Healing of the Divine Masculine: Personal Ceremony, REVOCATION & INVOCATION



Healing of the Divine Masculine
Personal Ceremony, REVOCATION & INVOCATION: 

What do we mean by the Divine Masculine by tealswan.com

in our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity. The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. The time has come for men to allow the divine masculine within them, to surface. Want to know how?  

Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine masculine and divine feminine energy within us. It is beneficial to draw on these energies within ourselves whenever they serve us. But it is especially important that we release resistance to the essence of the specific gender that we chose for this life. As it applies to men, the path of self-actualization asks that those who were born male, embrace and express their masculine essence.

In our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced, because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity. The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. This shadow side of masculinity fuels the societal idea of competitive hierarchy. In other words, it fuels the idea that one person on top of another person. The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else. And so, the power struggle was born. And so were the Abrahamic religions. The Abrahamic religions replaced the traditional view of divine balance in the universe (which up to that point had been represented by god and goddess) with a solo male god. When a solo, male god became the source of life and hope for salvation, the feminine characteristics of fertility, creation and life were now seen as masculine qualities and femininity held no more cards. It was diminished. The result is that for thousands of years, men who succumbed to the shadow side of masculinity (not those who embraced divine masculine) ruled the earth. The men that ruled the earth, ruled with domination, control and patriarchy; things that have nothing to do with divine masculinity.

Divine masculine represents action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth. The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power. To allow the divine masculine within yourself to surface, search for these aspects within yourself. Every Man is a unique expression of the divine masculine. Therefore, coming into alignment with the divine masculine within you is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what divine masculine is or isn’t. It is about releasing the things that disallow your own unique masculine essence from radiating through you. It is about re claiming who you really are. Ask yourself, “is there any part of the traditional male gender role that I actually enjoy”? For example, do you enjoy going to the gym? Or do you go to the gym because you think you’re not good enough if you’re too skinny or too fat?

Most men associate masculinity with being a jerk and hurting people. Even though hurting people has nothing to do with masculinity. The goal for you, as a man, is to awaken the highest aspect of masculinity within yourself, not to become testosterone driven, competitive, egomaniacs. It just so happens that the standard example of the “masculine man” is the man whose divine masculinity is drowning in shadow aspects. In our society, the typical masculine man is also known as “the asshole”. A person most men don’t want to be. But it is because of this association with masculinity that most men don’t want to embrace their masculinity. You throw the baby out with the bath water, which is understandable because the only version of masculinity you see, is not an actual version of masculinity.

Here are some suggestions, which will help you tap into your own divine masculine:

