Creating New Sacred Site Energy Centers: A Walk with Mother 10

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

I am only 3 months behind writing about my Magical experiences which are almost a daily occurrence now!  I decided the only way to catch up is to do a a few recaps and then start fresh from there, hopefully.

Remembering my Ancient Abilities/Psychic Attacks

When I was at Oluwalu Sacred Site I was starting to remember my ancient roots and abilities to create and harness sacred site energy centers.

I knew in my being that Sacred Sites designed by our ancestors where in fact on Ley Line energy centers and on the Meridians or Power Spots where multiple Ley Lines cross our Earth.

I also knew that I was able (as one of my gifts and why I am here at this time), to reactivate older Sacred Site Energy Centers by realigning the Ley line energy, repair it, purify it, and reactivate the Neg Ions that Mother gives off.

It was this day that I Knew that if I created a Medicine Wheel of Sacred Geometry that I would in fact be Creating a Vortex Energy field!!!!

and if I created this Sacred Geometry/Medicine Wheel on a Ley Line I would be harnessing and multiplying the Power!!!

Then the Word STARGATE was whispered to me.

This is the Night the psychic Attacks started and I stopped writing.  I stopped writing because suddenly I thought, maybe I shouldn’t be so open with my knowledge, awakenings and findings as they might get me in some serious trouble.

I won’t get into much detail, at least for now about the psychic attacks.  I will share that I have a NEW understanding of Depression and Suicide.  They also hit me when I was down.  The week after my mooning cycle, 1 glass of wine (which is rare these days) and they got in.  They (demons, dark entities, those that attack light workers, and the Machines set up to emit dark frequency that look like cell towers) sound just like your voice and must attack your own Ego/Fear Voice.  Because if my voice said something that wasn’t one of my Biggest Fears I would have Laughed.  If my voice said ” Your not funny and no one likes you”, it wouldn’t have bothered me.  But no, the are able to feed and bring out your deepest fears.  I finally woke up, said ” This isn’t Me”!!!  and Prayed for protection and grabbed my tool box and walked out of the Darkness.  They can not affect me now.  So now I can talk about whatever the Fack I want;-)

This doesn’t mean I haven’t also uncovered multiple psychic cords, my ex’s lower soul trying to control my sacral area, and his higher soul controlling my brain.   If that wasn’t creepy enough I have had many implants controlling my spine, seeing through my eyes and covering my 3rd eye.  This past two weeks I have been protecting my self and my dog from two snake reptilians that were attached to my ex that corded my Solar Plexus, Then Heart, then my Dog to get to Me!!!  Littleman had 3 cords when I returned home from my holiday trip to San Diego.  As soon as I picked up Little sick man, his cords went into me!!!  I am telling you, I have been poked, prodded, manipulated and violated in so many ways!!

Yet I am still here.

I am also going through Many recalibrations at this time that feels like a cold.  I am being stretched so I can hold more frequencies from other worlds to give to Mother at this time.

So back to the Sacred Geometry.

Leaving Offerings for Makahiki

I was strongly told many times to leave an Offering everywhere I went.  If I didn’t leave an offering something of mine started magically disappearing only to reappear after I went back and left an offering.  My passport, journal, earphones and beach chair disappeared and reappeared!!!!

I finally GOT IT and started traveling with a basket filled with apples charged up with my crystals and blessings.

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This realization also came to me on the Night before Makahiki.  A Hawaiian holiday where it is customary to leave offerings at every village and city line as on offering to the Gods.  Just another huge confirmation that I was on the right path and being guided.

