Tsunami of Love; Vortex Love Energy Downloaded. A Walk with Mother 7



Continued from a Walk with Mother 6

So last weeks Giant Transformation, Purging of Grief, Tears, Pain and The Golden Lightening Bolt I grounded into the Vortex Sacred Site Energy Center are both Connected.

It’s funny when you get something more clearly.

I have known for some time now that the Lightworkers/Way-Showers are the Portals of the New Earth Energy Coming into Earth.  (Are you one too?)

Meaning we are Infused with New Light Frequencies/Vibrations/Colors that are Raising the Vibration and Consciousness of Humanity, Bringing us into the Golden Age!!!

Over the past year when I heard about incoming astrological or ascension energies and what type of roller coster of feelings we can expect to go on…..I realized that I had just been on that Ride!!

I finally got it (again) since I am one of the worker bees downloading the light frequencies, of course I am going through the ascension/purging hell first!  Sucks when you going through it alone, but I have asked for this job, and to help others by going through the same shit, just on a different day;-)

What’s equally exciting (now that I am over the tears and grief for the most part) is that I AM working with the Sacred Sites with the New Earth Energy.  Seriously things keep getting more and more clear and I am “getting it” more daily.

It’s very exciting for me to be apart of this and to See how my Passion for Sacred Sites and my Divine Soul Mission to be a lightworker for Humanity are connected.  Goosebumps, heart thumps ❤

Exciting stuff about Sacred Sites & Energy Vortex Centers 

source unknown

source unknown

Ancient people knew that wherever the earth’s energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place.

Mother Earth Healing Energy also known as Negative Ions or Geophysical Anomalies flow through Vortex Energy Centers.  Most Sacred Sites of our Past were built on top of Vortex Energy Centers and Ley Lines.  The energy that flows from these sacred earth energy centers send mother earth love are healing Humanity spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Adding a Medicine Wheel, Mandala, Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life or anything to bring in the 4 Directions, Elements increase the power of the energies creating a microcosm of the Universe for Ceremonies of many kinds.

When energy is downloaded into a Vortex Energy Site (like the sacred sites on Maui) the Energy Spirals Out to all.

If you didn’t read my last post about downloading the Lightening Bolt please read A walk with mother 6  it still blows my mind.

Sacred Geometry/Sacred Heart/Tsunami of Love/Fibonacci/Flower of Life

about a year ago I was at the Beach Meditating.  When  I came out of the meditation I saw the Flower Of Life Pattern stretched across the entire beach!  I was shocked, amazed and excited! It lasted for about 4 min everywhere I looked! I blinked and refocused my eyes in awe at what I knew very little about but knew enough to know it was in fact the Sacred Flower of Creation!



This week, I sat down in a meditation on the lawn above the beach under a big beautiful tree.  I had kept seeing 8O8, O88, 88O everywhere, and nothing I read online about the number energies sounded right, so I asked;-)

I remembered what Lisa Gawlas had reported in one of her readings about the 88, which I was also seeing EVERYWHERE.

“…..One 8 is the incoming energy of above to assimilate the below (spirit moving into body/creation) the double 8 is signifying the finished work of the first 8 and now the living energy of spirit is now forming the creation itself.  Above being experienced below….”

I almost immediately after asked saw a large number 8 come through my crown and into my chest, followed by another 8 which turned sideways. Then the Zero/O followed in the same way and surrounded the double 8’s.  I realized that the 8’s are infinities and the zero is a Sacred Circle or God force energy.

When I googled Double Infinity I found this Symbol on HeartStar.org She wrote about Grounding Heart energies here… “Here in the beech grove, it became clear that first we would ‘reset’ the foundation, or base, energies of the land, and activate its heart energy with Gaia’s core, using the geometry of the ‘four-petalled Rose’.*



I knew Instantly that this had something to do with the Light Energies that where downloaded into my Being last week. Since I could see the Symbol was apart of me!

When I stared at this Sacred Geometry piece I started to see the negative energy (opposite or white space) stand out.  It in reminded me of the Celtic Cross. It also turned into 4 leaf clover, 4 horns, and 4 trumpets, 4 tulips.



they both have the 4 directions/4 Elements and the Sacred Circle.

Next I was blown away while I studied more into the Flower of Life and Came across again the Torus:  The Torus is energy System around all Living things, including the Earth and our Universe.

I looked at this now with different (new) eyes.  I instantly saw that the funnel in the middle was identically shaped like the Sacred Rose and Celtic Cross. or Vortex Energy!!! that’s right VORTEX.  The Funnel Shape in The Above Pictures are Vortex Energy Centers!



Thrive movement

Thrive movement

I went on to find out the the Heart has 2 Torus Energy Centers!!  and then I got it!

The grief, the Tears are all apart the the Tsunami of Love that all channels across the world are writingand talking about!!  They have been predicting it for months and again I had no idea that not only was I going to be downloading the light frequency for this heart awakening moment, but that I would be purging and downloading this Sacred Love Opening Light of the Divine Mother into the Sacred Sites on Maui!!!

This Tsunami of Love is a Purging, Opening, and Awakening of the Sacred Heart Center within all of us. Grief is normally the pain we store in our Heart Centers.  The Purpose is to align us into Sacred partnerships and Send LOVE around the World, yes!!!!!