  1. Explore, question and heal your ideas and feelings towards fatherhood and towards your own father. It does not matter whether or not you actually want kids; most men still have unhealthy ideas and feelings about fatherhood, which need to be healed. Your first introduction to the divine masculine is your father. If you have resistance to your father, you have resistance to the divine masculine within you. This means that one of the most important parts of the process of coming into your own masculine essence is to examine and heal the relationship between you and your father. For some of you, this will feel like a tall order a tall order but don’t worry; this does not mean that you have to take action to re connect with your father. Your father does not even have to be alive in order to heal your relationship with him. What you do need to do is separate yourself from your father so you can shed off all the damaging ideas he passed on to you and set yourself free from him. You will find that once you distance yourself mentally and emotionally from him, You can learn to be yourself and only then can you make peace with your father. Only then can you truly embody the divine masculine within you.
  2. Examine the current perception of manhood in your family and in your culture. Is your concept of masculinity benefitting you? Examine what you learned while you were growing up about what it meant to be male. Examine the traditional gender roles and associations with masculinity on your culture. This will vary even from culture to culture in your own country. For example, where I live in America the traditional role of being male entails:
    Being the provider
    Protecting and defending women and children
    Managing money
    Either playing or watching sports or both
    Being the head of the household
    Gaining power
    Being a husband
    Being a father
    Not expressing fears/other emotions (especially not crying)
    Having a successful career
    Owning a nice car
    Building or maintaining fitness and physical prowess
    Being able to fix things
    Doing the manual labor jobs around the house
    Opening doors for women
    Doing the heavy lifting for women
    Shaving facial hair or deliberately growing it out
    Standing up for yourself and others
    Keeping your hair short
    Being goal oriented
    After you examine what it means in your family and culture to be male, decide what parts of that you connect with and enjoy and what parts you do not. Which ones do you personally feel reflect the divine masculine within you and which ones do you personally feel suppress it? The answer will be different for all men, because the divine masculine expresses itself in different ways.
  3. Embrace forward movement. Imagine you were watching your life third person. Imagine following yourself for a day in your life. Are there areas of your life where you feel stagnation? What choices could you make (and enact) right now to bring forward movement into those areas of your life? Masculinity is all about direct, forward moving energy. When you make a decision, you open the door to what you want and close the door to what you don’t want. This prevents you from scattering your energy in different directions. It ensures that your vital energy will move in one direction with force and direction, like a missile locked on a target. A big part of moving forward is the willingness to take risks and learn how to turn mistakes into beneficial lessons to propel you forward even faster. Stagnation is the opposite of masculine energy. When you are unwilling to make mistakes, you stagnate and the divine masculine energy within you becomes suppressed. No more hiding from fears. If you’re committed to embracing your masculinity, it is time to face your fears head on.
  4. Adopt a confident posture. Confidence is forward moving energy. Your confidence will naturally make your body language and posture change; but what most people don’t know is that you can deliberately use confident body language and posture to create mental confidence. Stand up straight and tall with your shoulders back and your chest exposed.. Walk with purpose. Look at people in the eye and hold your body in a posture that exudes purpose. Everything about masculinity is direct. This type of posture is quite different than using posture that is defensive. Divine masculinity does not actually manifest in the body as closed defensiveness (which is what many of us identify as masculine… we’ve all seen the gorilla guy at the gym). Masculine energy is not a wall, instead it is very open, and it rushes forward to meet you. Making sure your posture reflects masculinity goes hand in hand with making sure your clothes reflect masculinity. Wear clothes that fit you. If you are drowning in your clothes, you will naturally feel smaller and this can diminish masculine energy. Take a look at your wardrobe. Does your current personal style reflect who you want to be (which is who you really are)? Or does it reflect someone you don’t want to be any longer? Does it make you feel powerful and progressive? Or does it make you feel young, small and stagnant? If your personal style does not reflect the masculinity within you, it is time to change your personal style.
