What is a Goddess Walk? How Do I Start?

 What is a Goddess Walk?




  • A Goddess Walk is About BECOMING ONE with Your Higher god/goddess Self 



  • Raising your VIBRATION and Opening Up THE DOORWAY to your PSYCHIC ABILITIES, MAGIC, and the DIVINE 

  • OPENS you UP to Your God/Goddess given POWERS to Commune and Work with the Elements

  • Opens you UP to work with the NATURE GODS/GODDESSES AND MOTHER EARTH 


SO How Do I Start?

well for starters everyones path is different.  There’s not the same exact science for each of us.  But with that being said the following is a Given to Open the Door to The DIVINE and to Communing with NATURE.

Also please join this blog if you would like to receive meditations and support on your walk with Mother Earth

Start the SHIFT:

  1. Decide to Make Connecting to Nature a GOAL
  2. Take the Time:   Like many things in life we get better over time.  Actually Making it a part of your routine, and planning to do it wether daily or weekly will START A HUGE SHIFT
  3. Preparation: Go alone whenever possible, have your goodies like sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, and a variety of clothing options, maybe a book, towel, chair,etc.  I always have my car packed with everything, so based on the weather, my moody, and what calls to me I know what to take.  And bring a GIFT/OFFERING (more below)
  4. Start Small:  don’t expect grandiose nature phenomena and psychic events to occur.  Think of it as the Beginning of a Courtship.  You are just getting to know each other.  Play it cool.  Relax, have some wine if you want;)  You don’t want to force anything like a date with the only goal is a happy ending.  Keep your intentions pure and simple.  Having No expectations is A KEY to Opening the DOORWAY
  5. This is NOT an ADVENTURE SPORT:  That is someone’s intention and it involves SHOES!  Shoes are a definite No!  Of course at 1st use your shoes if you must to get to where you want.  Then when possible sit and take off those shoes!  Walking, swimming, laying on your back, reading are all approved but keep it light
  6. BELIEVE:  THE NUMBER ONE KEY TO OPENING UP THE ENCHANTED DOOR IS TO BELIEVE!  So many of us have it backwards.  We don’t believe until we SEE.  But there are many things that are off about that belief.  Seeing is ONLY one of our senses that we HAVE been maybe conditioned to over use and there for need to believe. We want PHYSICAL PROOF.  Our Other senses have taken the back seat.  Believing actually OPENS the door for them to enter and exist. We truly do create our realities.

Give a Gift/Offering/Make or create:  Born on this earth we create our homes, grow our food, enjoy the breezes, swim in the oceans and consume and build over whatever we want.   Mother Earth, The Elements and Nature god/goddesses give us everything we need.  How often do we get a chance to say thank you?  Most of us don’t think they are ALIVE so it actually never occurred to us.  Like I said think of it as a date.

  1. Bring a Flower, Pick a flower and hold it with the INTENTION of it as a Thank you.  Hold It with Your LOVE.
  2. You can bring small stones, a shell and create a small offering area.  You can Pray into the area or put your intention, light an incense etc. (more on that later too/blog to follow).  Just think how you were as a child.  You painted, created, picked flowers for your Mother.  This is the Same;)

Open Up Your Consciousness: 

  1. Chill the Monkey Mind: For the 1st 10-30 min when I get to a location I actually just chill, check my phone, go to the bathroom, play out my day etc just doing my normal stuff.  There’s actually quite a few things happening during this time.  I am acclimating to the energies of the location, allowing the nature spirits, stewarts and gods of the land to size me up, my heart rate is adjusting and calming down, and my brain is playing out that last bits of monkey mind.
  2. Offering:  Set out your Offering, gift.  Say “Hi”  give your Intent.  ( if you expect nature to talk you gotta open the door;)
  3. Get COMFY and MEDITATE:  1st For sure start with some DEEP breathing, and GROUNDING.  Feel your Heart beat and CONNECT WITH THE HEART BEAT OF THE EARTH (more meditations to come)
  4. Raise Your Vibration: This is where the DOOR is wide open.  You can Chant, OM, Sing, Dance, play music, drum, singing bowl etc, You can Move to the wind and do an energy dance (meditations to come)
  5. NOW CONNECT:   This where you can practice with opening your different senses.  First connect with FEELNG.  Feel your Breath for a few rounds.  Then FEEL the wind and air movement on your body, Close your eyes and just listen to the birds talking, the wind blowing and singing through the trees.  Practice with ONE sense at a TIME and One part of Nature at a time and connect.  Plug your ears when you are feeling, cover your eyes when you are hearing.  Practice for Awhile feeling and the earth beneath you and around you.

Have Fun with Nature:

  1. Give & Receive Love: Feel Vibration of Love, Feel it in your heart, spark it and send it to each of the nature sprits and animals you connected to.  Send Love and gratitude to Mother Earth, to a Tree, to the ground, to a stream through your hands, feet and from your heart.  Then Allow and Let the Flow of LOVE come to You.  Breathe it in, fill your Body, Cells, Lungs and Heart with the Love of our Mother Earth.
  2. Talk and Ask for support and Love or clarity, send blessings to loved ones
  3. Read to Mother, walk, dance, swim and play, create a sand art, earth mandala, or Altar or rock creation.

Communing with Nature:  Communing with Nature can take a bit of time to know how to read the signs.  Nature is Subtle and communicates in Higher dimensions.  Which is why we raise our vibration, fill with love and open our Unused Senses.  Here are some ideas that worked for me.   Remember communicating is a two way street.   You have to ask and be open to the answer the way they answer;)

  1. Ask the Wind to show you it can hear you.  Ask to feel it.  Ask for it to show you how it moves and flows.
  2. Ask for a cloud to come over and say hi
  3. Ask questions and lay under the clouds and look for pictures and signs.

