the Children of the Rainbow are Home

the Children of the Rainbow are Home 

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”– Old Native American Prophecy


The Creator Gods Working Through Us. The Seed of Life riding with The Breath of Life “Ha” within the Rainbow Codes of Light. Artist: Josephine wall


the Children of the Rainbow

We now Hold the Keys

the Keys of Creation

for the Creation of the New Earth

the Seeds of Light Come into Action from the Breath of life 

Travel dimensions within the Light Codes of the Rainbow

to Pollinate the Sacred Space within the Rainbow Children 

Gods Flowers of Creation have Sprouted within our Hearts

the Codes have been Activated

The Flower of Life now Lives,


and Breathes

Within each of Us

to Create the Gardens of Light

and Birth the Golden Age of Lemuria

by: Annalisa Robusto

The Flower of life Sacred Heart

” Wherever you speak, rejoice with the children of up righteousness and Light for the children have won over the path of the earth” — Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

About 3 months ago I was racking my brain trying to figure out where I was to go next.  I knew my current time line was about to crumble right  in front of my eyes, for it no longer served my path.  I had just finished activating the Sacred Site there in South Maui and knew it was time to leave this touristy dry side of Maui.   I sat at the beach and decided to ask my Heart.  I took a couple of breaths and said ” Well, where do we go next”?  My Heart immediately showed me barefoot in a white dress in a tropical jungle of GREEN…. dancing, singing and touching every plant and tree.   My Heart swelled in my chest and tears flowed from my eyes.  I opened up my eyes to see a pod of 12 dolphins has swam up to me.

I didn’t know that this heart vision would lead to me to my Walk with Mother Maui, or be about brining in the Golden Age of Lemuria.  But this vision has served as a confirmation for me many times since.  It’s like I was given my answer ahead of time so I could unpack it at just the right time.

88O/God Code Activation’s/Sacred Flower

Our Sacred Heart has been activated in with the The Flower of Creation.

We are in our new Light Bodies with the Keys to Creating the New Earth through the seeds of Light, language of light, and the the  Fibonacci Musical Vibration emanating from our beings!!!

Last time in TSUNAMI OF LOVE; VORTEX LOVE ENERGY DOWNLOADED. A WALK WITH MOTHER 7   I wrote about how I was given the symbol for the God Code Activation of 880, creating a double infinity torus in my heart center  I asked for and received many conformations from fun and unusual sources.

The one that I didn’t even notice was right there in front of me!! 880 is also 808, which is the area code for all of the Hawaiian Islands!! How did I not see this at first. I had just said a few weeks ago I thought it was amazing how one area code can still fulfill the entire population of cell phone users in the Islands. Coming from San Diego we had at least 4 different area codes the last time I checked, and that’s just one city.

The past week I was asked to bless and spend time on area of Hawaiian Sacred land that a friend of mine is the caretaker of.  When he showed up to meet me I jumped for joy as I looked down his license plate Read 880!!! 

Of course! I haven’t met anyone else here that respects the Aina (land) more than him. And again I got it! We are all here! In the Hawaiian Islands! We have the same dream in our Hearts for as long as we can remember. A dream, a song, a smell, and a feeling of Paradise!! A yearning to swim naked in waterfalls, dance and play in the trees and be united in community that takes care of our Earth and of each other!!!

Maui/Hawaii is one of the 12 Cities of Light!  One of the Major Cities to Broadcast the New light Energies!  Many of us are here!  Reconnecting the Ley lines to the Vortex energy center and to each other.  For more on this here:  Creator gods part 2: creating cities of light

88 signifies the completion of the living energy of spirit is now forming creation itself. The zero is magnifying it with God Source.

8 is also symbol for DNA

Just to Make my Point again:  We have been Downloaded with the FLOWER OF LIFE, THE FLOWER OF CREATION which is created by the Fibonacci Sequence creating all Living things in our Universe.

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 13 is the Symbol for the Fibonacci Sequence which is also known as the number of completion:  in Egypt, it is said the soul reaches the source of itself and attains spiritual completion.  The Last Supper. Twelve disciples and the Christ, formed a group of thirteen to share the last meal.  The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death. It symbolizes the death to the matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence.The thirteenth mystery of the Tarot does not have a name. It marks the uncertainty, the hesitation, the fickleness or again a transformation, the end of something (the death) and a renewal, a rupture, that is to say a very important change.  Number representing the Son of God, according to Abellio. The image of the creature kneeling ahead the Throne of God, the Holy Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is symbolized by the number 13: the 1 ahead 3.  The 13 is the number of skies for the Aztecs, and the hair of the Ancient of Days had thirteen buckles and his beard thirteen wicks. Thirteen was also, for the Aztecs, a time number, which represented the completion of the temporal series. The sacred cord of Druids has thirteen segments.  Number in relation with the moon: it covers on the average thirteen degrees per day and there are thirteen lunations in the year.


We have received (or are receiving) the God Codes/last 3 strands of DNA.

Every aspect of our DNA is made up of Light Codes.

