Take Control of your Destiny with your God Given Powers

by Luis Velasquez

by Luis Velasquez

My Recent Book review to Share with You;-)

E Squared by Pam Grout

Let’s face it.  Most of us want more out of life.  We want to look good and feel great.  Have an abundant life with a career that makes are heart sing while traveling and making a difference in the world.  Maybe you would like to attract a lover or new car.  We all have desires, and practice with different ways of manifesting these gifts.  For some, gifts of a home and friends come easy, while love and career can be more of a challenge.

In the book E squared by Pam Grout you are supported with 9 experiments where she takes you through easy exercises with fun stories and empowers you to jump right in and take control of your life!!!  You can have instant success and as well learn how to make long term plans.  What I love is this puts you in charge of your destiny as you learn how energy and consciousness work together.  You will be able notice what you have manifested already easily in your life and what needs more work.  But this work is fun!

As a school teacher of 12 years I feel that Pam delivers a very fun and easy to follow guidebook that comes to life.  If you have read The Secret or anything on the Law of Attraction, or even The power of Now, you will love this little treasure and helpful reminder.  Plus she has done a tremendous amount of research to support the concept that “our thoughts create our reality”, and will make a believer out of any skeptic or first timer.   She delivers scientific knowledge easily and presents many cases of placebo effects that in return opens up your mind to the unmistaken truth that we can heal ourselves.  We are the creators of our lives!!!!

I am very thankful for Hay House books, and Pam Grout for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful addition to our New Age of Spiritual Awakening and Self Realization of our own God Given Powers.  For more information on becoming apart of the Hay House Blogger Community click here.

Blessings and Warmest Aloha,


Check out E Squared on Amazon

E Squared at Hay House 


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