my Journey with Mother Maui 1

Next week I will take the 1st  “official”  Steps of my Journey with the Sacred Earth here on Maui.

With my Bare feet I will be setting out into the unknown following nothing but my heart.  Unpacked and unplanned, I will be totally guided, protected and with the only plan is to “get lost” in nature.

I plan to eventually connect with many areas all over the island.  But my visions of 2 years hold strong to the area to the left above Iao Valley and behind Oluwalu.

To back up just a bit, Today is just 11 days shy of my 2 year anniversary of landing on Maui.  I arrived with a backpack, tent and sleeping bag with visions in my heart of camping, hiking and going on a sort of spiritual walkabout here on Maui.

It seams as if the past 2 years I went into a holding spell.    I cycle of constant amnesia with bits of awakening only to fall back under the spell again. A little over two years ago I started this blog and published 4 articles in my 1st month of writing.  The moment I landed on Maui until 3 weeks ago I had stopped writing.

Some people think of Weddings and Honeymoons and Sex when they think of Maui.  All of that is true being that it is the Sacral Chakra of the islands and possibly the Earth.  What I noticed from the moment I landed was a total different vibe than the Big Islands raw and Fiery bouncy energy of upheaval.  What I noticed was peace and soft stillness (as energy goes).   My 1st afternoon after I checked into the rainbow hostel (which is in a small one street light surf town on the North Shore of Maui) I had what was the deepest nap/sleep I have ever encountered still to this day.  I felt that I slept about 3 years!!  I woke up feel refreshed, nurtured and protected.  I could let my guard down, I could play and be young again, I was hOMe with Mother Maui.  Her nurturing and protective energy was soft and loving.

For the next 3 weeks I continued to heal and rest so peacefully. I reminded myself often of this experience over the past two years, and to be gentle and take things slow.  I know that my visions would eventually happen all in the perfect timing.  I just didn’t realize that my visions where 2 years ahead of my steps;-)

In February of this year I knew that I was being called to go on a spiritual walk about.  I had just taken my vowels to protect and honor the earth and all her children and I could feel a calling for a spiritual “retreat”.  My father always laughs and says that I’ve been on a spiritual retreat since I got here.  It’s very hard to complain to anyone when you live in paradise.  Explaining that working a job that makes my head spin, living in a busy town, without a garden and sacred space was making me wilt.  It’s also hard to explain that I am being guided  to quit my job (again) and go be in nature…….. alone.

So fast forward to June 2014.  I got an amazing new job on the slopes of Haleakala, a dormant Volcano in a beautiful little town called Pukalani (which means Heaven’s Gate).  I am a caregiver for a wonderful lady my age that has Cerebral Palsel and is in a Wheel Chair.  I have my own room, sacred space, total peace and quite and feel like the luckiest woman on earth.  I work there 3 days and nights a week  which leaves 4 days a week free!!!  Wow!  Free Time! and enough money to not have to take on 3 other jobs, scattering me all over the place.

This to me was what Freedom feels like.  I belong to no one!  4 days to be me and be free, what a concept.

After a bit of adjusting it hit me like lightening!!

To give up renting and living in 2 different homes and camp and travel my 4 days a week off!

Free to travel?  with no schedule or stress!

I can write again, workout, do yoga, surf, swim, hike and be in nature…….

Yes I could do all these things living on Maui on my “days off”, but for me living with my companion ( a nice Texan I met my 1st day on Maui) was about compromise, and most of my time would become me sitting in front of a 50 inch tv.

I could drive to a camp spot and set up for the week.  All the places that I have wanted to visit over the past 2 years are now becoming something very real and possible.  Hana, Haleakala, Oluwalu and even the Island of Molokai!!

Blood surged through my veins like a mad woman I journaled and organized this profound moment in my life.  I need a car, a real car with windows and a trunk, unlike my jeep (that I also love).  oh and maybe a a car that the seats go down and that I can sleep in.  A cooler, Hawaii state ID, and tarp, and gps etc.  I need to learn survival skills, and how to find those secrete hiking spots. July was my goal to start my journey and by the end of June I had I finally quit my other job at the largest hotel on Maui, sold the jeep, and bought a bitchin surf wagon.

Nature will be my office…….. a place without time, without tv, cell service, or worries.

A few days later I got the next installation/download realization of what this journey that i would be partaking on soon really is about.

I was reminded of a Vision I had of me in a White Dress (most of my visions I am in white, often dresses too) Dancing and touching the plants and trees and singing in a beautiful tropical GREEN jungle.  oh yes and Barefoot, always barefoot!

And then I got it!        This is Huge!!!!

and This has Nothing to do with Camping, or Hiking, GPS, Rain jackets or Ugly Hiking clothes

and everything to do with My Time in Nature……..

A Sacred Dance with Mother……………. Barefoot……… in Gratitude…… Joy &  inLove


Singing and Blessing the Earth with the Earth Goddess herself….


This is My Walk with the Goddess!!!!   (and to think I almost let the domain go)

I will walk across Mother Maui and bless the land with every step, touch, & toning with Love

I will be inNature, Connected to the Dance and Rhythm of the Earth

I will be healing and being healed

I will be awakening and remembering my path, my strengths, my mission

I will connect with the Elementals and Fairy Kindom, Hawaiian Elders, Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses, and With the Heart of Lemuria that I have seen in my visions being alive here on/in Maui!!

I have been connecting and working with the sacred sites all over Maui, the Big Islands and around the world.

This would be the same, yet different and SOOO much Better!!!  Instead of working random jobs that are next to the sacred sites, in busy cities I will be in Nature, In Quiet, In Peace, In a bit of Heaven and alone at least human wise, no one to please, no one to answer to, no clocking my time in & out, no time period!

I have graduated, my spell has been broken, I did my “time” Working with the Energies of  the very busy touristy cities of Maui, working with and ON the Sacred Sites that most didn’t know where even there.  I did my time awakening, getting my downloads, healing and collecting my tools!

and Now it is Time, the Time is Now ….. Let the Journey Begin



West Maui Mountains holding Oluwalu and Iao Valley together.

West Maui Mountains holding Oluwalu and Iao Valley together.



8 responses

  1. Trust in your prayers, not in your fears; believe in your dreams, not in your (or their) doubts; and if your heart’s not in it, keep your other parts OUT! 😉 Don’t you dare not be yourself just because you’re wildly outnumbered. This moment is as God/-dess as God/-dess gets; this fullness never dissipates, never recedes, never enlarges. The Real One,
    infinite, eternal, always is now.

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  4. Thankyou for your presence and the reminding that we live in such a magical place where love , gratitude , peace and healing abound in every step & breath , safe journeys Rich

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