Foods for Enlightenment: Connect and Heal with Food part 2


Continued from part one which consists of

-Keeping and Sustaining the Life Force of Food

-Eating as a Ritual not a Race: a Ceremony for inviting in the Sacredness of Food

Life Force Energy

Humans contain a life force

Animals, trees, and food grown in nature are the same as us; we all thrive with a life force otherwise known as prana, mana , chi or ki.

All Whole, Untouched, Unprocessed Foods With the Colors of The Rainbows are Filled with  


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Life Force is a Vibration

Life Force is LIGHT

Light when ingested sends healing to the areas needed spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically and energetically.

Regular Food gives Calories, Proteins, Fat, Fiber etc.

Whole Source Food with Light Gives All that Plus Healing!!!

Light is also Knowledge

Food Containing Light…….. Contains Knowledge!!!

Light Is healing.  Light is Divine and all Knowing.

Foods Grown In The Mother Earths Loving Soil, enriched with the Elements and kissed by the Sun all contain a Life Force.

they Contain the WISDOM of THE Sun, Sprinkled with the Healing ENERGY of the Stars  and Baked in the Knowledge and Love of the Mother Earth Source Energy!!!

Yes!!!  Why would you every want another burrito?!! 😉

Nature Contains Codes of Knowledge for our learning

Just look at the Sacred Geometry with every Bite

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When you are ready to awaken to the knowledge that the Universe has to provide, Mother Earth will release the codes.

All plants, trees and flowers are Alive.

All plants, trees and flowers contain Codes.

Therefore everything that grows from this earth contains codes of light and knowledge.

Shamans ingest plants through sacred ceremonies for spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

So why wouldn’t eating it do the Same?

Eating food with Life Source Energy WHEN THE INTENTION IS THERE will provide you with spiritual healing, growth and enLightenment.

Keys to the Universe

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There are Keys to the universe in Every Seed.

Every Seed contain codes of creation, and knowledge of the universe. 

When consuming Foods with Seeds and the Seeds Themselves you are consuming their knowledge.

““Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.”  Anastasia-Ringing Cedars

Minerals are frequencies of consciousness:

Food Grown from our Earth not only Contains Light, Knowledge, The Keys to the universe, offer Healing and spiritual growth but it also contains Minerals!!! 

Natural Minerals!  

Minerals that weren’t added in a Lab

but baked in our Mother Earth under the Stars and Sun

Frequencies of light and frequencies of information needed for spiritual life.

“…Minerals are one of the deep secrets of Spiritual nutrition according to Dr. Cousens.

Ninety-Nine percent of Americans are mineral deficient according to the US Senate as early as 1936. The US Senate went on to mark that deficiency inany one of the more important minerals results in disease! Years later, things have only gotten worse as far as food production, mineral deficient soil, herbicides, pesticides and microwave ovens. 

Whether you are a meat eater or vegan, everyone needs to mineralize!…”

Foods from our Mother Earth Contain Water 

When Blessed, all water contains sacred geometry

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Just Saying “Thank you” and ” I love you” can heal your Food.

also, Omming into your food

More on Water Blessing to Heal your Body and the World

Make love to your Food:

Bless your Food

Thank your Food

Honor your Food

Tell your Food you Love it

Have the intention to be engaged in sacred ceremony with your food for spiritual growth and healing

Spent time in Meditation one on one with every bite, savory and feel the light radiating out

Use your hands connect, look, Smell, feel, taste, chew slowly, and feel again

This will Enliving and Awaken the Water in your Food & Connect you together

More here on Eating as a Ritual 

A bit for next time

What to include in your Spiritual Diet:

Add Live Foods: Seaweed, Algae, Sprouts

Eat foods that still contain Life Force (untouched, unprocessed, have sacred geometry)

Cut out foods that are dead (old foods that have been cut, processed, meats etc)

Nuts & Seeds


Raw & Colorful Foods

Thank you for Reading

Happy Eating 

Blessings and Love,



Creator gods part 2: Activating Cities of Light



Continued from So we are Creator gods. Now What? part 1

1.) There are 12 Major Pyramid Cities of light on this Earth:  These cities are being returned to their higher purpose, and holding higher levels of light frequency for humanity.  These Cities are where Multiple ley lines on Our Earth intersect.  These Cities hold Massive Earth Chakras, Stargates and Major Vortexes that fuel many smaller Vortexes.  Earth Chakras have a downward spiral energy and connects through ley lines to the smaller vortex centers that have an upward spiral energy.   For example Maui has Haleakala which is our Volcano.  She is the Heart Chakra Of our Earth and She fuels the ley lines, or energy pathways sites (vortexes) all over the island.  Many Sacred Sites are on Earth Energy Vortex Centers.

