The Creation Power that resides within Headdresses and Crowns: Mystery School Teachings

found of

found of

Stepping into the High Priestesses 

During my walk with the Goddess I was guided by spirit (and my very persistent guides) to make a Head Lei (Haku) with the local Ferns and Flowers.

Often on my walk in nature I did not want to waist time making a head lei, I felt it wasn’t important and just fluff. I avoided it also because of “societal norms” and working through the uncomfortable feeling of drawing attention.

Connecting with Goddess Hi'iaka

Connecting with Goddess Hi’iaka

Transformed and Connected with the Divine

Until one day I collected a few fern leaves and sat under a tree with the soul purpose to make the lei.  I was completely transformed and experienced a feeling Ive never felt before.  I felt Taller, softer yet Standing in my Power.  There was a euphoric feeling that overcame me.  I felt Graceful and Flowing as I walked, I mean floated across the land.    I had no worries in the world, no chatter in my head and I was one with nature and the Divine.

Having this experience made me search deeper as the scorpio me always does.  I took to heart that my guides where showing me something extraordinary and I knew I had much yet to uncover from this moment.  In meditation I received more answers.

Making a Head Lei from the Local flowers and leaves 

  • Puts you in touch with the Nature Elements and Beings in that area 

  • Puts you into a Alpha Brain Wave Yummy State

  • Puts you in a Receiving State which is the Essence of the Divine Feminine Polarity

  • Helps you pick up on Messages from the land you are visiting with

  • By Creating you are Opening the Door to your Heart and Source Energy and To YOUR TRUE SELF (Yay)

The True Power and Secrete Knowledge of Crowns and Headdresses 

I went further and wondered about the Crowns and Headdresses worn throughout existence by our Ancestors and Why Certain Symbols, Metals & Stones where used. We know that they where a sign of authority, as well as being used for religious ceremonies. Each crown had its own significance and symbolic meaning.

I was putting it together.  I knew that Symbols Give Power and that all symbols have a Frequency.  

Therefore, by wearing a Symbol you Tap into The FREQUENCY of that Symbol and Essence.  The Ancients must have believed they where tapping into the Power of the gods by wearing the symbols that represent them.  

This also works with the Essence and Power of Metals, Elements, Crystals and Colors.  

A Few Examples of The Power and Knowledge from Mothers Gifts bad47a2c0c54d4d8388cca2d37737c94

  • The Ruby:  emanates the pure Red ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom. It actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement.
  • The Color Red: alone is very Similar:  Power, Blood, Root Chakra, Confidence
  • Feathers:  In many Native Americian Cultures the Feathers were worn by the Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, and to some to represent the power of the thunder gods, along with the power of air and wind.
  • Water & Shells:  Seashells connect us to the ocean, and to water energy. Water is the element that represents our emotions. By being in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity.
  • Flowers:  Flowers themselves hold a color frequency, a smell frequency combined with their personal blue print and flower essence and they are spiritual beings!! They are an living extension of Earth Mother with a Nature Vortex of Chi energy and Hold the Keys of Sacred Geometry;)  No Wonder Women LOVE Flowers and Want to Place them in their Hair!
  • Metals: Copper is one of my Favorite. Copper is ruled by the planet Venus. Copper embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness. It is associated with the matters of love & lust, and symbolizes characteristics like charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring and balance. It is also considered a healing metal that teaches about living a fulfilling life.
  • Animals: You can also look into animal totems and symbolism which also carry much power and wisdom.

Using a Sacred Circle around the Crown Chakra for Power 

I’d like to add that by just adding symbolism and elements to your hair or body gives you their frequency.  However these frequency are far more Powerful when used in a Circle on the Crown of the Head!

  • Crowns form a Circle! Circles themselves contain power!  During my walk with the Goddess while doing the Native American Eagle Dance I was shown that when you have movement within a Circle, Source Energy can Flow or actually Enter from the Cosmos!!

  • Placing this Power around the Crown Chakra (which is our Direct Connection to Source) is Brilliant not an accident.  

  • Wearing Circular Head Adornments intensifies your Power.  Adding Symbols etc adds to YOUR Abilities and Wisdom.  

More about the Crown Chakra: tumblr_inline_nhkceaJIQH1r6trqp

  • The Seventh, and final of the Primary Chakras, this is the energy vortex that connects you to your True Self, or the Divine.
  • Integrates ALL the chakras with their respective qualities.
  • The crown chakra meanings relate to spirituality, selflessness, empathy and humanitarianism.
  • This chakras meaning is all about the idea of ‘knowing’ especially in a spiritual way, and is strongly related to the gift of psychic knowing.
  • The crown chakra symbolizes purity and spirituality. Its function is to open you to the light of spirit, which is connected to Source, sharing great knowledge, deep understanding, inner wisdom, and a connection to the highest state of enlightenment.
  • The Crown Chakra is also known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, which means “infinite,” “thousandfold,” or “thousand-spoked wheel.” It is the chakra of consciousness, and symbolizes the threshold between psychic and spiritual realms. It is where one attains the highest levels of consciousness and enlightenment.
  • The Crown Chakra also governs the brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands.

The Use of Crowns, Headdresses, and Head Leis are truly INCREASING our Spiritual Powers and Connection to Source Energy!! (YAY).  BY adding in the Metals, Flowers, Elements etc we can bring in their Power, Wisdom and Frequency to our Crowns!  The Power Center of the Body that is connected to our Highest and True GOD/Goddess Self 

A few notes to close on:

  • Adorn yourself with mother earth’s treasures any way you feel.
  • There is no right or wrong way only what makes you feel good.
  • have fun with it and step into your heart as you create. 
  • Use mother natures gifts to tap into the energy you are needing!! 
  • adding Flowers themselves hold a color frequency, a smell frequency combined with their personal blue print and flower essence and they are spiritual beings!! They are an living extension of Earth Mother with a Nature Vortex of Chi energy and Hold the Keys of Sacred Geometry;)  No Wonder We LOVE Flowers and Want to Place them in our Hair! 
  • The Use of Crowns, Headdresses, and Head Leis truly INCREASING our Spiritual Powers and Connection to Source Energy.  BY adding in the Metals, Flowers, Elements etc we can bring in their Power, Wisdom and Frequency to our Crowns!  The Power Center of the Body that is connected to our Highest and True GOD/Goddess Self

When Pele called me into action and whisked me from Maui to the Big Island I was told to make my Headdress and get my Priestess Gear Ready.  Not necessarily just a Nature Fern Head Lei but one that holds All the Elements.  I am also being challenged to Call upon my Ancestors within and of my past and future selves of Who I truly AM to create a Headdress that represent all of this.  IF it’s possible;-)

Right Now I see that a Priestess might be in need of many headdresses to call in the Power and Magic depending on the Ceremony She is Performing.