For the most part connect, ask and open to receive answers.  A slight wind, a bird chirping are all signs that nature is communicating with you.  

As humans we might think its a bit conceited to say that nature is communicating or answering us.

It is OUR NATURAL TALENT and Hidden Gift.

Nature Is Waiting to Here from You.

xoxox ❤  Much Love, Annalisa 

Part 2: More to come: talking, moving wind, clouds, seeing spirits, fairies, seeing colors and frequencies, talking to the Stewart’s of the land and ancient ones.  Communication and Connecting to the gods/goddesses.  Seeing Magic and Magical forests.


Foods for Enlightenment: Connect and Heal with Food part 2


Continued from part one which consists of

-Keeping and Sustaining the Life Force of Food

-Eating as a Ritual not a Race: a Ceremony for inviting in the Sacredness of Food

Life Force Energy

Humans contain a life force

Animals, trees, and food grown in nature are the same as us; we all thrive with a life force otherwise known as prana, mana , chi or ki.

All Whole, Untouched, Unprocessed Foods With the Colors of The Rainbows are Filled with  


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Life Force is a Vibration

Life Force is LIGHT

Light when ingested sends healing to the areas needed spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically and energetically.

Regular Food gives Calories, Proteins, Fat, Fiber etc.

Whole Source Food with Light Gives All that Plus Healing!!!

Light is also Knowledge

Food Containing Light…….. Contains Knowledge!!!

Light Is healing.  Light is Divine and all Knowing.

Foods Grown In The Mother Earths Loving Soil, enriched with the Elements and kissed by the Sun all contain a Life Force.

they Contain the WISDOM of THE Sun, Sprinkled with the Healing ENERGY of the Stars  and Baked in the Knowledge and Love of the Mother Earth Source Energy!!!

Yes!!!  Why would you every want another burrito?!! 😉

Nature Contains Codes of Knowledge for our learning

Just look at the Sacred Geometry with every Bite

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When you are ready to awaken to the knowledge that the Universe has to provide, Mother Earth will release the codes.

All plants, trees and flowers are Alive.

All plants, trees and flowers contain Codes.

Therefore everything that grows from this earth contains codes of light and knowledge.

Shamans ingest plants through sacred ceremonies for spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

So why wouldn’t eating it do the Same?

Eating food with Life Source Energy WHEN THE INTENTION IS THERE will provide you with spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

Keys to the Universe

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There are Keys to the universe in Every Seed.

Every Seed contain codes of creation, and knowledge of the universe. 

When consuming Foods with Seeds and the Seeds Themselves you are consuming their knowledge.

““Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.”  Anastasia-Ringing Cedars

Minerals are frequencies of consciousness:

Food Grown from our Earth not only Contains Light, Knowledge, The Keys to the universe, offer Healing and spiritual growth but it also contains Minerals!!! 

Natural Minerals!  

Minerals that weren’t added in a Lab

but baked in our Mother Earth under the Stars and Sun

Frequencies of light and frequencies of information needed for spiritual life.

“…Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual nutrition according to Dr. Cousens.

Ninety-Nine percent of Americans are mineral deficient according to the US Senate as early as 1936. The US Senate went on to mark that deficiency inany one of the more important minerals results in disease! Years later, things have only gotten worse as far as food production, mineral deficient soil, herbicides, pesticides and microwave ovens. 

Whether you are a meat eater or vegan, everyone needs to mineralize!…” karmatarian.wordpress.com

Foods from our Mother Earth Contain Water 

When Blessed, all water contains sacred geometry

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Just Saying “Thank you” and ” I love you” can heal your Food.

also, Omming into your food

More on Water Blessing to Heal your Body and the World

Make love to your Food:

Bless your Food

Thank your Food

Honor your Food

Tell your Food you Love it

Have the intention to be engaged in sacred ceremony with your food for spiritual growth and healing

Spent time in Meditation one on one with every bite, savory and feel the light radiating out

Use your hands connect, look, Smell, feel, taste, chew slowly, and feel again

This will Enliving and Awaken the Water in your Food & Connect you together

More here on Eating as a Ritual 

A bit for next time

What to include in your Spiritual Diet:

Add Live Foods: Seaweed, Algae, Sprouts

Eat foods that still contain Life Force (untouched, unprocessed, have sacred geometry)

Cut out foods that are dead (old foods that have been cut, processed, meats etc)

Nuts & Seeds


Raw & Colorful Foods

Thank you for Reading

Happy Eating 

Blessings and Love,


Ritual to use Water to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & our Earth

Below I have shared a few Very Powerful Ancient Magic Rituals and Universal Laws to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & Mother Earth.



Important: Please see Ritual At the End for Disconnecting and Setting Sacred Space to Increase Power

The elements and Nature are essential for our purification and healing.  What happens when they get polluted?

More recently on my walk with Mother Maui I have been brought to bodies of Water to do healing work rather than land.  This also brought me to a new friend that said to me “I want the swim with the dolphins, can we clean the oceans too?”

The next day after we met I went down to a secret mermaid beach (that very few have had encounters with) to connect and asked the Ocean to show me how to heal water.

