Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka & God Lono, walk with mother 5

Another Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka & God Lono

Today I received a Second Magical Blessing out in Nature from Goddess Hi’iaka and God Lono.  This was after I had remembered an Odd photo appearing on my phone that I did not take.

To back up just a bit

About a month ago I did a House & land Blessing for a girlfriend at her place in Haiku.  The house was For Sale and about to have a Showing later that day.

I very much enjoyed my time, cleaning the windows and sweeping the floors of energy and dirt.  I picked Flowers, & Hawaiian Monstera Leaves and decorated areas around the house creating sacred offerings.  I dug out and weeded around a Buddha and placed an offering in his hand.

After the house was complete I cleansed the Air with my home-made sprays, walked into every room and filled it with LIGHT, and Then Walked, Danced and Sang around the inside of the Property touching every plant and tree.

photo 4

Haiku Buddha

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

I took Some pictures and Set out to the Beach in Paia where I continued to take some more pictures.

Paia Beach, North Shore Maui

Paia Beach, North Shore Maui

Later When I reviewed my photos there was a Picture that I never took!  

I had never seen anything ever like it! I didn’t download it, and had I hadn’t taken a picture of a picture either.  It was in-between the Buddha picture and Paia pictures, which means it happened sometime after I took my last picture in Haiku and Before I took my 1st picture in Paia at the Beach.

I will warn you, it is a little Creepy

Strange Picture that appeared on my Phone that I did NOT take

Strange Picture that appeared on my Phone that I did NOT take

I found the photo while I was having lunch with the same girlfriend after leaving her house right before the showing.  We both found it odd.

I took it as a Sign that what I had just done with the House Blessing, and Connecting with the Land was a Good thing.

It was ODD because if you know my photos I always take pictures of my feet in Nature.  My girlfriends when seeing this picture say, ” Whoa!  those aren’t your feet!”.  Because at 1st glance it looks like a picture I would take, minus the ghostly white feet, fake flowers, and unnatural looking earth.

My typical Selfie

My typical Selfie

The next time I looked at the photo was the week before I started my journey with mother Maui.  One evening I was just flipping through my pictures and came upon it.  I saw the picture differently and said out loud.

“These Flowers are Growing through the Ground”!

 “That is Powerful!”


Then fast forward to my post yesterday with the story of Hi’iaka.

“Goddess Pele Creates the land and her little sister Goddess Hi’iaka creates the Vegetation”

….. and I posted this photo.

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

These two pictures are of the same energy!!!  These precious ferns are going out of Lava Rocks!!

Again, another confirmation of my Path, Connecting with the Goddess, and Creating Life on Earth and Restoring Mother Maui to her Glory.


Now about the Blessing

After this realization I was guided to Shower and Go lay on the Lawn outside.  I was instructed to washed my hair and body with baking soda which is a great detoxified and picks up and absorbs unwanted energy and radiation.  This is also what I do before Ceremony.   I used my oils as usual after and grabbed a towel and headed out to the back yard.   The Sun was Blasting down intensely.  A bit disappointed I found about 2 feet of shade along the neighbors fence, and made that my spot.

I felt very connected to Hai’ika since my mornings meditation and todays realizations.  I could feel her with me.  I could feel her in me.

I stretched out my hand to block the Sun above and asked for a little shade.

Within 2 min a beautiful fluffy colorful Cloud covered the entire sky overhead.

Hi'iaka's Love Cloud

Hi’iaka’s Love Cloud

It started to Sprinkle just a little bit….

Very Soft, Small, Loving Drops of Heavenly Water all over my Body.

I knew despite the giant dark cloud that it would not pour on me.

I laid there and Openly Allowed my Body to be Blessed.

I think I can honestly say that this is the 1st time that have laid on the Earth and looked up into a Rain Cloud as it Blessed me.

After about 25 min of just breathing I came back to the present and enjoying my time in Nature and in the Shade, I tuned back into the sprinkles of water landing on me still.

Each drop felt slightly wet, yet more like energy…… like small electromagnetic pulses

I tuned into my 3rd eye and opened up more psychically.

I saw Rainbow and Gold Sprinkles of light landing on me and all around me!!

Pulsating through my entire body!

Yes this was in fact a Blessings from The Goddess Hi’iaka and God Lono 

In researching later I found this:

Hi’iaka is the Cloud-bearing Goddess of Dance.

She is a youthful woman with dark skin and black hair. She wears a 2 part outfit made of red cloth, one part around her breasts and back. The second part is around her waist like a skirt. with the sacred skirt of ferns she received from her sister, Pele around her waist. In her hand she wields a simple wooden staff.

She wears a lei po’o which is essentially a crown of flowers; in this case its a crown of ferns. She has matching adornments on her wrists and ankles only they also have a ‘Ohi’a Lehua flower in each. She is barefoot and as she walks, grasses and ferns grow briefly from where she steps. Her basic attacks shoot a small bolt of nebulous mist and lightning.

Lono is the god of Agriculture and rain and takes the form of a dark Cloud.  

Yet another Magical Day in Paradise.

I leave you with one more note on Rain.

Every time I perform a Blessing, Healing, and Ceremony here on Maui it Rains After;-)  Pure Blessings from above?

Oh, and the House is in Escrow (fingers crossed)

My Favorite Lei of Fern Leaves

My Favorite Lei of Fern Leaves

Thank you again for your Love & Support

with Warmest Aloha and Warm Kisses xoxo



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