Meeting My Twin Flame? A walk with Mother 13

twin-flames1 On Dec 3rd, Madam Pele brought me to the Big Island of Hawaii to do a blessing on the land and create a Mandala for a wedding.  The bride and groom where very laid back and before I came had not decided yet which side of the island to have the ceremony.  To my delight they chose to stay in the Puna/Pahoa side.  The wedding of all places ended up being in Uncle Roberts/Kahena (my favorite place) where Pele had taken out one of the top 10 best beaches on the islands just before a giant resort was about to be built and ruin the integrity of this area.  Uncle Roberts a small Kava bar that has Hawaiian Jurisdiction avoided the massive lava flow that took out the entire beach.  Uncles Roberts is a local favorite to share local produce, food and music. As I mentioned in my last post, Pele’s Lava Flow from the Kilauea Volcano had changed directions and was heading towards the town and many communities.

I thought I was to create a mandala blessing on my birthday trip, but Pele and Mother Earth had other magical plans and gifts for me to receive.  Now Magically this trip (which was paid for), I was flown out, given food and shelter and driven to the black lava covered desolate lonely yet gorgeous beach to create a sacred space and mandala for a wedding!!! A few hours before I was taken to the site to visit and see how much work was needing to be done.  I asked the Many Kahuna spirits and Keepers of the land if I had permission to build a mandala.  I was told ” of course, this is why we brought you;-)”.   As I cleared the land of debre I was also told that I needed to do a Blessing on every person coming to the wedding (all 7 of them;) before they entered the sacred space. Here are a few pictures, I felt like a true priestess and gave each person a huge hug and planted the biggest kiss and let spirit cleanse, ground and bless each person as we connected.  I get So much Love!  I did run out of flowers and with little of my own supplies it was a bit harder to create in a 2 hour time span.  I spent a good amount of time cleaning weeds and cleansing and manicuring the land. I Also created a walk way as well and Charged the wedding Rings in The Center Mandala.

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After the Wedding my friend David from the west Kona side of the island came to join in the festivities and drive me back to the kona side.  We have been chatting a lot since finally meeting in person on my birthday a few weeks back. On the way back we stopped off at Madame Peles Constant birth place of creation, the Caldera on Kileuea and made on offering.  We felt the presence of ancestors ALL Around us!  We stepped into a  meditation and was told that David and I would be working together around the WORLD with the ancestors to help mother earth!  WOW!

Kilauea caldera

Kilauea caldera

Building a Mandala in Trance Form The next morning we were guided to the The City of Refuge called Puuhonua_o_Honaunau  which is now a National Park.  I just refer to it as the Sacred City (where I received my bday blessing a few weeks back) in Honaunau for a visit.  There was an area of Large Rocks that called to us both. As soon as we step foot inside the area I could immediate see which Rocks were out of place and which rocks should stay.  I could see an Image of how they “wanted” to be.  We both jumped in, not noticing what the other was doing for about 45 min.  Finishing at the same time we looked up to see each of us standing in our OWN CIRCLES next to each other!!!  His circle was all black and mine a mixture of white and back stones.  It looked like an Infinity/figure 8 but also a Torus energy field.   Definitely had a Yin/Yang Black/White Masculine/Feminine Energy about it.

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In the center was a Yang or Outie Male part and next to him an Innie/Yin Female part.  We decorated them.

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I looked up to the Gods and Asked if this was some kind of a marriage???  What on Earth was going On? We are just friends! Next We both meditated and sent our energy into the Ley Lines opening up the VORTEX PORTAL at the Sacred City!!  Which In return OPENED up the Triangle in that Area all the Way up to Honlualoa.  About 8 miles away.  This TRANGLE Holds the Sacred Bay of Kalekeakua, the ancient Heiau and the Sacred City!! I left refreshed and full of life not Noticing that Normally I can barley walk after I build a Mandala and Open up a Vortex!!