Some Beautiful Inspiration

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Shells for Ocean Ceremony

Shells for Ocean Ceremony

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Feathers for Air, Wind Element

Madame Pele: Sacred Lehua Plant: meaning of lehua is twisted by fire.

Madame Pele: Sacred Lehua Plant: meaning of lehua is twisted by fire.

Animal horns can represent Earth

Animal horns can represent Earth

Animal horns can represent Earth, Feather for air

Animal horns can represent Earth, Feather for air

Copper and Green for Earth

Copper and Green for Earth

Please Check my Maui-Mother Earth Goddess Friend Emily and her Amazing Creations that she Shares on her World Travels.  You can find her at Dream catcher
Dream catcher

The Magical Emily

The Magical Emily

The Magical Emily

The Magical Emily

Elf or Fairy Inspiration

Elf or Fairy Inspiration

You can add pearls for ocean element

You can add pearls for ocean element

Thank you for Reading,

Much Love and Happy Creating 



Crown Chakra References,,,


Empowerment of the Triggers! Clear them once and for all;)

the new divine feminine

the new divine feminine

Haha what a title;)!

So in my last post (get work lightworker) I shared the need to stay in our hearts no matter what.  To truly honor what’s important and not be swayed by chaos that can shift us from our peace to ego.  Since our Awakening Is done through our hearts being in this space….. let’s say is the most favorable goal.

Coming from an Empowerment view we know we are the Masters of our Reality.  If we have triggers then we can still be swayed out of our hearts.  Honoring these lessons and stepping into the teaching moment is Powerful!

Letting go, giving it to God, and saying f😍ck it are a few ways to move on and not obsess with the trigger.

But when a trigger takes ahold and emotion sets in how do we evolve from there?

Answer: by spending time with this trigger and allowing it to shift.  Don’t ignore it or jump in an run with it…..instead sit quietly and BE with it.  

Observing it allows it to heal and be transmitted from your blue print;) Yay! 

Meditation Tricks for Empowerment lessons from your Triggers;) 

  • Take some ME time: of self love, baths, set out some flowers, soft music, alone time.
  • Sit with your journal in a comfortable position: with your water and possibly some crystals that have asked to join u
  • Align and connect: with your subtle body feeling your breathe, heartbeat and physical body
  • Connect to your higher goddess-self: and guides and ask for support to shift and have clarity of this trigger and lesson
  • Step into the feeling: in your body of where you felt the Trigger. Notice any colors, visuals, or feelings.
  • Observe: for a few full minutes
  • Journal & Ask some questions out loud:  “What do I need to understand from this situation”, ” why was I affected”, ” where did this originally come from” or ” what is the underlying issue that needs resolution”
  • Step into forgiveness: At this point you are the master of your pain trigger and you can forgive all those involved including yourself, let go of or rewrite your memories and heal
  • Empowerment: create some beautiful affirmations/tools and stepping stones of light and love around yourself for you to use at the right moment if this trigger is touched again.
  • Honoring the Person and Situation:  For helping you with this Powerful Lesson ❤

Remember Being In Our Heart is how we Ascend and step into our Power!!

For more on Being in our hearts for the ease of these light code activations see Light Code Activation Protocol 

Love LOVe LOVE you!

Much Love and Infinite Blessings!!! 



999 Get to work Lightworker 999

heart universe org

heart universe org

Aloha Beautiful BEings of Light,

I have a very quick message for The Warriors of the Rainbow regarding the current Ascension process.

There are many of us noticing uncomfortable interruptions or what I Iike to call Interference.  Car issues, break ins, computer failure, or what might seam like a continuous stream of bad luck.  Some might even be a simple misunderstanding that goes ugly.

There are forces purposely causing problems for lightworkers that have been shinning their light very bright! These forces can also work through people that are heavily influenced by their Egos to purposely cause chaos and disruptions to your energy flow.  By working through others (without them knowing it) they do their job of getting you out of your heart so you will not be in alignment for the Energy Codes that are being released at this time.

These occurrences are NOT your FAULT.  It is not a sign of Weakness, but a Sign that You Caught Their EYE and you are Doing Something RIGHT!  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR MISSION!  Use your Tools, Find the Lesson and Get back to work;) (xoxox)

Remember if we are not in our Heart Centers we can Not Ascend (Please see Light Code Protocols for more info)

Knowing this 1st hand my loving advice is to “Remember your MiSSION and Truth”

  • Don’t be sucked into money issues, old relationships, facebook drama, someone stealing from you
  • DO NOT be swayed, manipulated or pulled into Drama or Ego Play.
  • You can NOT Trust the the Egos Words
  • Manipulated by the Dark they can do things not even fathomable by a lightworker
  • Know that it is not Them!  Communicating, Clarifying, Rationalizing does not work with an manipulated irrational egoic mind.  This only causes you More Confusion and Pain.  You can’t Fix Irrational, it can’t be solved.
  • Send them Love, Separate yourself from the situation, Set Healthy Firm Boundaries and Get back into your Heart!
  • Meditate and Affirm what you want!

Get to Work Lightworker! 999

Nothing Else Matters But Being In YOUR HEART for the Activations of Light to Happen with EASE!

(SEE Light Code Protocol for more info)


Staying Centered in your Heart and Literally Brush OFF everything that is not important is your MISSION!

Your MISSION is:

  • To Be in your Heart, (Joy, Feeling, Being, Creating)

  • Be IN LOVE  (Dance, Shine, Find the Magic of Every moment)



Ahhhhhh ok Let’s Do This Y’all! 

It’s Tiime to Shine, USE your TOOLS and Become One with the DIVINE!

Love LOVe LOVe you all 



Light Code Activation Protocol: Next 7 Days into Infinity and beyond!!

Aloha beautiful amazing Light BEings!!

Many of you are aware of the Major Light Codes about to be released on the 26th-28th during the Full-Moon-Super-Red Eclipse!!   Some of us already have experienced massive high energy surges, and some very low suppressive energies.  Which can lead to anxiety, anger, rage, confusion and periods of depression.

The following insights are suggestions to create ease through the Ascension Process.  The Light Activations will only get Stronger from here!  They will magnify the inner state you are experiencing. Negative or positive emotions will increase exponentially.

xoxox so much love pouring out to you all….here we go!


heartmath Torus Energy Field 

1.)  Get into your Heart Center!!  The number one most important thing that you can do to Allow the Light Energies to Enter your Being is to BE in YOUR HEART!  You MUST be in YOUR HEART CENTER to Activate the Torus energy fields and be able to efficiently work with the Light Codes.

