Healthy ways to Vent. And Protect Yourself from Toxic Energy Bullshit

Written By: Annalisa Robusto    

Published in elephant journal June 11th, 2012  here

Lets face it we are emotional beings!  We see our world through our eyes, react to our pain, and then spread it out energetically into the world.  Many times we “dump” our crap or emotional poison onto others and into the environment.  Storing the stress and emotional poison inside our bodies is not the answer either.  This can lead to physical problems and dis-ease in the body.  It is no mystery in today’s world that most all physical problems were caused by emotional issues that were not dealt with in time.

There is a magic to properly clear stored emotional pain and stress. But first you must recognize that we are also energetic beings.  We FEEL, and sense energy all around us.  As babies we learn to sense our parents interaction with us, and each other, before we even learn to speak.  People can pick up on your energy and be affected by it!  So before exploding your poison onto to your BFF, lover or Co-worker here are some things to try.

Healthy Venting and Toxic Buildup Prevention 

1.) journal, Journal, JOURNAL!!!: I mean get off of that computer and write!  In order to make sense of what is going on in your head and body, you have to get the emotions out of your head!  There is something emotional releasing about putting your pen to the paper and writing with a flow, versus typing. I have always felt an emotional release by putting my pen to paper. Writing has an energetic flow using one hand, versus typing which uses two.  We absorb energy through our non-dominant hand and release with our dominant one.    This is one of the Safest ways to vent.  Writing, or even yelling into the paper clears it Out of Your Body.  It also clears your mind, and allows room for clarity.

Journaling in the Rainforest of Bali

2.) Movement and Exercise:  Dance, Sweat, Walk, Anything, just MOVE!   It is our birthright to move our bodies getting oxygen, blood, and life force throughout them. This will also dig up old junk that has started to store as stiffness.   As a preventative measure, you can release this before it manifest into illness.

3.) Sing, Chant, Yell and Laugh:  If you are too Shy to Sing and Chant out loud, a perfect time to do this is from inside your car.  I love chanting while riding on my Vespa or floating in the Ocean.  Not only does this serve as a great release, Chanting and Singing also open up your energy centers, referred to as Chakras.  Chanting Omm, AME, and EEE, are my favorites.  Afterwards, throw on some of your favorite tunes and Sing and Yell it all out, and then Laugh… at yourself! A lot! Laugh at everything!  Don’t forget life is Fun!  You will be clearing and releasing-and you’ll feel like you just had a full body massage.

4.) Deep Breathing;-O  We can live without Food for weeks, water a few days.  But without Oxygen we can only survive a few minutes.  Yes, you already knew that.  But did you know that we stop breathing correctly after the age of five?  Most of us breathe only into our chest and do not pull the breath all the way into our bellies!  Putting your hand on your belly and taking a few deep breaths a few times a day will greatly increase your awareness and sense of peace.  Also, start to notice where you feel tension in your body when you are stressed.  Take in some deep loving breaths into this area and breathe out the stress.

Ok, so even after taking some of the previous steps you still might be need of some Good’ol  Girl Time.  Here are some suggestions for Safe Venting, or what to do when being vented unto:

Keep your space and temper in Check!

We are social beings and sometimes we just need to talk!  Let whomever you’re talking to know you are about to vent.  Check in with them; assess their needs and time limits before taking over as the Me-show.  When involving someone with Your issues watch that Your words and thoughts are not toxic and are coming from a place of detachment and observation.  If you are not here yet, then you are putting your friend at risk, and hopefully they know how to block your toxic garbage.

For an example of an aggressive venting, an ex-Boyfriend’s Jealousy would rear its ugly head after it was met with a few drinks.  One “Romantic” evening of Mai Tais on the beach quickly turned into a passive-aggressive dumping of his toxic B.S..  Nothing I said seamed to help.  Recognizing this I started to detach from him.  I watched him like he was on a movie screen, and instantly I felt no emotional attachment to the event.  Then I visualized between us an umbrella that had blown inside out, so that his anger would go right back towards him.  It was amazing to watch him vent, and I had no reaction.  I was able to stay completely detached, unharmed, and watch how silly he was in the middle of his own temper tantrum.  This was an empowering moment for me.

Another technique That I learned from the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, is to Visualize a large rose about 2 feet in front of you.  Psychically this guards your space, keeping invaders out!  It works!!   At a dinner party once, I was having a conversation with this guy who started to get really intense, pushy and in my space.  So I threw up a big Rose in his face, and he immediately backed down.