The Double Torus/Sacred Heart Energy is the Symbol that was downloaded onto into me and now into the Earth




Double Heart Torus/Vortex

Double Heart Torus/Vortex

photo 5

There’s soooooo much more with the Fibonacci sequence, Pi, Vibration governing sound, the flower of life but I will stop here for now and leave that to another time.

As always I will leave you with some Beautiful Photos of my Walk this week with Mother Maui This,  and other pictures that are on my mind…….

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Garden Labyrinth walk

Sacred Heart in the Center

Sacred Heart in the Center



Crop Circles

Crop Circles

photo 2

New Summer Look

New Summer Look

Flower Lei Meditation

Flower Lei Meditation

Thanks for reading!

With All my Love and Starlight,



Grounding Lightening Bolts, Upgrading DNA, Balancing between the Spirit and Material World, Fibonacci Sequence, and a Note on Medicine Wheels. A walk with Mother 6

Grounding Lightening Bolts, Upgrading DNA, Balancing between the Spirit and Material World, Fibonacci Sequence, and a Note on Medicine Wheels. A walk with Mother 6



Well to say the least this was a very interesting week.


My journey has become increasingly flowered with mystical experiences


The more things happen the more I have heard my own fear of what will people think


and i didn’t really know how to Start with This Crazy, Unusual, Magical Week


So I will start with a bit and see where it flows


This past Monday I got off of work at Barbs house and had no idea where sprit wanted me to go.  I was feeling pain in my heart and a bit dizzy and tired.

I have now been visited by the Goddess Hi’iaka and Lono the Hawaiian God of Rain.

I drove to where my Companion and my dog live on the dry tourist side of the island.  There was scattered rain clouds, but no rain.  I was starting to feel more and more unsettled.  My brain/ego was going into overload and I was feeling like I was adventuring in 2 different worlds.  One of Nature and Mysticism and One of Reality, Bills and Responsibility.  I seriously felt close to a break down. Feeling very weird, with bits of stress, anxiety and dizziness.

Right before I got the house I said outside to the Clouds ” I want it to Rain and Thunder”!!

Three min later when I reached the house, I stepped outside my car and a puffy white and grey Cloud that was  just over the house Loudly Thundered and Wailed an Obvious Hello!!  I thought to myself “Kane”?, the Hawaiian God of Thunder.

That night I couldn’t sleep.  My anxiety was worse and I could feel my heart sobbing.  My companion almost asleep held my hand.  I told him I feel like I am loosing control and I am slipping into another dimension/world.

As he Held my hand my anxiety and stress diminished a bit, but what didn’t subside was the electricity building in my hands.  I get this during lightening storms and right before I do healing work.  Many times my Feet have sparked too,  intriguing yet can be very uncomfortable.



As we laid there I could feel the energy/electricity like fire works in my hands.  It was not going into his body, and was not stopping either.  I could feel his similar energy as he is quite powerful built up in his hands.  I noticed it was also not going into my body but the two energy fields where just meeting.

I saw a vision of us being two very large human beings with a lighter energy fields rather than skin or density walking on Maui.

I was almost if not as Powerful as he is now.  I could see that we where like Super- Humans.

Two weeks ago I had an Psychic Energy Reading from Lisa Gawlas.  She said that my last 3 stands of DNA are being activated in my Being and by the time I step out on my Journey I would be upgraded and Be Shooting Lightening Fireworks out of My Solar Plexus.  She said that I am a blessing to Nature and that Nature is a Blessing to me.  She also Said that they would be Spirals of energy like the Fibonacci Sequence shooting out to Everyone and everything, without me not having to do a thing!


At this moment though I did not remember this reading and to remind myself to breath and ride it out.

I was not normal, I was scared, I was grieving, shooting electric Sparks and I felt like I was slipping into another world and LOSING CONTROL!!!   I tried to look closer at what Loosing Control even means.  I could feel it but couldn’t quiet put my finger on it.   Like having a bad trip and you try to get your grounding.

I went outside, sat on the grass under the stars and kept purging tears and the pain in my heart.  I tried to put my hands on the grass thinking the land would gladly absorb the light-ning, but it only stopped it with equal light.  It even sparked me back with electric shocks like when you touch hands with another and get a shock.

I went back to bed and even my puppy moved away and wouldn’t let me touch him.  Not the 1st time, but only about the 3rd that he has given me a weird look when I pet him and moved away.  I am finally getting it that Not everything needs light and healing.  My companion, my puppy, and the land/grass around my house is perfect already.  Needless to say I finally prayed to the Divine Mother and asked for some comfort, within 20 min my night of craziness had ended.

The next day I packed up and headed about 20 miles down the road to Oluwalu.  Where there is beautiful beaches, and a hike to the Petroglyphs and Sacred Site.  I was guided to pull over and cleanse myself with the salt water from the ocean.  To my amazement I pulled over to a Black sand beach where about a mile away it’s white.  This was a very cool find and desolate too since it’s not really a surfing or swimming beach.  After my cleanse I parked myself under a beautiful tree with a ton of shade and I cried.

Oluwalu Black Sand Beach

Oluwalu Black Sand Beach

photo 3

I then realized that this was where I was to go today.  I grabbed my bag and had happen to bring my Hawaiian Mana Tarot Cards with me and they asked to come out and play.  It had been a year at least since I used them, but something told me to bring them along.