  • You will know when you are not in your heart space right away!   Anxiety takes over and you might notice that the light frequencies are bouncing around and are not flowing gently in your body. I was shown that when we are in our Heart center the double Torus Energy Field is Activated and the Circuit is complete. Allowing the light codes to activate inactive DNA with ease.
  • Being in our Left Brain in these times can be a slippery slope of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.  Stop what you are doing and put your Happiness first.  Use your Tools and Intuition to get back into your heart space and then DANCE;)
Double Heart Torus/Vortex

Double Heart Torus/Vortex Energy Field 

2.) Food Protocol/Cleanse:  Drink and Eat Foods High In Vibration Life Force Energy.  Foods with the colors of the Rainbow.  Add living fermented, raw and unprocessed foods as much as possible.  Purified and Blessed Water is a must.  Cut out completely meats, coffee, creams, alcohol, processed foods etc. Do a fast and cleanse if you can for the next week.  Metal Detox and Pituitary Cleanse if you haven’t. Rose oil & other high vibrational aromas will help in your transitioning to a higher vibrational state.

3.) Water Water and more Water:  drink plenty of water and get in to Water, any water, the ocean, a bath, shower, a lake, the Rain anything just be in water daily as much as you can.  Drink Blessed Water and Affirm that the Water in your Cells are Working with the incoming Light Energies and are Vibrating with the Highest Light Possible.  

  • You will feel very dehydrated and have headaches if your water in your cells are not vibrating at a high level.

4.) Connect with the Bio-Rythms of Earth Mother:  Mornings wake up before the Sun and Meditate as the am energies are being wrapped around the Earth!! Do a Heart Centering Meditation for at least 20 min every morning.  After Sunset use only candle light and stay off of computers, cell phones, & tvs etc.  Research effects of artificial light on the pituitary gland and night time hormonal releases if you want to know more.

5.)  For the next 7 days go on a Cell Phone/Computer Diet asap:   Many phones and computers have artificial intelligence programs that cause depression and fatigue adrenals.  Do your thing and then shut off the devices as much as possible.

6.) Stay away from Negativity and Use your Tools:  Avoid overworking, over stressing, Over analyzing, and Negative Situations.  Practice your own internal Mantra and don’t let anything get to you.  Be the Mountain, nothing can move you. But be a happy mountain;)

7.) Spend as much Time in Nature and doing Creative Projects:  Sing, Dance, Move, Yoga, Chi-Gong, Play music, Drum with Mother, Paint, Draw, play twister & have FUN!! Outside!

With much love and Aloha!!


What is a Goddess Walk? How Do I Start?

 What is a Goddess Walk?


  • A Goddess Walk is About BECOMING ONE with Your Higher god/goddess Self 



  • Raising your VIBRATION and Opening Up THE DOORWAY to your PSYCHIC ABILITIES, MAGIC, and the DIVINE 

  • OPENS you UP to Your God/Goddess given POWERS to Commune and Work with the Elements

  • Opens you UP to work with the NATURE GODS/GODDESSES AND MOTHER EARTH 


SO How Do I Start?

well for starters everyones path is different.  There’s not the same exact science for each of us.  But with that being said the following is a Given to Open the Door to The DIVINE and to Communing with NATURE.

Also please join this blog if you would like to receive meditations and support on your walk with Mother Earth

Start the SHIFT:

  1. Decide to Make Connecting to Nature a GOAL
  2. Take the Time:   Like many things in life we get better over time.  Actually Making it a part of your routine, and planning to do it wether daily or weekly will START A HUGE SHIFT
  3. Preparation: Go alone whenever possible, have your goodies like sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, and a variety of clothing options, maybe a book, towel, chair,etc.  I always have my car packed with everything, so based on the weather, my moody, and what calls to me I know what to take.  And bring a GIFT/OFFERING (more below)
  4. Start Small:  don’t expect grandiose nature phenomena and psychic events to occur.  Think of it as the Beginning of a Courtship.  You are just getting to know each other.  Play it cool.  Relax, have some wine if you want;)  You don’t want to force anything like a date with the only goal is a happy ending.  Keep your intentions pure and simple.  Having No expectations is A KEY to Opening the DOORWAY
  5. This is NOT an ADVENTURE SPORT:  That is someone’s intention and it involves SHOES!  Shoes are a definite No!  Of course at 1st use your shoes if you must to get to where you want.  Then when possible sit and take off those shoes!  Walking, swimming, laying on your back, reading are all approved but keep it light
  6. BELIEVE:  THE NUMBER ONE KEY TO OPENING UP THE ENCHANTED DOOR IS TO BELIEVE!  So many of us have it backwards.  We don’t believe until we SEE.  But there are many things that are off about that belief.  Seeing is ONLY one of our senses that we HAVE been maybe conditioned to over use and there for need to believe. We want PHYSICAL PROOF.  Our Other senses have taken the back seat.  Believing actually OPENS the door for them to enter and exist. We truly do create our realities.

Give a Gift/Offering/Make or create:  Born on this earth we create our homes, grow our food, enjoy the breezes, swim in the oceans and consume and build over whatever we want.   Mother Earth, The Elements and Nature god/goddesses give us everything we need.  How often do we get a chance to say thank you?  Most of us don’t think they are ALIVE so it actually never occurred to us.  Like I said think of it as a date.

  1. Bring a Flower, Pick a flower and hold it with the INTENTION of it as a Thank you.  Hold It with Your LOVE.
  2. You can bring small stones, a shell and create a small offering area.  You can Pray into the area or put your intention, light an incense etc. (more on that later too/blog to follow).  Just think how you were as a child.  You painted, created, picked flowers for your Mother.  This is the Same;)

Open Up Your Consciousness: 

  1. Chill the Monkey Mind: For the 1st 10-30 min when I get to a location I actually just chill, check my phone, go to the bathroom, play out my day etc just doing my normal stuff.  There’s actually quite a few things happening during this time.  I am acclimating to the energies of the location, allowing the nature spirits, stewarts and gods of the land to size me up, my heart rate is adjusting and calming down, and my brain is playing out that last bits of monkey mind.
  2. Offering:  Set out your Offering, gift.  Say “Hi”  give your Intent.  ( if you expect nature to talk you gotta open the door;)
  3. Get COMFY and MEDITATE:  1st For sure start with some DEEP breathing, and GROUNDING.  Feel your Heart beat and CONNECT WITH THE HEART BEAT OF THE EARTH (more meditations to come)
  4. Raise Your Vibration: This is where the DOOR is wide open.  You can Chant, OM, Sing, Dance, play music, drum, singing bowl etc, You can Move to the wind and do an energy dance (meditations to come)
  5. NOW CONNECT:   This where you can practice with opening your different senses.  First connect with FEELNG.  Feel your Breath for a few rounds.  Then FEEL the wind and air movement on your body, Close your eyes and just listen to the birds talking, the wind blowing and singing through the trees.  Practice with ONE sense at a TIME and One part of Nature at a time and connect.  Plug your ears when you are feeling, cover your eyes when you are hearing.  Practice for Awhile feeling and the earth beneath you and around you.

