Light Code Activation Protocol: Next 7 Days into Infinity and beyond!!

Aloha beautiful amazing Light BEings!!

Many of you are aware of the Major Light Codes about to be released on the 26th-28th during the Full-Moon-Super-Red Eclipse!!   Some of us already have experienced massive high energy surges, and some very low suppressive energies.  Which can lead to anxiety, anger, rage, confusion and periods of depression.

The following insights are suggestions to create ease through the Ascension Process.  The Light Activations will only get Stronger from here!  They will magnify the inner state you are experiencing. Negative or positive emotions will increase exponentially.

xoxox so much love pouring out to you all….here we go!


heartmath Torus Energy Field 

1.)  Get into your Heart Center!!  The number one most important thing that you can do to Allow the Light Energies to Enter your Being is to BE in YOUR HEART!  You MUST be in YOUR HEART CENTER to Activate the Torus energy fields and be able to efficiently work with the Light Codes.

  • You will know when you are not in your heart space right away!   Anxiety takes over and you might notice that the light frequencies are bouncing around and are not flowing gently in your body. I was shown that when we are in our Heart center the double Torus Energy Field is Activated and the Circuit is complete. Allowing the light codes to activate inactive DNA with ease.
  • Being in our Left Brain in these times can be a slippery slope of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.  Stop what you are doing and put your Happiness first.  Use your Tools and Intuition to get back into your heart space and then DANCE;)
Double Heart Torus/Vortex

Double Heart Torus/Vortex Energy Field 

2.) Food Protocol/Cleanse:  Drink and Eat Foods High In Vibration Life Force Energy.  Foods with the colors of the Rainbow.  Add living fermented, raw and unprocessed foods as much as possible.  Purified and Blessed Water is a must.  Cut out completely meats, coffee, creams, alcohol, processed foods etc. Do a fast and cleanse if you can for the next week.  Metal Detox and Pituitary Cleanse if you haven’t. Rose oil & other high vibrational aromas will help in your transitioning to a higher vibrational state.

3.) Water Water and more Water:  drink plenty of water and get in to Water, any water, the ocean, a bath, shower, a lake, the Rain anything just be in water daily as much as you can.  Drink Blessed Water and Affirm that the Water in your Cells are Working with the incoming Light Energies and are Vibrating with the Highest Light Possible.  

  • You will feel very dehydrated and have headaches if your water in your cells are not vibrating at a high level.

4.) Connect with the Bio-Rythms of Earth Mother:  Mornings wake up before the Sun and Meditate as the am energies are being wrapped around the Earth!! Do a Heart Centering Meditation for at least 20 min every morning.  After Sunset use only candle light and stay off of computers, cell phones, & tvs etc.  Research effects of artificial light on the pituitary gland and night time hormonal releases if you want to know more.

5.)  For the next 7 days go on a Cell Phone/Computer Diet asap:   Many phones and computers have artificial intelligence programs that cause depression and fatigue adrenals.  Do your thing and then shut off the devices as much as possible.

6.) Stay away from Negativity and Use your Tools:  Avoid overworking, over stressing, Over analyzing, and Negative Situations.  Practice your own internal Mantra and don’t let anything get to you.  Be the Mountain, nothing can move you. But be a happy mountain;)

7.) Spend as much Time in Nature and doing Creative Projects:  Sing, Dance, Move, Yoga, Chi-Gong, Play music, Drum with Mother, Paint, Draw, play twister & have FUN!! Outside!

With much love and Aloha!!



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