Receiving Gifts from Mother: A walk with Mother 12

The  talented Josephine Wall

The talented Josephine Wall

This is adapted from my post: Are you truly open to receive all the abundance coming to you? A note to lightworkers

Right before my 41st birthday I had an energy Reading from Lisa Gawals.  I was about to head over the Big Island of Hawaii for my birthday, alone…. solely to give a blessing to the land beneath the lava flow.  The Constant Flow that comes from Madam Pele out of the Volcano Kilauea had shifted and was heading towards the beautiful town of Pahoa which is very special to me.   I didn’t know if my prayers, healing light or Mandala offerings where enough to stop the lava, or shift the direction.  I knew in my Heart that I had to at least try.

Lisa told me that Mother Earth has a Deep appreciation for the Mandalas and work I have been doing here on Maui (MU).  She said that it is known that I serve so Deeply and that the Earth is Going to be Releasing Gifts Back to Me!

I cried, tears of Love.  The Earth Knows?? and she wants me to Receive??  Of course she knows, but WOW!  Talk about Sweet Recognition filling my Body with Love.  I danced though the House and continued to “Plan” my Trip.

I forgot completely about the Receiving Part of the Reading and continued on my trip which was centered on Heading straight down to the town of Pahoa to give an Offering on my Birthday, the 19th of Nov, 2014.  I was so set on Giving, even on my birthday!  I had also added in 4 more areas on my “working trip” to give blessings too.  I didn’t once think about this trip just being a vacation.

Before I left I worked eight 24 hour shifts straight.  On my days off I would give energy healings and land blessings, build mandalas and pray over the land.   Basically I am never receiving!!  I do my “paid” job as a caregiver then go straight into my “field work” job of blessing the land.

Noticing this I started a 40 day Self Love Program about 2 weeks earlier to try to remember how to give to myself.  Adding Flowers all around my room, music, yoga, and getting my nails done.   hmmmm It worked for a bit.  I added in things that bought me joy, while making sure I gave and ask for things I needed.

I still found myself on my off days waking up and asking ” how can I help” in one form or another.

I felt lost if spirit was Quiet.  I didn’t even know what “to do” of I wasn’t told what “to do”.

I had forgotten entirely how to hear my own needs.

I see now how unbalanced I was!

I also I know that getting my nails or hair done is Self Care not Receiving!!!

Gifts from the Dolphins, the Aunties and An Island…. Big Island Love ❤

My Trip Was completely Blown Out of the Water, Rearranged and Brought back to a New Time Line.  I was asked to Choose. One timeline of Giving and One of Receiving.   Reluctantly I choose to give up my ego and thoughts and visions of healing the land and allowed a magical trip of  abundance from the Island, Aunties in the Spirit Realm, and new Friends.  It started from the Moment I landed.  2 gentlemen from the airport asked if I need a Ride!!  Then a Lady asked if I needed to borrow her phone to make a call.  Wow the nicest place on earth.  I was just chillin waiting from my friend to pick me up and was overwhelmed by the friendliness.

However, that Morning I had received some very disturbing news.  My anxiety was Off the richter scale so I grabbed my Hawaiian Mana Tarot Cards.  The message was one of Danger and Lessons.  My anxiety soared.  I connected to my higher self and guides through meditation and asked for clarity and guidance.  I was met by a Raven that took me to the Beach.  There I was met by a Giant Lion ( I should name him since he visits often).  I jumped on his back and to my surprise he jumped into the Ocean and we were transported to Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, in South Kona (which is the exact opposite side of the island I was intending to go).  My anxiety was instantly relieved!!!

Somehow connecting with this side of the island was the KEY.

I decided I would “add” south Kona to my trip!  My guides must have let out a big Grunt or Sigh because my anxiety crept back up since I was not “getting it” at least totally yet.  I asked my good friend Debbie Dehm that I get readings from now and then if she wouldn’t mine looking into it for me. She said there is a Very Large Male God that I was going to encounter and He would wonder what I was doing.  She said that I would be challenged but ok.  Sounding possibly like an initiation of some sort.  Oh and with the Danger card, my anxiety was on the loose, no controlling it now!  Thoughts of WTF are my visions wrong?  Is my intuition Off?  What’s Up???

All I could go on was the wonderful feeling of South Kona and my Beloved Dolphins in Kealakekua Bay.  I then knew instantly and Saw that the Dolphins had a Gift for Me!!  I let go of my “plans” a bit and decided to go to Kona now 1st thing and visit the Dolphins and Kealakekua Bay, The Sacred City, and my friends in the area.

