Fullmoon Eclipse Galactic Goddess Activation: Stepping into your Higher goddess-self Personal Ceremony


Stepping into your Higher Goddess-Self 

Personal Ceremony & Galactic Goddess Activation & Invocation: 

The days leading up to the Super Red FULL-Moon ECLIPSE and days after are Filled with New Light Energies from the Galactic Center working with our DNA Memories to Awaken us to Step Fully into our TRUE Selves!

Our True goddess-Self!

Below you fill find a personal ceremony for you to connect to your higher goddess self, create a sacred space outside or in your home and step into the circle and welcome an activation from the Galactic Mother for your own personal awakening.  If you have a group of woman you can do the ceremony together.  A circle of Candles, and a center mandala of Flowers, water and candles is what I will be creating.  Create your own.  Goddess magic is fun and loving, passionate and soul fulfilling.

other personal ceremonies for this time Healing of the Divine Feminine  & Healing of the Divine Masculine 

💜Please read before and only include in your ceremony what feels right.

Optional supplies: Journal, Candles, fresh flowers, and crystals/sacred objects

  • Sit in a quiet place
    Connect with your breath, your heart beat, and the feel oneness with the Elements, Mother Earth, Your Guides, Prime Creator, your Ancestors and your Higher Self
  • Light your Candle, or Candles as you do this
    Surround yourself in a Protection of Light (electric blue flame if possible), if you have some flowers or petals you can surround yourself with them too.
  • Set your Intention  for the Ceremony and ask always for it to be for your Highest Good.
    Intention: To see, feel and step into your higher goddess-self.  To receive an DNA Activation from the Galactic Goddess through your higher-Self.
  • FEEL and SEE your God Spark in your Heart.  Breathe into this area.  See, feel and watch it grow.  Let the Light of GOD/GODDESS fill your entire BEing.
  • Connect with your Heart Beat, feel it working in connection with your Light and Essence of Spirit.  See rings of Light flowing with your heart beat into your Environment.  Breathe and see them connecting Love and light to your Outer world.
  • Meditation: See your Higher-goddess-Self walking on a Path.   (Do not force your thoughts, just allow. Open up to be a channel from your higher self).  Watch and Observe….Notice Colors, feelings, or a sense of knowing.  Ask any questions that arise.  ” Who am I”, ” What is my purpose”, ” What is holding me back”.  ” What needs to be healed or transmuted”….. ” What is my Dance, My Walk with the Goddess?”…..(see your self dancing, or walking)
  • Step into your Dance or Walk:  Move and Step into your goddess-Self the Essence of your TRUE BEING. Connect with your All Knowing higher Self that is ONE with the Galactic Divine Mother Goddess and Prime Creator!  Know that your are an Infinite Being of Light! Of God/Goddess Consciousness!

Feel the Dance of the Earth, Feel the dance of the Universe!!  The Cosmic Dance of Creation and LOVE 

To Receive the Galactic Goddess Activation

Land blessing

Land blessing and Channeling of Light Frequencies

  •  Step into a Sacred Space or Circle:  In a Sacred circle of protected space Standing Barefoot in your Power, Spread your feet a bit wider creating a triangle from your hips down, raise your arms up in an upward triangle arms stretched out.  Breathe
  • Set an intention to allow the highest DNA light frequencies to be received according to your highest good from the Galactic Mother. (Feminine aspect of the Prime Creator)
  • Invoke or say an Oath:  Say your Name I full birth name or name you resonate with through my higher self allow the Galactic Goddess Light Codes for my highest and easiest good to flow to me NOW! Call in Your Light CODES GODDESS!! then Hum, Chant, OMM sing and Move if you feel called
  • Closing: Thank your support crew, open the circle, give gratitude and ground;)

*Disclaimer:  These ceremonies are for those ready and wanting to Awaken and receive light activations, step into their full selves and path helping humanity and mother earth.

let me know if you have any questions

Love Love LOVE you All <3!!!



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