This is Powerful!!!  I was shown to combine a few magical techniques 

1.) Water Crystals:  I have been playing around, working and learning from using toning and prayer to change and heal water.  Learning from Dr. Emoto who has documented that water forms beautiful Crystals of Sacred Geometry when spoken nice words, prayed over, surrounded by beautiful pictures, saying “thank you” and “I love you”.  Similarly speaking horrible words to water creates distressed irregular shapes.

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Water can be changed with a Chant, Prayer, Thought, Mantra, Vision, Music, Honoring it and yes with LOVE!!!!

2.) Self Talk/Affirmations:  This means that the water in our bodies can be changed too Since our bodies (lets pick an average of what I’ve read) are 80% water!!!   Why do you think we are asked to watch what we say to ourselves and to others!!!  I’ve been working a little with talking to the cells in my own body to vibrate with more and higher light and regenerating the ones that are not able to vibrate the highest light.  I use affirmations for many things on a daly basis.  To balance and ground, bring light into my chakras, connect to my higher self, and for protection to name a few.



3.) now Combine these two Important Magic Principals with the Universal Law of Oneness and with the Sacred Hidden Source Power of Water!

Law of Oneness:  we are psychically and spiritually connected to everything….

if we connect and heal the water/blood in our own bodies with light and LOVE then connect to the water source that we want to heal, or to the human, earth, elemental, animal, land & water grids and send that same vibration out.

Sacred Power of Water:

water is a conductor, used in most rituals, it is movement, and is in every living thing on this earth (accept for fire).  That means our soil, air, animals, trees, fruit, grass, mountains, wind all contain WATER.




The Ritual (without the Ceremony)  Please See Ceremony below for to Increase Power and to Disconnect

1.) Connect and heal the water source in your body (prayer, affirmations, visualizations, mantras, feelings of love)

2.) Connect physically or psychically to the Body of Water you want to send a healing to (lake, stream, earth, sky, person, animal)

3.) Using the law of Oneness if you are LOVE then everything you are connected to become LOVE too.   You can listen to your favorite music then send your LOVE channels souring…..connect to a tree and send those same FEELING OF LOVE to the tree.  You can practice becoming the lake or Stream and Send the LOVE through your Body in Sound, Thought, Feelings of LOVE or through a Visual.

You can connect with a smaller bowl of water and visualize it’s a larger body of water or the entire earth!!



All Shamans, and Kahunas know that Imagination and Visualizing your Most Powerful Key for Magic!!!

And with Any Magic, you Must have a Pure Heart, with Pure Intention

The basics are Become Love, Connect, and Send Love


Suggested Ceremony for Healing Water

Pre Set Up:  Always Cleanse Yourself , the Area around you, Ground, Center, Protect, & Connect to Higher self, ask for permission, make an offering

Ask for the following ceremony to be for the greatest good if all according to the will of God/Goddess

For Increased Power Try adding as Many of the Following:

-Go to a Sacred Site where the Earth Source Energy is Powerful.

-Create a Sacred Space with the help of the Elementals, you can call upon Gods/Goddesses for a manifesting magic

-Add a Medicine Wheel or Mandala which represent the Four Directions and Source creating a Symbol of the Universe


Connect to God Grid (SKY): Universal Oneness Gride that All Higher Source Beings are Connected to (feels like Electricity and I see it as a Golden Grid)

Connect to Mother Earth LOVE Grid (EARTH): Life Force Source Energy, Mana, Chi, Prana, Ki (Feels like a warm & fuzzy energy to me)

Fill your body with light and Source Energy

Connect with your Heart Space, Let your thoughts go, see your consciousness become one with your heart

Chant or channel love to your body Visualize and see the Cells in your Body becoming LOVE

Then Transfer LOVE into the source you are connecting too….. Water, Person. land, animal

Add the toning or Chant that comes up to clear/cleanse the persons illness, the lands pain or wrong doing, misused energies etc

Tone vowel sounds or the word LOVE

Add Dancing, Blessings and expand this love to wherever you feel called

Step into Gratitude and Meditate on that feeling, ask for guidance for anything else needed to add to the ritual

Closing:  Grounding your energy… place your hands on the ground, or feet in nature and see your energy settling softly all around you.

Thank the elements, God, and Goddess for joining you.  Ask them to continue to guide you throughout your day.

Important: Disconnect From the God and Earth Grid and to the body, body of water that you connected to

If you created a sacred circle, please release the elements and open the circle


Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Try adding a few of these techniques daily.  Start with yourself!  In your shower, as you walk, drive Chant and FEEL LOVE!!!

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So we are creator gods. Now What? 

Thank you again for Reading.

Please share your thoughts or how I can better serve you.

With All my Love and Starlight,


Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711

Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711 of my photos

Careful What you Wish for

Published here in elephant journal on July 19th, 2012

Do’s and don’t for Manifesting your Desires

If you were to listen to the language of the universe, you would notice that everything speaks in vibrations.  Everything is made of energy, we are energy and all energy has a vibration. We vibrate out our thoughts, desires, and fears daily.  Thoughts based on fear send out lower vibrations, while thoughts of love and peace send out higher vibrations.  If you were to able to see vibrations as colors you would see that we attract and connect to people that vibrate similar colors.  Like attracts like, manifesting events and situations in our lives are based on what we are feeling and thinking.

If you where to download all of your thoughts over the past week onto a disk and read them in a text format, what would they say?  What percentage would be fear, and anxiety based coming from your ego?  What percentage would be towards manifesting happiness in your life?  What percent would come from unconditional love for yourself and others?

