The 1st Living Altar, Mandala Activations: A Walk with Mother 14

Living Earth Altars

Living Earth Altars

Creating the First Living Earth Altar and Living Mandala Altar

For the holidays I planned a much needed family/friend visit to San Diego, California.  It had been over a year and I was excited to be home for an entire 2 weeks with my Dad, family and Friends.  Months before I had a vision with at least 2 other woman of making a mandala together on the Beach.

As the trip became closer I got a strong vision in my heart for making a Living Mandalas and Living Altars!! that are not just Temporary but are grounded, rooted and planted outside, and are a sacred and private place to visit the Divine.

Then the vision became more clear….

I saw hundreds and hundreds of woman around our Precious Earth going into their gardens barefoot and connecting to the Sacred.   Woman daily getting out of the energy and confinement of their boxed houses, away from wifi, family, stress, bills etc. and step into their sacred place.  Barefoot into her sanctuary she retreats for healing, cleansing and connecting.  She Connects with her inner Goddess/Higher-Self.

Many of us live in towns where fear and war is a daily reminder.  I saw these woman quietly retreating to their “gardens” yet what they are Really doing is stepping into their power!  The Power of their Love, Connected with Mother Earths Energy and Source Energy (and elementals) and Send that Healing Power Radiating out……touching, softy, subtly everyone and lifting conscious in their towns.

Living Sacred Altar Energy Centers in Woman’s gardens!!

The dream/vision was So Strong and Heart Fulfilling!!

The Concept:  Have a Sacred Place where Woman can Go, Pray, Meditate and Connect to the Devas and Elementals!! A place to connect to Mother, their higher selves and the Divine 

Looking More in-depth at the Science as well this would be a Vortex/portal of THE DIVINE FEMININE!! 

This does not mean Men, children or families are not encouraged to dive in it.  It’s just the vision I received having to do with woman restoring the balance of the Divine Feminine on the Planet.  

AND it will be Radiating like a Radio Frequency To Their Entire Towns!!!


So what makes it Living? By adding living organisms that can stay alive in the mandala rather than not go through the dying process, or be destroyed by wind or rain.  Built in Soil you can use Crystals, Stones, Rocks, Sand, Live plants, herbs, shrubs & flowers that are rooted.  This makes it a more permanent Vortex Energy Center.


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Why Living and why Planted?

  • Well maybe the obvious all Mandalas are a Circle and a Microcosm of the Universe and create movement…. Create one that is Living, Growing and Uses Stones/Crystals that carry information and are more Permanent the Vortex is Stronger and Lasts Longer
  • Also!!!! A FLOWER is an Actual Vortex in itself!!  Think about it.  It has sacred geometry 3,4, 5 petals connected to mother earth’s ions and shooting up into the sky.  All Flowers are Vortex Energy Centers!!  

A Permanent Medicine Wheel/LIVING MANDALA where the FLOWERS are PLANTED and always radiating Energy increases the Power.

I researched to see if there is already such a thing as a Living Altar or a Living Mandala Altar.  To my surprise there was none!  At Least In the History of Our Internet!! haha.  There are what seems to Be Altars in Nature for Sacrifice and Communing with the GODS.

The Closest Thing I found was called an APACHETE 

“…..The Huichol Indians that are native to much of Mexico as well as some indigenous tribes of South America believed that by creating apachetes (earth altars) they could communicate with each other and with the earth across many miles. They would feel out what we would know as ley lines and pile up stones that could be as tall as five feet or as small as what might first look like simply a small pile of rocks. They would then activate the portal using ceremonies designed to “open” the apachete. Periodically, they would attend to the apachete by adding more rocks or by pouring water over the rocks or adding feathers and other sacred stones and objects.”  For more on how to build an Apachete 

Did they just say Ley Lines??? And Activate the Portal???!!!!  

Holy Cow (see I am not crazy;)

So YES!!!  There IS Something to Building An Earth Vortex of Feminine Divine Nature God/Goddess Sacred Space in our Own BACKYARDS!!!!

