Creating Sacred Space

Crop Circle of The Ancient Goddess Symbol

Creating a Sacred Circle is a way of creating a sacred space.

Published in elephant journal July 17th, 2012

It is Ritual for creating a cosmic connection with your higher-self, for healing, guidance and manifesting

You can create your sacred space in nature, on your bed, in your car, or your bath, it does not matter.  When you are in the circle you can perform cleansing, healing, and manifesting for yourself, others and the world at a higher level.  Below are a few suggested steps and techniques I use.  You do not need to do all the steps to have a magical experience with your higher divine self and the universe.  Do what feels natural adding more steps when you feel ready.  Add your own personal touch, that’s what I do and it evolves everyday, magically;-)

1.) Purification/Cleansingbefore starting any ritual it is best to cleanse yourself, your aura, and the area around you of negative energy.  You can use the elements to cleanse.  Showering, standing barefoot in nature, burning incense or sage, or use an elixir to spray.

* Using a spray is my favorite quick cleansing technique.  I use them many times a day clearing myself, and the areas I am in.   They help me to be able to performing rituals everywhere I go, plus they smell nice:). My sprays consist of my hOMemade elixirs as the base with a few added drops of organic essential oils, and flower essences.  Elixirs are fun and easy to make.  Take a glass of purified water and set your favorite stone/crystal that you’d like to work with in the water over night.  The vibrational energy and properties of the stone will release into the water.  Make sure the water is in a safe place and covered.  Setting it under starlight, moonlight or sunlight adds more yummy power.  You can also find Rosewater sprays to get you started at your whole foods stores, or use salt water.   Remember to bless and put your intention into the water too and have fun and cleanse anyway you feel guided.

2.) Building your circle: Creates a sacred space wherever you are.  Where you are protected and connected to source.

*Visualize circle of blue or golden light around you.  Make the circle a bubble of 3 dimensional space of safety and freedom.  You can use your finger, a flower, or crystal to draw with, or just visualize in your minds eye.

*Fill the circle with light.  See the light purifying your entire being and aura. Do this as an additional cleansing exercise and meditation.  Don’t forget to use your breath.

*Feel and see yourself connecting to the earth and the universe while inside

3.) Affirm: out loud or to yourself that this is a sacred space. For example…

* This is now is a sacred space and to be within the circle is to be within the presence of God, Goddess, and the Goddess-Within *…only love may enter and love may exit. *….only those of the highest high and of love may enter.

4.) Invoke the Elements: Inviting the elements into your space increases the power of your prayers and manifestations.  This creates a microcosm on earth of a cosmic Goddess universe.  There are many ways to do this, follow your intuition and have fun.  There is no right, or wrong way and remember your intention is everything.  If you are inviting the elements to join you in your sacred circle they are, just believe.

* Invoke: “Elementals of air, fire, water, and earth please be present with me in this now”. or “I am one with the wind of the east, the fire of the south, the water of the west, and the earth of the north, please join me in this now”.

Important!  Connect with each element as you invite them in.  Feel the wind in your lungs, the fire in your heart, the water in your body becoming one with the water on our Earth, grow roots and connect with the Earth

You may use a compass and face the directions when you invite them in as well.

5.) Invoke: the Goddess that you want to work with, or God, arch angels, etc.

*I use Doreen Virtues goddess oracle cards on my iphone, 😉 I love technology for this.  I call upon the goddess that is currently working through me or than I need to invoke in my life.   Sometimes I stay with her for a few days, using her continued guidance and as my journal topic.

6.) Empowerment: Calling your power back to stand firm in your true goddess-ness!  Here you can cut psychic cords, release karmic debts, fears, guilt etc that are attached to you and keeping from connecting to higher self and your path.

*State and Affirm: I  state your full name  call my power back from all corners of the world.  I  ……. stand strong in my power fully present and whole in my body mind and soul.  I …….  cut all cords of fear sending love and healing in both directions. I …….  cut all karmic debits across all time keeping me from true life’s purpose.  I …….  am connected to the source, to the one, to all.  You can state your name just the 1st time if you would like and flow from there.

Feel inside your body during this time, what needs to be cut, forgiven, and released!  Then do it, anyway you feel guided to.  Again use your breath, and visualizations.

A powerful mantra for the ascension of the planet and her children

These moments of unclogging, and clearing will allow you to now raise your vibration into a state of bliss by opening a clear channel to the divine.   

7.) Step into bliss: To raise your vibration to the highest state where healing, manifestations happen at the fastest rate

*Fill your heart with light and love.  Send it out.  See your heart pulsing and sending out love with every heartbeat like concentric rings

*Chanting I love, I love, I love, until you believe it, until you feel it, until you are it!  Then start seeing everyone you know everything you see, feel, here and send love to them.  Feel your vibration souring.

*Put on music and Sing, Chant, dance, send love to the earth, bless our oceans and water sources, trees, and food, bless new born children and men at war, send out love to our moon, stars and to the universe.

8.) Manifestations: now that your vibration is souring now is the best time to perform magic.  Manifestation Magic of healings, dreams, cleansing, clearing blocks, asking for guidance threw prayer, chants, visualizations and journaling.  You have already been doing this, but now you are at your highest vibration, see, feel what else comes to you.

9.) Closing:  Grounding your energy, and giving thanks, continued guidance

*place your hands on the ground, or feet in nature and see your energy settling softly all around you.

*Thank the elements, God, and Goddess for joining you.  Ask them to continue to guide you throughout your day.

Peace, Love and Starlight,


More on making  elixirs 

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Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue 

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