If everything we think vibrates from us into the universe, it must also vibrate within us.  What are those vibrations saying to yourself?  Our thoughts can be down right poisonous; blaming and putting ourselves down.  What if our bodies did everything we them?  I am out of shape, I’m fat, I’m slow, stupid, I’m out of it, lame, tired, sick, unattractive, imperfect, or not good enough.  We abuse ourselves while expecting to be in alignment with achieving our greatest dreams.

As Eckhart Tolle would say, …mankind is moving from a diseased state of obsessive thinking into one of conscious doing.  Being present means being in a conscious state of doing with every action and every step you take.  When you are presently aware of your thoughts, you can shift them from an egoic state of fear and judgment into one of gratitude.  Helping you to connect with your higher self, and with that which you want to manifest.  We send the universe mixed signals of what we want by swaying in and out of unhealthy thinking.  The more you stay present, the more you will bring your truest desires into fruition, and the less bumps you’ll hit in the road.

1.) Know what you want!

*Do make a list: of what your heart truly wants in your life.  In this era, we are in the process of becoming manifest savvy; but when we get what we want does it make us happy?  Does it make your heart sing and dance? Are you sure that you are manifesting your heart’s desires and not what society and your ego want?

Not to long ago I manifested the exact job I wanted, with the right pay and hours, walking distance from my house; only to turn it down.  The perfect job, at my feet, came to me?  A gift from the universe… was it meant to be?  It was a hard decision, but by then I realized that it wasn’t on the truest path for my life’s purpose, and I could no longer ignore my inner voice.  The universe will deliver to you what you want, and we do have free will.  However, we are here to align with our true life’s mission.  Once you are on that path, the universe will open those doors for you, too.  Taking that job might have been fulfilling financially, and pleased my family and society, but did it please my heart? The answer was No.

*Take time to journal: about what truly makes you happy.  Ask yourself if your desires are coming from your egoic side or your higher self? Are you truly living your life?  If not, what are you waiting for?  What are you living for?  What are your deepest desires?  If you could do anything, what would it be?  What is your soul and higher self doing?  I mean, when you visualize the strong you, what are you doing?   When you visualize the powerful, happy, blissful, passionate you…what are you doing!?!?  What is your inner Goddess doing if you could watch her now?

I understand many of you have mortgages, car payments, and kids and have to bring home a certain amount of money per month.  It’s still important to your well being to take time to manifest the right job and hobbies that are in alignment with what makes your heart sing.  We can always survive on less, yet we are conditioned to think otherwise.  For example making money to pay for the car to drive to the job that pays for the car seems redundant.  Asking yourself what your needs and desires are for your own growth and happiness is the most important thing you can do.  After all this is your life? Right?

2.) Focus on your desires! 

* Surround yourself with reminders:  The law of manifesting or attraction simply aligns your flow of energy with the right path.  That’s why vision boards work so well by aligning your daily thoughts with the vibration of what your desires really are.   Place pictures, notes, and quotes all around you.  Reading and looking at them throughout your day keeps you focused and in equal responsibility with what it is that you really want.  Also, know that the universe will deliver but you need to be there and take the right steps, answer the call, deliver the goods, etc.  You can’t sit on your ass expecting a career or the vacation of your dreams to come knocking at your door. (although it has been known to happen;-)

* Start your mornings off right: Instead of grabbing your coffee to go and eating in the car as your listen to your morning radio show, sit!  Start your day off by sitting down with your goals and intentions, maybe your breakfast too, and get your focus on for the day. Incorporate a healthy routine into your mornings, make it a ritual.  Start with morning meditation, nice soothing music, or with affirmations instead of worrying about your day.  Sure you need to plan, but coming from a soft place of bliss will make planning your day much clearer.

 3.) Speak to the Universe! 

*Ask for help and guidance:  Get into a place of sacred space, (maybe insert link of creating sacred space going live this week) and connect to your higher self. Call upon your guides, Guardian Angles, God, Goddesses, Archangels, Elders, Ancestors, and/or the Elementals, to guide and support you on your path.  Ask for help to make healthy choices, to see clearly the correct path and for guidance to meet the right people to help you along your way. 

*Visualize: Show the universe what you want.  Words are powerful for keeping you in the now and focused on what you want. But visualizing is the next step and an even higher form of communication with the universe.  If you are looking for a mate, house, money or job; visualize, Visualize, VISUALIZE!!!  Send the universe pictures of what you want.   See yourself laughing and dancing and twirling with a new mate, see your house close to the beach with a beautiful garden.  See yourself meeting people that will help you achieve your dreams.  See your vision with light all around.

*Feel: Next, is stepping into the FEELING of having accomplished your dreams.  This is the next highest vibration you can send out for your manifestations. See it, smell it, feel it, and send it from your Heart <3!  If this is something that truly makes your heart sing, then sing your desires like music from your heart.

*Step into bliss: bliss is the highest state of vibration possible for humans.  To be in a state of bliss is the closest state to being angelic that humans can achieve.  Manifesting from this state for your wellbeing and the world’s is the best gift we can offer.  This truly is magic.

Having gratitude for everything, seeing the Divine in all, and vibrating pure love, are your doorways into bliss.  Start by being thankful for everything you can think of… start with your toes, your fingers, your breath, your heartbeat, …. Be thankful for everything you have, everything you are, everything that is!

See everything as God, Goddess, and from the Divine…

Feel your entire being fill with the greatest feelings of love and light.  Feel your vibration souring. See your heart pulsing out love with every beat sending expanding ripples into the world.

Put on music and sing, and dance, send love to the earth, bless our oceans and water sources, trees, and food, bless new born children and men at war, send out love to our moon, stars and to the universe.

Vibrating in this state heals your body, and sends light and love out into the universe with the largest flashlight possible.