I organized, cleared, and centered my cards with my heart energy and Pulled #1  I’o (Iao): Mystery. Be comfortable with the mystery of the Divine.  Not all questions need to be answered.  Uncertainty is part of the process.  Relinquish Control.  Accept all lessons with Gratitude.

Mana Cards

Mana Cards

The extended Version had a message from Daddy Bray (a respected Hawaiian Kahuna) who said

” if people do not restore Balance between the Spirt and Material Worlds, they will be temporarily destroyed”!!

This was exactly what I was Battling!!!

I now understand that my Emotions of Grief where either interfering with my work here, or Nature was brought up these feelings to the surface so I can heal.

I sat with that for awhile, then jumped up to grab a snack from my car.  When I returned another card had jumped out of the deck (that was tucked inside my bag) and was sticking out half way out of the book…. magic

The card was #37 Naupaka: Detachment. Oki (separate) from all that doesn’t not serve your highest purpose.

Mana Card

Mana Card

The picture is of two lovers separating.  I cried even more.  This was the grief and pain I’ve been feeling from separating from my companion.  We want different things and yet we get along so well and have supported each other since my 1st day on Maui.  I cried and cried and said ” I do not ever want to lose him, this is to hard, how am I suppose to leave and hurt him”??

A soft presence came over me and a Voice Said, ” You are Best Friends, you will always be Best Friends”.

For the 1st time in a year the grief seamed to subside, dissipate or disappear and heal all together.  As I sat under that magical tree on a black sand beach, writing in my journal.

I was guided to do a Oki Ritual of writing a letter to your loved one of gratitude and setting it on fire allowing it to be transmitted by the Flame of Divinity.

After I finished Writing

Golden Light started to be Pulled and Pummed out of my feet into the Earth!!!

It was the Craziest, Coolest and one of the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever felt.  It was like the Earth became a magical suction cup and pulled out what felt like a Lightening Bolt out of my Body!!!! via my Feet!!!   I even moaned a few times, thankful no one was around with a Electric Tickling Pulsing Feeling.  It lasted for approximately 7 min and then it stopped.

Immediately afterwards Everything went back to normal, and feeling lighter and less full of High Powered Energy.  This is the Site that the Massacre was and I believe the area this energy Was Meant for all along.

About 2 hours later I made my way up to the Sacred Site and Sat down along side the Creek with my feet again on the Earth

Creek near the Petroglyphs

Creek near the Petroglyphs

The Earth Again Began to Pull Energy From my Feet!!!  Again I moaned a bit, thankful no one was around for about 5-7 min.

When this download ended I felt very sleepy.  I was not exhausted, but felt like I just had a massage and a glass of wine.

I felt orgasmically calm, silent, peaceful and full of love.  I fought sleep but fell into a Deep meditation pre sleep state.

What I Understand Now

1.) Nature in it’s pure form will bring to the Surface what needs to be Healed, Transmuted and Changed in your life, and Being.

2.) I am learning to balance the Spirit and Material Worlds and my Ego was trying to take Control.  It does not like being out of Control.

3.)  In Nature and in the higher dimensions Ego does not exist.

4.) With the Grief coming up in my Heart a Purging and Healing was Pertinent and it needed to be dealt with for it was getting in the way of my path.

5.) I have opened up my last 3 strands of DNA and I am one bad ass Priestess with Electric Healing Forces!!

6.) When we are In Bliss we Vibrate Codes of Light, DNA Upgrades, are bodies Tone Music of the Fibonacci Sequence

Side Note: On Medicine Wheels and Sacred Sites

I am being asked to learn and Create Sacred Circles, Shrines, Medicine Wheels, Labyrinths, & Mandalas in Nature and at Certain Sacred Sites.

I wrote this in my Notes while meditating on it last Night about sacred circle energy when combined at a sacred site

Sacred Circles Combine the Sacred Elements, and the Sacred 4 Directions

Which means that they Connect Energy from the 4 Elements and The 4 Directions…. Right?…Right;-)

If you combine a Sacred Circle with a Sacred Site that has Mother Earth Source Energy  You get a….

Portal of God/Goddess Energy/Star Gate/Cosmic Portal

The Higher Dimension Elements+Directions+Source Energy = Cosmic Portal

A place to Connect, Manifest, send Love, send Healings, Heal, Upgrade DNA and Light to all Humanity!!!

Now I am being led to the Fibonacci Sequence once again Seeing that Mandalas and Nature Patterns have the same energy.  I am still uncovering (remembering) what this all means.



And with that

I am complete for yet another week

and yes a bit all over the place kinda week, but still full of Awakenings and Magic.

Thank you again for reading

With Much Aloha,





Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka & God Lono, walk with mother 5

Another Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka & God Lono

Today I received a Second Magical Blessing out in Nature from Goddess Hi’iaka and God Lono.  This was after I had remembered an Odd photo appearing on my phone that I did not take.

To back up just a bit

About a month ago I did a House & land Blessing for a girlfriend at her place in Haiku.  The house was For Sale and about to have a Showing later that day.

I very much enjoyed my time, cleaning the windows and sweeping the floors of energy and dirt.  I picked Flowers, & Hawaiian Monstera Leaves and decorated areas around the house creating sacred offerings.  I dug out and weeded around a Buddha and placed an offering in his hand.