A friend of mine that found me years ago from my blog asked me to look him up if I was ever in Kona.  Not planing to Be in Kona, especially on my birthday.  There I was in South Kona at my Favorite Coffee shop 1500 feet over my favorite Bay.  So he joined me and treated me too breakfast. nice;-)

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I figured after breakfast I would visit the Dolphins and Say hi and then head to the Hilo side of the island.  Driving down to Kealakekua Bay I picked up some fruit for an offering and visited the Sacred Heiau (Hawaiian Temple, and Energy Center) that over looks Bay.  I walked all around the park, the shore, and the Heiau connecting with the stewards of the land and asking if there is anything I can do.  “Do I build a mandala here or here?”,  “DO I GIVE a blessing Here or Here?”  ahha haha it’s so funny in hindsight.  The Aunties must have been giggling too.

I finally was told (;-) to go pick the White Flowers in front of the Heiau and to make a head lei.  I sat in front the Heiau on the shore of the Bay and connected to the area, the flowers and dolphins and made my lei.  Afterwards I was told to drive 4 miles to the ancient city of Pu ‘uhonua O Honaunau, or just Honaunau.  I thought cool ok I will build a Mandala there.  I have had many ceremonies there and this felt right.  Again the laughter, I really had to Let GO of the Constant Giving.  I think receiving breakfast, making the lei and getting free park entrance was starting to unclog my flow to receiving.

In the parking lot I got it!  This is a Time to Receive My Birthday gift!!  How Sweet! I got dressed up and prepared for a mini bday ceremony with myself, the dolphins and the aunties.  I walked barefoot through the park and found a spot on the lava rocks overlooking the Ocean.  I placed the Lei with the White Flowers on top of my head and grounded and opened myself up to Receive.

For the 1st time I Heard Singing, and Chanting from the Aunties in the Spirit Realm.  Then for the 1st Time I SAW a Hawaiian Woman Place a Flower Lei over my Head and I could SMELL the Flowers!!  Tears of Receiving Unconditional LOVE poured out from my eyes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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It was around this moment that I was also Shown the Gift I received from the Dolphins.  While I sat and made the Head Lei at the Heiau they gifted me with a Beautiful Blue Pyramid in my 3rd eye!  This is why my Hearing, and Seeing had Tripled!!  The Pyramid was rotating and was shining a White Light like a light house.  After the Blessing from the Aunties it turned into a Flashing Rainbow.  I Blue Dolphin Rainbow Pyramid Prism!! In my 3rd eye!  Unbelievable ❤

Gift from the Dolphins

Gift from the Dolphins

I also “GOT IT”.  I was here to RECEIVE!!  I mean on this TRIP!  No giving! hahhahhaha OMGoddess!!!

Big Laughter, Big Ah Ha, Big Relief!  I was not to Give on this TRIP at all!!! No mandalas, no blessings period. Only a trip to Accept All gifts of All kinds!  That was an order from the Universe, the Aunties, the Dolphins, Lisa Gawals, The BIG Island of Hawaii and of course Madam Pele Herself oh and Mother Earth!!

Also, I never did encounter the Large God that Debbie was talking about, so I did jump time lines and made the right decision and was safe away from danger.  Thanks Debbie!!!

As I left the sacred city I turned on my phone.  My friend David was making homemade soup and invited me to dinner.

I said “I was just told I am not allowed to say no”, he said “great I’ll see you soon”.

Homemade Bday Stew!!  Receiving…… Check! 😉

The Moment I Stopped Giving I Received.  It was a Conscious Decision at first to Allow!!  The Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤

The Healing from the Aunties at Malomama Massage

So I stayed In South Kona getting a place at the Manago Hotel in Captain Cook.  The next morning I was awakened by the sounds of the jungle and a view of the Pacific.  I was happy in my heart but felt like I was run over by a dump truck.  Upgrades often come with a price.  Plus my bday was a 13 hour day, plus travel and non stop work the weeks before!  I decided to stay another day and get a Massage and Mineral Bath Soak at Mamalahoa.  I called to see if they had any openings that day (which was kinda a gamble).  I scribbled 3 pm down 20 sec before the receptionist said it and jumped for joy! It was a date!

After 30 min of Soaking in my Own Mineral Bath Hot Tub in the Jungle surroundings I was greeted by Christina.  Instantly I felt she was a Sister with her exotic looks and curly unruly hair.  During the massage I thought to myself  “hmmm I wonder what I can give her”.  I scanned her energy and asked if there was anything I could gift her with.

My Higher Self: “Seriously???”  Me: “oh boy! ok I promise to receive.”

