Grounding Lightening Bolts, Upgrading DNA, Balancing between the Spirit and Material World, Fibonacci Sequence, and a Note on Medicine Wheels. A walk with Mother 6

Grounding Lightening Bolts, Upgrading DNA, Balancing between the Spirit and Material World, Fibonacci Sequence, and a Note on Medicine Wheels. A walk with Mother 6



Well to say the least this was a very interesting week.


My journey has become increasingly flowered with mystical experiences


The more things happen the more I have heard my own fear of what will people think


and i didn’t really know how to Start with This Crazy, Unusual, Magical Week


So I will start with a bit and see where it flows


This past Monday I got off of work at Barbs house and had no idea where sprit wanted me to go.  I was feeling pain in my heart and a bit dizzy and tired.

I have now been visited by the Goddess Hi’iaka and Lono the Hawaiian God of Rain.

I drove to where my Companion and my dog live on the dry tourist side of the island.  There was scattered rain clouds, but no rain.  I was starting to feel more and more unsettled.  My brain/ego was going into overload and I was feeling like I was adventuring in 2 different worlds.  One of Nature and Mysticism and One of Reality, Bills and Responsibility.  I seriously felt close to a break down. Feeling very weird, with bits of stress, anxiety and dizziness.

Right before I got the house I said outside to the Clouds ” I want it to Rain and Thunder”!!

Three min later when I reached the house, I stepped outside my car and a puffy white and grey Cloud that was  just over the house Loudly Thundered and Wailed an Obvious Hello!!  I thought to myself “Kane”?, the Hawaiian God of Thunder.

That night I couldn’t sleep.  My anxiety was worse and I could feel my heart sobbing.  My companion almost asleep held my hand.  I told him I feel like I am loosing control and I am slipping into another dimension/world.

As he Held my hand my anxiety and stress diminished a bit, but what didn’t subside was the electricity building in my hands.  I get this during lightening storms and right before I do healing work.  Many times my Feet have sparked too,  intriguing yet can be very uncomfortable.



As we laid there I could feel the energy/electricity like fire works in my hands.  It was not going into his body, and was not stopping either.  I could feel his similar energy as he is quite powerful built up in his hands.  I noticed it was also not going into my body but the two energy fields where just meeting.

I saw a vision of us being two very large human beings with a lighter energy fields rather than skin or density walking on Maui.

I was almost if not as Powerful as he is now.  I could see that we where like Super- Humans.

Two weeks ago I had an Psychic Energy Reading from Lisa Gawlas.  She said that my last 3 stands of DNA are being activated in my Being and by the time I step out on my Journey I would be upgraded and Be Shooting Lightening Fireworks out of My Solar Plexus.  She said that I am a blessing to Nature and that Nature is a Blessing to me.  She also Said that they would be Spirals of energy like the Fibonacci Sequence shooting out to Everyone and everything, without me not having to do a thing!


At this moment though I did not remember this reading and to remind myself to breath and ride it out.

I was not normal, I was scared, I was grieving, shooting electric Sparks and I felt like I was slipping into another world and LOSING CONTROL!!!   I tried to look closer at what Loosing Control even means.  I could feel it but couldn’t quiet put my finger on it.   Like having a bad trip and you try to get your grounding.

I went outside, sat on the grass under the stars and kept purging tears and the pain in my heart.  I tried to put my hands on the grass thinking the land would gladly absorb the light-ning, but it only stopped it with equal light.  It even sparked me back with electric shocks like when you touch hands with another and get a shock.

I went back to bed and even my puppy moved away and wouldn’t let me touch him.  Not the 1st time, but only about the 3rd that he has given me a weird look when I pet him and moved away.  I am finally getting it that Not everything needs light and healing.  My companion, my puppy, and the land/grass around my house is perfect already.  Needless to say I finally prayed to the Divine Mother and asked for some comfort, within 20 min my night of craziness had ended.

The next day I packed up and headed about 20 miles down the road to Oluwalu.  Where there is beautiful beaches, and a hike to the Petroglyphs and Sacred Site.  I was guided to pull over and cleanse myself with the salt water from the ocean.  To my amazement I pulled over to a Black sand beach where about a mile away it’s white.  This was a very cool find and desolate too since it’s not really a surfing or swimming beach.  After my cleanse I parked myself under a beautiful tree with a ton of shade and I cried.

Oluwalu Black Sand Beach

Oluwalu Black Sand Beach

photo 3

I then realized that this was where I was to go today.  I grabbed my bag and had happen to bring my Hawaiian Mana Tarot Cards with me and they asked to come out and play.  It had been a year at least since I used them, but something told me to bring them along.