  5. Be an active giver. Masculinity is not a passive receiver of love. It is an active giver of love. This means, learn how to initiate. Be a transmitter. Masculinity is generous; it isn’t stingy with itself or with its resources. This applies to sex as well. Masculine is to sexuality what feminine is to sensuality. Channel your sexual energy instead of repressing it. A real man does not let his energy get stuck in the sacral chakra at the level of lust. He is brave enough to let it move up through his heart and mind. When you feel yourself getting sexually stimulated, take the energy you feel in your pelvis and breathe it up through your body. Visualize breathing it up your spine and into your chest and neck and head. Visualize it flooding your whole body. Channel this energy towards heart-centered pursuits; let it drive you to action. Visualize that energy radiating through your heart chakra. You are not at the mercy of your carnal energies. Sexual energy is energy you can use. You can channel it towards anything you desire. In fact, many male athletes find that their most successful performances are the result of deliberately channeling sexual energy towards their sport.
  6. Take on the role of the encourager. If you are the worrier or the skeptic, who warns yourself and others against going through with things (who warns against forward movement) you are suppressing the divine masculine. Don’t warn people around you off the path they are headed towards. Instead, encourage them towards their fears; encourage them to make the attempt. Honor their process. Allow them to make mistakes without rescuing them. The rescuer is not a function of manhood; it is a function of boyhood. The rescuer is a boy trying to prove himself. A man does not need to prove himself. Divine masculine is all about growth and encouraging others towards growth. Encouragement is the most divine manifestation of the masculine expression of love.
  7. Take responsibility. To embrace the divine masculine within you, you must learn how to own your own life, mind and choices. Inner strength rides on the ability to consciously take charge of yourself. This means, no more blaming other people for your problems. You can only move forward when you discover what you are doing to hold yourself back. Divine masculine understands that you can only change yourself; so your only axis of power is what you do with yourself. Hold yourself accountable for everything you think, say and do. Catch yourself in the act if you are thinking and acting like a victim. Part of taking responsibility for yourself is coming to know yourself. A big part of the forward movement of divine masculine is the inner quest for self-actualization. If you are avoiding things, most especially yourself, you are suppressing the divine masculine.
  8. Pick a skill, trade or specific expertise to fully develop. Divine masculine is about excellence. To excel means to move forward. It means growth. It doesn’t matter what you choose to turn into expertise as long as you have something in your life that you are determined to develop and master. It may be beneficial if you struggle with masculinity, to choose something to master that you already associate with masculinity.
  9. Examine your resistance relative to being male on the spiritual, mental, physical and societal level. Resistance is a word we use to describe the energy behind negative emotion. Do you have resistance (therefore negative emotion) relative to how tall or short you are? Do you have resistance relative to being a husband? Do you have resistance relative to opening doors for women or paying for dates? Do you have resistance relative to your job? Do you have resistance to your level of fitness? Do you have resistance towards being direct with others? Do you have resistance to sex? Does some part of you believe that it isn’t manly to express your emotion? Or to really get your hands dirty raising children? If you feel resistance relative to any aspect of life that you identify as “male”, you have something in the way of the divine masculine within you. For example, you do not need to play sports to embrace the divine feminine, but you are suppressing the divine masculine as long as you associate sports with being male and continue to harbor resistance to sports. Try to find your core beliefs relative to the resistance you feel and then release those core beliefs. Nothing allows divine masculine to shine through better than releasing your resistance to the things you associate with masculinity. Many of the beliefs we hold about masculinity have nothing to do with actual masculinity; they are just the cultural byproduct of resistance.
    You need to be willing to heal your negative emotions relative to anything you identify as male to set the masculinity within you free. It is exhausting suppressing the essence of who you are. And so, it is time to quit suppressing who you are. Trust me, as soon as women stop accepting the role of victim and come into alignment with their own feminine power, they will all thank you for it. We are not actually attracted to what we have tried to turn you into. We disrespect what we have turned you into. We secretly love men!
  10. Learn about women. Learn about our cycles, learn about our bodies, and learn about our minds, our cultural conditioning and our desires. In the past, the collective belief among men has been that if you want to be a true man, femininity is an off limits subject. But how do you intend to support the divine feminine and conjoin with the divine feminine if you know nothing about it? All that is, is child like ignorance. The more you learn about women, the more confidence you will have around them. This is especially important if you are in a relationship with someone. Every woman is different. We are only a mystery to you if you don’t take the time to understand us individually. So learn to ask us questions and pay attention to us. Continuing to propagate the belief that women are a mystery sets you up to fail. Once you become convinced that we are a mystery, it is my promise that we always will be. There is a little theory that goes like this, women like men that are either ass holes, or treat them badly. It isn’t true. The reality is that one of two things is happening.

