Seeking Sisters on Maui

Friends forever

I feel a dream…. in my heart <3,  for a spiritual sisterhood group.  A gathering of women of all ages, in nature , in sacred space to support and connect with each other, ourselves and spirit.

I know how busy our lives can be.  I know how hard it has been to find time to connect.  I also know how important a community is.

To have a community that doesn’t cost, that doesn’t have a dress code, a age restriction or an agenda.  But a community of women to gather together in support of each other and our spiritual growth.  A place where we have no roles no responsibilities no worries no fees and we can fully become and be our genuine selves.

The only requirement is to show up.

We live in times where the internet has brought people together all over the world.  We have made connections and have friends in places we have never been.

I see a dream in my heart… a yearning that we can find the time, the space, and the dedication to each other to build a connection in person here right in our little sacred space here in Maui ❤

For more information or to start visioning with me you can contact me at

(808) 214-7079


With Warmest Aloha & all my Love,