Pyramids of Iao Valley/Ancient Drum/Going Out of Body I retuned to Maui excited about my visit to the Big Island and receiving such a gifts of new friends, creating a mandala for a Wedding and the Sacred City in Honaunau!! One of my requests still on Maui was to clear/clean up the Town Of Wailuku.  Wailuku is the city in front of the VERY VERY sacred Iao Valley (that I talk about all the time).  I have been working on the Ley lines there but the ones in front of the River were not connecting energetically.  My friend Rich goes there every few weeks to clear old souls and return them (0n their free will) to their soul groups.  There is a Pyramid (natural) full of energy and life that speaks to me once in a while. Before I left for the Big Island It called to me.  I sat down and meditated and went went into (what many call) a Shaman Dream Walking state.  I went out of body and connected to the Pyramid and laid inside it’s energy field.  I heard Very Clearly…..” When the Town of Wailuku is Clear, The Waters Will Again Flow and THE ANCIENT DRUM WILL SOUND”!!!  whoooo hoo I didn’t know exactly what that meant but it sounded Amazing!!  I knew that there USE to be FOUR water sources that flowed through the Valley into Wailuku, that do not anymore.  I also knew that the masacue of 1780 was right at the base blocking the flow.

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So I was determined on my return to get right back to work on Maui in Wailuku to do what I could.  I decided to get ahead of myself and just clear the ENTIRE TOWN at ONCE (oh boy!). I created a Vortex Goddess Circle over the Entire Town, it took me 2 Days!!  But I set my Intention for it to activate once I created a Mandala at the Base of Iao Valley.  This vortex was set to clear all energies and entities not of the Light. I went on a small nature walk did a land blessing with my Littleman (pup) and picked our supplies for the mandala.   We sat and I proceeded to build a mini mandala blessing to activate the Vortex around the town of Wailuku.  As I set my center the Wind picked UP and swept it AWAY!  Hey!  My job is always to check in with Nature so I took that as a sign that i was Not to use those flowers.  So I started again, and the wind swept in and again swept away my flowers!!  WT? Hmmmm.  Now I am starting to wonder If I am not in the right spot, do I not have permission?  I checked in, all good so I kept going.  The wind got stronger and stronger!  It was now Up to My own Pride to throw in the Towel and Ruin my entire Goddess Circle Blessing around the Town!!  WTF is going on?  I finally blew a head gasket, had a mini temper tantrum and collected my things, offered my supplies back to the earth, grabbed the baby and left! On a Scale of 1-10 I was about a 9 in exhaustion.  I made it to the house and crashed on my bed feeling more like a 15 now!!  WTF again???  Why on Earth would I be soooo tired when I did nothing? Well I was about to find out.  As I laid there I slipped into a dazed state of exhaustion and bliss.  I saw an Image of me FLOATING UPRIGHT ABOVE the town of Wailuku holding my palms out holding a circle Vortex energy field.  There were 2 others with me doing the same.  (still not sure who they are) So Many Realizations Came To me!!

  • 1.)  (Maybe the obvious) I Go Out of Body to actually create and bring in the MAGIC for the Mandalas.
  • 2.) No Wonder I am exhausted!!!
  • 3.)  I need to REST after Building them to allow this process
  • 4.)  I need to make a Point to get back fully grounded in my Body afterwards
  • 5.) No WONDER there was Wind!!! and that I could not complete the Mandala!  I activated the Vortex for an entire city as soon as I started!  What on earth was I thinking;)

Work more “Efficiently” my Blessing of a MU rock and Sacred Land A few days later I woke up with feeling like I had spent all night on my friends sacred property near Twin Falls area off the Hana Highway.  The feeling stayed with me All day as the sleepiness I often feel did too.  It felt like the Love Calls I get when the Land Calls to me.  But today it felt different like I WAS ALREADY THERE! It HIT me LIKE A LIGHTING!!!! Seriously to just say for a Moment that Spirit has Been Asking me to Do My “Work” MORE EFFIIECIENTLY FOR 6 Months!!!  I finally got sick of asking for clarity and what they meant. NOW I finally got it!!  Do MY WORK…. Out of Body…… When Possible!!!! It wasn’t until I Activated a Vortex Large Enough that I was Able to See myself Out Of Body to Now Understand that when LAND calls to Me, I AM ALREADY THERE!!!  WOWOOWOWOWOWO This is Huge, sorry for the Dramatic large letters, but this is my EMOTIONS AND STORY;) When Possible go to the Land (ahead of time) and do what blessings need to be done. I decided to lay down and succumb to the Sacred Land where the ancient MU rock was.  This is Also the Land and Rock where I did a blessing and Offered one of My Larger Crystals to activate the Portal.  ( MU Rock is from the ancient civilization of LeMUria under the Islands)

