Ritual to use Water to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & our Earth

Below I have shared a few Very Powerful Ancient Magic Rituals and Universal Laws to Heal our Bodies, Bodies of Water & Mother Earth.



Important: Please see Ritual At the End for Disconnecting and Setting Sacred Space to Increase Power

The elements and Nature are essential for our purification and healing.  What happens when they get polluted?

More recently on my walk with Mother Maui I have been brought to bodies of Water to do healing work rather than land.  This also brought me to a new friend that said to me “I want the swim with the dolphins, can we clean the oceans too?”

The next day after we met I went down to a secret mermaid beach (that very few have had encounters with) to connect and asked the Ocean to show me how to heal water.

This is Powerful!!!  I was shown to combine a few magical techniques 

1.) Water Crystals:  I have been playing around, working and learning from using toning and prayer to change and heal water.  Learning from Dr. Emoto who has documented that water forms beautiful Crystals of Sacred Geometry when spoken nice words, prayed over, surrounded by beautiful pictures, saying “thank you” and “I love you”.  Similarly speaking horrible words to water creates distressed irregular shapes.

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Water can be changed with a Chant, Prayer, Thought, Mantra, Vision, Music, Honoring it and yes with LOVE!!!!

2.) Self Talk/Affirmations:  This means that the water in our bodies can be changed too Since our bodies (lets pick an average of what I’ve read) are 80% water!!!   Why do you think we are asked to watch what we say to ourselves and to others!!!  I’ve been working a little with talking to the cells in my own body to vibrate with more and higher light and regenerating the ones that are not able to vibrate the highest light.  I use affirmations for many things on a daly basis.  To balance and ground, bring light into my chakras, connect to my higher self, and for protection to name a few.



3.) now Combine these two Important Magic Principals with the Universal Law of Oneness and with the Sacred Hidden Source Power of Water!

Law of Oneness:  we are psychically and spiritually connected to everything….

if we connect and heal the water/blood in our own bodies with light and LOVE then connect to the water source that we want to heal, or to the human, earth, elemental, animal, land & water grids and send that same vibration out.

Sacred Power of Water:

water is a conductor, used in most rituals, it is movement, and is in every living thing on this earth (accept for fire).  That means our soil, air, animals, trees, fruit, grass, mountains, wind all contain WATER.




The Ritual (without the Ceremony)  Please See Ceremony below for to Increase Power and to Disconnect

1.) Connect and heal the water source in your body (prayer, affirmations, visualizations, mantras, feelings of love)

2.) Connect physically or psychically to the Body of Water you want to send a healing to (lake, stream, earth, sky, person, animal)

3.) Using the law of Oneness if you are LOVE then everything you are connected to become LOVE too.   You can listen to your favorite music then send your LOVE channels souring…..connect to a tree and send those same FEELING OF LOVE to the tree.  You can practice becoming the lake or Stream and Send the LOVE through your Body in Sound, Thought, Feelings of LOVE or through a Visual.

You can connect with a smaller bowl of water and visualize it’s a larger body of water or the entire earth!!



All Shamans, and Kahunas know that Imagination and Visualizing your Most Powerful Key for Magic!!!

And with Any Magic, you Must have a Pure Heart, with Pure Intention

The basics are Become Love, Connect, and Send Love


Suggested Ceremony for Healing Water

Pre Set Up:  Always Cleanse Yourself , the Area around you, Ground, Center, Protect, & Connect to Higher self, ask for permission, make an offering

Ask for the following ceremony to be for the greatest good if all according to the will of God/Goddess

For Increased Power Try adding as Many of the Following:

-Go to a Sacred Site where the Earth Source Energy is Powerful.

-Create a Sacred Space with the help of the Elementals, you can call upon Gods/Goddesses for a manifesting magic

-Add a Medicine Wheel or Mandala which represent the Four Directions and Source creating a Symbol of the Universe


Connect to God Grid (SKY): Universal Oneness Gride that All Higher Source Beings are Connected to (feels like Electricity and I see it as a Golden Grid)

Connect to Mother Earth LOVE Grid (EARTH): Life Force Source Energy, Mana, Chi, Prana, Ki (Feels like a warm & fuzzy energy to me)

Fill your body with light and Source Energy

Connect with your Heart Space, Let your thoughts go, see your consciousness become one with your heart

Chant or channel love to your body Visualize and see the Cells in your Body becoming LOVE

Then Transfer LOVE into the source you are connecting too….. Water, Person. land, animal

Add the toning or Chant that comes up to clear/cleanse the persons illness, the lands pain or wrong doing, misused energies etc

Tone vowel sounds or the word LOVE

Add Dancing, Blessings and expand this love to wherever you feel called

Step into Gratitude and Meditate on that feeling, ask for guidance for anything else needed to add to the ritual

Closing:  Grounding your energy… place your hands on the ground, or feet in nature and see your energy settling softly all around you.

Thank the elements, God, and Goddess for joining you.  Ask them to continue to guide you throughout your day.

Important: Disconnect From the God and Earth Grid and to the body, body of water that you connected to

If you created a sacred circle, please release the elements and open the circle


Spirit Science

Spirit Science

Try adding a few of these techniques daily.  Start with yourself!  In your shower, as you walk, drive Chant and FEEL LOVE!!!

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So we are creator gods. Now What? 

Thank you again for Reading.

Please share your thoughts or how I can better serve you.

With All my Love and Starlight,


Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711

Iao Valley Water and Valley Ceremony. Accidental Photo that was #1711 of my photos


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