Connect and Heal with Food. Eating as a Ritual not a Race Part 1


Published in elephant journal on June 16th.

The sacred relationship of food, finding our way again  

Humans contain a life force; and the harnessing of life force energy has been around from the earliest times of humanity.

Animals, trees, and food are the same as us; we all thrive with a life force otherwise known as prana, mana or chi.

When we eat food in its perfect form, not processed, it still contains that life force.  The life force that is the light that heals and sends love into our bodies, healing us spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically and energetically.

We have become a society that has lost their way.  We take everything pure and perfect from the earth and strip it, add sugars, stabilizers, emulsifiers, bleach, softeners, texturizers, then a ton more chemicals to preserve it, add flavor and color.  Then box it, bag it, can it, so we can eat it months from now.

With our busy schedules we combine eating and doing.  Eating while on the phone, while driving, on the computer, watching tv, or in a social gathering.  We eat processed fast foods, drink caffeinated energy drinks, and practically swallow our food whole!

Ideally choose unprocessed, untouched chemically by pesticides, preservatives or florescent light.  Try organic, closely picked to your home and eat as soon after being picked as possible.  Always eat fresh, and avoid leftovers.  Even juicing should be consumed within 20 min.

For example:  A fresh apple eaten as close to being picked is perfect in everyway.  It is a whole source containing Life.  No chemicals, or preservatives.  It hasn’t been stripped, grinned and beaten of everything it’s supposed to be.  Food straight from the earth in its natural form still contains its life force.

What is the big deal with processed foods you might ask?  Well, let us take a look at flour.  Picture a glass jar of white flour – does it look like anything that comes from our Mother Earth?  It makes a paste when you add water to it.  And that is exactly what is does when it gets into your body, it creates a sticky paste.  White flour has had its brain, and germ removed and has been bleached with chlorine.  There is nothing good in processed white flour; in fact it is downright deadly!  You are ingesting a poison, a sticky paste that stays in your body, stripped of any nutritional value sending your energy levels all over the place, acting like pure glucose (sugar) in your body, and then causes long-term health issues like obesity and heart conditions.

Most everything out there is full of sticky poisonous processed flour or corn.   Tortillas, wraps, tacos, chips, sandwiches, toast, hamburger buns, pancakes, french toast, pastas, lasagna, muffins, and cakes.   Replacing enriched flour with whole grains, 100% whole wheat must be the first ingredient, also try oat, rye, almond, rice and millet flour.  The less ingredients the better, or do without the processes completely.  Stick with grains, rice, millet, quinoa, and oatmeal.  Put that tuna sandwich on a giant tomato slice or use a sheet of nori to make a wrap.

I will make one last point here.  Some processed foods like coffee, sugar and chocolate are supposed to be in their natural form, and eaten in moderation.  We have taken them to an unhealthy level.  If you were to pick your own sugarcane you would have it in moderation, in it’s natural state, unprocessed.  Not adding it into every meal, by the spoonful; coffee and juice too.  If you took the time to pick it and make it yourself you would be consuming a limited amount, without additives.

8 Steps to connect and heal your body – Eating as a Ritual

1.) Add foods that are whole from the earth, untouched from Man as much as possible to your plate.

2.) Sit alone or in a quite area, without cell phones, TV, or computers.

3.) Bless and cleanse your food.  There are many ways you can do this, so practice and do what feels natural.  Currently I fill myself with light, blow over my food watching it in my minds eye my food being purified.  With my hands holding the bowl, I send light from myself, and the universe into the food; I see and feel the food glowing with life force.  I then ask for the food to be blessed, everyone that came in contact with the food to be blessed, and to please bless our dear Mother Earth.

Have Fun While Cooking!!  Om-ing into your food while cooking purifies and cleanses it with Divine light.  Remember we are energetic beings and our energy goes into our food.  Never cook food for yourself or others while angry, on those nights picking up pizza or take-out might actually better for your family.   Send love as you cut those veggies, sing, om, dance.  Remember life is Fun!  Rejoice and know you are being blessed with a gift of food!

4.) Look and See your Food There is no coincidence that unprocessed foods are full of beautiful colors, shapes, textures, and tastes.  Drink these in!

5.) Touch  Yes use your hands to eat whenever possible!  We don’t touch each other with utensils, kiss with utensils, why would you use them to put food in your mouth? They were made to shovel our processed sticky food in our mouths. We are passionate beings, and the dance of eating is a Ritual not a Race.  So take a piece of precious life force food in your hand and feel the textures with your hands and honor it as you look more closely.

6.) Smell not a sniff, but smell it in your entire being.  Notice in your body where you feel it.  Smell is very important for taste and digestion of your food.

 7.) Listen and Feel with your eyes closed listen and feel the food on your tongue; notice the textures in your mouth, and chew slowly at least 30 times.  When we see, smell, and taste our food our salivary glands kick in.  Chewing is the first part of digestion; yet we expect our stomachs to do it all.  Our salvia contains digestive enzymes that aid in the break down of food. We should be liquefying our food before swallowing and chewing our liquids.  I feel that the only substance we consume correctly is wine.  We look, smell, and slowly taste it holding in our mouths, and aerate it with slurping noises as we roll it from the front to back and to the sides of our mouths.  No wonder I love Wine!

For a moment visualize the lining of your stomach containing a bunch of plant-like roots.  The more you chew and liquefy your food the easier it is for your stomach to absorb nutrients.  It takes 30% of your energy to digest your food, by giving your body better food and helping in the digestion process you will be giving your self the gift of more nutrients absorbed and increased energy.

8.) Pause, and feel the food in your body and the life force spreading and healing you.  Honor the food and yourself for taking this moment in your life.  Focus only on eating, slowly, pausing between bites. Breathe to help you stay aware of when you are starting to feel full.


See Part 2:  Foods for Enlightenment


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