And even more so it’s a LIVING Activated Portal!!  

with SACRED GEOMETRY!!! to bring Out EARTH/SOURCE Energy for healing and communing with the DIVINE!  

(Yes I am EXCITED!!!)

For MORE info and How to Prepare to Build a Living Altar click here: 

Preparing to build a Sacred Living Altar 

More on Us building the Living Altar is Below, but 1st we needed build a temporary mandala 1st

Winter Solstice Mandala/Activations and Blessings 

But to back up a bit I landed in San Diego and knew by that evening who the Two woman would be.  My girlfriends Tawni and Dawn.  I got a strong intuition that building a regular mandala would be the 1st step and then after to build the 1st living mandala Altar in History in Tawni’s backyard, in Oceanside California haha.

We set the date for the Winter Solstice for Dawn’s Beach Pad.  (I knew it was going to be somewhere on the beach:).  I instructed the ladies to only grab a few amply clippings from their own yards (not to overwhelm them) and to bring water, hat and snacks.  We had so much to catch up on that we spend a few hours just talking and eating!!

As we started to create our sacred space and lay out our supplies, the ladies started to separate the flowers and leaves.  The 1st thing I remember Tawni saying was that she was late today only because she couldn’t stop picking nature supplies and was mesmerized by what she found in her very own yard.  She said as we all sat there that she feels like this is what we should be doing every day!!  The choosing and communing with Nature before you build a mandala is a very powerful meditative experience.  Nature will show you parts that you didn’t even know existed.  Plus Steppng into a meditation with Mother IS connecting you to your heart, Higher-self and Gaia.  It is the walk with the goddess.

The 3 of us Had an amazing time clearing, picking and designing the space.

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The ladies Both Said that they felt like this is what they were MEANT to do!  That they wish they could always Play and Create with Nature!!  This was a hat a WOW moment for me.

Activating the Mandala/Talking to Flowers

As we finished the Mandala the Ladies where Jumping For Joy.   They Were Ecstatic at beautiful creation we had created together.

For some reason I noticed that something was missing.  Looking back now it was a feeling in my heart that something about the mandala was off.  This was my 2nd time teaching to others, I am normally alone for the process.

Well as the Ladies Ooooo’d and Ahhh’d saying how beautiful he Mandala was it Activated and Started GLOWING!!  We all Noticed it and Started Screaming even more like Little School Girls!!!

This Was a BIG AHH ha Moment as well for me!  I was told to talk to the Flowers more!  I also now understand that They are Vortex Centers themselves.  Well Honoring, Loving, Adoring Activated the Mandala!!!  who knew;-)?

Mother Earth/Father Sky Vortex Activations

Towards the end of building the mandala I Asked if they would like to receive a Blessing/Activation from the Mandala of Earth Energy (below/magnetic) and Source Energy (above/electric).

This was a vision that I would be giving activations inside the mandala vortex energy field after I was activated by the White Rainbow during the Eagle Dance.

Each goddess received a different energy download frequency transmission, based on their needs.

To this Day Dawn has no words for what transpired, but said it was one of the Most Powerful Energy Exchanges she’s ever felt.  Something very POWERFUL (and that she probably shouldn’t have gone to work that night;)

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Thanks and Appreciation

I want to give a Giant Love Hug of Appreciation to these beautiful souls!!  I love you both so much for your genuine Sweetness and Love for all of Life, Mother Earth and her Children.  Thank you for being my friend and for supporting me on my journey as I will always support yours no matter how far apart we are.  Sistars for Lifetimes xoxox


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Living Mandala Altar

The next week we all Met up again this time at Tawni’s home to make the Living Earth Altar.

She had many crystals to choose from, 2 wooded crates, a ton of soil and a few planted flowers.

We choose a location that she would feel comfortable visiting, that was away from the Dog areas, and that would get the morning sun.

