What is a Goddess Walk? How Do I Start?

 What is a Goddess Walk?




  • A Goddess Walk is About BECOMING ONE with Your Higher god/goddess Self 



  • Raising your VIBRATION and Opening Up THE DOORWAY to your PSYCHIC ABILITIES, MAGIC, and the DIVINE 

  • OPENS you UP to Your God/Goddess given POWERS to Commune and Work with the Elements

  • Opens you UP to work with the NATURE GODS/GODDESSES AND MOTHER EARTH 


SO How Do I Start?

well for starters everyones path is different.  There’s not the same exact science for each of us.  But with that being said the following is a Given to Open the Door to The DIVINE and to Communing with NATURE.

Also please join this blog if you would like to receive meditations and support on your walk with Mother Earth

Start the SHIFT:

  1. Decide to Make Connecting to Nature a GOAL
  2. Take the Time:   Like many things in life we get better over time.  Actually Making it a part of your routine, and planning to do it wether daily or weekly will START A HUGE SHIFT
  3. Preparation: Go alone whenever possible, have your goodies like sunscreen, hat, water, snacks, and a variety of clothing options, maybe a book, towel, chair,etc.  I always have my car packed with everything, so based on the weather, my moody, and what calls to me I know what to take.  And bring a GIFT/OFFERING (more below)
  4. Start Small:  don’t expect grandiose nature phenomena and psychic events to occur.  Think of it as the Beginning of a Courtship.  You are just getting to know each other.  Play it cool.  Relax, have some wine if you want;)  You don’t want to force anything like a date with the only goal is a happy ending.  Keep your intentions pure and simple.  Having No expectations is A KEY to Opening the DOORWAY
  5. This is NOT an ADVENTURE SPORT:  That is someone’s intention and it involves SHOES!  Shoes are a definite No!  Of course at 1st use your shoes if you must to get to where you want.  Then when possible sit and take off those shoes!  Walking, swimming, laying on your back, reading are all approved but keep it light
  6. BELIEVE:  THE NUMBER ONE KEY TO OPENING UP THE ENCHANTED DOOR IS TO BELIEVE!  So many of us have it backwards.  We don’t believe until we SEE.  But there are many things that are off about that belief.  Seeing is ONLY one of our senses that we HAVE been maybe conditioned to over use and there for need to believe. We want PHYSICAL PROOF.  Our Other senses have taken the back seat.  Believing actually OPENS the door for them to enter and exist. We truly do create our realities.

Give a Gift/Offering/Make or create:  Born on this earth we create our homes, grow our food, enjoy the breezes, swim in the oceans and consume and build over whatever we want.   Mother Earth, The Elements and Nature god/goddesses give us everything we need.  How often do we get a chance to say thank you?  Most of us don’t think they are ALIVE so it actually never occurred to us.  Like I said think of it as a date.

  1. Bring a Flower, Pick a flower and hold it with the INTENTION of it as a Thank you.  Hold It with Your LOVE.
  2. You can bring small stones, a shell and create a small offering area.  You can Pray into the area or put your intention, light an incense etc. (more on that later too/blog to follow).  Just think how you were as a child.  You painted, created, picked flowers for your Mother.  This is the Same;)

Open Up Your Consciousness: 

  1. Chill the Monkey Mind: For the 1st 10-30 min when I get to a location I actually just chill, check my phone, go to the bathroom, play out my day etc just doing my normal stuff.  There’s actually quite a few things happening during this time.  I am acclimating to the energies of the location, allowing the nature spirits, stewarts and gods of the land to size me up, my heart rate is adjusting and calming down, and my brain is playing out that last bits of monkey mind.
  2. Offering:  Set out your Offering, gift.  Say “Hi”  give your Intent.  ( if you expect nature to talk you gotta open the door;)
  3. Get COMFY and MEDITATE:  1st For sure start with some DEEP breathing, and GROUNDING.  Feel your Heart beat and CONNECT WITH THE HEART BEAT OF THE EARTH (more meditations to come)
  4. Raise Your Vibration: This is where the DOOR is wide open.  You can Chant, OM, Sing, Dance, play music, drum, singing bowl etc, You can Move to the wind and do an energy dance (meditations to come)
  5. NOW CONNECT:   This where you can practice with opening your different senses.  First connect with FEELNG.  Feel your Breath for a few rounds.  Then FEEL the wind and air movement on your body, Close your eyes and just listen to the birds talking, the wind blowing and singing through the trees.  Practice with ONE sense at a TIME and One part of Nature at a time and connect.  Plug your ears when you are feeling, cover your eyes when you are hearing.  Practice for Awhile feeling and the earth beneath you and around you.

Have Fun with Nature:

  1. Give & Receive Love: Feel Vibration of Love, Feel it in your heart, spark it and send it to each of the nature sprits and animals you connected to.  Send Love and gratitude to Mother Earth, to a Tree, to the ground, to a stream through your hands, feet and from your heart.  Then Allow and Let the Flow of LOVE come to You.  Breathe it in, fill your Body, Cells, Lungs and Heart with the Love of our Mother Earth.
  2. Talk and Ask for support and Love or clarity, send blessings to loved ones
  3. Read to Mother, walk, dance, swim and play, create a sand art, earth mandala, or Altar or rock creation.

Communing with Nature:  Communing with Nature can take a bit of time to know how to read the signs.  Nature is Subtle and communicates in Higher dimensions.  Which is why we raise our vibration, fill with love and open our Unused Senses.  Here are some ideas that worked for me.   Remember communicating is a two way street.   You have to ask and be open to the answer the way they answer;)

  1. Ask the Wind to show you it can hear you.  Ask to feel it.  Ask for it to show you how it moves and flows.
  2. Ask for a cloud to come over and say hi
  3. Ask questions and lay under the clouds and look for pictures and signs.

For the most part connect, ask and open to receive answers.  A slight wind, a bird chirping are all signs that nature is communicating with you.  

As humans we might think its a bit conceited to say that nature is communicating or answering us.

It is OUR NATURAL TALENT and Hidden Gift.

Nature Is Waiting to Here from You.

xoxox ❤  Much Love, Annalisa 

Part 2: More to come: talking, moving wind, clouds, seeing spirits, fairies, seeing colors and frequencies, talking to the Stewart’s of the land and ancient ones.  Communication and Connecting to the gods/goddesses.  Seeing Magic and Magical forests.


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