Have Fun with Nature:

  1. Give & Receive Love: Feel Vibration of Love, Feel it in your heart, spark it and send it to each of the nature sprits and animals you connected to.  Send Love and gratitude to Mother Earth, to a Tree, to the ground, to a stream through your hands, feet and from your heart.  Then Allow and Let the Flow of LOVE come to You.  Breathe it in, fill your Body, Cells, Lungs and Heart with the Love of our Mother Earth.
  2. Talk and Ask for support and Love or clarity, send blessings to loved ones
  3. Read to Mother, walk, dance, swim and play, create a sand art, earth mandala, or Altar or rock creation.

Communing with Nature:  Communing with Nature can take a bit of time to know how to read the signs.  Nature is Subtle and communicates in Higher dimensions.  Which is why we raise our vibration, fill with love and open our Unused Senses.  Here are some ideas that worked for me.   Remember communicating is a two way street.   You have to ask and be open to the answer the way they answer;)

  1. Ask the Wind to show you it can hear you.  Ask to feel it.  Ask for it to show you how it moves and flows.
  2. Ask for a cloud to come over and say hi
  3. Ask questions and lay under the clouds and look for pictures and signs.

For the most part connect, ask and open to receive answers.  A slight wind, a bird chirping are all signs that nature is communicating with you.  

As humans we might think its a bit conceited to say that nature is communicating or answering us.

It is OUR NATURAL TALENT and Hidden Gift.

Nature Is Waiting to Here from You.

xoxox ❤  Much Love, Annalisa 

Part 2: More to come: talking, moving wind, clouds, seeing spirits, fairies, seeing colors and frequencies, talking to the Stewart’s of the land and ancient ones.  Communication and Connecting to the gods/goddesses.  Seeing Magic and Magical forests.

Are You Truly open to receive All the Abundance coming to you?? A note to Lightworkers

Sacred City bday blessing

Birthday Blessing, Sacred City Big Island of Hawaii


Dearest Beautiful Souls,

It is with LOVE in my Heart ❤ that I write to you today.  I’ve had a Huge Awakening regarding the energy behind Giving and Receiving.  I feel  that my wake up call and story can help many Caregivers, Lightworkers and Stewarts of our Mother Earth.  I am about 2 months behind in blogging about my wonderful adventures with Mother, but this could not wait!

Oh and see below for some nice simple Exercises to practice Receiving;-)  

2015 is the year of the Abundance, The year of the 8, a Time to Receive, for the Universe to pour its abundance all over and reward you.

But are you Ready????

You might be thinking “yes, Yes YES!!”

Well I thought I was too.  Always being in gratitude, loving all the gifts from the universe.  Manifesting and Planting my Seeds.

Allowing, Trusting, Serving, Believing.

But the truth is Most of Us are Stuck in a Constant Giving Mode that we Have Forgotten how to RECEIVE!

WE understand our Universal Laws and work to Balance the Law of Giving and Receiving.

We work on Self Love, taking time and restoring ourselves So we can Continue to GIVE…..

But the question is ” Is it Enough?” Are we Truly opening the Doors and Channels to Receive??

Sorry but NO for some of us it is still not enough.

I do hope that many of you are not as out of balance as I was.

One of the Keys that I now know is ONCE you Allow The Universe Will Shower You With Abundance!!

To explain and share a bit:

I had an energy Reading from Lisa Gawals.  I was about to head over the Big Island of Hawaii for my birthday, alone…. solely to give a blessing to the land beneath the lava flow.  The Constant Flow that comes from Madam Pele out of the Volcano Kilauea had shifted and was heading towards the beautiful town of Pahoa which is very special to me.   I didn’t know if my prayers, healing light or Mandala offerings where enough to stop the lava, or shift the direction.  I knew in my Heart that I had to at least try.


Maui Mandala


Lisa told me that Mother Earth has a Deep appreciation for the Mandalas and work I have been doing here on Maui (MU).  She said that it is known that I serve so Deeply and that the Earth is Going to be Releasing Gifts Back to Me!

I cried, tears of Love.  The Earth Knows?? and she wants me to Receive??  Of course she knows, but WOW!  Talk about Sweet Recognition filling my Body with Love.  I danced though the House and continued to “Plan” my Trip.

I forgot completely about the Receiving Part of the Reading and continued on my trip which was centered on Heading straight down to the town of Pahoa to give an Offering on my Birthday, the 19th of Nov, 2014.  I was so set on Giving, even on my birthday!  I had also added in 4 more areas on my “working trip” to give blessings too.  I didn’t once think about this trip just being a vacation.

Before I left I worked eight 24 hour shifts straight.  On my days off I would give energy healings and land blessings, build mandalas and pray over the land.   Basically I am never receiving!!  I do my “paid” job as a caregiver then go straight into my “field work”.

Noticing this I started a 40 day Self Love Program about 2 weeks earlier to try to remember how to give to myself.  Adding Flowers all around my room, music, yoga, and getting my nails done.   hmmmm It worked for a bit.  I added in things that bought me joy, while making sure I gave and ask for things I needed.

I still found myself on my off days waking up and asking ” how can I help” in one form or another.

I felt lost if spirit was Quiet.  I didn’t even know what “to do” of I wasn’t told what “to do”.

I had forgotten entirely how to hear my own needs.

I see now how unbalanced I was!

I also I know that getting my nails or hair done is Self Care not Receiving!!!

Gifts from the Dolphins, the Aunties and An Island…. Big Island Love ❤

My Trip Was completely Blown Out of the Water, Rearranged and Brought back to a New Time Line.  I was asked to Choose. One timeline of Giving and One of Receiving.   Reluctantly I choose to give up my ego and thoughts and visions of healing the land and allowed a magical trip of  abundance from the Island, Aunties in the Spirit Realm, and new Friends.  It started from the Moment I landed.  2 gentlemen from the airport asked if I need a Ride!!  Then a Lady asked if I needed to borrow her phone to make a call.  Wow the nicest place on earth.  I was just chillin waiting from my friend to pick me up and was overwhelmed by the friendliness.