Me: “Hmmmm receive, receive, receive…….”  I was enjoying the massage, and Now I was NOT giving…that’s a step in the right direction…right?

But then Christina Said, ” Your hands are Hot.”, ” You are Giving.”

Huh? was she listening to my Conversation with myself??

I said “well I channel Light,…. I guess that’s just how they are.”

Oh boy again!  Ok I am starting to get it (slow learner).  If my energy is Flowing OUT, can it Be Flowing IN?

The Answer: NO!

So what is Receiving???

RECEIVING = Energy Flow to Your Heart ❤

WE have the ability to flow energy IN and OUT.  We have Input/Output Switches.

We give and flow Light and Divine Love Out, when we receive are we flowing In to our Hearts?

Many of Us are Without A Divine Counterpart.

We have been restoring out Earth and Raising Consciousness.

We are Portals OF Divine Light Giving, Giving, Giving.

Well we Must Open Our Channels to Receive, To Flow In…..  in order to Receive the Abundance that is on the Way.

Oh Boy Again!  So I consciously Opened my Channels to Receive and the next Thing I see is The Same Aunty that gave me a blessing at the Sacred City there with us!  She was standing next to us and placed Flower Lei over Christina’s Head.  I told Christina what I saw (not worrying about sounding crazy) and that she was just given a blessing from the Auntie from Honauanu.  Then I saw Christina Change Into another Woman!!  I thought I was seeing a Hawaiian Past Life time of hers as an Energy Healer.  Christina’s Hands even changed as she stood above my head and massaged me!  I saw a felt her as this Very Large Hawaiian woman.  She had a flower in her hair, her hair was pulled back and he was wearing a flower muumuu (dress).   Her hands where big, hot and a heavier density.  I told Christina about this and for the rest of the massage (that went over schedule, thanks Christina;)  we never spoke a word.  It was towards the end that I understood that this woman was not Christina in a past life but was in fact a Woman healer that was now Working through her!

After I got dressed and came outside, Christina approached me.  Despite trying to be quiet in the “quiet zone” of the massage area we couldn’t help but share about what had just happened. (We did continue the conversation outside later)

Christina started discribing what the woman looked like to me exactly….. chicken skin!  She said that this woman was a Healer, energy worker and had just passed away not to long ago.  And to add to the Amazingness this Powerful Auntie use to Dance in front of the Heiau at Kealakekua Bay!!  Christina had shared in a ceremony honoring Her at that Exact Spot!  The spot where I was told to go and pick the Flowers!  The spot where the Dolphins blessed me!  WOOOW

Life is SOOoooo Magical!

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Aka in the Front! The Magical Beautiful Auntie that Blessed so Many People.

Again the Universe is Waiting to Shower you with Gifts ❤  You Must Allow

The rest of my trip was a lot of resting, breathing and receiving.  I stayed my entire trip in Kona.  Also, finally noticing that I am returning to the Pahoa/Hilo side to build a Mandala for a Wedding the 1st week of December.  Haha why was I in such a rush to drive 6 hours to the other side when I would be back on a paid trip (yes another HUGE blessing) in less than 2 weeks???  like I said sometimes Im a Slow learner.
I truly feel that the Big Island of Hawaii brought me hOMe to remember that my time of Maui is “on Assignment” and that I will be hOMe again very soon;-)

The following are a few techniques to add to your Daily Ritual To Open and Check in with your INPUT/Receiving Channels

Opening your Channels to Receive

Nature, the Elements, Earth and Animals are always giving.  If you have a loving partner that likes to play you can try with them too.

Basically start with any body part you’d like and check to see if you can flow inward.  Feel the Love flowing all the way into your heart.  Then move onto the next body part.

  • Feet on the Earth: Receive Love from the Mother Earth
  • Hands on Nature, Tree, Flowers: Receive Love
  • Hold flowers, leaves, Bark: Smell and Receive Love
  • Feel the Sun on your Skin: Receive Love
  • Feel the Wind on your Skin: Receive Love
  • See the colors of the grass, hills, sky, ocean, rainbows : Receive Love

Then practice Giving and Receiving.  Feel the Love flow into your Heart, then send Love back to the Object.  Breath Deeply, feel Love and Gratitude fill your entire body!!!  Then send out your wish, love to loved ones, love to the Earth etc.  But keep receiving , replenish and know you are LOVED!!

It’s like Allowing the Inhale after the exhale.  A natural Flow of Give and Recieve

I love you so much!!

Thank you for reading.  have a Blessed day wherever you are!!!

Love love LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤


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