This is your offering, your sacrifice (something sacred) to the universe.  Offerings strengthen all rituals by honoring the law of giving and receiving. Energy that you send out comes back to you. Whatever you are wanting more in your life, give to others as your offering.

*Don’t worry about analyzing what you do not want.  Many new-agers think that if you are assessing something that makes you unhappy or is unhealthy; that you are just manifesting it more.  Be real, assess, set boundaries, then step back into the flow of what you want.   If you are in a place that doesn’t feel right, make a list all the things that are good about it, then step into that place of peace and happiness from there.  Then if you are still unhappy, make changes or choose to get out.  There are lessons everywhere, sometimes the hardest is knowing when it’s time to leave, to get out, and move on to healthier choices that are more in tune with your life’s purpose.

* Don’t be a Jealous Beotch…

Jealousy can be a blessing if you choose.  If you ever catch yourself wishing that you had what someone else does… look at this as a gift.  What is it that the other person has that you envy?  Don’t waste your precious energy, thoughts, and manifesting power sending them mean daggers of negative energy.  Instead, honor them for achieving something special and for showing you something that you want to add into your manifestations.  Celebrate your path and theirs, and get to work.

4.) Closing a manifestation ritual has as much power if not more than all the rest of the steps.

* Believe, give thanks, and give it to God:  Believing is a powerful act to bring in your desires.  Many times our feelings vacillate from thinking about what we want, to the fear of not getting them. Our brains try to figure out every detail out, weighing all the options, and planning.  Being in a state off obsessive thinking keeps your desires tied up and is a waste of precious energy.

It is not our job to figure everything out! It is our job to ask.  See your visions surrounded by light and being carried off by your guides into the heavens, and let them go.  Give it to God, and believe in your heart that your desires have been heard.  Trust that the universe will deliver your dreams at the perfect time that is best for you and everyone else’s highest good.

*Look for Signs: the universe has heard you and is now sending you clues to help you along in your journey.  Look all around you for signs and clues.  Even ask out loud if you are supposed to go one way or another.  Then listen, and watch.  Signs will come to you in magical ways.

With Warmest Aloha, Starlight,

And all my Love,



Creating Sacred Space

Crop Circle of The Ancient Goddess Symbol

Creating a Sacred Circle is a way of creating a sacred space.

Published in elephant journal July 17th, 2012

It is Ritual for creating a cosmic connection with your higher-self, for healing, guidance and manifesting

You can create your sacred space in nature, on your bed, in your car, or your bath, it does not matter.  When you are in the circle you can perform cleansing, healing, and manifesting for yourself, others and the world at a higher level.  Below are a few suggested steps and techniques I use.  You do not need to do all the steps to have a magical experience with your higher divine self and the universe.  Do what feels natural adding more steps when you feel ready.  Add your own personal touch, that’s what I do and it evolves everyday, magically;-)

1.) Purification/Cleansingbefore starting any ritual it is best to cleanse yourself, your aura, and the area around you of negative energy.  You can use the elements to cleanse.  Showering, standing barefoot in nature, burning incense or sage, or use an elixir to spray.

* Using a spray is my favorite quick cleansing technique.  I use them many times a day clearing myself, and the areas I am in.   They help me to be able to performing rituals everywhere I go, plus they smell nice:). My sprays consist of my hOMemade elixirs as the base with a few added drops of organic essential oils, and flower essences.  Elixirs are fun and easy to make.  Take a glass of purified water and set your favorite stone/crystal that you’d like to work with in the water over night.  The vibrational energy and properties of the stone will release into the water.  Make sure the water is in a safe place and covered.  Setting it under starlight, moonlight or sunlight adds more yummy power.  You can also find Rosewater sprays to get you started at your whole foods stores, or use salt water.   Remember to bless and put your intention into the water too and have fun and cleanse anyway you feel guided.

2.) Building your circle: Creates a sacred space wherever you are.  Where you are protected and connected to source.

*Visualize circle of blue or golden light around you.  Make the circle a bubble of 3 dimensional space of safety and freedom.  You can use your finger, a flower, or crystal to draw with, or just visualize in your minds eye.

*Fill the circle with light.  See the light purifying your entire being and aura. Do this as an additional cleansing exercise and meditation.  Don’t forget to use your breath.

*Feel and see yourself connecting to the earth and the universe while inside

3.) Affirm: out loud or to yourself that this is a sacred space. For example…

* This is now is a sacred space and to be within the circle is to be within the presence of God, Goddess, and the Goddess-Within *…only love may enter and love may exit. *….only those of the highest high and of love may enter.

4.) Invoke the Elements: Inviting the elements into your space increases the power of your prayers and manifestations.  This creates a microcosm on earth of a cosmic Goddess universe.  There are many ways to do this, follow your intuition and have fun.  There is no right, or wrong way and remember your intention is everything.  If you are inviting the elements to join you in your sacred circle they are, just believe.

* Invoke: “Elementals of air, fire, water, and earth please be present with me in this now”. or “I am one with the wind of the east, the fire of the south, the water of the west, and the earth of the north, please join me in this now”.

Important!  Connect with each element as you invite them in.  Feel the wind in your lungs, the fire in your heart, the water in your body becoming one with the water on our Earth, grow roots and connect with the Earth

You may use a compass and face the directions when you invite them in as well.

5.) Invoke: the Goddess that you want to work with, or God, arch angels, etc.

*I use Doreen Virtues goddess oracle cards on my iphone, 😉 I love technology for this.  I call upon the goddess that is currently working through me or than I need to invoke in my life.   Sometimes I stay with her for a few days, using her continued guidance and as my journal topic.