However, that Morning I had received some very disturbing news.  My anxiety was Off the richter scale so I grabbed my Hawaiian Mana Tarot Cards.  The message was one of Danger and Lessons.  My anxiety soared.  I connected to my higher self and guides through meditation and asked for clarity and guidance.  I was met by a Raven that took me to the Beach.  There I was met by a Giant Lion ( I should name him since he visits often).  I jumped on his back and to my surprise he jumped into the Ocean and we were transported to Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, in South Kona (which is the exact opposite side of the island I was intending to go).  My anxiety was instantly relieved!!! and Somehow connecting with this side of the island was the KEY.

I decided I would “add” south Kona to my trip!  My guides must have let out a big Grunt or Sigh because my anxiety crept back up since I was not “getting it” at least totally yet.  I asked my good friend Debbie Dehm that I get readings from now and then if she wouldn’t mine looking into it for me. She said there is a Very Large Male God that I was going to encounter and He would wonder what I was doing.  She said that I would be challenged but ok.  Sounding possibly like an initiation of some sort.  Oh and with the Danger card, my anxiety was on the loose, no controlling it now!  Thoughts of WTF are my visions wrong?  Is my intuition Off?  What’s Up???

All I could go on was the wonderful feeling of South Kona and my Beloved Dolphins in Kealakekua Bay.  I then knew instantly and Saw that the Dolphins had a Gift for Me!!  I let go of my “plans” a bit and decided to go to Kona now 1st thing and visit the Dolphins and Kealakekua Bay, The Sacred City, and my friends in the area.  I was blessed by my sweet friend that lives in the area, and was treated to bday breakfast 1500 feet over the Sacred Area and Energy Center of South Kona, Captain Cook area.

Coffee Shack, Captain Cook South Kona

Coffee Shack, Captain Cook South Kona

I figured after breakfast I would visit the Dolphins and Say hi and then head to the Hilo side of the island.  Driving down to Kealakekua Bay I picked up some fruit for an offering and visited the Sacred Heiau (Hawaiian Temple, and Energy Center) that over looks Bay.  I walked all around the park, the shore, and the Heiau connecting with the stewards of the land and asking if there is anything I can do.  “Do I build a mandala here or here?”,  “DO I GIVE a blessing Here or Here?”  ahha haha it’s so funny in hindsight.  The Aunties must have been giggling too.

I finally was told (;-) to go pick the White Flowers in front of the Heiau and to make a head lei.  I sat in front the Heiau on the shore of the Bay and connected to the area, the flowers and dolphins and made my lei.  Afterwards I was told to drive 4 miles to the ancient city of Pu ‘uhonua O Honaunau, or just Honaunau.  I thought cool ok I will build a Mandala there.  I have had many ceremonies there and this felt right.  Again the laughter, I really had to Let GO of the Constant Giving.  I think receiving breakfast, making the lei and getting free park entrance was starting to unclog my flow to receiving.

In the parking lot I got it!  This is a Time to Receive My Birthday gift!!  I got dressed up and prepared for a mini bday ceremony with myself, the dolphins and the aunties.  I walked barefoot through the park and found a spot on the lava rocks overlooking the Ocean.  I placed the Lei with the White Flowers on top of my head and grounded and opened myself up to Receive.

Sacred City bday blessing

Sacred City bday blessing

For the 1st time I Heard Singing, and Chanting from the Aunties.  Then for the 1st Time I SAW a Hawaiian Woman Place a Flower Lei over my Head and I could SMELL the Flowers!!  Tears of Receiving Unbelievable LOVE poured out from my eyes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Sacred City

Sacred City

It was around this moment that I was also Shown the Gift I received from the Dolphins.  While I sat and made the Head Lei at the Heiau they gifted me with a Beautiful Blue Pyramid in my 3rd eye!  This is why my Hearing, and Seeing had Tripled!!  The Pyramid was rotating and was shining a White Light like a light house.  After the Blessing from the Aunties it turned into a Flashing Rainbow.  I Blue Dolphin Rainbow Pyramid Prism!! In my 3rd eye!  Unbelievable ❤

Gift from the Dolphins

Gift from the Dolphins

I also “GOT IT”.  I was here to RECEIVE!!  hahhahhaha OMGoddess!!!  Yes!

Big Laughter, Big Ah Ha, Big Relief!  I was not to Give on this TRIP at all!!! No mandalas, no blessings period. Only a trip to Accept All gifts of All kinds!  That was an order from the Universe, the Aunties, the Dolphins, Lisa Gawals, The BIG Island and of course Madam Pele Herself oh and Mother Earth!!

Also, I never did encounter the Large God that Debbie was talking about, so I did jump time lines and made the right decision and was safe away from danger.  Thanks Debbie!!!

As I left the sacred city I turned on my phone.  My friend was making homemade soup and invited me to dinner.

I said “I was just told I am not allowed to say no”, he said “great I’ll see you soon”.

Homemade Bday Stew!!  Receiving…… Check! 😉

The Moment I Stopped Giving I Received.  It was a Conscious Decision at first to Allow!!  The Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤

The Healing from the Aunties at Malomama Massage

So I stayed In South Kona getting a place at the Manago Hotel in Captain Cook.  The next morning I was awakened by the sounds of the jungle and a view of the Pacific.  I was happy in my heart but felt like I was run over by a dump truck.  Upgrades often come with a price.  Plus my bday was a 13 hour day, plus travel and non stop work the weeks before!  I decided to stay another day and get a Massage and Mineral Bath Soak at Mamalahoa.  I called to see if they had any openings that day (which was kinda a gamble).  I scribbled 3 pm down 20 sec before the receptionist said it and jumped for joy! It was a date!

Bday Hot Tub

Bday Hot Tub

After 30 min of Soaking in my Own Mineral Bath Hot Tub in the Jungle surroundings I was greeted by Christina.  Instantly I felt she was a Sister with her exotic looks and curly unruly hair.  During the massage I thought to myself  “hmmm I wonder what I can give her”.  I scanned her energy and asked if there was anything I could gift her with.

My Higher Self: “Seriously???”  Me: “oh boy! ok I promise to receive.”

Me: “Hmmmm receive, receive, receive…….”  I was enjoying the massage, and Now I was NOT giving…that’s a step in the right direction…right?

But then Christina Said, ” Your hands are Hot.”, ” You are Giving.”

Huh? was she listening to my Conversation with myself??

I said “well I channel Light,…. I guess that’s just how they are.”

Oh boy again!  Ok I am starting to get it (slow learner).  If my energy is Flowing OUT, can it Be Flowing IN?

The Answer: NO!

So what is Receiving???

RECEIVING = Energy Flow to Your Heart ❤

WE have the ability to flow energy IN and OUT.  We have Input/Output Switches.

We give and flow Light and Divine Love Out, when we receive are we flowing In to our Hearts?

Many of Us are Without A Divine Counterpart.

