out New Light Energy to the Earth and People
  • One thing I know for certain nothing is by chance.  I am being led to areas of significant energy, or needing to be reactivated
  • This Church does not have a Labyrinth by chance, the land asked for it, and it was given

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To visit Zsuzsánna’s page please go to


Silk Harmony by Zsuzsánna Balogh ❤

Phone: 1-808-463-7067

Just getting my feet wet again,

thanks for reading

With all my Love, Light and Starness