a. We had a father that treated us badly and so we are constantly love reincarnating our fathers because our brains are trying desperately to get the love we needed from our father. Our subconscious minds are on an agenda. If we can make a guy who treats us badly, treat us well… we have solved our daddy issues.

b. We are biological creatures. We want to feel safe (most of us don’t) so we want to breed with someone who is a good protector and we are driven to create genetically superior children so that they will survive too. It just so happens that most men who are protective (therefore subconsciously make us feel safe) and possess the features that we subconsciously associate with strong offspring tend to be more “jockish” and aggressive. We are not attracted to the asshole within them. We are simply attracted to the little bit of divine masculine that shines through these men. And since so few men have learned to awaken their divine masculine, we take all we can get. We are not attracted to meekness in men, and it just so happens that many men, who are nice, are meek. That feels like weakness to us. It makes us feel vulnerable and it shuts down our biological sex drive toward you. We do not want to breed with weak men. And so we often find ourselves feeling sexually turned off by nice guys. But the truth of the matter is, it has nothing to do with your niceness; it has to do with your meekness. We want a man who is a perfect blend. One who is tender towards us and towards children, but who exudes the masculinity that we melt for. We’re simply convinced that this type of man doesn’t exist. So, we settle.

As women, we tell you a very confusing story about what we want and don’t want from you. We want you to be men and do things for us but we want to do everything for ourselves. We have a “come support me” and then “now go away” type of attitude. This is not your fault. We do this because it is confusing to be a woman. We want you to open our door for us; most of us just don’t know it yet because we’ve been taught that you opening the door for us, makes us powerless to you and incapable. It has nothing to do with you. This is not your problem. We as women have not come into our divine feminine power and so we’re still fighting you for power. We are full of beliefs about the things that strip us of freedom and power over our own lives and bodies. And so, we’re afraid to let you be men. We have erroneously believed for years that the manlier you are, the more we get hurt. Why? Because our only model of masculinity is “the asshole” too! Feel free to ask those of us who are stuck in a fight against you for our own sense of power, to question our own beliefs. Expose us to your beliefs as well. It will aid our expansion. Most of us haven’t questioned our beliefs relative to gender roles. So help us out. We hate fighting against you this hard. We’re too stressed in our own lives to keep it up and it isn’t healthy for us or for you.

If you are interested in learning more about divine masculinity, I would suggest reading the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore and Douglass Gillette. It is a wonderful book that teaches men how to become the embodiment of the matured form of masculine energy within them. Divine masculine does not need to be cultivated or created within you as men. It is you. It is the essence of your choice to come into this life as a man. It is an ever-present energy that is always there, it is merely obscured by your thoughts and actions. If you begin to clear your minds and lives of the things that are obscuring that essence, it will immediately shine through on it’s own. And I can tell you as a sensual woman, there is nothing more intoxicatingly addictive than a man whose divine masculinity shines through.

Personal Ceremony, REVOCATION & INVOCATION: 

…..“I am” ready to invoke my natural rights as a sovereign male being born to Earth mother through a womb of a sacred feminine who was also born this way….

💜Please read before and only include in your ceremony what feels right.

Optional supplies: Journal, Candles, and crystals/sacred objects

  • Sit in a quiet place
    Connect with your breath, your heart beat, and the feel oneness with the Elements, Mother Earth, Your Guides, Prime Creator, your Ancestors and your Higher Self
  • Light your Candle, or Candles as you do this
    Surround yourself in a Protection of Light (electric blue flame if possible)
  • Set your Intention for the Ceremony.  Ask for What needs to come up for healing and transmutation and ask always for it to be for your Highest Good.
    Intention: To transmute and heal the wounded divine masculine at the DNA cellular level.
  • FEEL and SEE your God Spark in your Heart.  Breathe into this area.  See, feel and watch it grow.  Let the Light of GOD/GODDESS fill your entire BEing.
  • Connect with your Heart Beat, feel it working in connection with your Light and Essence of Spirit.  See rings of Light flowing with your heart beat into your Environment.  Breathe and see them connecting Love and light to your Outer world.
  • Step into Meditation: Do not force your thoughts, just allow. Open up to be a channel from your higher self.

Soul Contract Revocation for the Divine Masculine by: Andrew Bartzis

I call to all spiritual contracts that exist:
-within my past, present and future beings,
-selves and existence in this dimension and time stream
-and all time streams above and below the Earth centric sine wave of co-existence.

At this exact moment, in the ever-present co-creative moment,

I summon all DNA lineage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth, birth and puberty process. I call forth the proper spiritual court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I call forth all ancestors of all soul relations to hold space in this spiritual court of equity. I call to Earth Mother and all her light beings within all inner and outer space to come forward and occupy this spiritual court of equity.

Oh great mystery who is the source of all power, I call to you. Come with your sacred synchronicity so all beings may hold space with unity consciousness.

I call to Great Spirit who lives within Great Mystery. You the powers of mother Earth manifested, I call to your wisdom, in this “I AM” moment.