Mother earth healing energy is like A Heart connected to arteries and veins.  



2.)These Pyramid Cities of Light holding the Earths Chakras and Major Vortexes are being Re-ACTIVATED: We are here repairing the Meridian (Ley lines) that connect our Earths Geophysical and Electromagnetic Grids.

The land is being repaired and healed from devastation and blood shed which have destroyed the connection to areas all over the earth.

These Major Centers Broadcast light energy like radio wave signals to the earth and all of HUmanity.

We are reconnecting our Cities Meridians to the Major Energy Center that stands within them!!!

They Will Again Start to FLOW Healing, Awakening Codes of Light!!!

This is Huge for Humanity and Our Mother.

3.) Language of Light:  We are being downloaded with the language of Light!:  Gods Light Codes of Sacred Geometry.  WE are spreading them to the Earth and to others by just Being.  Others will find you and will take on the Codes that they are ready for.  You might notice synchronistic meetings or people just showing up in your life, on your path…. randomly out of their way.  A stranger on the side of the road comes to speak to you about nothing, and seems very random, but divinely inspired.

For more on becoming Electromagnetic/Merkabah Bodies & being downloaded with the Creation of Life to create The New World read here: The Children of the Rainbow are home

We are also supporting each other and trading codes.

4.) The 144,000:  10% of 7 million here on Earth are lightworkers.  144,000 of those have agreed to run their light and bring in the 5th Dimension.  When I have tried to understand more about the 144,000 I only find info on the 12 tribes of Israel, past tense.  There are 12 Tribes, each very different in their paths and all serving God and HUmanity.

Combining what I know about Light, Frequencies, Colors and Sacred Geometry Codes Now I understand that:

the 144,000 are frequencies!!  We are LIGHT CODES, WE ARE COLOR, We are the Colors of the Rainbow!

also seeing a correlation with the 12 cities of Light and noticing:

12 light cities

144,000/12 = 12,000
12 tribes= 12,000 per tribe

12,000 per light city

1,000 of each tribe in each city???  Just thinking…..I know there are Lightworkers/144,000 all over the world with other missions.

Plus there aren’t just the 12 Pyramidal Cities but there are are 12 Minor Cities and 108 meridians all being activated!

which means that there are at least a few of each tribe in each city DownLoading the Language and Frequencies of Light into the Vortexes!!!  To be a Huge Radio station which broadcasts Light all around the World!!!!

5.) What’s the Plan Stan?

These cities are all connected/are being reconnected to Each Other.

  • Phase 1: RE-ACTIVATE the 12 Cities Pyramidal of Light – each city will be Flowing Codes of Light to awaken HUmanity 
  • Phase 2: the 12Major and 12 Minor, 108 Meridians will reconnect to each other and the Lion Sphinx and Great Pyramid in Egypt
  • Phase 3: the Flow will vibrate and continue to Activate all the Cities around the Earth and HUmanity
  • The Lion Sphinx which is connected to Orion will be reunited with all chakras and vortices on Earth (this is huge)
  • Phase 4: A signal will be sent to Orion and The Next wave of Light Energies will be sent Through Orion to the Sphinx and back to the Light Cities!

This is the Next stages of Enlightenment before 1st Contact can take place!!!



Where are the 12 major Light Cities??? 

Well I believe that some have shifted from ancient time.  Which adds to the need to reconnect them to the Crystal Electromagnetic Grid and the Geophysical Grid.  I believe there are 12 major and 12 minor cities. Some containing star gates, earth chakras, & cardinal points, 108 Meridians of Gaia which are All being activated. For now the 12 major Mt. Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Uluru-Kata Australia, Gastonbury England, the Great Pyramid, Mount Kailas Tibet, Mt. Fuji, Bali, Maui, Rotopounamu New Zealand, Cape Town South Africa, El Tule Tree Southern Mexico.

There are many in the US including SEDONA;-)

There is much speculation and variations.

I am on Maui and have had the visions and been guided to do the healing work on the land.  Guided to Sacred Sites, Vortex Energy Centers and Now to many Churches that where built on Ley one energy centers.

Thank you for reading for now This will be continued…….

with Love and Starlight,