my Journey with Mother Maui 2

Iao Valley day 1

July 7th.. 7/7/14  is a highly spiritual day for many people.

My type of Selfie

My type of Selfie

Today I started my journey a day early, well sort of .  I was guided to just go 1st and meditate on the land that I am wanting to journey into before hand.  That took a huge load off of my mind, and made a lot of sense to take it one step at a time.  Most times in my life I jump ahead of myself seeing signs, visions and then allowing my over planning, over packing brain take over.

Head to the areas, bring an offering, connect with the land first, with this mission in mind.

This was my 1st official week with 4 days off!  I felt free in my heart and soul and having no concept of time allowed me to listen and tune in with my higher self.  Since I have been living on Maui I thought it always odd that I would be invited or visit a place next to a sacred site and then within a few months had a job at that same location.  to much to be just a coincidence.  well last night I got my answer.  Every area/land has it’s own energy and life force all together.  Especially Sacred energy centers that are connected to life source energy flowing from volcanos.  On a soul/spiritual level when you visit you pick up on codes and symbols and the needs or directions for your assignment.  Also, if you have been in that area life times ago, you are picking up on your own “markers” or codes that will help you Remember.  Remember your mission, remember your past and calling.

I stopped along the way picking up blueberries, lilikoi, mini tangerines, and cherries.  When I pulled into Iao Valley I was shocked to see cars backed up down the street.  Every spot was taken, with people parked along the railing, it was pure nuts.  I’ve never seen it this way and felt sad that I haven’t been visiting more often.

I have been on a mission the past two years being continually moved from a busy Maui city to an even busier one.  Before I moved here I was told my Aura was holding the entire city of Encintas, California!!  I was told not to do that and to bring my aura in.  That this was way to much for any one person to handle.

Since coming to Maui I have learned that is one of my abilities, and duties.  One night while sleeping in a little one car garage converted into a cottage in a one stop sign Mountain Town called Makawao, I could see my aura holding the entire town and sending love and light to everyone as they slept that night.  I had such a cozy loving feeling, but knew that this town was only a short resting place for I was quickly moved to Kihei (large tourist town) and got a job in kanapali (another large tourist town) and commuted an hour each way.  For months I did energy work in the place I worked and lived, which where an hour apart!

Maui gets 2.2 visitors a year!  With only 144,000 that live here that’s a huge increase of energy.   Most of these visitors stay in Kiehi/Wailea area or Kaanapali.  Don’t get me wrong I was a tourist for 23 years before moving here.  I am not disrespecting tourist, I am just sharing that it is part of my soul mission to cleanse the energy from the land after.

Little do most tourist know that the Hawaiian islands provide healing and awakening energy to them while on their vacation.  It is why tourist from all over the world feel the calling for a little bit of Hawaiian Aloha Magic.  and part of my offering to the land is to cleanse Maui after millions visit.  You could say that I am just a different type of house cleaner;-)  I lived in Kihei for an entire year, and yes I am excited that I have graduated and can start working in pure nature.  And today I did feel very badly that I have not been visiting Iao Valley more ofter to help clear the land.

So fast forward to my time at Iao and what I got from my download there and during meditation later last night.  I parked along the railing outside of the park and listened to the raging stream below while I waiting for the park to clear out.  Almost instantly I recalled a vision I had awhile ago when I asked for guidance on how I am help Maui and her people.

I was shown me as a Hawaiian woman with a traditional hula clothing on standing barefoot knees bent and with my arms a bit out to the side and bent 90 degrees at the elbows.  My palms where spread wide open and parallel to the earth.  I was chanting and pumping healing prayers into the land.  With this vision I instantly cried (which I do when truth is heard through my heart) I knew It was about healing the land, and I also knew it was the area in front of Iao Valley.  I found out a bit later there was a horrible war/massacre that took place at the base of Iao Valley which was 100% connected to my vision of healing the land.

Sitting there I remembered that had just read on the internet that their was also a massacre Oluwalu.  I felt very strongly in my gut that I was here to help heal somehow the pain left on the land in both areas.  It was way more than a coincidence that I was called to start my mission in both Iao Valley and Oluwalu (which are connected by the west Maui mountains).  It is also more than a coincidence that I had this vision over a year ago just so at this moment I would fully “get it”.

Iao Valley, walk to the river

Iao Valley, walk to the river

I was guided instantly to head down to the water.  I went down where I’ve seen many locals go before the park gates filled with tourist are.  I didn’t think I would be walking much today if at all, but my instinct was strong so I tossed of my shoes and walked down a beautiful magical section of Iao to the water.  I was instantly singing and not even a real song. I was singing what i was doing or thinking.  It didn’t seam weird until a few min later that I realized I was singing.  Then I went back to business.  I walked over to the water in amazement at the pure beauty.  As I started to slip my feet into the freezing waters I sliced my foot on something there in the water.  At 1st I thought to run back up and rinse it with my purified water.  I have been told to not drink this water and with the worry of staff infections on island etc.  But still I sat, and felt no worries.  I sang and watched the river come and bless my wound.  With care the cold flowing water swept over my entire foot, caressed it and took my blood.  Like a give and take situation it caressed and healed me and in return it took my blood. ( I did take this as my offering 😉

walk to river/Iao Valley

walk to river/Iao Valley

photo 2

Iao Valley

Iao Valley

On the Big island (when I helped manage an eco village in the Rainforest) once a day one of us would give blood from a scuffle of some sort with the lava rocks.  We would always joke and say that “Pele loves her Blood”.  We actually took it as true and as an offering (in a joking way) to the Goddess Pele herself.

Last night when I returned home I googled the Oluwalu and Iao Valley massacres.  To my Shock and amazement they both occurred in 1790!!!  Now there may be other wars as well, but this is huge and again these are the areas I am being guided to as my current assignment.

Then I read that they considered the river that runs through Iao Valley dammed

 it was said that “the River Ran Red with the Blood of the Dead.”

Then I heard in my heart “Blood of the Dead for Blood of the Living”

Is this possible???  That Blood spilt in War with Pain can be Healed with Blood of a Living Body???

Tomorrow I am being guided to return to the waters and dance.  I do not clam to know the Hula in this life, but I can dance with the wind and land and do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I am also being guided to write daily if possible.  It serves as a way to clear my head so I can make room for the new knowledge.

If you made it this far, I thank you xooxoxoxo

With Warmest Aloha,





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