About Me


Blessings from the Aunties, Honaunau, Big Island

Blessings from the Aunties, Honaunau, Big Island

I am pretty much a regular, easy going always finding the flow kinda gal.  I am goofy, outgoing, fun and spirited. Wild, Cozy, Barefoot, & Caring. I Laugh, sing and dance…. a lot.   I love Food, community, being outside in Nature, being barefoot, under the stars, Sacred ways of Being and Music!! I love to travel and immerse myself and get lost in nature, other cultures and new people.

Me and Mother 

My dad (the physicist) asked me today how I know where to go and what to do.  I explained that is has been a step by step process and that I am called by my Heart……… from the land I receive a Heart Message.  It’s like when you think of a loved one, or you receive a message from them you feel like a little kiss in your heart <3. The same thing happens Very Strongly for me.  I will receive a Call, Coordinates and Visions, and I am filled with love.  When i go there I rarely know what I will be doing.  My car is like a gypsy priestess mobile and I grab what I need as I step on top of the land.  From there I meditate, dance, walk barefoot (99%), perform a blessing, an offering, create a Mandala or Moondala and allow the creator gods and my higher self to channel source energy needed for that spot.

My role is Constantly Evolving and expanding so in a Nut Shell as of Dec 2014 this is what I am doing (that I am able on this end to comprehend) 

1.) Connect and Clear Land Space from Blood Shed, Negative Energies, Entities,War, Bombs, Fear

2.) Connect and Heal, revive the Land, Bring the Balance of Yin/Yang, Bring in the New Light

3.) Reconnect Ley lines (which is why I am doing step 1 and 2 most times)

4.) Activate the Energy Centers/Sacred Sites and 108 Meridians which are the end points of the Ley Lines that serve as Radio Frequencies sending Healing energy and Light to the World

4.) Clear the Collective Consciousness of the Meridian points if a Harmful Place is residing on top of that Point.

5.) Create Mandala Sacred Energy Centers (Portals!!!)  like a new Sacred Site that encompasses the Mother Earth Energy, The 4 Directions, the elements and The Source Energy from the Galactic Center!!!

I am now being asked to Create and Teach Woman to create a sacred Altar in their backyards to bring in the Divine Feminine all over the World!


My Wake up Call

Born and Raised in Southern California by my Father (a physicist) and a mother (math teacher).

I was a swim star, triathlete, Ocean Life Guard, and Swim Coach for 15 years

I graduated from CSULB with degrees in Math, Nutrition & Health, and Consumer Sciences

I taught High School Math, Art, Ran a Swim Team, and a Community Service Club through in my 12 years of teaching

I have traveled to 29 countries and to Hawaii 3-5 times a year for the past 23 years and spent time living on Oahu, The Big Island and now Maui.

Little did I know I was connecting and picking up information from the Sacred Sites for my Current Job.

11 years ago my Mother Past away after 13 years of battling cancer on and off.  Before she died I was given many gifts and powers that I didn’t understand. I was able to harness the wind and energy from the ocean into my crown chakra and hands and put that healing energy into my mother.  I sat and talked to my ancestors in the stars as I lay under them every night.  I didn’t question these powers, they where natural.  But the moment my mother past on, these strengths left me.  Since that moment I started a spiritual quest and went into “retreat” from relationships and my past life.  I went searching for who I really am, and for my real purpose on this earth.

Attempting to find the truth was slow while working and living in mainstream environment. About 5 years ago I woke up from this “Dream” of life, I was angry, crying and upset knowing that something wasn’t right with our world.  I wanted to awaken, to become enlightened just so I could leave our earth and never come back.  I felt trapped and decided to put my spiritual path first.  I knew there was more to life than working and playing hard, material objects, and meaningless sex.  I wanted to find what I felt in my heart in a community, in the world, in others.  I need to find myself and my tribe.  A tribe that lives by the golden rule, with honor and respect for the earth, her animals and each other.

I did what many do not dare to do, I quit my tenured teaching job, and decided to live a more authentic life for myself.  I couldn’t grow spiritually when I was drained on all levels from my lifestyle and JOB.  Even though I had a successful career, a house, and “thrived” in southern california I knew there was More out there for me.  …  There was an ache in my belly… A voice trying to speak, but I couldn’t hear it!

I decided to take a break from trying to find my next career, and just recover.  After getting Guidance from the clairvoyant center of Hawaii, I needed to replenish my “batteries”.  I had given my light away to so many, as a teacher, a friend, and girlfriend.  I needed to gain back my power, my Mana, my Chi, My life force.  I dreamt of me being strong standing in my power, standing tall and healthy, flowing and dancing, and at peace.  I wanted that!  To be my Inner Goddess Self!

I followed my inner guidance and sold my car, rented out my spare bedroom and took a few weeks to nurture myself with salt baths, soft music, and rest!  The next 9 months would be transformational for me, and only the beginning.  I was led to Reiki, a Japanese healing Technique, To Anusara Yoga Teacher Studies, and to Bali.  All 3 of these played a huge part in my awakening.

Around this time I started writing notes, and routines, listing everything that made my heart sing and heal, and added these back into my life!  What I had been missing.  My inner goddess was calling to me.  I packed my schedule every minute with a spiritual activity like being in a workshop.  I had so many years to catch up on, and I wanted to do it all.  Meditate, Pray, dance, play, smell the roses, paint the roses, sing to the roses, make elixirs with the roses, and flower essences!…. I think you get my point.  I was like a kid in the candy shop, I tested and tasted everything and was led strongly by the goddess-within to know what to study and practice and believe at each point in my life.

I have allowed, trusted, worked deeply on healing myself, my soul and becoming the Goddess, and she’s still growing

thanks for reading xoxoxo

With Love and Warmest Aloha,



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