6.) Empowerment: Calling your power back to stand firm in your true goddess-ness!  Here you can cut psychic cords, release karmic debts, fears, guilt etc that are attached to you and keeping from connecting to higher self and your path.

*State and Affirm: I  state your full name  call my power back from all corners of the world.  I  ……. stand strong in my power fully present and whole in my body mind and soul.  I …….  cut all cords of fear sending love and healing in both directions. I …….  cut all karmic debits across all time keeping me from true life’s purpose.  I …….  am connected to the source, to the one, to all.  You can state your name just the 1st time if you would like and flow from there.

Feel inside your body during this time, what needs to be cut, forgiven, and released!  Then do it, anyway you feel guided to.  Again use your breath, and visualizations.

A powerful mantra for the ascension of the planet and her children

These moments of unclogging, and clearing will allow you to now raise your vibration into a state of bliss by opening a clear channel to the divine.   

7.) Step into bliss: To raise your vibration to the highest state where healing, manifestations happen at the fastest rate

*Fill your heart with light and love.  Send it out.  See your heart pulsing and sending out love with every heartbeat like concentric rings

*Chanting I love, I love, I love, until you believe it, until you feel it, until you are it!  Then start seeing everyone you know everything you see, feel, here and send love to them.  Feel your vibration souring.

*Put on music and Sing, Chant, dance, send love to the earth, bless our oceans and water sources, trees, and food, bless new born children and men at war, send out love to our moon, stars and to the universe.

8.) Manifestations: now that your vibration is souring now is the best time to perform magic.  Manifestation Magic of healings, dreams, cleansing, clearing blocks, asking for guidance threw prayer, chants, visualizations and journaling.  You have already been doing this, but now you are at your highest vibration, see, feel what else comes to you.

9.) Closing:  Grounding your energy, and giving thanks, continued guidance

*place your hands on the ground, or feet in nature and see your energy settling softly all around you.

*Thank the elements, God, and Goddess for joining you.  Ask them to continue to guide you throughout your day.

Peace, Love and Starlight,


More on making  elixirs 

More on Cleansing Toxic Energy and how to Shield yourself

Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue 

Or on Iphone  

Flower Essence by my Favorite Flower essence Goddess Green Hope Farm

Connect and Heal with Food. Eating as a Ritual not a Race Part 1 


Published in elephant journal on June 16th.


The sacred relationship of food, finding our way again  

Humans contain a life force; and the harnessing of life force energy has been around from the earliest times of humanity.

Animals, trees, and food are the same as us; we all thrive with a life force otherwise known as prana, mana or chi.

When we eat food in its perfect form, not processed, it still contains that life force.  The life force that is the light that heals and sends love into our bodies, healing us spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically and energetically.

We have become a society that has lost their way.  We take everything pure and perfect from the earth and strip it, add sugars, stabilizers, emulsifiers, bleach, softeners, texturizers, then a ton more chemicals to preserve it, add flavor and color.  Then box it, bag it, can it, so we can eat it months from now.

With our busy schedules we combine eating and doing.  Eating while on the phone, while driving, on the computer, watching tv, or in a social gathering.  We eat processed fast foods, drink caffeinated energy drinks, and practically swallow our food whole!

Ideally choose unprocessed, untouched chemically by pesticides, preservatives or florescent light.  Try organic, closely picked to your home and eat as soon after being picked as possible.  Always eat fresh, and avoid leftovers.  Even juicing should be consumed within 20 min.

For example:  A fresh apple eaten as close to being picked is perfect in everyway.  It is a whole source containing Life.  No chemicals, or preservatives.  It hasn’t been stripped, grinned and beaten of everything it’s supposed to be.  Food straight from the earth in its natural form still contains its life force.

What is the big deal with processed foods you might ask?  Well, let us take a look at flour.  Picture a glass jar of white flour – does it look like anything that comes from our Mother Earth?  It makes a paste when you add water to it.  And that is exactly what is does when it gets into your body, it creates a sticky paste.  White flour has had its brain, and germ removed and has been bleached with chlorine.  There is nothing good in processed white flour; in fact it is downright deadly!  You are ingesting a poison, a sticky paste that stays in your body, stripped of any nutritional value sending your energy levels all over the place, acting like pure glucose (sugar) in your body, and then causes long-term health issues like obesity and heart conditions.

Most everything out there is full of sticky poisonous processed flour or corn.   Tortillas, wraps, tacos, chips, sandwiches, toast, hamburger buns, pancakes, french toast, pastas, lasagna, muffins, and cakes.   Replacing enriched flour with whole grains, 100% whole wheat must be the first ingredient, also try oat, rye, almond, rice and millet flour.  The less ingredients the better, or do without the processes completely.  Stick with grains, rice, millet, quinoa, and oatmeal.  Put that tuna sandwich on a giant tomato slice or use a sheet of nori to make a wrap.

I will make one last point here.  Some processed foods like coffee, sugar and chocolate are supposed to be in their natural form, and eaten in moderation.  We have taken them to an unhealthy level.  If you were to pick your own sugarcane you would have it in moderation, in it’s natural state, unprocessed.  Not adding it into every meal, by the spoonful; coffee and juice too.  If you took the time to pick it and make it yourself you would be consuming a limited amount, without additives.

8 Steps to connect and heal your body – Eating as a Ritual

1.) Add foods that are whole from the earth, untouched from Man as much as possible to your plate.