We used a wooden crate to raise the bed and used soil underneath, on top and all around, and used Stones and Rocks to support the sides of the Altar.

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We put our hands on the soil and did a ceremony to open up the Vortex to the Ley Line.

The center was a very Large Double pointed Quarts Crystal for a connection to Earth and Source.

Center double edge quarts

Center double edge quarts

We planted Small White Flower Shrubs IN their individual containers so they wouldn’t grow any larger.

great pic of Dawn cutting flowers to remain in their holders

great pic of Dawn cutting flowers to remain in their holders

Small Pyramids are in the outer circle on the exact 4 directions.  And aquamarine filled in the outer circle.

4 pyramids served as the 4 elements in the outer circle

4 pyramids served as the 4 elements in the outer circle

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After we finished we Lighted candles and planted the rest of the flowers along side it.  I performed the closing ceremony bringing Source Energy from Above down to the Altar and sprinkled the outside with Salt for protection.


Afterwards I meditated and connected to source to see what else could be done or if we “passed”.

Since it was getting dark we didn’t get to add all the Elemental Sources to Make this a 100% an “Enchanted Altar”.

We had Candles for Fire, Flowers and Crystals for Earth, But needed the Water and Wind Pieces.

which I have more on here:  Creating a living Mandala and Altar

The notes I received in addition to adding a “player power piece” for each of the Elements

  • at night to make elixirs under the stars with her favorite crystals and a flower or essential oil or all of the above.  Set it under the stars on the earth, covered and protected.
  • light the candles
  • In the Morning Bless the Water and use the water for her own blessing on her 3rd eye, crown and where ever else she feels called
  • use 1/2 the water to pour over the Altar Flowers and Crystals
  • add the remaning blessed water to fill the Cup/Bowl/Shell to make it a offering to the Water Elements.
  • Light an Incense which attracts the wind Elementals and cleanses the Air.

I would like to add a Testimony from Tawni and a Breath taking Mandala created by Dawn for her Father’s Birthday!!

Dawn's !st Mandala Blessing

Dawn’s !st Mandala Blessing

Here is a beautiful testimony from Tawni: Beach Mandala/Oceanside 12/21/14
Creating my 1st mother earth mandala on the beach in December was truly an amazing experience! Taking the time to connect with with the earth helped my eyes open to her ways, so I could begin the journey of seeing and feeling the vibrations through my heart. Planning and preparing for our ritual and picking gifts from nature before we met was very exciting and was a gift in itself. As I chose native elements from my environment for our earth mandala, I could feel the energy swirling inside me. Colors became more vibrant. The process of choosing the elements arose and awakened my senses. I became more aware in my body, mind and space. Once we began to create our earth mandala in the sand, I instantly felt connected and at one with the land. There are many steps in creating a mandala which requires one to be grounded, centered and focused during the process. I learned that the elements and earth players each carry out a symbolic meaning  which hold important messages. Each element is placed around the center of an offering with love and intention. I could feel the vibrations of love and peace resonate from the center and all around me. We received the message from our mother that our mandala offering was complete when our sacred space illuminated with light and love. Creating my 1st mandala with Annalisa and Dawn was truly a magical experience which I will remember forever.
The 3 of us were all meant to be at that sacred space at that special time to set our intentions and send love, energy and light back to our mother earth. At this time, I am unable to put into words the gifts I received that day. It was an amazing feeling of feeling connected to the earth, spirit and the universe. A month later, I am still able to feel the love and light that surrounds me from my mandala experience Annalisa was able to teach and share with me. Now that I understand the meaning and importance of creating a mother earth mandala, I am looking forward to sharing this experience with other women. On 12/29, we created a living earth mandala in my backyard. A month later, it looks exactly the same as the day we created it! I visit is on a daily basis.
Love you,

Thank you again from Reading,

I am almost caught up and trying to enjoy this downtime before spirit sends me on my next journey.


Much Love and Starlight,




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