Bless me as I walk this sacred soil. Bless me as I breathe your sacred air. Bless me as I warm myself with sacred fire. Bless me with your sacred waters of life. Bless me as I learn to walk with personal power.

Today I travel the great unknown, grant me the wisdom to be humble. Grant me the wisdom to love, even when love is not returned. Grant me the knowledge to balance my way of being. So I may heal my family, my tribe, my nation and our mother Earth.

“I am” ready to invoke my natural rights as a sovereign male being born to Earth mother through a womb of a sacred feminine who was also born this way.

I invoke my natural rights as a being of Earth mother. I was born under the natural laws. With this wisdom of my natural birth I now reclaim my place in the natural world.

I Revoke all energetic contracts with all people I have had sex with that was influenced by propaganda based mass media or pornography. I return my self to the zero point of the fetus in my mothers womb.

I revoke all contracts with all perverted sacred masculine mystery schools who have operated with false information or who have created a patriarchal dominated society.

I cancel, cure or delete all contract that perverts the sacred masculine during the birth canal phase of life.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a sense of competition between the male species when dealing with any sacred feminine expression. I revoke all cultural taboos that create emotional distancing from women.

I revoke all perverted spiritual contracts that place me in the incorrect sex that I chose before my birth.

I revoke all contracts that create perversion of the male expression of sensual behavior.

I revoke all contracts that house, hold, or store my sacred masculine energy to promote male dominate sports, activities or entertainment that demoralize or degrade the sacred feminine

I revoke all systems of patriarchal domination of the family unit. I return all definitions of family to the Earth mother so remedy and resolve can be endeavored between all families now healing the patriarch concepts.

I revoke all cultural contracts I incarnated or reincarnated with that create a male dominated society structure. I return the sacred feminine to its right and proper place as equal partners in this co-creation experience of life.

I revoke all spiritual contract with all religions I have existed in that do not give full rights, duties and responsibility in total equity to the sacred feminine and masculine.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that retain me in any way shape or form or force me via soul contract to serve in war. I delete all patriot programming that creates a lust for war.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that define the male as war oriented. I revoke all spiritual contract with all governments that I have served in during all times of war.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a war based male dominated military industrial complex.

I revoke all contracts that create a male serving/servicing sex industry that dominates women in any way shape or form.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a sense of uncleanliness with in my sacred masculine expression. I revoke all contracts that keep me trapped in shame, blame or guilt created by perverted masculine or perverted feminine personalities.

I revoke all contracts with the incubus and succubus grids I may have dealt within all of my past, present and future lives. I here by banish the entire incubus and succubus grid from my reality for all eternity.

I here by revoke my entire citizenship to all representations of kingship, dictatorship, religious monarchies, religious councils or representative government concepts.

I here by permanently remove my self from all dream time societies interwoven with the system of domination and control that caused the erasure of our oral teachers/historians through out the entire indigenous wold.

I here by revoke every decision I have ever made while in service to the system of domination and control. All decisions made for my by a Male soul contract holding Representative of government are now placed in a proper spiritual court of equity with all ancestors present so we may find remedy and resolve, not justice or judgment.

I now state with full sovereign conviction that I ______ ______ am now fully present in the mighty I am self. I declare from this point forth,I now operate with a permanent spiritual court of equity when relating to healing the divine masculine or feminine so perversion never re-enters my field of expression.

I here by declare that Earth Mother is now in dominion with me for all forms of interpersonal relations for all sentient kind existing and co-existing on Earth Mothers realms.

I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the Earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.

💜Ask for the Frequency of the Divine Mother or Galactic Mother or a Motherly Goddess Archetype like Isis to Come to you and Transmute all Suffering from your Being as well as the collective consciousness that you are connected too. 

  • Say: ” I allow under the protection of my ancestors and guides to receive healing frequencies specifically for my Highest Good Now” lay down if you want and allow the healing transmission to occur

*Ending Options: Ascension Mantra, (say daily when called!)