After the house was complete I cleansed the Air with my home-made sprays, walked into every room and filled it with LIGHT, and Then Walked, Danced and Sang around the inside of the Property touching every plant and tree.

photo 4

Haiku Buddha

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

I took Some pictures and Set out to the Beach in Paia where I continued to take some more pictures.

Paia Beach, North Shore Maui

Paia Beach, North Shore Maui

Later When I reviewed my photos there was a Picture that I never took!  

I had never seen anything ever like it! I didn’t download it, and had I hadn’t taken a picture of a picture either.  It was in-between the Buddha picture and Paia pictures, which means it happened sometime after I took my last picture in Haiku and Before I took my 1st picture in Paia at the Beach.

I will warn you, it is a little Creepy

Strange Picture that appeared on my Phone that I did NOT take

Strange Picture that appeared on my Phone that I did NOT take

I found the photo while I was having lunch with the same girlfriend after leaving her house right before the showing.  We both found it odd.

I took it as a Sign that what I had just done with the House Blessing, and Connecting with the Land was a Good thing.

It was ODD because if you know my photos I always take pictures of my feet in Nature.  My girlfriends when seeing this picture say, ” Whoa!  those aren’t your feet!”.  Because at 1st glance it looks like a picture I would take, minus the ghostly white feet, fake flowers, and unnatural looking earth.

My typical Selfie

My typical Selfie

The next time I looked at the photo was the week before I started my journey with mother Maui.  One evening I was just flipping through my pictures and came upon it.  I saw the picture differently and said out loud.

“These Flowers are Growing through the Ground”!

 “That is Powerful!”


Then fast forward to my post yesterday with the story of Hi’iaka.

“Goddess Pele Creates the land and her little sister Goddess Hi’iaka creates the Vegetation”

….. and I posted this photo.

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

These two pictures are of the same energy!!!  These precious ferns are going out of Lava Rocks!!

Again, another confirmation of my Path, Connecting with the Goddess, and Creating Life on Earth and Restoring Mother Maui to her Glory.


Now about the Blessing

After this realization I was guided to Shower and Go lay on the Lawn outside.  I was instructed to washed my hair and body with baking soda which is a great detoxified and picks up and absorbs unwanted energy and radiation.  This is also what I do before Ceremony.   I used my oils as usual after and grabbed a towel and headed out to the back yard.   The Sun was Blasting down intensely.  A bit disappointed I found about 2 feet of shade along the neighbors fence, and made that my spot.

I felt very connected to Hai’ika since my mornings meditation and todays realizations.  I could feel her with me.  I could feel her in me.

I stretched out my hand to block the Sun above and asked for a little shade.

Within 2 min a beautiful fluffy colorful Cloud covered the entire sky overhead.

Hi'iaka's Love Cloud

Hi’iaka’s Love Cloud

It started to Sprinkle just a little bit….

Very Soft, Small, Loving Drops of Heavenly Water all over my Body.

I knew despite the giant dark cloud that it would not pour on me.

I laid there and Openly Allowed my Body to be Blessed.

I think I can honestly say that this is the 1st time that have laid on the Earth and looked up into a Rain Cloud as it Blessed me.

After about 25 min of just breathing I came back to the present and enjoying my time in Nature and in the Shade, I tuned back into the sprinkles of water landing on me still.

Each drop felt slightly wet, yet more like energy…… like small electromagnetic pulses

I tuned into my 3rd eye and opened up more psychically.

I saw Rainbow and Gold Sprinkles of light landing on me and all around me!!

Pulsating through my entire body!

Yes this was in fact a Blessings from The Goddess Hi’iaka and God Lono 

In researching later I found this:

Hi’iaka is the Cloud-bearing Goddess of Dance.

She is a youthful woman with dark skin and black hair. She wears a 2 part outfit made of red cloth, one part around her breasts and back. The second part is around her waist like a skirt. with the sacred skirt of ferns she received from her sister, Pele around her waist. In her hand she wields a simple wooden staff.

She wears a lei po’o which is essentially a crown of flowers; in this case its a crown of ferns. She has matching adornments on her wrists and ankles only they also have a ‘Ohi’a Lehua flower in each. She is barefoot and as she walks, grasses and ferns grow briefly from where she steps. Her basic attacks shoot a small bolt of nebulous mist and lightning.

Lono is the god of Agriculture and rain and takes the form of a dark Cloud.  

Yet another Magical Day in Paradise.

I leave you with one more note on Rain.

Every time I perform a Blessing, Healing, and Ceremony here on Maui it Rains After;-)  Pure Blessings from above?

Oh, and the House is in Escrow (fingers crossed)

My Favorite Lei of Fern Leaves

My Favorite Lei of Fern Leaves

Thank you again for your Love & Support

with Warmest Aloha and Warm Kisses xoxo


A Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka herself. walk with mother 4

A Blessing from the Goddess Hi’iaka herself

Goddess H'iiaka Protecting her Beloved Trees. elblogdenoraya

Goddess H’iiaka Protecting her Beloved Trees. elblogdenoraya

I am enjoying my 3 day weekend up in Pukalani with Barbara.  I am not sure if it is the Super Moon from last night but I am feeling very different.

To describe it would be like I am living, breathing and be-ing in a different dimension.