The Dance of The Eagle/Initiation/The White Rainbow


The next week I was shown a hill to climb on the South Dry HOTT side of Maui.  I said to my guides “you gotta be kidding me”, ” it better be shady and raining if you want me to climb that thing”!!   It was seriously the driest side most exposed to the elements and SUN of the island and the passageway before Oluwalu and Lahaina above Maalaea Harbor.    I got up the nerve the next morning, backed a bag, snacks and water and made the trip in a dress, hat and sandals that can be easily removed for barefoot walking.  I headed over to that side of the island and to my pleasant surprise there was a Giant Dark Beautiful Blue Cloud Covering the Mountain top and Path!!  I started on the Vertical Path looking only 3 feet in front at all times and inside I knew and even said out loud ” is this some kind of an initiation”? ?? I got about 2/3rd of the way and saw a platform to stop and rest.  Haleakala (10,ooo feet up across the center of the island from there) looked small from there now, and the city and ocean so far away.  I was alone!!  it was quiet, nice, shady and dark…. yay… thank you, thank you, thank you.

I laid on the earth and let go and really rested from that giant vertical climb.  I placed my feet on the earth and connected.  I asked for my angles and guides to speak with the steward of that land area and ask if there was anything I could do.  The vision I saw was of an Native American Indian Man Dancing in a circle, lifting his knees high up into the air.  He was wearing giant white wings on his arm and he was flapping them up and down as he danced.  Me: “really you want me to dance like that …. here”?  I knew the answer was YES.

So I stood up and stepped into the vision.  I realized that I needed jingles of some sort and knew that’s why I was guided to buy a anklet that jingled 2 months ago.  Darn!  where was that thing now??  So I grabbed my Car Keys and looped them on my Big Toe.  This is a time when I wish I had another person to film…. hahaha but would I have gone through with it? ? I proceed to connect again with the vision, flapping my large white wings and dance hitting the earth with my bare feet adding a chime down into her.  I heard “Create the White Rainbow” during this dance, and again later that week.  This meaning I am still uncovering accept that White Rainbow is also called a Moonbow which is a Rainbow created at night with the Moon’s light instead of the Sun’s light.

Special note:  I have never studied Native American Culture so researching this for a photo I found hundreds of photos like this, giving me chills.  This is the Vision I had.  I also found an amazing video on u-tube and the man is wearing large bells on each ankle. Not sure it will link but trying it here… Mesmerizing!!!! please watch 

Special note Revision:  My friend from the Big Island of Hawaii who is apart of the Native American Nez Perce Tribe added a comment below after reading.  In the Eagle Dance Men Actually Dance in a Circle kicking up so much dust that You can See a WHITE RAINBOW!!  It signifies/shows the Source Energy of Our Prime Creator of the Universe coming to EARTH!!!!  Holy Cow!  Magic

After this (activation) I laid down again and I was shown visions of me Creating Vortex Energy Centers/Mandalas of Sacred Geometry, doing Priestess Initiations, and Vortex Healing Sessions.  I took out my phone note section and wrote for about an hour in meditation getting these visions.  Then I carefully walked back down, satisfied that 2/3rds up that dry mountain was just prefect!

3rd Note Revision:  I am seeing now the White Rainbow of Creator/Source Energy that came down into the Circle was My Activation!!  Wow.  The Father Sky Energies that I am now bringing into my Mandalas and for the Priestess Activations are THE WHITE RAINBOW of Source Energy containing ALL the Frequencies of the RAINBOW!  wow

My AppleFlower Offerings Became Mandalas of Sacred Geometry/Medicine Wheels since October 2014

This has changed my life forever and I am now Fully Walking my Path with The GODDESS.

Dancing Star pattern/cosmos blessing, Maui

Dancing Star pattern/cosmos blessing, Maui

I will stop there for now.  That’s about 2 months caught up I believe.

On the front page of my web site I have more info on the Mandalas and pictures of the creations.

Thanks for Reading

with all my Love and Starlight,



6 responses

  1. I was at a pow wow in 2000 which an Indian taught the group of tribes the dance. He said it was not danced for over 50 years. When dancing on the dry earth the dust was kicked up from the eagle wings flapping & feet stomping. This dust sometimes would create a white rainbow over the dance. I saw this happen when I danced with them. Amazinly powerful way to attract the prime creator or Great Spirit(Wankan Tanka).

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  3. Wow ! My dear Godess ! I have no words ! Such of experiences ! Thanks God you are safe ! We are so grateful to you doing so much for Mother Earth and his children ! Love you so much !

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