2.) Sit alone or in a quite area, without cell phones, TV, or computers.

3.) Bless and cleanse your food.  There are many ways you can do this, so practice and do what feels natural.  Currently I fill myself with light, blow over my food watching it in my minds eye my food being purified.  With my hands holding the bowl, I send light from myself, and the universe into the food; I see and feel the food glowing with life force.  I then ask for the food to be blessed, everyone that came in contact with the food to be blessed, and to please bless our dear Mother Earth.

Have Fun While Cooking!!  Om-ing into your food while cooking purifies and cleanses it with Divine light.  Remember we are energetic beings and our energy goes into our food.  Never cook food for yourself or others while angry, on those nights picking up pizza or take-out might actually better for your family.   Send love as you cut those veggies, sing, om, dance.  Remember life is Fun!  Rejoice and know you are being blessed with a gift of food!

4.) Look and See your Food There is no coincidence that unprocessed foods are full of beautiful colors, shapes, textures, and tastes.  Drink these in!

5.) Touch  Yes use your hands to eat whenever possible!  We don’t touch each other with utensils, kiss with utensils, why would you use them to put food in your mouth? They were made to shovel our processed sticky food in our mouths. We are passionate beings, and the dance of eating is a Ritual not a Race.  So take a piece of precious life force food in your hand and feel the textures with your hands and honor it as you look more closely.

6.) Smell not a sniff, but smell it in your entire being.  Notice in your body where you feel it.  Smell is very important for taste and digestion of your food.

 7.) Listen and Feel with your eyes closed listen and feel the food on your tongue; notice the textures in your mouth, and chew slowly at least 30 times.  When we see, smell, and taste our food our salivary glands kick in.  Chewing is the first part of digestion; yet we expect our stomachs to do it all.  Our salvia contains digestive enzymes that aid in the break down of food. We should be liquefying our food before swallowing and chewing our liquids.  I feel that the only substance we consume correctly is wine.  We look, smell, and slowly taste it holding in our mouths, and aerate it with slurping noises as we roll it from the front to back and to the sides of our mouths.  No wonder I love Wine!

For a moment visualize the lining of your stomach containing a bunch of plant-like roots.  The more you chew and liquefy your food the easier it is for your stomach to absorb nutrients.  It takes 30% of your energy to digest your food, by giving your body better food and helping in the digestion process you will be giving your self the gift of more nutrients absorbed and increased energy.

8.) Pause, and feel the food in your body and the life force spreading and healing you.  Honor the food and yourself for taking this moment in your life.  Focus only on eating, slowly, pausing between bites. Breathe to help you stay aware of when you are starting to feel full.


See Part 2:  Foods for Enlightenment

Healthy ways to Vent. And Protect Yourself from Toxic Energy Bullshit

Written By: Annalisa Robusto    

Published in elephant journal June 11th, 2012  here

Lets face it we are emotional beings!  We see our world through our eyes, react to our pain, and then spread it out energetically into the world.  Many times we “dump” our crap or emotional poison onto others and into the environment.  Storing the stress and emotional poison inside our bodies is not the answer either.  This can lead to physical problems and dis-ease in the body.  It is no mystery in today’s world that most all physical problems were caused by emotional issues that were not dealt with in time.

There is a magic to properly clear stored emotional pain and stress. But first you must recognize that we are also energetic beings.  We FEEL, and sense energy all around us.  As babies we learn to sense our parents interaction with us, and each other, before we even learn to speak.  People can pick up on your energy and be affected by it!  So before exploding your poison onto to your BFF, lover or Co-worker here are some things to try.

Healthy Venting and Toxic Buildup Prevention 

1.) journal, Journal, JOURNAL!!!: I mean get off of that computer and write!  In order to make sense of what is going on in your head and body, you have to get the emotions out of your head!  There is something emotional releasing about putting your pen to the paper and writing with a flow, versus typing. I have always felt an emotional release by putting my pen to paper. Writing has an energetic flow using one hand, versus typing which uses two.  We absorb energy through our non-dominant hand and release with our dominant one.    This is one of the Safest ways to vent.  Writing, or even yelling into the paper clears it Out of Your Body.  It also clears your mind, and allows room for clarity.

Journaling in the Rainforest of Bali

2.) Movement and Exercise:  Dance, Sweat, Walk, Anything, just MOVE!   It is our birthright to move our bodies getting oxygen, blood, and life force throughout them. This will also dig up old junk that has started to store as stiffness.   As a preventative measure, you can release this before it manifest into illness.

3.) Sing, Chant, Yell and Laugh:  If you are too Shy to Sing and Chant out loud, a perfect time to do this is from inside your car.  I love chanting while riding on my Vespa or floating in the Ocean.  Not only does this serve as a great release, Chanting and Singing also open up your energy centers, referred to as Chakras.  Chanting Omm, AME, and EEE, are my favorites.  Afterwards, throw on some of your favorite tunes and Sing and Yell it all out, and then Laugh… at yourself! A lot! Laugh at everything!  Don’t forget life is Fun!  You will be clearing and releasing-and you’ll feel like you just had a full body massage.

4.) Deep Breathing;-O  We can live without Food for weeks, water a few days.  But without Oxygen we can only survive a few minutes.  Yes, you already knew that.  But did you know that we stop breathing correctly after the age of five?  Most of us breathe only into our chest and do not pull the breath all the way into our bellies!  Putting your hand on your belly and taking a few deep breaths a few times a day will greatly increase your awareness and sense of peace.  Also, start to notice where you feel tension in your body when you are stressed.  Take in some deep loving breaths into this area and breathe out the stress.

