What is a Ritual, Intention, and Staying Present

A Ritual creates Sacred Space with Focused Intent.  Creating a cosmic connection with your higher goddess~self, for healing, guidance and manifesting.  Turning daily activities and prayers into a sacred event.

Intention is the most important ingredient. Energy goes where the mind flows. Staying within your Heart and Vibrating with Love in everything you do is creating Magic.

Have Confidence and Freedom in yourself that you are creating a sacred space with your inner wisdom.  There are many elaborate rituals you can lead up to.  I recommend firstly to change your everyday routine into rituals by changing your intent, and staying present.  You have now turned bathing, eating, and walking into something sacred and fun!

A Ritual while Showering  for example can be: 

1.) Staying Present, Connecting with your higher Self, Fill with Light, Surround the area and yourself with a circle of light.

2.) Honoring your source of water by stepping into Gratitude for this blessing

3.) Ask with your Words, a short Poem, or by Showing with your minds eye for the Water to be purified as it hits you, and for the water to cleanse and bless your entire being….for example

“Precious Water flowing all round me,

please bless and cleanse my whole body, mind, and soul”

Also, ask or see the water being transmuted as it washes all the dirt, and psychic toxins into our Earth.

4.) Feel the water, Staying Present and focusing on your intentions as you join in the dance with the water! Participate in this Ritual.  Scrub away worries, pain, as well as your dirt.

5.) Give thanks, anyway you see fit, to the water, the shower/bath, and to the earth, and yourself

Make Rituals of creating sacred space apart of your daily life.  Practice with connecting to nature, cleansing yourself, your water, your food, creating sacred space for your home, your bedroom, and sending blessings of love to everyone you meet, family far away. Healing yourself, and protection rituals are important for us sensitive ones;-)


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