We have been restoring out Earth and Raising Consciousness.

We are Portals OF Divine Light Giving, Giving, Giving.

Well we Must Open Our Channels to Receive, To Flow In…..  in order to Receive the Abundance that is on the Way.

Oh Boy Again!  So I consciously Opened my Channels to Receive and the next Thing I see is The Same Aunty that gave me a blessing at the Sacred City there with us!  She was standing next to us and placed Flower Lei over Christina’s Head.  I told Christina what I saw (not worrying about sounding crazy) and that she was just given a blessing from the Auntie from Honauanu.  Then I saw Christina Change Into another Woman!!  I thought I was seeing a Hawaiian Past Life time of hers as an Energy Healer.  Christina’s Hands even changed as she stood above my head and massaged me!  I saw a felt her as this Very Large Hawaiian woman.  She had a flower in her hair, her hair was pulled back and he was wearing a flower muumuu (dress).   Her hands where big, hot and a heavier density.  I told Christina about this and for the rest of the massage (that went over schedule, thanks Christina;)  we never spoke a word.  It was towards the end that I understood that this woman was not Christina in a past life but was in fact a Woman healer that was now Working through her!

After I got dressed and came outside, Christina approached me.  Despite trying to be quiet in the “quiet zone” of the massage area we couldn’t help but share about what had just happened. (We did continue the conversation outside later)

Christina started discribing what the woman looked like to me exactly….. chicken skin!  She said that this woman was a Healer, energy worker and had just passed away not to long ago.  And to add to the Amazingness this Powerful Auntie use to Dance in front of the Heiau at Kealakekua Bay!!  Christina had shared in a ceremony honoring Her at that Exact Spot!  The spot where I was told to go and pick the Flowers!  The spot where the Dolphins blessed me!  WOOOW

Life is SOOoooo Magical!

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Again the Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤  You Must Allow

The rest of my trip was a lot of resting, breathing and receiving.  I stayed my entire trip in Kona.  Also, finally noticing that I am returning to the Pahoa/Hilo side to build a Mandala for a Wedding the 1st week of December.  Haha why was I in such a rush to drive 6 hours to the other side when I would be back on a paid trip (yes another HUGE blessing) in less than 2 weeks???  like I said sometimes Im a Slow learner.
I truly feel that the Big Island of Hawaii brought me hOMe to remember that my time of Maui is “on Assignment” and that I will be hOMe again very soon;-)

The following are a few techniques to add to your Daily Ritual To Open and Check in with your INPUT/Receiving Channels

Opening your Channels to Receive

Nature, the Elements, Earth and Animals are always giving.  If you have a loving partner that likes to play you can try with them too.

Basically start with any body part you’d like and check to see if you can flow inward.  Feel the Love flowing all the way into your heart.  Then move onto the next body part.

  • Feet on the Earth: Receive Love from the Mother Earth
  • Hands on Nature, Tree, Flowers: Receive Love
  • Hold flowers, leaves, Bark: Smell and Receive Love
  • Feel the Sun on your Skin: Receive Love
  • Feel the Wind on your Skin: Receive Love
  • See the colors of the grass, hills, sky, ocean, rainbows : Receive Love

Then practice Giving and Receiving.  Feel the Love flow into your Heart, then send Love back to the Object.  Breath Deeply, feel Love and Gratitude fill your entire body!!!  Then send out your wish, love to loved ones, love to the Earth etc.  But keep receiving , replenish and know you are LOVED!!

It’s like Allowing the Inhale after the exhale.  A natural Flow of Give and Recieve

I love you so much!!

Thank you for reading.  have a Blessed day wherever you are!!!

Love love LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤


41st Bday Blessing, Honaunau Sacred City, Big Island

Bday lilikoi Cheesecake 1500 Feet up

Bday lilikoi Cheesecake 1500 Feet up



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Foods for Enlightenment: Connect and Heal with Food part 2


Continued from part one which consists of

-Keeping and Sustaining the Life Force of Food

-Eating as a Ritual not a Race: a Ceremony for inviting in the Sacredness of Food

Life Force Energy

Humans contain a life force

Animals, trees, and food grown in nature are the same as us; we all thrive with a life force otherwise known as prana, mana , chi or ki.

All Whole, Untouched, Unprocessed Foods With the Colors of The Rainbows are Filled with  


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Life Force is a Vibration

Life Force is LIGHT

Light when ingested sends healing to the areas needed spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically and energetically.

Regular Food gives Calories, Proteins, Fat, Fiber etc.

Whole Source Food with Light Gives All that Plus Healing!!!

Light is also Knowledge

Food Containing Light…….. Contains Knowledge!!!

Light Is healing.  Light is Divine and all Knowing.

Foods Grown In The Mother Earths Loving Soil, enriched with the Elements and kissed by the Sun all contain a Life Force.

they Contain the WISDOM of THE Sun, Sprinkled with the Healing ENERGY of the Stars  and Baked in the Knowledge and Love of the Mother Earth Source Energy!!!

Yes!!!  Why would you every want another burrito?!! 😉

Nature Contains Codes of Knowledge for our learning

Just look at the Sacred Geometry with every Bite

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When you are ready to awaken to the knowledge that the Universe has to provide, Mother Earth will release the codes.

All plants, trees and flowers are Alive.

All plants, trees and flowers contain Codes.

Therefore everything that grows from this earth contains codes of light and knowledge.

Shamans ingest plants through sacred ceremonies for spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

So why wouldn’t eating it do the Same?

Eating food with Life Source Energy WHEN THE INTENTION IS THERE will provide you with spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

Keys to the Universe

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There are Keys to the universe in Every Seed.

Every Seed contain codes of creation, and knowledge of the universe. 

When consuming Foods with Seeds and the Seeds Themselves you are consuming their knowledge.

““Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.”  Anastasia-Ringing Cedars

Minerals are frequencies of consciousness:

Food Grown from our Earth not only Contains Light, Knowledge, The Keys to the universe, offer Healing and spiritual growth but it also contains Minerals!!! 

Natural Minerals!  

Minerals that weren’t added in a Lab

but baked in our Mother Earth under the Stars and Sun

Frequencies of light and frequencies of information needed for spiritual life.

“…Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual nutrition according to Dr. Cousens.

Ninety-Nine percent of Americans are mineral deficient according to the US Senate as early as 1936. The US Senate went on to mark that deficiency inany one of the more important minerals results in disease! Years later, things have only gotten worse as far as food production, mineral deficient soil, herbicides, pesticides and microwave ovens. 

