Quick Recap: A walk with Mother 8


I have learned and awakened in many new ways these past few weeks.

Working on the Aina

Working on the Aina

The Tusnumi of Love transformation purging all of our hearts has been an earth shattering experience to say the least.  I feel though I have ridden that wave quit gracefully knowing now that I was also one of the Pilars of light that allowed that frequency to be downloaded onto Earth. More on that here 

I have worked with the War/Massacre Wounded Land Energies in the Very Sacred and Holy Iao Valley and Oluwalu Sacred Site and Beach area (that are Both joined together by just a few miles of Mountains).   Both had witnessed horrible blood shed in the year 1790 and needed much Healing to the Water Ways that run through both Sites. To read more click here

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I downloaded what felt like a Lightening Bolt of Golden Energy into the Beach area at Oluwalu and the Sacred Site at Oluwalu.  More here.

I have been asked to study and practice with Sacred Geometries, Mandalas, Medicine wheels, the four cardinal points creating portals of Gods source energy.   I have also been continuing to work with the Vortex energy and understanding the Ley line energy grids that surround our Bodies and Earth.

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I have been downloaded with the 880 Flower of Life Creation that Sings the Fibonacci Signal Creating New Life, Downloading New Light Energies of the New Earth.  More here. 

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I am being Drawn to Water Sources to Help purify and Bring this new Light Source of the New Living Earth to them.  Learning how to work with the Sacred Sound, Prayer, and Thought to Change the Crystals in Water.

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I have received gifts of beautiful new friends and new tools in the forms of Sacred Books, Power Crystals, and a Vortex Healing Portal in the form of Coral from a Mermaid.

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Ive been guided to lay and Sleep under the Stars as much as possible

and asked to work with the Sacred Taro Plant and to Bless Sacred land (that a friend of mine is a caretaker on) and allowed to stay over night, sleep under the Stars, Dance, Pray, Play and Work with the Land and Nature

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I Built my 1st Fire on this sacred land and Saw the Goddess of Haleakala

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Before a Double Hurricane hit the Hawaiian islands I was asked to performed Ceremonies and Offerings all over Maui.  In a bit of a rush Littleman and I packed up on the sacred land and was able to visit and Perform Ceremonies in Upcountry Maui, South, North and West Shores, plus 2 sacred sites.  It was to dangerous to drive to Hana on the East Side.

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I was guided to a park of the Gods up High against the West Maui Mountains.  no work was needing to be done there but I feel I was brought there for future meetings to take place.  It felt like Olympus.

I have been visited by the Goddess Hi’iaka, and the gods Lono, Kane, and Most Recently Kanaloa the God of the Sea…. who has my back, has been in my dreams and visions and has come to me at night in a form of a cloud.

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Thank you for Reading

and as always I wish you peace, clarity and love within

With Warmest Aloha, Starlight and All My Love




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