Labyrinth Hunts: A walk with mother 9

Hello beautiful souls!!    It’s been awhile since my last Walk with Mother post.

Much has been going on in the Cosmos and also Within Us.

In the past month or so I have been led Magically to Labyrinths, Churches and to Start making my own Mandalas in nature.

My interest in Sacred Geometry led me to my girlfriend Zsuzsánna Balogh who lives upcountry on the slopes of the dormant volcano in search of a church, to catch up and check out her Art.

To my surprise we were talking the same language, Color, the language of light, activations, mathematics, and connecting it to her Art and my spiritual work.

She paints Unbelievable Mandalas on Silk!!!

She only starts the project after she meets her clients and paints them intuitively for them based on the healing, or upgrades that they need/are ready for.

I believe whole heartily that her Art heals, activates and Brings forth a the next level of spiritual growth for the individual.  Zsuzsánna although shares none of this to her customers she says that it’s all perfect and the people that are ready come to her at the right time.

She as well receives the activations/healing too herself too….. at exactly at the right time for herself.

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This talk about sacred geometry, colors, vibrations, and the language of light was running off of our tongues as we finishing each others sentences.

It was such a refreshing morning to have someone “get me” and be also so happy about our Magical “jobs”.

I shared that I was on a mission too to find a church somewhere up here, and I was’t exactly sure why.

Zsuzsánna mentioned that her roommates keep telling for her to go to St. Joseph’s church, but she had no interest.

We decided to take a walk to a park and use the restroom.  We came across a Feather, a Pen, and then a a Mug with a Picture of St. Joseph’s Church on it.

We jumped at the synchronicities of writing for both of us and decided before our time ended today we would swing by this church.

a few hours later on our way back to her place she directed me to the church.

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As we pulled in my Jaw dropped to the floor of my car as we witnessed together a giant Labyrinth (sacred geometry) painted in the parking lot.

we immediately parked and jumped out of the car.

She ran into the center of the Labyrinth and immediately made what I would call her Signature move with her arms down and out forming a triangle.

Then I jumped in (as we switched the camera;-) and made my signature move…. my arms stretched up and out a bit forming and upside down triangle.

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Significance of the Spiritual, mathematical Number of 108

After we “Activated” or did whatever spirit had us do, Zsuzsánna intuitively said “quick check the time” and it was exactly 1:08.

This was a huge sign for me with there being 108 meridians in the body, 108 Sacred Temples, 108 Mala Beads!!

108 is a very significant number making me wonder if there are also 108 sacred points on Maui, as well as in our bodies and on our Earth.

The one fact about 108 that has alway stood out to me leaving me in awe is the connection with 108 and our moon and sun.

Did you Know that the distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times the sun’s diameter!!

And the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter!!

unreal!  amazing that anyone would ever thing that we all happen by “chance”.

After I dropped off Zsuzsánna I went to get gas.  When I reset my Odometer it magically reset to 108!!!!  This is not a coincidence!

When I left my car reset to 108

When I left my car reset to 108

I have to notice that I am being led to Labyrinths, Sacred Sites, Energy Centers, Burial grounds and Churches…. as well as making medicine wheels and learning about mandals.


  • There are so many churches on Maui… am I being led to them or the Earth/Land beneath the church?
  • Do these Labyrinths/sacred circle symbols create energy Vortex fields that work like a sacred site/energy centers??
  • That means that when activated they spiral out New Light Energy to the Earth and People
  • One thing I know for certain nothing is by chance.  I am being led to areas of significant energy, or needing to be reactivated
  • This Church does not have a Labyrinth by chance, the land asked for it, and it was given

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To visit Zsuzsánna’s page please go to


Silk Harmony by Zsuzsánna Balogh ❤

Phone: 1-808-463-7067

Just getting my feet wet again,

thanks for reading

With all my Love, Light and Starness




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