I have no desire to be on the internet, Facebook, or chat with friends of family very much.

I am feeling the energy of Oluwalu and remember my purpose here on the islands.  Connecting with outside sources is like bringing me back to “reality” or to another world, and away from my current walk.

This morning during my meditation I was strongly reminded of a the 3rd time I visited the big island of Hawaii before moving there.  The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii was having a psychic fair at the beach this one Saturday and I had planned a visit.

They offered 8 min mini readings and aura cleanings for donations to get the word out about the center.  

I was sat down by a beautiful lady I believe her name was Pam.  We where allowed to ask only one question since this was just a 8 min reading not an hour;-)

I asked clearly “Why am I here”.  It was the last question on the bottom of suggested questions list.  Since I was “planning” to move to the Big Island Soon, it was Truly what my heart has wanted to know for years.

Pam with her eyes closed said right away …….

” The trees, the flowers, the dolphins and the turtles are all talking about you.”, they are saying….. ” She’s Here, She’s Here!!!”

Hi-iaka and Hope  by Linda_Hiiaka-Hopoe

Hi’iaka and Hope
by Linda_Hiiaka-Hopo

And then her jaw dropped to the floor and she was quiet for a few moments.  She came to and said “A Goddess!!”,  ” A Goddess Just Walked up and Put a Lei over Your Head and Sat Down in the Chair behind you”  She scrambled a bit and Said

“Oh my, Its Hi’iaka, I didn’t recognize her at 1st, She’s about 7 feet tall”.

I responded in delight that I not only knew who Hi’iaka was, but I had just bought a poster of her the Day before.  Pam was stunned even with her eyes closed and said ” You did??” in total shock.   Apparently most people do not know who Hi’iaka is compared to her very popular sister the Goddess of Fire Herself, Madam Pele.

Hi'iaka Doing Healing Work Zariahart.com

Hi’iaka Doing Healing Work Zariahart.com

Hi’iaka is the Goddess of Healing and Hula.  Goddess Pele Creates the land with molten fiery hot lava and Hi’iaka blesses the land with Rain and her Healing Powers  Creating Soil, Trees & Life.  She lives in the Forest, sings and dances among the trees.

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

Kilauea fern photo by Kevin McCarthy growing through lava

After the volcanoes of Pele create new land, among the first plants to grow are the beloved lehua tree and ferns of Hi`iaka.  The creation of new land is followed by the growth of new vegetation.  These sister-gods ensure that the life of the land continues.

Source: Akua Hawai`i
Author: Kimo Armitage
Copyright 2005, Bishop Museum

“The creation of new land is followed by the growth of new vegetation.”

At the time I only took this as a Confirmation to take my leap of faith and move to the Islands.  I did not see until today the connect WE have with Healing, Dancing and the Desire to be among the trees.

I get it even Deeper now.

Many of you may not Believe the Gods and Goddesses are Real.  Let me tell you They Are Very Real.  and I believe that They Have Been Here On Earth In Physical Form, and Now are Only Able to Work Through US!!

The Goddess can connect through us and do healing work!!

Spirit Works Through Us! Speaks through us! Heals through us!

Everything my heart Tells me is to be one and dance and heal with the land.

I am a vessel for Divine Light and I am Thrilled to be One with the Goddess on my Walk.

Thank you again for your Love and Support

With all my Love and Starlight,





my Journey with Mother Maui 3

Uncovering a Sacred Site at Oluwalu

” When we walk in the footsteps of our Authentic Self all of Humanity benefits”

photo 5

After a week under my belt (well 4 days), I can honestly say that I now have a Refreshed View of my Journey with Mother Maui.

1.)  This is not a Race or a Mission, it is about letting go of “Reality” and just spending time in Nature

2.) This is about me Remembering my Authentic Self, Reconnecting with my Higher Self, Being in the Now, Being Adventurous, Being Alone, Seeing things from a Different Perspective, Finding my Walk, Dancing in Joy and Freedom with the Goddess

3.) Cutting out all Communication and technology connected to the “Real” 3d world, Facebook, Texting, etc for 4 full days

4.) Walk fully in Faith with Trust, Believing without Fear

5.)  When WE walk fully Present, Dancing with the Goddess we are a Blessing everywhere we step.


Day 2-4 Iao Valley and Oluwao visits.

So it’s the end of week 1 and I was able to spent two days in Iao Valley and two days at Oluwalu. Just connecting with the energy, relaxing and stepping into my intention plus reminding myself that this was not a race.

I left Iao Valley on day 2 feeling like I had completed something, having a knowing in my gut that it was time to go. I did a blessing, offering and Gave my Heart at attempting a few Sacred Hawaiian Chants.

I left with no new downloads but with a Total Relaxed Silence in my Brain.

Which is a pretty weird and amazing feeling all the same.  My brain space was large, open, uncluttered, and relaxed.  To leave knowing that my “job” for now at least was complete was a nice feeling.

I felt called to go hang out in Wailuku which is Maui’s capital and full of Beautiful old Historic Buildings with a touch of drugs and riff raft. Waluku is at the base of the river that flows through Iao Valley.  I really had no thoughts other than spend some time in this little town, and that there is is no rush.

As I have learned a lot of what we do is done on a spiritual level and not physical. I have learned not to question if I do not get a vision or answer right away. I believe that the answer is there and comes into our subconscious when the time is right.