I organized, cleared, and centered my cards with my heart energy and Pulled #1  I’o (Iao): Mystery. Be comfortable with the mystery of the Divine.  Not all questions need to be answered.  Uncertainty is part of the process.  Relinquish Control.  Accept all lessons with Gratitude.

Mana Cards

Mana Cards

The extended Version had a message from Daddy Bray (a respected Hawaiian Kahuna) who said

” if people do not restore Balance between the Spirt and Material Worlds, they will be temporarily destroyed”!!

This was exactly what I was Battling!!!

I now understand that my Emotions of Grief where either interfering with my work here, or Nature was brought up these feelings to the surface so I can heal.

I sat with that for awhile, then jumped up to grab a snack from my car.  When I returned another card had jumped out of the deck (that was tucked inside my bag) and was sticking out half way out of the book…. magic

The card was #37 Naupaka: Detachment. Oki (separate) from all that doesn’t not serve your highest purpose.

Mana Card

Mana Card

The picture is of two lovers separating.  I cried even more.  This was the grief and pain I’ve been feeling from separating from my companion.  We want different things and yet we get along so well and have supported each other since my 1st day on Maui.  I cried and cried and said ” I do not ever want to lose him, this is to hard, how am I suppose to leave and hurt him”??

A soft presence came over me and a Voice Said, ” You are Best Friends, you will always be Best Friends”.

For the 1st time in a year the grief seamed to subside, dissipate or disappear and heal all together.  As I sat under that magical tree on a black sand beach, writing in my journal.

I was guided to do a Oki Ritual of writing a letter to your loved one of gratitude and setting it on fire allowing it to be transmitted by the Flame of Divinity.

After I finished Writing

Golden Light started to be Pulled and Pummed out of my feet into the Earth!!!

It was the Craziest, Coolest and one of the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever felt.  It was like the Earth became a magical suction cup and pulled out what felt like a Lightening Bolt out of my Body!!!! via my Feet!!!   I even moaned a few times, thankful no one was around with a Electric Tickling Pulsing Feeling.  It lasted for approximately 7 min and then it stopped.

Immediately afterwards Everything went back to normal, and feeling lighter and less full of High Powered Energy.  This is the Site that the Massacre was and I believe the area this energy Was Meant for all along.

About 2 hours later I made my way up to the Sacred Site and Sat down along side the Creek with my feet again on the Earth

Creek near the Petroglyphs

Creek near the Petroglyphs

The Earth Again Began to Pull Energy From my Feet!!!  Again I moaned a bit, thankful no one was around for about 5-7 min.

When this download ended I felt very sleepy.  I was not exhausted, but felt like I just had a massage and a glass of wine.

I felt orgasmically calm, silent, peaceful and full of love.  I fought sleep but fell into a Deep meditation pre sleep state.

What I Understand Now

1.) Nature in it’s pure form will bring to the Surface what needs to be Healed, Transmuted and Changed in your life, and Being.

2.) I am learning to balance the Spirit and Material Worlds and my Ego was trying to take Control.  It does not like being out of Control.

3.)  In Nature and in the higher dimensions Ego does not exist.

4.) With the Grief coming up in my Heart a Purging and Healing was Pertinent and it needed to be dealt with for it was getting in the way of my path.

5.) I have opened up my last 3 strands of DNA and I am one bad ass Priestess with Electric Healing Forces!!

6.) When we are In Bliss we Vibrate Codes of Light, DNA Upgrades, are bodies Tone Music of the Fibonacci Sequence

Side Note: On Medicine Wheels and Sacred Sites

I am being asked to learn and Create Sacred Circles, Shrines, Medicine Wheels, Labyrinths, & Mandalas in Nature and at Certain Sacred Sites.

I wrote this in my Notes while meditating on it last Night about sacred circle energy when combined at a sacred site

Sacred Circles Combine the Sacred Elements, and the Sacred 4 Directions

Which means that they Connect Energy from the 4 Elements and The 4 Directions…. Right?…Right;-)

If you combine a Sacred Circle with a Sacred Site that has Mother Earth Source Energy  You get a….

Portal of God/Goddess Energy/Star Gate/Cosmic Portal

The Higher Dimension Elements+Directions+Source Energy = Cosmic Portal

A place to Connect, Manifest, send Love, send Healings, Heal, Upgrade DNA and Light to all Humanity!!!

Now I am being led to the Fibonacci Sequence once again Seeing that Mandalas and Nature Patterns have the same energy.  I am still uncovering (remembering) what this all means.



And with that

I am complete for yet another week

and yes a bit all over the place kinda week, but still full of Awakenings and Magic.

Thank you again for reading

With Much Aloha,






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