Whether you are a meat eater or vegan, everyone needs to mineralize!…”

Foods from our Mother Earth Contain Water 

When Blessed, all water contains sacred geometry

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Just Saying “Thank you” and ” I love you” can heal your Food.

also, Omming into your food

More on Water Blessing to Heal your Body and the World

Make love to your Food:

Bless your Food

Thank your Food

Honor your Food

Tell your Food you Love it

Have the intention to be engaged in sacred ceremony with your food for spiritual growth and healing

Spent time in Meditation one on one with every bite, savory and feel the light radiating out

Use your hands connect, look, Smell, feel, taste, chew slowly, and feel again

This will Enliving and Awaken the Water in your Food & Connect you together

More here on Eating as a Ritual 

A bit for next time

What to include in your Spiritual Diet:

Add Live Foods: Seaweed, Algae, Sprouts

Eat foods that still contain Life Force (untouched, unprocessed, have sacred geometry)

Cut out foods that are dead (old foods that have been cut, processed, meats etc)

Nuts & Seeds


Raw & Colorful Foods

Thank you for Reading

Happy Eating 

Blessings and Love,


Creator gods part 2: Activating Cities of Light



Continued from So we are Creator gods. Now What? part 1

1.) There are 12 Major Pyramid Cities of light on this Earth:  These cities are being returned to their higher purpose, and holding higher levels of light frequency for humanity.  These Cities are where Multiple ley lines on Our Earth intersect.  These Cities hold Massive Earth Chakras, Stargates and Major Vortexes that fuel many smaller Vortexes.  Earth Chakras have a downward spiral energy and connects through ley lines to the smaller vortex centers that have an upward spiral energy.   For example Maui has Haleakala which is our Volcano.  She is the Heart Chakra Of our Earth and She fuels the ley lines, or energy pathways sites (vortexes) all over the island.  Many Sacred Sites are on Earth Energy Vortex Centers.

Mother earth healing energy is like A Heart connected to arteries and veins.  



2.)These Pyramid Cities of Light holding the Earths Chakras and Major Vortexes are being Re-ACTIVATED: We are here repairing the Meridian (Ley lines) that connect our Earths Geophysical and Electromagnetic Grids.

The land is being repaired and healed from devastation and blood shed which have destroyed the connection to areas all over the earth.

These Major Centers Broadcast light energy like radio wave signals to the earth and all of HUmanity.

We are reconnecting our Cities Meridians to the Major Energy Center that stands within them!!!

They Will Again Start to FLOW Healing, Awakening Codes of Light!!!

This is Huge for Humanity and Our Mother.

3.) Language of Light:  We are being downloaded with the language of Light!:  Gods Light Codes of Sacred Geometry.  WE are spreading them to the Earth and to others by just Being.  Others will find you and will take on the Codes that they are ready for.  You might notice synchronistic meetings or people just showing up in your life, on your path…. randomly out of their way.  A stranger on the side of the road comes to speak to you about nothing, and seems very random, but divinely inspired.

For more on becoming Electromagnetic/Merkabah Bodies & being downloaded with the Creation of Life to create The New World read here: The Children of the Rainbow are home

We are also supporting each other and trading codes.

4.) The 144,000:  10% of 7 million here on Earth are lightworkers.  144,000 of those have agreed to run their light and bring in the 5th Dimension.  When I have tried to understand more about the 144,000 I only find info on the 12 tribes of Israel, past tense.  There are 12 Tribes, each very different in their paths and all serving God and HUmanity.

Combining what I know about Light, Frequencies, Colors and Sacred Geometry Codes Now I understand that:

the 144,000 are frequencies!!  We are LIGHT CODES, WE ARE COLOR, We are the Colors of the Rainbow!

also seeing a correlation with the 12 cities of Light and noticing:

12 light cities

144,000/12 = 12,000
12 tribes= 12,000 per tribe

12,000 per light city

1,000 of each tribe in each city???  Just thinking…..I know there are Lightworkers/144,000 all over the world with other missions.

Plus there aren’t just the 12 Pyramidal Cities but there are are 12 Minor Cities and 108 meridians all being activated!

which means that there are at least a few of each tribe in each city DownLoading the Language and Frequencies of Light into the Vortexes!!!  To be a Huge Radio station which broadcasts Light all around the World!!!!

5.) What’s the Plan Stan?

These cities are all connected/are being reconnected to Each Other.

  • Phase 1: RE-ACTIVATE the 12 Cities Pyramidal of Light – each city will be Flowing Codes of Light to awaken HUmanity 
  • Phase 2: the 12Major and 12 Minor, 108 Meridians will reconnect to each other and the Lion Sphinx and Great Pyramid in Egypt
  • Phase 3: the Flow will vibrate and continue to Activate all the Cities around the Earth and HUmanity
  • The Lion Sphinx which is connected to Orion will be reunited with all chakras and vortices on Earth (this is huge)
  • Phase 4: A signal will be sent to Orion and The Next wave of Light Energies will be sent Through Orion to the Sphinx and back to the Light Cities!

This is the Next stages of Enlightenment before 1st Contact can take place!!!



Where are the 12 major Light Cities??? 

Well I believe that some have shifted from ancient time.  Which adds to the need to reconnect them to the Crystal Electromagnetic Grid and the Geophysical Grid.  I believe there are 12 major and 12 minor cities. Some containing star gates, earth chakras, & cardinal points, 108 Meridians of Gaia which are All being activated. For now the 12 major Mt. Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Uluru-Kata Australia, Gastonbury England, the Great Pyramid, Mount Kailas Tibet, Mt. Fuji, Bali, Maui, Rotopounamu New Zealand, Cape Town South Africa, El Tule Tree Southern Mexico.

There are many in the US including SEDONA;-)

There is much speculation and variations.

I am on Maui and have had the visions and been guided to do the healing work on the land.  Guided to Sacred Sites, Vortex Energy Centers and Now to many Churches that where built on Ley one energy centers.

Thank you for reading for now This will be continued…….

with Love and Starlight,


So we are Creator Gods. Now what? part 1

A Note to Lightworkers, 144,000, and all Children of the Light

There are a few of you out there humble as Pie 😉 saying ” Oh No, I am not a God, or Goddess…..this Can not be”.

Well I have been there and done that and truly understand what you are thinking…. and what your ego is saying.

It feels very Egoic to think ” I am an all mightily powerful god and I can create and destroy.

Yea Yea I get it.  Believe me they would not give this Power and Responsibility to just anyone.

Seriously think about what we are talking about.  Creating ….go ahead give it a few moments…………………………………

What about free will some of you might ask?   Do we have the right to change someone else’s free will?

I think we should step back for a moment.  

Yes we are creator gods but we are Not GOD.  

We are apart of God and as his children we have powers to co create.  

As his/her children of light we have powers to dream and co create.  