Ok, so even after taking some of the previous steps you still might be need of some Good’ol  Girl Time.  Here are some suggestions for Safe Venting, or what to do when being vented unto:

Keep your space and temper in Check!

We are social beings and sometimes we just need to talk!  Let whomever you’re talking to know you are about to vent.  Check in with them; assess their needs and time limits before taking over as the Me-show.  When involving someone with Your issues watch that Your words and thoughts are not toxic and are coming from a place of detachment and observation.  If you are not here yet, then you are putting your friend at risk, and hopefully they know how to block your toxic garbage.

For an example of an aggressive venting, an ex-Boyfriend’s Jealousy would rear its ugly head after it was met with a few drinks.  One “Romantic” evening of Mai Tais on the beach quickly turned into a passive-aggressive dumping of his toxic B.S..  Nothing I said seamed to help.  Recognizing this I started to detach from him.  I watched him like he was on a movie screen, and instantly I felt no emotional attachment to the event.  Then I visualized between us an umbrella that had blown inside out, so that his anger would go right back towards him.  It was amazing to watch him vent, and I had no reaction.  I was able to stay completely detached, unharmed, and watch how silly he was in the middle of his own temper tantrum.  This was an empowering moment for me.

Another technique That I learned from the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, is to Visualize a large rose about 2 feet in front of you.  Psychically this guards your space, keeping invaders out!  It works!!   At a dinner party once, I was having a conversation with this guy who started to get really intense, pushy and in my space.  So I threw up a big Rose in his face, and he immediately backed down.


2.) Being a Good Listener and Holding Space for them.

Sometimes it is hard to just listen and not try to solve our BFF’s problems.  Holding Space for them, means staying present in the Now, and trying not to thinking about your own shit.  What friends in need really need is a stage for purging.  They will be able to solve their own problems by “letting it all out”.  Then they can see their problem from more of an outside perspective.  Being a good friend/listener means to hold space, listen, and repeat their words back to them, to help them “hear” themselves.  Again you are not there to solve their problems.  Just listen, repeat, and have compassion.

Recently a friend needed to Vent to me.  I visually put a barrier between us, and drew little spiraling clouds above our heads to send any harmful energy to the universe.  I asked and pictured the energy being released to be transmuted safely as it was sent into the universe. I imagined sparkles of light as the energy left us.  After doing this I said “Vent away”. This came natural to me after allowing myself to have fun with it and practice.  Protecting yourself especially if you are sensitive to energy is imperative to your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.  Which leads me to a Sucubus…..


Do you ever hang out with someone and afterwards feel completely drained?  Not only are these people giving you their toxic energy, but they can feed off of (sucking) your healthy energy.  It is important to limit interaction with these people, protect yourself when you do have to interact, and cleanse yourself ASAP!

Cleanse, Clear, and Replenish

Understanding that we are emotional and energetic beings, we can hold onto energy that isn’t ours in our Auric Field.  We also pick up on frequencies and radiation from all the gadgets around us.  Daily cleansing is a huge “investment” to your well-being.

The Best Ways To Cleanse?

Get into Nature!  What is the first place that pops into your head?  The Desert, the Mountains, The Ocean?  For me, all my life I knew that I had to put at least my feet in the ocean everyday.  When I start feeling weird emotions, and that everything is coming at me at once, I run to her.  I love when I am standing in the ocean with my toes buried in the sand.  I don’t have to ask for anything, the Ocean does it all.  In just 5 min I am grounded and smiling with full clarity.  Wow! Now that’s a cleansing Mother Nature Style.   Also, daily showers and Baths are doing much more then just cleaning dirt.  Being in Water of any kind will cleanse your energy, and hydrate you.  Adding Natures Elements, which is something Sacred to your daily routine, is what I call a Ritual.  Do something Daily!  Putting your feet on the ground as much as possible allows the Earth to Cleanse you.  Get off the computers, cell phones, and get outside and enjoy getting WindbathsSunbathsStar & Moon Baths, these will cleanse and invigorate your being! Pack a lunch, or take your food to go, and eat at a park.  Bring a blanket  and watch the trees, kids and animals play. Lay under the clouds and then watch the stars at night!  Connect to Nature, our God Given Entertainment, and Natural Cleanser.


Crystals and Flower Essences for clearing and protecting

Crystals support us, cleanse us, and absorb negative energy from us and before it gets to us!  Again, another gift from Mother Nature.  Surrounding yourself with Crystals is a wonderful loving gift for yourself.  Find homes for them at your work station, bedroom, and around your body.  I’ll write soon on how to Cleanse and Clear your crystals, make Elixirs with them, and Aura cleansing sprays with the love of Flower essences too 😉

Land Clearing. 

If you are concerned with how the release of toxic energy affects the land, please join me in Daily Land Clearing Rituals.   Very simply you ask the Elementals to please cleanse and clear the land you are speaking of, through a Christed grid (which means it will be transmuted and will never to return), and replace with divine light and love in this now.  For example:

“Dear Angels and Elementals: Please cleanse and clear the land on which I stand (add name), and the surrounding areas of all negativity, through a Christed grid, and replenish with Divine light and love, in this Now.  Thank you”



Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii.  I recommend taking Meditation 101 Via Teleconference.  They offer amazing classes Long Distance.


See More on Land Clearning from my Favorite Flower Essence Goddess


Photos:  By Goddess Lisa… her beauty and love shines through her work.

Please visit her at http://zestography.com/

Editing Help:  Thank you Goddess Lori Lynn Eder for editing help and being You!

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