I invoke and dream awake the full cellular extension of my being;∗

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual in this now.∗

With the full support of God, Goddess, the Ascended Master realm, to


our Ascended Master self, all the St. Germains, Sananda, ∗

the holy mother Mary, Quan Yin, goddess of mercy,∗

Archangel Michael, and the legions. ∗

Ashtar and the entire command, ∗

Babaji, Rafael, Gabriel, clan of the trumpet angels, ∗

Aboriginal and tribal shaman, ∗

Goddesses of fortune, angels of light, Elohim, clan of serpents, ∗

Shiva ∗

all Christ frequencies,∗

all animal totems,∗

Elementals of fire, air, water, and earth. ∗

All divine beings of light, love, and ascension, ∗

named and unnamed∗

To activate the cells within my being who are your counterparts∗

with the unified power of the one.∗

I decree my highest good always operating in this now.∗

I decree grace and mercy always operating in this now.∗

I invoke, decree, and dream awake the full truth and reality of

ascension in this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake with every breath that I breathe the violet fire

transmuting my whole being.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full current of ascension in every cell of

my being.∗

I am ascended.∗

I invoke and dream awake expanded god consciousness, ∗

fully realized in me∗

as unlimited abundance, fulfilling my every need and desire.∗

I invoke and dream awake the ending of procrastination, tiredness,

blockages, obstacles, and unhealthy belief systems.∗

I decree immediate abundance in my life.∗

I invoke and dream awake my liberation from all karmic debt.∗

I am infinite opulence. ∗

I invoke and dream awake my personal empowerment, and in every

instance that any one is impacted by my being and creations.∗

I invoke and dream awake the infinite empowerment of my sexual,

spiritual, ∗

mental, emotional, physical, and financial relationship

with life.∗

I invoke and dream awake sacred sexuality, ∗

erotic innocence, and always express the sacredness of sexual force∗

for pleasure, creativity, and healing. ∗

I invoke and dream awake world universal healing from all sexual

woundedness and shame.∗

I invoke and dream awake worldwide release of all manipulating forces∗

and beings who would control humanity: past, present, and future.∗

I invoke the angels and ascended masters to realign ∗

and heal all misused energy; ∗

to include the full re-structuring of our DNA.∗

I invoke and dream awake the transmutation of all negative and

judgmental projections. ∗

I invoke and dream awake my constant ability to be centered and

balanced in my psychic perceptions and empathic nature. ∗

All overwhelming psychic energies are released by me automatically,∗

easily, effortlessly.∗

I am empowered by everything.∗

I invoke and dream awake my lucid dreaming each night I sleep and

total remembering when I awake.∗

I invoke and dream awake my infinite harmony with God, Goddess, I


I invoke and dream awake the full expression of my miraculous healing

power. ∗

My life is a continuous stream of miracles.∗

I invoke and dream awake my infinite ability and willingness to receive

all life’s blessings.∗

I invoke and dream awake a constant attitude of gratitude for my whole

life, ∗

all my accomplishments and blessings, including the same for the

universe at large.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full blessings of God, Goddess, ∗

the ascended masters, angels, guides, and beings of light ∗

to bless this earth.∗

I invoke and dream awake all my decrees, invocations, and prayers ∗

I have released to the universe ∗

and opened myself to God’s response, support, and love in my highest


I invoke and dream awake the release of all past, present, and future

life times of decrees and vows, ∗

which would bind me to limitation, lack, density, ∗

and anything not of ascension in this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake the full reclaiming of my eternal self ∗

as powerful, loving, and fully aligned in abundant god consciousness.∗

I invoke and dream awake the total dissolving of all manipulating forces∗

which would bind this earth plane in fear.∗

I invoke and dream awake the influence of the ascended master realm∗

and angels to intercede and raise the vibrations higher, ∗

to bring darkness into the light, ∗

raising the frequency of love and god-consciousness on planet earth, in

this now.∗

I invoke and dream awake the ascension of planet earth ∗

in this now.

* Closing: Thank your support crew, open the circle, give gratitude and ground;)

let me know if you have any questions

Love Love LOVE you All!!!


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