So we are Creator Gods. Now what? part 1

A Note to Lightworkers, 144,000, and all Children of the Light

There are a few of you out there humble as Pie 😉 saying ” Oh No, I am not a God, or Goddess…..this Can not be”.

Well I have been there and done that and truly understand what you are thinking…. and what your ego is saying.

It feels very Egoic to think ” I am an all mightily powerful god and I can create and destroy.

Yea Yea I get it.  Believe me they would not give this Power and Responsibility to just anyone.

Seriously think about what we are talking about.  Creating ….go ahead give it a few moments…………………………………

What about free will some of you might ask?   Do we have the right to change someone else’s free will?

I think we should step back for a moment.  

Yes we are creator gods but we are Not GOD.  

We are apart of God and as his children we have powers to co create.  

As his/her children of light we have powers to dream and co create.  

And as his/her children of the light we have powers to collectively unite our Voices, Tones, Thoughts, Songs,

Vibrations, Love and Light and Rebuilt, Rebirth, Heal and Download the New Golden Light Energies into the Earth!!!!!

Yes!!!!! Now that Sounds Fun!


So lets talk about Responsibility!  Can you imagine giving just anyone the responsibility of Creation???

Haven’t you proven to Love & Honor our Earth and her Children?

Some of you might have taken an oath of your own kind by Ritual to love and honor the Sacredness of Life.

Do you think if the gift of creation was given to anyone that you would be deserving?

You are a caretaker.  A caregiver.  A lover.  A Giver. A Supporter. A Healer.  You value the Sacredness of All.

You know in your Heart you are here to “Save” the Earth and Protect All through any possible disruptions that may come.

You have LOVE in your heart and Emotions that are not like others.

You have a Value System that break all Societal Rules but is Governed by internal Integrity and Universal Laws.

Have I proven my Point? 😉

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!!

You are Strong for all of us and Loved so Dearly.

You are Special, Gifted and Humble.

You Love Eternally.

Please know that your Life Times here are just a wink compared to the Billions of years your Light has shined.

You are Becoming your Higher Light Body Self Daily.

You are a Warrior with a Heart of Gold.

You are Loved

You are Love

& You Love ❤

with All my Love and Starlight


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