Creating Earth Mandalas for Mother: A Walk with Mother 11

After I was Activated by the White Rainbow of the Great Spirit during the Ancient Native American Eagle Dance, I was given many Visions of Earth Mandalas that I would be creating for Healing the Ley Lines, Reactivating Sacred Sites, and Creating new Energy Centers, and for Blessings and Initiations with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  For more info on Activating Sacred Sites and the Initiation and Activation during the Eagle Dance See a walk with Mother 10.

Not knowing it at the time but during the dance I was Bringing down Source Energy while being Activated with the creation powers to create a Portal that has Mother Earth Energy (from below) + 4 Directions/4Elements and God Source Energy from above.

What I now understand is that Movement in a Circle creates a Portal for Source Energy.  So dancing, Creating Circles or Mandalas that have Sacred Geometry creates movement that allows source energy to enter the earth.

1st Earth Mandala



The next day I messaged my girlfriend Zsuzsánna Balogh that lives up the Volcano from me and creates Mandala Healing Art Activation Paintings and asked if she’d be down to create one with me for the Solstice Portal that was a few days away.  It was an absolute yes!

That morning I collected supplies and headed up the Volcano to Zsuzsánna’s house.  She greeted me with a basket of goodies, water and a beautiful homemade lunch!  We both got the message (separately) to head up the Volcano a bit further to Poli Poli State park.

On the way up we where Approached By 2 LARGE WHITE OWLS!

They Both Individually came out from their Tree/home area (off the road and down a hill a bit) and circled in front of and over the car and then Gracefully/Powerfully soared back to their Tree Area.

We were blow away at the Blessing and Greeting and Continued up the Road another mile only to find that the park was closed because of the recents storms.  We wondered and asked ” Well where do we go now”?  Eventually we finally “GOT IT” that we were already being guided by the Beautiful White Owls where to go.

We returned to the Owl’s Spot, asked and received permission and Found an Area that was already in a circle where someone had a camp fire recently.  It was Perfect and Obviously our Mandala Spot Calling out to us.  We did a Nature Walk, Connected with the Nature spirits in the Area, pulled out our Supplies and Started Connecting, Weeding and Purifying the Earth Spot with Our Hands and Bare feet.  We smoothed and Cleaned out most of the Burnt word and Soot and found the earth.  We set up our Sage, Candles and Incense around the circle, did a prayer and land blessing.

As the Smoke purified the circle we lined up our simples around the circle and sat for some yummy lunch and watched and rested.

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I started with the Center Choosing a Heart Shaped piece of white coral on top of a bit of sand.

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Setting the Flowers

Setting the Flowers

Finished Mandala

Finished Mandala

This Mandala was Huge and Took many hours before hand with the collecting and then with the Two of us Weeding, clearing and cleansing the land and then building.

I decided the next day that I wanted to try to make one a bit smaller and quicker.  I was guided down the street to Makena Black sand Beach, one of my local blessing areas.   This time I only Collected flowers the mile before.  I decided to kept the mandala small and within my reach sitting on my knees and enjoyed my time connecting with the land and just loosing myself.

It is during the creation of this Mandala that I got the confirmation to “complete the circle”.  and I added an Elemental Guardian which asked to be apart of the Mandala Blessing Ceremony.

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Offerings and Makahiki 

a few weeks before I started creating the Earth Mandalas, I was told to leave an offering everywhere I went.  Even at the DMV! This was at the Beginning of Makahiki, a Hawaiian tradition of leaving offerings for the Gods to bless your land.  I knew this was my offering to the Gods and to the Earth Stewards/Elementals/Devics to come and Heal the Land.

I also had just met a gentleman named Rich Ralston that Helps Old Souls and Their Soul groups Move on.  We started working together and sure enough the areas that I was already being guided too had many old souls left confused from battle.  Not only where there many massacres in the islands but any blood shed and pain leaves and imprint on the land.  The old souls also feed off of the land and can cause droughts and areas of trees to be drained, dead and fried looking.

so Rich would clear away and help the souls cross over, and I would bring in the land blessing.

2 weeks later After we Cleansed and Brought in the New Light for the Land I returned to Makena Beach. I was Absolutely Floored!!! Amazed at how the park felt and looked!!!  The Park was Thriving with Life, Butterflies and Energy of Creation >3  That area year round does get some rain.  However, rain often does not penetrate areas with Mass Energy Issues.  Plus with the Souls feeding off of the trees how are they to Thrive?

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The following is a blessing I did at Haycraft Park where Many Tongans where killed while participating in what they thought was suppose to be a friendly trade.  The park is Odd and has Energetically Dead and Lonely Feeling.  After Rich cleared out all the Old Souls I did a Blessings and received Sparkles of Light like Rain as confirmation.  A few weeks later I returned and created this Dancing Star pattern mandala.

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This is the blessing I created at Barbs (where I caregiver).  The Flower In the Center is a Vortex swirl, surrounded by a universe, inside a Double heart.  I call it Infinite Love ❤ 

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Ghost Hunts and the Return of the White Owls

About once a week I would head out with Rich and the gang on ghosts hunts. Again Rich would connect and help Old Souls and Soul Groups cross over and I would do a Land healing and Offering.  One night we headed Up the Volcano to Poli Poli state park around Sunset.  I mentioned that the park might still be closed but we could still get pretty close.  We drove past the place where our 1st mandala was created and continued up the volcano.  Rich was guided to stop about 30 feet above the Mandala and connected with the Spirits. He pointed to the Trees Blow and said about 2500 Souls are buried of Higher Class Hawaiians being that they where the only ones allowed this high on the Volcano back then.  He pointed right to the trees where we did the Mandala a few weeks before and where the Owls Live!!!  This is now the 5th or 6th time that I have been guided to do a blessing in an area where old souls have been buried or killed.

As we headed down the Very STEEP WINDING One lane road in the dark, Theresa our driver for the night (in her 80’s) was having a ton of trouble seeing, scaring the living crap out of all of us!!  Out of the Trees the White Owl came down onto the Road at exactly the point where she should turn the car (and not drive off of the Volcano) and did so too not hit the Owl.  The Owl Flew Up and Came Down again on the Next Turn!!!  His Glowing White Feathers Lit Up By the Head Lights On the Car was a Site I will never forget!!

I’ll stop there for now ❤

To visit Zsuzsánna’s page please go to also see our  see our Adventure finding and activating Labyrinths upcountry)

Thanks for Reading

Much Love and Starlight




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  1. Wow! Very cool experiences with the white owls. Amazing. I have heard they are very important to the Hawaiians and beautiful. Definitely good signs from spirit. Let’s have lunch soon and catch up. Blessings, Debbie

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