The God Group via Lisa Gawals
The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 11 and 12. These last three are then called “action layers” and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the “God” Group.
  • Layer 10:  THE CALL TO DIVINITY – THE RECOGNITION  OF GOD IN YOU. Layer Ten is also called “The Divine Source of Existence” by Kryon. The ten reduces to a one in numerology, again indicating the energy of “new beginnings.” It is the first of the divine, “God layers” that represent the “call to understanding your divinity.” The God layers are “action layers” because they facilitate the divine within, thereby facilitating enlightenment and remembrance of who you are.
  • Layer 11:  WISDOM OF THE DIVINE FEMININE – COMPASSION LAYER. Layer Eleven is not about goddess energy or even about female energy. The Hebrew name has no feminine connotation in that language. Instead, Kryon indicates that this “Wisdom of the Divine Feminine” is the energy of pure compassion, and is what is missing in the duality balance of the earth at this moment. 
  • Layer 12:  THE GOD LAYER – THE ALMIGHTY GOD- THE GOD WITIN YOU.  Layer Twelve is very simple. It’s the God layer, the most divine, and truly the layer which is “The God Within.” There are many divine layers, but this one is 12… the last and highest in vibration of all of them. What does it do? Kryon says, “Don’t look for these layers to do anything, any more than your home does something. It provides you with peace, shelter, and a feeling of being home. Let the God layer be home for all of you.

Our New Light and Electromagnetic Merkabah Bodies 

After my Vision of Dancing in the Jungle I was given a word... Electromagnetic.  I was on an over night get away in Hana at a beautiful resort to find my way off my crumbling time line.  I started to notice I was hearing and smelling on 3 different dimensions.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I knew it was something amazing.  I met a lady in the jacuzzi and we started talking about essential oils.  She said that you could put the Oil on a Meridian spot and it would start to penetrate your body on many levels.  She said “it’s like…. it’s like  …… and I finished her sentence “Electromagnetic”.   We both Got it!  We got each other, and something huge!  When I returned Home to my companion and pup I told him about how I was smelling and hearing on an electromagnetic level.  He said ” haha I don’t think you understand what electromagnetic means”.  We both laughed, because he’s probably right however, we both know that I am at least on to something.

Electromagnetic started coming up everywhere giving me the goose bumps and giggles like a little kid.   I have started to hear two or three noises at once coming from the same source and be able to see their different wave lengths in color!  I am able to differentiate their vibrations! in color!

We are receiving our Electromagnetic Light body or Merkabah!!

Which could have very well happened to me when I Downloaded a Lightening Bolt into the Sacred Site (you can read here a walk with mother 6 )  I now walk around with sparks 24 hours a day.  Learning to Ground yet again.

I am understanding these Energies as Vortexes.  What I can see, and know now is there is the Electric Vortex from above…. as God Source Engery.  And the other Vortex/Pyramid is Mothers Magnetic Energy from below.

We are learning to create and use An Electro-magnetic Merkabah of Double Energy Forces from Above and Below!

Way cool!

Again Electric Above God Source Energy (light lightening) and Mother Earth Magnetic (like Magma) from Below!

I can feel the Magnetic and Electricity in My body!

I can Feel the Electromagnetic Energy in Crystals that have been gifted to me magically as well.

These Crystals now can be Used in 2 different ways and their Vortex energy can shift.  In my right hand (my receiving hand, they give), when places in the left hand they take or help shift/move energy.

I can also feel Vortexes created when I am next to others that share the same field/flow of energy.  Plus the opposite I can feel some people seam to through my balance off.  Still understanding this one.

Our Bodies are New, improved and We have little to know idea how to use them just yet.

Luckily for me my vision of me dancing, singing and touching every tree is about Creating Gardens of Light!  With no thought at All!!!  Just Being Me and Shinning my Light!!!  No need to Market!  No need to try to make a living in my Lightwork.  There is not Payment System in Nature! Just Be!  Sing!  Love!  Dance!  Play!  and Be Loved by The Greatest Gift under our noses!



When the HEALING Temples Come I have been shown many of us doing Healing work with a never ending line.  One gentleman One guy I actually had to turn down my hand sparks because he jumped from the intensity.

There are fields of Electromagnetic Therapies used today.  Well now we will be the Healers!!  no Machines Necessary.

and the Lord said to Abraham ” I have set this seal on you to govern all those who belong to the seed of love and light upon the earth, so that your seed will gather all true priesthoods into ” Communities of Light” before the end of time.  And the Urim and Thummim (crystals) will be used to revolve the grids of the earth according to a meridian of time on which will be build the light centers of My Kingdom” — Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

Healing Bodies of Water and our Mother

And when the people of God are assembled their collective efforts will become so powerful that their prayers, and mantras used collectively will actually offset wars and terrorist activity. –Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

On my Current walk with Mother Maui and The Mother Earth Goddesses, I have been guided to bodies of Water to “heal” as well as Vortexes, and War/Battle Areas to Bring in the New Light Energies.

We will Purify and Make Beautiful Again OUR Earth, All Bodies of Water including the Ocean and Seas, Drinking Water, and Streams, Our Skies, Soil, and the Mind of the Collective Consciousness.

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Creator gods part 2: Creating Cities of Light 

Ritual to heal our bodies, bodies of water and our earth 

Thank you for Reading

and for your Love and Support.

Sending you Warm Aloha, Starlight and Mother Love Energy so that you are all feeling Centered and Wrapped in ❤ Love ❤ through this Transition.



New Summer Look

808 the Rainbow State

808 the Rainbow State








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