Preparing to build a Sacred Living Earth Mandala

Preparing to build a Sacred Living Earth Mandala



Why build a Mandala:
Mandalas are a creation of a Micro-Universe.  They hold the patterns of Sacred Geometry surrounded in God Force (O).  Your intentions when building can help create a powerful vortex amplification of this energy.  You can use them for meditations, manifestations, for altars and for energizing food sources.  Creating one in Nature adds now a connection to Earth Energy, Source Energy and The Elements!!! This creates a place of great power to raise your vibration, connect with your guides, your higher self, the elementals, and Angels.   
Earth Mandalas create an Natural Energy Center of Mother Earth Healing Energy (neg Ions) Radiating like a radio Signal right on your property!!  
How to choosing the area:
when I go to an area I first ask if the land is wanting a Mandala Blessing. In most cases I have already seen a symbol for a mandala and know the area/land is asking for one.  There is no coincidences that mandalas, labyrinths and sacred geometry are in places of power (energetic earth power) created on ley lines all over the earth.  If you are brought to this site or to me chances are that the Stewards and Elementals of your Land are Asking for a Mandala to be created.    
If the area is your home, back or front yard then walk around and connect with the land with your bare feet and touch each tree, plant, flower and bush and say “hi”.  Then tune in to different parts of your land and see if a mandala or sacred altar feels fitting.  Also see if this would be a nice place for you to sit and connect.  Noticing if it gets sunlight too is also helpful for morning meditations.

What makes them Living    By adding living organisms that can stay alive in the mandala rather than not got through the dying process, or be destroyed by wind or rain.  Built on Soil you can use Crystals, Stones, Rocks, Sand, Live plants, herbs, shrubs & flowers that are rooted.  This makes it a more permanent Vortex Energy Center.

Using Planted Living Items

Using Planted Living Items

Choosing the Type of Living Mandalas
There are 3 basic types of mandalas to create.
  • Mother Earth Altar
  • Zen Garden Mandala
  • Edible Garden Mandala
Living Mother Earth Altar: Bringing Back the Goddess
A Sacred Living Mandala that is raised up (as high as you want) for you to view while sitting or kneeling.  Altars have been around for centuries.  What makes this different is that it is Outside, It is Living, and It’s on a Vortex!!  It becomes a higher vibrational room connecting us to the Higher Dimensions.  It can be raised with Soil, and supported with Rocks and stones.  I am having trouble finding pictures because what Spirit has asked me to share and create doesn’t exist…..?  On the Altar Top, outside the Mandala you plant more flowers, plants/vines, Palms, Ferns add tiki torches etc.  In this photo picture your altar in the middle 😉
This is very sacred place for woman (and men;-) to go and Light a Candle, incense, bless the area with water, sing/chant, play music, and connect with your higher self, your truth, your path.  A place to receive guidance connect with your guides and angels.  A place to Honor the Mother Earth, elementals and fairy kingdom and reconnect with the Earth Goddess in you!

Mother wants her children to take of their shoes, put flowers in their hair and come connect with her.  Lay on her land and listen to nature, watch the clouds and stars at night.  Having an Living Earth Altar and honoring it if only for a few min a day will create huge transformation in your life.

Zen Earth Mandala   is mainly the same but can be much larger and will be flat on the ground.  It still creates the SAME higher dimensional frequencies, you can still visit it like and Altar, lay next to it add candles etc.  

An Edible Garden Mandala   Is planting Food in Geometric patterns and surrounding with a medicine wheel circle. Can you imagine eating Food that is growing within a Mother Earth/Source/Elemental Multi-Dimensional, High Vibrational portal with Angelic love?


It really varies on what Calls to Your Heart <3.  Please use your intuition, meditation and Heart to choose for your Mandala/Altar.  You may already have many sacred treasures in your yard and home from Nature or from things that you’ve collected along the way that will ask to come out and play.

Color:  Color always plays a Huge Role.  Color Vibrates Frequency and Connects with Our Chakras, Emotions and Wellbeing.  Choose Colors that Call to you.  See if you like how they flow together too.

Center:  I always start my mandalas with my center piece.  you may collect many things and then choose something else at the last min while we are in meditation together.  You can choose a stone, rock, coral or crystal or Live Flower.  To increase the Flow of Energy I would Choose something that Has a Double pointed edge (see below) like a Crystal so that is standing Up half in the Earth/half in the Air connecting Heaven and Earth Energies.  Choose any type of crystal that calls to you.  Quarts is good for magnifying and is used in many of our technologies today as well as in ancient times.


Center Crystal Pointed on Both sides

Inside the Mandala:  Can be filled with Stones, Crystals, Flowers, Shrubs, Herbs, Shells, Seeds, pine cones, Stones, Rocks, Sand, Live Shrubs plants and flowers etc.  It is Very helpful to have MANY supplies in similar sizes already organized in separate bowls by color and shape.  Since we are Creating Geometric, Proportion is kinda important for keeping it symmetrical.  But the beauty is also in allowing it to flow and not be perfect.