And as his/her children of the light we have powers to collectively unite our Voices, Tones, Thoughts, Songs,

Vibrations, Love and Light and Rebuilt, Rebirth, Heal and Download the New Golden Light Energies into the Earth!!!!!

Yes!!!!! Now that Sounds Fun!


So lets talk about Responsibility!  Can you imagine giving just anyone the responsibility of Creation???

Haven’t you proven to Love & Honor our Earth and her Children?

Some of you might have taken an oath of your own kind by Ritual to love and honor the Sacredness of Life.

Do you think if the gift of creation was given to anyone that you would be deserving?

You are a caretaker.  A caregiver.  A lover.  A Giver. A Supporter. A Healer.  You value the Sacredness of All.

You know in your Heart you are here to “Save” the Earth and Protect All through any possible disruptions that may come.

You have LOVE in your heart and Emotions that are not like others.

You have a Value System that break all Societal Rules but is Governed by internal Integrity and Universal Laws.

Have I proven my Point? 😉

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!!

You are Strong for all of us and Loved so Dearly.

You are Special, Gifted and Humble.

You Love Eternally.

Please know that your Life Times here are just a wink compared to the Billions of years your Light has shined.

You are Becoming your Higher Light Body Self Daily.

You are a Warrior with a Heart of Gold.

You are Loved

You are Love

& You Love ❤

with All my Love and Starlight


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Ritual to heal our bodies, bodies of water and our earth  

Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo

Sacred Iao Valley Maui. Water and Valley Ceremony returning the Feminine Divine

Ritual to use Water to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & our Earth

Below I have shared a few Very Powerful Ancient Magic Rituals and Universal Laws to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & Mother Earth.



Important: Please see Ritual At the End for Disconnecting and Setting Sacred Space to Increase Power

The elements and Nature are essential for our purification and healing.  What happens when they get polluted?

More recently on my walk with Mother Maui I have been brought to bodies of Water to do healing work rather than land.  This also brought me to a new friend that said to me “I want the swim with the dolphins, can we clean the oceans too?”

The next day after we met I went down to a secret mermaid beach (that very few have had encounters with) to connect and asked the Ocean to show me how to heal water.

This is Powerful!!!  I was shown to combine a few magical techniques 

1.) Water Crystals:  I have been playing around, working and learning from using toning and prayer to change and heal water.  Learning from Dr. Emoto who has documented that water forms beautiful Crystals of Sacred Geometry when spoken nice words, prayed over, surrounded by beautiful pictures, saying “thank you” and “I love you”.  Similarly speaking horrible words to water creates distressed irregular shapes.

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Water can be changed with a Chant, Prayer, Thought, Mantra, Vision, Music, Honoring it and yes with LOVE!!!!

2.) Self Talk/Affirmations:  This means that the water in our bodies can be changed too Since our bodies (lets pick an average of what I’ve read) are 80% water!!!   Why do you think we are asked to watch what we say to ourselves and to others!!!  I’ve been working a little with talking to the cells in my own body to vibrate with more and higher light and regenerating the ones that are not able to vibrate the highest light.  I use affirmations for many things on a daly basis.  To balance and ground, bring light into my chakras, connect to my higher self, and for protection to name a few.



3.) now Combine these two Important Magic Principals with the Universal Law of Oneness and with the Sacred Hidden Source Power of Water!

Law of Oneness:  we are psychically and spiritually connected to everything….

if we connect and heal the water/blood in our own bodies with light and LOVE then connect to the water source that we want to heal, or to the human, earth, elemental, animal, land & water grids and send that same vibration out.

Sacred Power of Water:

water is a conductor, used in most rituals, it is movement, and is in every living thing on this earth (accept for fire).  That means our soil, air, animals, trees, fruit, grass, mountains, wind all contain WATER.




The Ritual (without the Ceremony)  Please See Ceremony below for to Increase Power and to Disconnect

1.) Connect and heal the water source in your body (prayer, affirmations, visualizations, mantras, feelings of love)

2.) Connect physically or psychically to the Body of Water you want to send a healing to (lake, stream, earth, sky, person, animal)

3.) Using the law of Oneness if you are LOVE then everything you are connected to become LOVE too.   You can listen to your favorite music then send your LOVE channels souring…..connect to a tree and send those same FEELING OF LOVE to the tree.  You can practice becoming the lake or Stream and Send the LOVE through your Body in Sound, Thought, Feelings of LOVE or through a Visual.

You can connect with a smaller bowl of water and visualize it’s a larger body of water or the entire earth!!

All Shamans, and Kahunas know that Imagination and Visualizing your Most Powerful Key for Magic!!!

And with Any Magic, you Must have a Pure Heart, with Pure Intention

The basics are Become Love, Connect, and Send Love


Suggested Ceremony for Healing Water

Pre Set Up:  Always Cleanse Yourself , the Area around you, Ground, Center, Protect, & Connect to Higher self, ask for permission, make an offering

Ask for the following ceremony to be for the greatest good if all according to the will of God/Goddess

For Increased Power Try adding as Many of the Following:

-Go to a Sacred Site where the Earth Source Energy is Powerful.

-Create a Sacred Space with the help of the Elementals, you can call upon Gods/Goddesses for a manifesting magic

-Add a Medicine Wheel or Mandala which represent the Four Directions and Source creating a Symbol of the Universe


Connect to God Grid (SKY): Universal Oneness Gride that All Higher Source Beings are Connected to (feels like Electricity and I see it as a Golden Grid)

Connect to Mother Earth LOVE Grid (EARTH): Life Force Source Energy, Mana, Chi, Prana, Ki (Feels like a warm & fuzzy energy to me)

Fill your body with light and Source Energy

Connect with your Heart Space, Let your thoughts go, see your consciousness become one with your heart

Chant or channel love to your body Visualize and see the Cells in your Body becoming LOVE

Then Transfer LOVE into the source you are connecting too….. Water, Person. land, animal

Add the toning or Chant that comes up to clear/cleanse the persons illness, the lands pain or wrong doing, misused energies etc

Tone vowel sounds or the word LOVE

Add Dancing, Blessings and expand this love to wherever you feel called

Step into Gratitude and Meditate on that feeling, ask for guidance for anything else needed to add to the ritual

Closing:  Grounding your energy… place your hands on the ground, or feet in nature and see your energy settling softly all around you.

Thank the elements, God, and Goddess for joining you.  Ask them to continue to guide you throughout your day.

Important: Disconnect From the God and Earth Grid and to the body, body of water that you connected to

If you created a sacred circle, please release the elements and open the circle


Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Try adding a few of these techniques daily.  Start with yourself!  In your shower, as you walk, drive Chant and FEEL LOVE!!!

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So we are creator gods. Now What? 

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Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711

Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711 of my photos