Empowerment of the Triggers! Clear them once and for all;)

the new divine feminine

the new divine feminine

Haha what a title;)!

So in my last post (get work lightworker) I shared the need to stay in our hearts no matter what.  To truly honor what’s important and not be swayed by chaos that can shift us from our peace to ego.  Since our Awakening Is done through our hearts being in this space….. let’s say is the most favorable goal.

Coming from an Empowerment view we know we are the Masters of our Reality.  If we have triggers then we can still be swayed out of our hearts.  Honoring these lessons and stepping into the teaching moment is Powerful!

Letting go, giving it to God, and saying f😍ck it are a few ways to move on and not obsess with the trigger.

But when a trigger takes ahold and emotion sets in how do we evolve from there?

Answer: by spending time with this trigger and allowing it to shift.  Don’t ignore it or jump in an run with it…..instead sit quietly and BE with it.  

Observing it allows it to heal and be transmitted from your blue print;) Yay! 

Meditation Tricks for Empowerment lessons from your Triggers;) 

  • Take some ME time: of self love, baths, set out some flowers, soft music, alone time.
  • Sit with your journal in a comfortable position: with your water and possibly some crystals that have asked to join u
  • Align and connect: with your subtle body feeling your breathe, heartbeat and physical body
  • Connect to your higher goddess-self: and guides and ask for support to shift and have clarity of this trigger and lesson
  • Step into the feeling: in your body of where you felt the Trigger. Notice any colors, visuals, or feelings.
  • Observe: for a few full minutes
  • Journal & Ask some questions out loud:  “What do I need to understand from this situation”, ” why was I affected”, ” where did this originally come from” or ” what is the underlying issue that needs resolution”
  • Step into forgiveness: At this point you are the master of your pain trigger and you can forgive all those involved including yourself, let go of or rewrite your memories and heal
  • Empowerment: create some beautiful affirmations/tools and stepping stones of light and love around yourself for you to use at the right moment if this trigger is touched again.
  • Honoring the Person and Situation:  For helping you with this Powerful Lesson ❤

Remember Being In Our Heart is how we Ascend and step into our Power!!

For more on Being in our hearts for the ease of these light code activations see Light Code Activation Protocol 

Love LOVe LOVE you!

Much Love and Infinite Blessings!!! 




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