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Note Keep the Flowers Short and Inside their plastic container or wood if possible.  This keeps them from growing yet they are still THRIVING!!
Flowers and Shrubs: should be in proportion to the size mandala you want.  If you are doing a large mandala you can add in more flowers with bigger faces.  Where as with creating an Earth Altar you might want to keep the flowers small and low to the earth.  Notice the size of the stones and crystals you are adding and what type of balance feels right.  If you purchase Flowers you can plant them in the container you purchase them in and they will stay that size after planted.  This also allows for less roots to go and get tangled.
Organize by Color and Size

Organize by Color and Size

The Outside Circle:  In my process with creating mandalas I have learned the importance of “Completing the Circle”.  Within this Circle we Create the Vortex Energy Field By adding and Calling in the 4 Directions which are governed by the 4 Elements.

4 Stones normally are added, but we can use anything of the earth and place it in the Exact Coordinates and call them in.

How to Create an Enchanted Altar:   by inviting in the Elementals, The Fairies, the Devas and Earth Spirits.

They love their Element, to be honored and noticed.  You will feel their whimsical and loving childlike nature when you walk into an area enchanted by them.  They will bless your area, home and you as an honoring of your offering to them.  

The following can be inside or outside of the Mandala.  Some are Larger “Players” and fit nicely along the sides or in back of the Mandala still on the Altar (see 1st photo).  

These can Be Added as Your Morning Routine or Offering or Be switched out according to the Time of Year.  Some of these items are larger, moveable and not in the inside of the Mandala

Water– shells, shell water bowl blessings, Bowl of Water, coral, sea weed, Sand, Sea Salt.

Earth– stones, tree branch, amber, pine cones, acorns, seed pods

Air– feathers (sticking up), sage, incense, essential oils (sandalwood, frekensence, myher)  

Fire– candles, oil lantern, tiki torches 

Other Supply Ideas:  Something silver, sage, sea salt, a bowl of water for cleansing hands while creating, Plants/Flowers for the Altar around the Mandala, Vines for the sides of the Altar to drape over the altar, Ferns, Tiki torches, Tea lights, Votives, Shrubs, Mossy rocks for outside Altar.  

Things you can add on later: Wind chimes, Hanging Crystals and Glowing Lights, Goddess or Deities, Musical instruments Drums, Tibetan or Crystal Singing Bowls

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Preparation before the Creating Ceremony:

Besides preparing your outside area space and gathering all your supplies you can add a Energy Cleanse to your Body and Home.  This will connect you with your higher self and aid in the Flow of the Ceremony.

For home and Yard: For inside your home you can clear old energy by doing a regular cleaning.  Picture that there is a small energetic layer on all of your belongings, bed, furniture, walls, windows.  Open all your windows and doors and invite the wind to sweep out all old energies in your home.  Turn on Some music, light some candles and Clean and scrub your home, wipe all windows and floors even if they appear to be clean.  See that this old layer is lifting like magic and being swept out with the wind.  Then you can go around to every room and fill to with Light.  Send light from your heart through your hands and touch and paint new love light into your home.  You can continue this outside.  Clear all Clutter, Cleanse, Clear and Bring In Light.  Ask the Elements, Angles and your guides to assist you.

For you Body:  Add in a detox Salt type bath or shower.  Baking soda, epson salt and sea salt works awesome.  Soak or Scrub away the old energy layer, feel the salt extracting toxins and old energies that are no longer serving you and thank the water and ask it to be transmitted and blessed as it goes down the drain.  Don’t forget your hair too.

Adding in the Sacredness:  By adding Mandalas and Earth Altars you are adding in the foundation of Sacredness.  When I was asked to create the Altars I knew this was Mainly about Getting Woman back in touch with Nature.  Simply Put.  Taking this a step further you can Bring in Flowers and leaves from your yard and add sacred space in your work stations, bathrooms, night stand with small bowls of water and or two floating flowers. When you find a feather by your feet add it to your hair or Altar or by your bed.  Add nature in your car, by your computer and dining room.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or store bought.  It about reconnecting with Mother Nature and Bringing a Part of Her in your home and on your body.

What to Expect during the Ceremony:   haha I laugh because I have learned to attempt to find the flow, trust your guides and expect nothing.  This leaves the door to communication wide open for total guidance.  Some things that normally always occur is playing and blessing the earth with our hands and feet.  Guided meditation connecting us to our higher self and guides.  Playing and communicating with our flowers, elements and crystals, stones and plants.  Laughing and Aligning and creating Art.  Drinking plenty of Water and Having power snacks bite size and ready to eat near by (like cherries, walnuts etc).  Everything is guided and Fun.

Also I give and Land and Home Blessing when I arrive and can do any kind of Ceremonies that feel necessary.  For examples: a burning ceremony for letting go of the the old, Intention ceremony for brining in the New, Being Ordained as a Mother Earth Priestess, Goddess Ceremonies honoring Power Times of the Year: Solstice, Full and New Moon as a few examples.

After the Ceremony: This is very important please ask questions if this is not clear.  This process is Very Transformational!!  You will not know it until after we are finished but you may need hours to Rest and ingrate the Light energies, Purging and Journeys that we went on during this entire meditative process.  Creating Mandalas alone are a Very Healing Process aligning the 2 hemisphere in the brain and bringing out healing light within.  This is also a sort of initiation and Blessing as a Return to the Sacred.  A return to the Mother.  A return to the Goddess within and to your Very Sacred Roots.  


❤ ❤ ❤

ok I will be updating I am sure of it;-)

love love love you all!!!!



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