So as I enjoyed a fabulous late lunch at a cute coffee house I felt a bit exhausted and still found it odd that my brain had little to no thoughts. The rest of the day, I drove around with no place in mind to go to, and again had no thoughts. The rest of the evening and next day at Oluwalu was the same, no thoughts. I can honestly say this is has never happened before;)

The next morning I headed out to Oluwalu, which is a small town on the west side before Lahaina. You walk about a half mile inland to this Large Red Lava Hill with over 100 Ancient Petroglyphs.

Wall of Petroglyphs

Wall of Petroglyphs



To my surprise there was a beautiful creek that I could have relaxed at for hours, maybe do some dancing too.   I did ask my companion to join just this one time. For some reason I felt he was suppose to come with me my 1st time. So, I was a bit rushed but relaxed in the same knowing that this was only day one.

Oluwalu Creek

Oluwalu Creek

I didn’t even visit the Petroglyphs until we left.  I was called to an area past the Petroglyphs within the first few min of being in the area. We followed a trail along the backside as it spun around and around getting higher and higher with beautiful views of West Maui Mountains on one side & Views to Lanai overlooking the ocean on the other.

Back side Trail of Oluwalu

Back side Trail of Oluwalu

Lanai in the distance

Lanai in the distance

We continuing to follow the trail until we ended up on top of the Hill that contains the Wall of Petroglyphs.  To my surprise (not really) I found what appeared to me to be an Ancient Heiau. I knew there was something deeper to this place.

Heiau on top

Heiau on top

I also noticed that the Wall that holds the Energy Center looks Man made. In researching Oluwalu afterwards nothing speaks of a Ancient Heiau in the Area and calls the Cliff a basalt cliff (which means it is made in Nature).  I have been to the Ancient Cites in Peru and seen Giant Rocks fit together that still has Scientists looking for answers.  To me this Wall Fits the Bill.

Petroglyph Wall

Petroglyph Wall


Petroglyph Wall

Petroglyph Wall

Petroglyph Wall

Petroglyph Wall


Petroglyph Wall

Petroglyph Wall

Afterwards we stopped along the Oluwalu Beach Area for a Connecting Visit and Some Photos.  Camping and Surfing at Oluwalu has been a Very Big Vision of Mine before I stepped foot on Maui!!!   I am excited to Dive into and Live this Futuristic Part of My Dreams. (next week)

Oluwalu Beach

Oluwalu Beach




My Favorite Pic of the Mountains and Sacred Site looking inland

My Favorite Pic of the Mountains and Sacred Site (looking inland)


View of Lanai

View of Lanai

The 4th day I went and connected, meditated, swam and enjoyed the water rushing up to my feet and under my chair at Oluwalu.  I met a Nice Family that was visiting and out in the Water while we swam they told me (without me asking) about this walk they went on around the War Area of Iao Valley and where the Royal Ali’i are buried.

I love when Spirit Speaks Through Others!!!

I took this as Comfirmaton of my Time in these areas, but I am not rushing to conclusions.  I am excited next week to camp, surf, dance and continue to connect with the land and energy here in these Power Places.

photo 1


photo 2


Thank you again for your Love and Support

With Warm Aloha and Starlight,


my Journey with Mother Maui 2

Iao Valley day 1

July 7th.. 7/7/14  is a highly spiritual day for many people.

My type of Selfie

My type of Selfie

Today I started my journey a day early, well sort of .  I was guided to just go 1st and meditate on the land that I am wanting to journey into before hand.  That took a huge load off of my mind, and made a lot of sense to take it one step at a time.  Most times in my life I jump ahead of myself seeing signs, visions and then allowing my over planning, over packing brain take over.

Head to the areas, bring an offering, connect with the land first, with this mission in mind.

This was my 1st official week with 4 days off!  I felt free in my heart and soul and having no concept of time allowed me to listen and tune in with my higher self.  Since I have been living on Maui I thought it always odd that I would be invited or visit a place next to a sacred site and then within a few months had a job at that same location.  to much to be just a coincidence.  well last night I got my answer.  Every area/land has it’s own energy and life force all together.  Especially Sacred energy centers that are connected to life source energy flowing from volcanos.  On a soul/spiritual level when you visit you pick up on codes and symbols and the needs or directions for your assignment.  Also, if you have been in that area life times ago, you are picking up on your own “markers” or codes that will help you Remember.  Remember your mission, remember your past and calling.

I stopped along the way picking up blueberries, lilikoi, mini tangerines, and cherries.  When I pulled into Iao Valley I was shocked to see cars backed up down the street.  Every spot was taken, with people parked along the railing, it was pure nuts.  I’ve never seen it this way and felt sad that I haven’t been visiting more often.

I have been on a mission the past two years being continually moved from a busy Maui city to an even busier one.  Before I moved here I was told my Aura was holding the entire city of Encintas, California!!  I was told not to do that and to bring my aura in.  That this was way to much for any one person to handle.

Since coming to Maui I have learned that is one of my abilities, and duties.  One night while sleeping in a little one car garage converted into a cottage in a one stop sign Mountain Town called Makawao, I could see my aura holding the entire town and sending love and light to everyone as they slept that night.  I had such a cozy loving feeling, but knew that this town was only a short resting place for I was quickly moved to Kihei (large tourist town) and got a job in kanapali (another large tourist town) and commuted an hour each way.  For months I did energy work in the place I worked and lived, which where an hour apart!