2.) Being a Good Listener and Holding Space for them.

Sometimes it is hard to just listen and not try to solve our BFF’s problems.  Holding Space for them, means staying present in the Now, and trying not to thinking about your own shit.  What friends in need really need is a stage for purging.  They will be able to solve their own problems by “letting it all out”.  Then they can see their problem from more of an outside perspective.  Being a good friend/listener means to hold space, listen, and repeat their words back to them, to help them “hear” themselves.  Again you are not there to solve their problems.  Just listen, repeat, and have compassion.

Recently a friend needed to Vent to me.  I visually put a barrier between us, and drew little spiraling clouds above our heads to send any harmful energy to the universe.  I asked and pictured the energy being released to be transmuted safely as it was sent into the universe. I imagined sparkles of light as the energy left us.  After doing this I said “Vent away”. This came natural to me after allowing myself to have fun with it and practice.  Protecting yourself especially if you are sensitive to energy is imperative to your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.  Which leads me to a Sucubus…..


Do you ever hang out with someone and afterwards feel completely drained?  Not only are these people giving you their toxic energy, but they can feed off of (sucking) your healthy energy.  It is important to limit interaction with these people, protect yourself when you do have to interact, and cleanse yourself ASAP!

Cleanse, Clear, and Replenish

Understanding that we are emotional and energetic beings, we can hold onto energy that isn’t ours in our Auric Field.  We also pick up on frequencies and radiation from all the gadgets around us.  Daily cleansing is a huge “investment” to your well-being.

The Best Ways To Cleanse?

Get into Nature!  What is the first place that pops into your head?  The Desert, the Mountains, The Ocean?  For me, all my life I knew that I had to put at least my feet in the ocean everyday.  When I start feeling weird emotions, and that everything is coming at me at once, I run to her.  I love when I am standing in the ocean with my toes buried in the sand.  I don’t have to ask for anything, the Ocean does it all.  In just 5 min I am grounded and smiling with full clarity.  Wow! Now that’s a cleansing Mother Nature Style.   Also, daily showers and Baths are doing much more then just cleaning dirt.  Being in Water of any kind will cleanse your energy, and hydrate you.  Adding Natures Elements, which is something Sacred to your daily routine, is what I call a Ritual.  Do something Daily!  Putting your feet on the ground as much as possible allows the Earth to Cleanse you.  Get off the computers, cell phones, and get outside and enjoy getting WindbathsSunbathsStar & Moon Baths, these will cleanse and invigorate your being! Pack a lunch, or take your food to go, and eat at a park.  Bring a blanket  and watch the trees, kids and animals play. Lay under the clouds and then watch the stars at night!  Connect to Nature, our God Given Entertainment, and Natural Cleanser.


Crystals and Flower Essences for clearing and protecting

Crystals support us, cleanse us, and absorb negative energy from us and before it gets to us!  Again, another gift from Mother Nature.  Surrounding yourself with Crystals is a wonderful loving gift for yourself.  Find homes for them at your work station, bedroom, and around your body.  I’ll write soon on how to Cleanse and Clear your crystals, make Elixirs with them, and Aura cleansing sprays with the love of Flower essences too 😉

Land Clearing. 

If you are concerned with how the release of toxic energy affects the land, please join me in Daily Land Clearing Rituals.   Very simply you ask the Elementals to please cleanse and clear the land you are speaking of, through a Christed grid (which means it will be transmuted and will never to return), and replace with divine light and love in this now.  For example:

“Dear Angels and Elementals: Please cleanse and clear the land on which I stand (add name), and the surrounding areas of all negativity, through a Christed grid, and replenish with Divine light and love, in this Now.  Thank you”



Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii.  I recommend taking Meditation 101 Via Teleconference.  They offer amazing classes Long Distance.

See More on Land Clearning from my Favorite Flower Essence Goddess

Photos:  By Goddess Lisa… her beauty and love shines through her work.

Please visit her at

Editing Help:  Thank you Goddess Lori Lynn Eder for editing help and being You!

Inspiration and Editing Help:  Goddess Jill Kozak please visit her at


6 responses

  1. Love the inside out umbrella idea! This past year’s theme has tended towards dealing with negative energy for me personally – so I enjoyed the article very much.

  2. Great tips! Another person talking about journaling – just might be something to this!
    I have realized recently how much better I feel when I laugh, so I have been looking for funny pictures with captions and recording TV shows that make me laugh. When I get a little “ill”, I try to rmemeber to step away and find a way to laugh!

    Thanks for sharing!

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