Dearest Children of the Light,

This site is for the Children of the Rainbow,

Lightworkers, the 144,000 and all those who Honor the Sacredness of our Earth & her Children.

-For those wanting to Connect to their Higher God-Self and to The Divine God/Goddess.

-For those who are Stewart’s of the land and want to Heal, Repair and Bring in the Golden Age of Lemuria.

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<3 Currently I am on a Walk with the Mother Earth Goddess on Maui and The Big Island of Hawaii.  If you would like to read about my Mystical experiences with Mother Maui, Hawaiian Goddesses, Sacred Ceremonies, and Returning the Land to Paradise… Please Start HereMy Walk With Mother Maui Part 1


<3 If you are planning a visit to The Islands, or live here I offer Mandala Land Blessings, Living Earth Mandalas & Sacred Altars, House Blessings, Vortex Healing Sessions, Sacred Walks to Sacred Site Energy Centers & Ceremonies.  For more info see My Mandala Page and my Offerings & Services Page, (which I am constant updating).

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I believe that when we walk in the footsteps of our Authentic Self all of Humanity benefits

I believe that you can Connect with Spirit & to the Goddess by Raising your Consciousness.

I believe that The Gods & Goddesses are Very Real and do Healing Work Through Us

I believe that when you Walk with your Heart Open driven Purely by Love and Passion You are Walking with the Goddess!


Oluwalu Sacred Site, Maui

Oluwalu Sacred Site Land Blessing, Maui

Walking with the Goddess:

  • Connect to your Higher Self,  Your Angels, and Source/Oneness/God
  • Rituals: Create Sacred Space for Manifesting, Healing, Prayers and In your Daily life and Routines
  • Raise your Vibration and light, Protect from others energies, & replenish your light
  • Spread Divine Feminine Healing for Herself, Others and our Mother Earth
  • Daily Self Care to Awaken your entire Being, connect you with your Power and Grace
  • Live each moment receiving Life’s Gifts, Leading with an Open Heart and Seeing Magic all around you

By Stepping into our higher selves and separating from our egoic voice we connect to our Sacred Heart.  Here we  can Feel and Know our True Life’s Purpose.  When you are connected your higher Godd-ess-Self,  your channels of Clairvoyance are open to your true authentic self, universal oneness, & to divine knowledge.

Living an authentic life means living with passion, & dancing in color in your true essence! Becoming in touch with your inner voice,  your desires, your dreams, your destiny!! Connecting with angels,  guides, nature, and cosmic source vibration that Sings the Truth. Finding your tribal roots, and engaging in rituals. Learn to perform rituals of healing, protection, connection, cleansing, creating sacred space, and sending blessings of love. Speak your truth with grace. Bringing passion, and play into every part of your life. Healing your food, making offerings, healing yourself, others, pets, and our earth. Dearest Goddess, All you need to do is look WITHIN, not outside yourself.

You are the One you have been searching for. You are a Powerful, All Knowing Beautiful Healer, Shaman, Warrior of the Light, Priestess & Beholder of the Divine Feminine and I hope you are enjoying your walk with the Goddess.


Labyrinth Blessing, Kapalua Maui


A goddess is connected to her higher Self, Nature, Earth, and the Divine. She speaks her truth with grace, through her Heart.  Selflove, Selfless, and sees the divine in all. She chants to the stars, planets, and dances in the moonlight. She sings to birds, spends time alone, and alone in nature daily Barefoot connecting with the earth Does Ritual food healing, earth healings, and offerings. Connects with Angels, her guides and the divine. Talks with her hands, eats with her hands, tastes and saviors her food in a meditative trance dance uniting the healing forces or food and body………. Goddesses are not afraid of the sexuality, and thrive in sexual healing.   

With Warm Aloha,


and with all my Love,


14 responses

  1. Hi Girlie, Like what I read. Don’t know yet If I can do all of that but you know i am trying in my way. baby steps. love you and wish you all the best of love and success. Annelie

  2. Love LOVE what you have shared here! I am always and continuously finding the Divine Goddess in EVERYTHING that I see, mostly outside in Nature at this time in my life…working a little harder at seeing it through the eyes of others — for sometimes I forget to peer beyond the walls that others put up and see them for who they really are and not as they appear as being.

    Blessings )O(
    ~Indigenous Shamanic Winds, aka., Shami xo

  3. loveloveylovely
    yes YES wisdom is dying for us to listen- to hear her call
    All that we know to be true must come from within – everything we have ‘learned’ comes from without- we can believe that – but beleif can be doubted
    only what we know from within can we claim to really KNOW

  4. AnnaLisa,

    Thank you for having the courage to step away from your ego self into your Goddess Powers!! You are my Inspiration, please help me.

    With Love,

  5. Aloha Annalisa,

    I’m not a goddess but I have come across your info three times researching sustainability & spirituality. I also came across your profile on New Age connections. I live near Keauhou in the Kona Coffee Villas. Your life seems to be reflecting mine in many ways. I used to run a non profit for sustainability years ago. Now just following the path of the higher self for the planet & humanity. Love to talk sometime about the multi dimensional aspects of living as love & consciousness with you. You are amazingly connected fello starbeing.

    David Stillwaters on Face book


    David Williams

  6. When the student is ready the teacher appears. You are just what my heart needs to heal. I resinate with the Goddess so strongly and have read everything from stories of Mary Magdaline to Mists of Avalon. Can never get enough. I am longing for ritual, daily ritual and connection to the Goddess. Please guide me on this healing journey. All my love, Jolene

    • Aloha Jolene, Thank you for sharing. I understand the longing! I have recently set out to walk with the Mother Goddesses herself. It is part of our Being and Following our Heart to be with her. Do it with joy and bliss and know she is apart of you always, no need to look, but within. Much Love, Annalisa

  7. Love your site. Lived on Maui in the 80s. Got there almost by accident (seemingly). Was healed of very deep trauma while living in Hana, Waianapanapa to be exact. Lived all over island in van having so many unusual experiences. Voraciously studied flora of islands. Lived very simply. Felt Loved and rejuvenated. Healthy n whole again. Thank You so much for reminding me of that magical time.. i miss it so much. Feel ready to move back there “Home.”

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