Maui gets 2.2 visitors a year!  With only 144,000 that live here that’s a huge increase of energy.   Most of these visitors stay in Kiehi/Wailea area or Kaanapali.  Don’t get me wrong I was a tourist for 23 years before moving here.  I am not disrespecting tourist, I am just sharing that it is part of my soul mission to cleanse the energy from the land after.

Little do most tourist know that the Hawaiian islands provide healing and awakening energy to them while on their vacation.  It is why tourist from all over the world feel the calling for a little bit of Hawaiian Aloha Magic.  and part of my offering to the land is to cleanse Maui after millions visit.  You could say that I am just a different type of house cleaner;-)  I lived in Kihei for an entire year, and yes I am excited that I have graduated and can start working in pure nature.  And today I did feel very badly that I have not been visiting Iao Valley more ofter to help clear the land.

So fast forward to my time at Iao and what I got from my download there and during meditation later last night.  I parked along the railing outside of the park and listened to the raging stream below while I waiting for the park to clear out.  Almost instantly I recalled a vision I had awhile ago when I asked for guidance on how I am help Maui and her people.

I was shown me as a Hawaiian woman with a traditional hula clothing on standing barefoot knees bent and with my arms a bit out to the side and bent 90 degrees at the elbows.  My palms where spread wide open and parallel to the earth.  I was chanting and pumping healing prayers into the land.  With this vision I instantly cried (which I do when truth is heard through my heart) I knew It was about healing the land, and I also knew it was the area in front of Iao Valley.  I found out a bit later there was a horrible war/massacre that took place at the base of Iao Valley which was 100% connected to my vision of healing the land.

Sitting there I remembered that had just read on the internet that their was also a massacre Oluwalu.  I felt very strongly in my gut that I was here to help heal somehow the pain left on the land in both areas.  It was way more than a coincidence that I was called to start my mission in both Iao Valley and Oluwalu (which are connected by the west Maui mountains).  It is also more than a coincidence that I had this vision over a year ago just so at this moment I would fully “get it”.

Iao Valley, walk to the river

Iao Valley, walk to the river

I was guided instantly to head down to the water.  I went down where I’ve seen many locals go before the park gates filled with tourist are.  I didn’t think I would be walking much today if at all, but my instinct was strong so I tossed of my shoes and walked down a beautiful magical section of Iao to the water.  I was instantly singing and not even a real song. I was singing what i was doing or thinking.  It didn’t seam weird until a few min later that I realized I was singing.  Then I went back to business.  I walked over to the water in amazement at the pure beauty.  As I started to slip my feet into the freezing waters I sliced my foot on something there in the water.  At 1st I thought to run back up and rinse it with my purified water.  I have been told to not drink this water and with the worry of staff infections on island etc.  But still I sat, and felt no worries.  I sang and watched the river come and bless my wound.  With care the cold flowing water swept over my entire foot, caressed it and took my blood.  Like a give and take situation it caressed and healed me and in return it took my blood. ( I did take this as my offering 😉

walk to river/Iao Valley

walk to river/Iao Valley

photo 2

Iao Valley

Iao Valley

On the Big island (when I helped manage an eco village in the Rainforest) once a day one of us would give blood from a scuffle of some sort with the lava rocks.  We would always joke and say that “Pele loves her Blood”.  We actually took it as true and as an offering (in a joking way) to the Goddess Pele herself.

Last night when I returned home I googled the Oluwalu and Iao Valley massacres.  To my Shock and amazement they both occurred in 1790!!!  Now there may be other wars as well, but this is huge and again these are the areas I am being guided to as my current assignment.

Then I read that they considered the river that runs through Iao Valley dammed

 it was said that “the River Ran Red with the Blood of the Dead.”

Then I heard in my heart “Blood of the Dead for Blood of the Living”

Is this possible???  That Blood spilt in War with Pain can be Healed with Blood of a Living Body???

Tomorrow I am being guided to return to the waters and dance.  I do not clam to know the Hula in this life, but I can dance with the wind and land and do have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I am also being guided to write daily if possible.  It serves as a way to clear my head so I can make room for the new knowledge.

If you made it this far, I thank you xooxoxoxo

With Warmest Aloha,




my Journey with Mother Maui 1



Next week I will take the 1st  “official”  Steps of my Journey with the Sacred Earth here on Maui.

With my Bare feet I will be setting out into the unknown following nothing but my heart.  Unpacked and unplanned, I will be totally guided, protected and with the only plan is to “get lost” in nature.

I plan to eventually connect with many areas all over the island.  But my visions of 2 years hold strong to the area to the left above Iao Valley and behind Oluwalu.

To back up just a bit, Today is just 11 days shy of my 2 year anniversary of landing on Maui.  I arrived with a backpack, tent and sleeping bag with visions in my heart of camping, hiking and going on a sort of spiritual walkabout here on Maui.

It seams as if the past 2 years I went into a holding spell.    I cycle of constant amnesia with bits of awakening only to fall back under the spell again. A little over two years ago I started this blog and published 4 articles in my 1st month of writing.  The moment I landed on Maui until 3 weeks ago I had stopped writing.