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I went into meditation connecting to the land.  I saw myself with blonde ringlets about the age of 8.  I was being escorted by my Larger than normal LION Spirit Guide, riding on His back.  Instantly tears rolled down my eyes.   I went over and connected to the MU rock, the land, trees and stream.  I asked for the stewarts of the land to come out and show me why i was here.  They weren’t much help but just came out and danced ( hahha this is new to me).  So next thing I know I am holding a staff.  I dug a whole that went under the MU rock (deeper than I could in real life) and I put the staff into it and sifiend out what was dark/old/icky energies.  Actually, I watched myself do this.  Well, I actually watched an aspect of myself do this;) From there I was guided to create a vortex and clear old energies into the center of Gaia, then Bring in Galactic Light to bless every inch of this precious sacred land.  I then sent the energies into the House where my friend whom is the stewart of this land.  I did a blessing on her house and her as well.  All from my bed! From there It felt complete and I did an exercise to visualize my return into my body. ahhhhhh better!

Found on Closest [ic to describe

Found on Closest [ic to describe

Twin Flame/Divine Complement That night I was guided to watch a Video/Channeling by Anna Merkabah on Twin Flame reunions.  Since my Walk with Mother started I have Not allowed ANY outside INPUT or Channelings to enter.  My path has become to specialized to me to remember exactly what I need For MY path, that others will just convolute and block my flow.  But for some reason I was guided to “press play”.   Also, to add that years ago I gave up on the thought of having or finding my twin flame.  I was over it and no longer cared.  So….. as I watch and look at the pretty pictures of the Twin Soul Reunion  my Jaw hit the ground when I saw the Two Circles Of Creation That David and I created together in the Sacred City!!!  It’s not really a torus/infinity/or figure 8, but the 1st TWO circles of Creation that Create the Vesica piscis!!  This is Also the TWIN FLAME symbol

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Looking at these I can See the Yin and Yang.  The Electric and Magnetic.  The Feminine and Masculine!!  Looking up More Twin Flame Symbols I found

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Now looking to the Center of the Mandala we formed we had an “Innie” and a “Outtie”, Male and Female parts.  Looking at a few Definitions of the Vesica Picsis we have:

  1. Vesica Piscis takes us to creation and sacred geometry. The circles represent the female (ovum) and the oval the male (opening of the penis, sperm, shape of the eye … of creation, god, etc.) Via: Crystal Links
  2. The Vesica Pisces is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times.  Source:
    • It is, for example, considered to be an integral part of the Ark of the Covenant, as described and shown figuratively by ka-gold’s version of the Vesica Pisces.
    • The joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring
    • A symbol for Jesus Christ
    • In art a pointed oval used as an aureole in medieval sculpture and paintings
    • The vagina of the female goddess
    • The basic motif in the Flower of Life
    • An overlay of the Tree of Life
    • A source of immense power and energy
  3. It’s Present in the Flower of Life

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  4. It is an ancient symbol of knowledge, wisdom and love ❤

The two winged images are called the Cherubim and represent the male and female and the perfect balance between the two forces composing reality. The Cherubim were found upon sacred artifacts in ancient Egypt. Ka-gold I also found it all over the Chalice Well in Glastonbury in a pool there, ground and on the Lid covering to the Well itself.  Which was donated by a famous Glastonbury archaeologist, Frederick Bligh Bond in 1919, features a wrought iron vesica piscis, with a lance passing through it and is based on a mediaeval design.  info and photos from

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They describe the Vesica Piscis is an ancient sacred symbol of two interlocking circles where the circumference of one circle goes through the center of another identical circle. Its geometry symbolises a union, of heaven and earth or spirit and matter and appears throughout the gardens.

In this picture it describes the sword through the center as the symbol of excalibur. It also used on LEY LINES!!!  This symbol when placed at Power Spots can INCREASE energy.   Makes me wonder why they have it here ( to share at another time) washnton DC

To Sum Up

The Vesica Picsis is Known for Being the Womb of The Universe!!! And David is My Electrician!!  My Electric to my Magnetic!! And Together we are ELECTRO-MAGNETIC Creation (remember my favorite word from when I 1st started my walk;) So I believe that this means I will NOT have to go Out of Body when I am with Him, and I won’t Be EXHAUSTED when he is there to Do Male/Electric Part the Vortex process!!! YAY!!! Sooooo since the video I spent many days in Shock that I have another part of my Soul and he is Attracted to me.  taking it slooooow till next time 10408110_10205251496757028_1849761542803031664_n

Peace Love and More Aloha coming your way




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