A Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka herself. walk with mother 4

A Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka herself

Goddess H'iiaka Protecting her Beloved Trees. elblogdenoraya

Goddess H’iiaka Protecting her Beloved Trees. elblogdenoraya

I am enjoying my 3 day weekend up in Pukalani with Barbara.  I am not sure if it is the Super Moon from last night but I am feeling very different.

To describe it would be like I am living, breathing and be-ing in a different dimension.

I have no desire to be on the internet, Facebook, or chat with friends of family very much.

I am feeling the energy of Oluwalu and remember my purpose here on the islands.  Connecting with outside sources is like bringing me back to “reality” or to another world, and away from my current walk.

This morning during my meditation I was strongly reminded of a the 3rd time I visited the big island of Hawaii before moving there.  The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii was having a psychic fair at the beach this one Saturday and I had planned a visit.

They offered 8 min mini readings and aura cleanings for donations to get the word out about the center.  

I was sat down by a beautiful lady I believe her name was Pam.  We where allowed to ask only one question since this was just a 8 min reading not an hour;-)

I asked clearly “Why am I here”.  It was the last question on the bottom of suggested questions list.  Since I was “planning” to move to the Big Island Soon, it was Truly what my heart has wanted to know for years.

Pam with her eyes closed said right away …….

” The trees, the flowers, the dolphins and the turtles are all talking about you.”, they are saying….. ” She’s Here, She’s Here!!!”

Hi-iaka and Hope  by Linda_Hiiaka-Hopoe

Hi’iaka and Hope
by Linda_Hiiaka-Hopo

And then her jaw dropped to the floor and she was quiet for a few moments.  She came to and said “A Goddess!!”,  ” A Goddess Just Walked up and Put a Lei over Your Head and Sat Down in the Chair behind you”  She scrambled a bit and Said

“Oh my, Its Hi’iaka, I didn’t recognize her at 1st, She’s about 7 feet tall”.

I responded in delight that I not only knew who Hi’iaka was, but I had just bought a poster of her the Day before.  Pam was stunned even with her eyes closed and said ” You did??” in total shock.   Apparently most people do not know who Hi’iaka is compared to her very popular sister the Goddess of Fire Herself, Madam Pele.

Hi'iaka Doing Healing Work Zariahart.com

Hi’iaka Doing Healing Work Zariahart.com

Hi’iaka is the Goddess of Healing and Hula.  Goddess Pele Creates the land with molten fiery hot lava and Hi’iaka blesses the land with Rain and her Healing Powers  Creating Soil, Trees & Life.  She lives in the Forest, sings and dances among the trees.

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

After the volcanoes of Pele create new land, among the first plants to grow are the beloved lehua tree and ferns of Hi`iaka.  The creation of new land is followed by the growth of new vegetation.  These sister-gods ensure that the life of the land continues.

Source: Akua Hawai`i
Author: Kimo Armitage
Copyright 2005, Bishop Museum

“The creation of new land is followed by the growth of new vegetation.”

At the time I only took this as a Confirmation to take my leap of faith and move to the Islands.  I did not see until today the connect WE have with Healing, Dancing and the Desire to be among the trees.

I get it even Deeper now.

Many of you may not Believe the Gods and Goddesses are Real.  Let me tell you They Are Very Real.  and I believe that They Have Been Here On Earth In Physical Form, and Now are Only Able to Work Through US!!

The Goddess can connect through us and do healing work!!

Spirit Works Through Us! Speaks through us! Heals through us!

Everything my heart Tells me is to be one and dance and heal with the land.

I am a vessel for Divine Light and I am Thrilled to be One with the Goddess on my Walk.

Thank you again for your Love and Support

With all my Love and Starlight,






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