Some people think of Weddings and Honeymoons and Sex when they think of Maui.  All of that is true being that it is the Sacral Chakra of the islands and possibly the Earth.  What I noticed from the moment I landed was a total different vibe than the Big Islands raw and Fiery bouncy energy of upheaval.  What I noticed was peace and soft stillness (as energy goes).   My 1st afternoon after I checked into the rainbow hostel (which is in a small one street light surf town on the North Shore of Maui) I had what was the deepest nap/sleep I have ever encountered still to this day.  I felt that I slept about 3 years!!  I woke up feel refreshed, nurtured and protected.  I could let my guard down, I could play and be young again, I was hOMe with Mother Maui.  Her nurturing and protective energy was soft and loving.

For the next 3 weeks I continued to heal and rest so peacefully. I reminded myself often of this experience over the past two years, and to be gentle and take things slow.  I know that my visions would eventually happen all in the perfect timing.  I just didn’t realize that my visions where 2 years ahead of my steps;-)

In February of this year I knew that I was being called to go on a spiritual walk about.  I had just taken my vowels to protect and honor the earth and all her children and I could feel a calling for a spiritual “retreat”.  My father always laughs and says that I’ve been on a spiritual retreat since I got here.  It’s very hard to complain to anyone when you live in paradise.  Explaining that working a job that makes my head spin, living in a busy town, without a garden and sacred space was making me wilt.  It’s also hard to explain that I am being guided  to quit my job (again) and go be in nature…….. alone.

So fast forward to June 2014.  I got an amazing new job on the slopes of Haleakala, a dormant Volcano in a beautiful little town called Pukalani (which means Heaven’s Gate).  I am a caregiver for a wonderful lady my age that has Cerebral Palsel and is in a Wheel Chair.  I have my own room, sacred space, total peace and quite and feel like the luckiest woman on earth.  I work there 3 days and nights a week  which leaves 4 days a week free!!!  Wow!  Free Time! and enough money to not have to take on 3 other jobs, scattering me all over the place.

This to me was what Freedom feels like.  I belong to no one!  4 days to be me and be free, what a concept.

After a bit of adjusting it hit me like lightening!!

To give up renting and living in 2 different homes and camp and travel my 4 days a week off!

Free to travel?  with no schedule or stress!

I can write again, workout, do yoga, surf, swim, hike and be in nature…….

Yes I could do all these things living on Maui on my “days off”, but for me living with my companion ( a nice Texan I met my 1st day on Maui) was about compromise, and most of my time would become me sitting in front of a 50 inch tv.

I could drive to a camp spot and set up for the week.  All the places that I have wanted to visit over the past 2 years are now becoming something very real and possible.  Hana, Haleakala, Oluwalu and even the Island of Molokai!!

Blood surged through my veins like a mad woman I journaled and organized this profound moment in my life.  I need a car, a real car with windows and a trunk, unlike my jeep (that I also love).  oh and maybe a a car that the seats go down and that I can sleep in.  A cooler, Hawaii state ID, and tarp, and gps etc.  I need to learn survival skills, and how to find those secrete hiking spots. July was my goal to start my journey and by the end of June I had I finally quit my other job at the largest hotel on Maui, sold the jeep, and bought a bitchin surf wagon.

Nature will be my office…….. a place without time, without tv, cell service, or worries.




A few days later I got the next installation/download realization of what this journey that i would be partaking on soon really is about.

I was reminded of a Vision I had of me in a White Dress (most of my visions I am in white, often dresses too) Dancing and touching the plants and trees and singing in a beautiful tropical GREEN jungle.  oh yes and Barefoot, always barefoot!

And then I got it!        This is Huge!!!!

and This has Nothing to do with Camping, or Hiking, GPS, Rain jackets or Ugly Hiking clothes

and everything to do with My Time in Nature……..

A Sacred Dance with Mother……………. Barefoot……… in Gratitude……..in Joy &  inLove


Singing and Blessing the Earth with the Earth Goddess herself….


This is My Walk with the Goddess!!!!   (and to think I almost let the domain go)

I will walk across Mother Maui and bless the land with every step, touch, & toning with Love

I will be inNature, Connected to the Dance and Rhythm of the Earth

I will be healing and being healed

I will be awakening and remembering my path, my strengths, my mission

I will connect with the Elementals and Fairy Kindom, Hawaiian Elders, Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses, and With the Heart of Lemuria that I have seen in my visions being alive here on/in Maui!!

I have been connecting and working with the sacred sites all over Maui, the Big Islands and around the world.

This would be the same, yet different and SOOO much Better!!!  Instead of working random jobs that are next to the sacred sites, in busy cities I will be in Nature, In Quiet, In Peace, In a bit of Heaven and alone at least human wise, no one to please, no one to answer to, no clocking my time in & out, no time period!

I have graduated, my spell has been broken, I did my “time” Working with the Energies of  the very busy touristy cities of Maui, working with and ON the Sacred Sites that most didn’t know where even there.  I did my time awakening, getting my downloads, healing and collecting my tools!

and Now it is Time, the Time is Now ….. Let the Journey Begin



West Maui Mountains holding Oluwalu and Iao Valley together. alohafrom808.com

West Maui Mountains holding Oluwalu and Iao Valley together. alohafrom808.com